iCims: Integrating the Candidate Experience Into Your Hiring Solutions


Because each recruiter recruits and hires differently, the platform allows recruiters and users to accomplish this in the way that best works for them. The peace of mind that I would have knowing I can call on someone almost immediately to answer a question or solve my problem is so important to that end user, and one that senior leaders often overlook during the hiring software and HR technology selection process. Marrying Internet Hiring with Applicant Management. .

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Hard Work And Ambition Are Rewarded At Drift

Career Realism

Drift is the fastest-growing technology company in Boston, but it remains committed to fostering a company culture of openness and teamwork. The company also promotes transparency with their two weekly meetings, Monday Metrics and Show & Tell, which happens every Friday. On the surface, that may not seem like an easy task for the conversational marketing platform that has gone from 82 employees to 300 in 18 months, and could be up to 475 employees by the end of 2020.

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Critical Questions in New Hire Onboarding

Water Cooler Wisdom

What are we trying to accomplish in new hire onboarding? Impactful people processes affect more than HR metrics: they are tied to business goals. Best Practices Communication Employment Trends Goal Setting HR Issues Life in the 21st Century Management People Skills Productivity Professionalism Technology  IDC  Research Manager  Kyle Lagunas has  discussed new hire onboarding as a pivotal step between talent acquisition and  talent management.

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How to Get More Than the Average 2.9% Salary Increase in 2017

Career Solvers

Document your accomplishments regularly throughout the year. Quantify your accomplishments with dollars, percentages, and other appropriate metrics. It might just mean mastering a new technology that no one else feels comfortable with or taking on an assignment that is outside of the traditional scope of the job. According to the 2016/2017 Mercer US Compensation Planning Survey, the average salary increase budget is expected to be 2.9%

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21st Century Burnout

Ms. Career Girl

I went to work in a cube, for a heartless manager who valued metrics and treated people like dispensable commodities. You’ll be more engaged, get more accomplished in less time and you’ll enjoy a more fulfilling life overall. 2008 was a dumpster fire.

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The Biggest Mistakes New Job Seekers Make

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Instead, explain how you transformed its performance, implemented metrics to improve accountability and the customer experience, or saved money or time. Optimize your professional image with proof of your accomplishments via strong stories of success, keywords, the LinkedIn publishing platform, and even case studies and videos if appropriate. I meet many job seekers who have never had to conduct a formal job search.

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How to Get More Than the Average 2.9% Salary Raise Predicted for 2016

Career Solvers

Document your accomplishments regularly throughout the year. Quantify your accomplishments with dollars, percentages, and other appropriate metrics. It might just mean mastering a new technology that no one else feels comfortable with or taking on an assignment that is outside of the traditional scope of the job. Mercer recently released their 2015/2016 U.S.

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Take a Ride in the Elevator Before You Interview | CareerSolvers

Career Solvers

Use accomplishment-focused, metrics-driven examples to support your strengths. A good strategy is to marry a strength with a specific example to prove that you are accomplished at what you do. Quantify accomplishments using numbers, percentages, and dollars whenever possible.

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Recruitment Hurdles: 6 Greatest Challenges Faced by the HR Industry

Corn on the Job

So, what are the common problems that make it difficult for the HR industry to accomplish this stated goal? Modern employees understand that modern technology gives them many options. Information Technology.

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3 ways to tell management just is not into you

Cube Rules

I worked in a department where the approach to technology was moving to an ITIL-based organization and management approach. You build metrics around the methodology. I’ve lost positions and promotions to people who were friends with management; managers simply believe they are going to work better with people they know well than take a chance on one that has many accomplishments but maybe might not possibly or not get along with the manager.

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The Worst Resume Advice I’ve EVER Heard

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Statements like the one I’ve included below do little for showing the distinctiveness of a candidate: Progressively challenging experiences within both national and global technology markets. Be specific to your accomplishments within the summary use numbers, metrics, and answer questions like how much, how many, and how often. I cannot see how an executive with 20 years of experience will be able to fit all of their wonderful achievements and accomplishments onto one page.

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8 Ways To Get Your Resume Noticed By Recruiters

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The job market and technological advancements have changed the way we market ourselves during a job search. They want to know what accomplishments were met and how were you a valuable asset to the organization. Avoid lengthy and irrelevant descriptions and include quantitative metrics. Think accomplishments, numbers, and measurable results. Recruiters can receive hundreds of resumes to review for a single job posting.

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Switching Careers at the Executive Level

Jennifer Anthony

In order to make a lateral move to another career, you’ll need to get to know the new career just as well as you know the old one, including the customers, products, metrics and process, among other aspects.

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Telework Week Pledges Filled Their Tanks with $2.7 Million in Commuting Savings; Demonstrated a Nationwide Impact

Telecommuting Journal

Telework comes at a time of increased importance on efficiency and a focus on building metrics, including improving employee satisfaction, productivity, and business continuity programs. Both employees and managers reported increased productivity during Telework Week — 76 percent of employees said they accomplished more while teleworking. Telework Week Recap Finds Productivity Gains, Increased Management Support, and Savings at the Pump. ALEXANDRIA, Va.,

7 Features Of Effective E-Cover Letters

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Start the letter off strong by giving a solid example or metric that illustrates how your past accomplishments will be an asset to the employer in the future. Under my leadership, our operations department processed a 250% increase in claims volume last quarter – without an hour of overtime – through process improvements, greater team collaboration, and technology implementation. 4 Goals Your Cover Letter Introduction Should Accomplish.

3 Clues Your LinkedIn Profile Needs A Tune-Up

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Specific skills, technology abilities, and leadership competencies. Upon earning an Executive Leadership certificate from Stanford University, I’ve also worked closely with the Board and CEO to make our company the first industry leader using mobile technology support to users. Note the use of keywords (healthcare, cloud-enabled solutions, infrastructure leadership, mobile technology, stakeholder needs, business process improvement, etc.).

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6 Tips for Creating Great Employer Branding Content


One of the ways to accomplish more purposeful posting is to develop an annual editorial calendar that thematically aligns to your company’s internal communications plan and overall business objectives. In a world where more than 200 million people use technologies on their devices (computers, mobile phones, etc.) A few weeks ago, I received an unassuming white box in the mail.

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3 Quick Fixes For A Lackluster Executive Resume

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Metrics-driven, power-packed language makes it easy for them to see why hiring you will pay dividends. For example, any IT Director can point out new, cutting-edge technologies used in delivering services to users. However, a business- centric technology leader can point out ways he or she has cut costs at the same time. Focus On Single Accomplishments. Does it seem like an uphill battle to convey your leadership value during your job search?

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6 Reasons Why Your Resume Isn’t Getting A Response

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Here’s an example of what I mean: Dynamic, results-focused IT specialist with broad-based expertise in project oversight, systems implementation, process improvements, and integrating cutting-edge technology that exceeds expectations. It would be better to address how many projects the candidate has overseen, which processes he improved, the outcome of the improvement, and how the cutting-edge technology he integrated exceeded expectations. Accomplishments Are Not Highlighted.

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How Do the Best Executive Resumes Win Interviews?

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The following example illustrates mid-career phrasing within a CTO resume summary: “CTO with strong track record in technology software product development and proven ability to build high-performance teams in international locations. The second example includes just one additional word, but the metrics and strength of the language clearly position the candidate as an executive leader. They use metrics to describe leadership achievements.

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8 Ways To Beat Job Search Burnout

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It often leads to cynicism, detachment, a lapse in accomplishments, and feelings of ineffectiveness. Leverage technology. Use a wide range of technologies, software, and apps to enable you to work smarter and job search less time each day without sacrificing results. When it comes right down to it, most of your job search to-dos can be boiled down to a series of simple metrics. Get away from your computer and all technology for 15 to 30 minutes each day.

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Job Search: Then and Now

Career Rocketeer

Rather, it’s better to limit your resume to 1 or 2 pages, and provide short, substantive , statements of your related background, accomplishments, and quantified results. Metrics are king! Author: Harry Urschel has over 20 years experience as a technology recruiter in Minnesota.

3 Steps To A Dollar-Driven Resume That Grabs An Employer’s Attention

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3 Steps To A Dollar-Driven Resume The trick is in sharpening your resume so it clearly demonstrates your effect on bottom-line metrics. Here are three clear ways to mine your career accomplishments for dollar signs and add the results to your executive resume: 1. Even if you’re in a role that doesn’t traditionally focus on cost—say, Information Technology—it still makes sense to note where and when you’ve been able to renegotiate contracts or add efficiencies that reduced expenses.

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Top 5 Resume Trends In 2017

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I think by now most job seekers realize that just as technology is constantly changing, updating and getting better—so should all their career communications, including their resumes. Competition for top talent will be especially high in the industries of hospitality, healthcare, technology, and finance—the four industries projecting the highest growth in 2017. For many, understanding of the world is being accomplished, not through words, but by reading images.”.

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You should lead from the middle | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

Penelope Trunk

While I would never be called early adopter of technology (I didn’t try twitter til it was in Time magazine) I like experimenting with tools for building tribes. Gen Yers understand technology. Without followers, there are no leaders, and regardless of technology, human factors decide leaders. I also don't hear a lot of dissing of early feminists' accomplishments, though there is a pretty strong backlash against feminism's shriller aspects.

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