Improve Your Resume with Stronger Accomplishments

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The post Improve Your Resume with Stronger Accomplishments appeared first on Ms. One of the simplest and most effective ways to really boost your resume’s content, though, is to highlight your accomplishments. If done correctly, highlighting your accomplishments makes both you and your resume look more impressive from the get-go. Here are three great ways to bulk up your resume with stronger accomplishments. Consider Non-Work-Related Accomplishments.

How to Start Enjoying Hard Work And Accomplishing Your Goals

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The post How to Start Enjoying Hard Work And Accomplishing Your Goals appeared first on Ms. Accomplishing Things Without Expecting Immediate Rewards. The likelihood that you will accomplish your goals is dependent upon the work you are willing to put in everyday, even under tough circumstances. Reward Real Accomplishments Along The Way. The contractor putting in 12 hour days to finish his first home building project is undoubtedly working extremely hard.


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Make Sure You Add These Accomplishments to Your Executive Resume

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Some accomplishments get left off of resumes because you don’t want to feel like you’re boasting about certain things or functions. Here are some of the most common accomplishments executives don’t include on their resume, but should. Volunteer Projects. As an executive, it’s easy to think only your work accomplishments should be included on your resume. However, volunteer projects you’ve worked on are important to include today as well. Leadership Projects.

Resume Help: How to Craft an Accomplishment Statement

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The lack of powerful accomplishment statements is the most common resume shortcoming. If a candidate does not include relevant and compelling accomplishments on his resume, his chances of earning interviews are diminished. The resumes lacking accomplishments will be cast aside. A recruiter told her that she needed to “beef-up” her accomplishments. If you would like a helping hand when crafting your accomplishment statements on your resume, contact me.

How to Utilize Numbers to Create an Accomplishment-Based Resume

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Quantifying what you’ve accomplished helps the hiring manager envision what you can get done at a new company. Look at the Amount of What You’ve Accomplished. A great way to get started in using numbers is looking at amounts associated with what you’ve accomplished. For each job you’ve worked, you can list how many items you’ve sold, how many people you’ve managed, how many projects you initiated, how many times you were voted team lead, etc.

Showing That You Are Qualified for a New Project

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Dear Deb: What is the best way to show that I am qualified to handle a large, complex project if I have never led a project of considerable scope before? The largest project that I have managed to date is $502K, involving 20 sites. Update your resume with a listing of your recent accomplishments with focus on the ones that relate to the upcoming project. Make notes of your ideas for the new project based on research.

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5 Ways to Conquer Procrastination and Finish Every Project

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When it comes to household projects, everyone faces the same challenge at some point or another. Making plans can feel great, and having a project to accomplish can give you a refreshing sense of purpose, especially if you’re used to being stuck in the same routine. You have to spend more money than you plan on bills, or you get sick and can’t start your project right away. Some abandoned projects may still interest you, but you’re just not sure you can finish them.

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My boss tried to take credit for all my accomplishments

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Dear Deb: I have some really impressive accomplishments to put on my resume. Every project, he is considered the co-manager - even though he just approves my decisions and I pretty much run it independently. Also, I brought in a new client worth $120K/year for a new project. There is not a single big accomplishment that he does not piggy-back. These are your accomplishments, so you can state them on your resume as yours.

6 Things You Should Accomplish Your First Year at a New Job

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By integrating yourself into the company culture and showing enthusiasm for the work you’re doing, you begin to earn the respect of your colleagues, which leads to more interesting projects and greater opportunities. Each piece is based on the relationships I’m building, the tasks I’m completing, and the projects I’m a part of. Once you prove that you have a good attitude and are open to anything that comes your way, people will trust you to be involved with higher-level projects.

3 New Tools To Visualize Your Accomplishments

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We have been trained to write about our accomplishment in verbose ways. Think of it this way: If you had to post your latest awesome work project on Instagram, what would it look like? You could use some of the tools below to create visuals for your accomplishments and then share them with your manager. Here are a few tools for you to use to begin visualizing your accomplishments. In Haiku Deck you can create image-rich presentations of your accomplishments.

How To Track Your Accomplishments At Work

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So hard, in fact, that we are losing sight of our achievements and accomplishments. All of the work we are doing gives us little time to reflect on what we are accomplishing in our careers. In a world where we are changing jobs every 2-4 years, and where we may have upwards of seven careers in our working lifetime, chronicling your accomplishments should be a more important activity than it currently is. These are tangible accomplishments.

Don’t Just Gloss Over the End of the Year: Pause and Celebrate Accomplishments


However as your teams (and sit down yourself) and recall all the things that you’ve accomplished over the year — EVERYTHING. You’ll likely find that there are so many things that you accomplished that was not on your “things to do” list. INCLUDE EVERYTHING, not just the project work or major initiatives — all the work. I’m always amazed whenever I do this how many people I work with over any given year or across a project.

New Person, New Project: Introducing The Daily Runner

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As I reflect back on my life (so far), I noticed that my biggest accomplishments and happiest moments were from 2011 onward. I am nothing like the girl I was 3 years ago. Well, that’s odd. Why 2011? After much reflection, there was only ONE thing that separated my old self to my new self: My mental attitude. Somewhere along the way, I realized that if I really wanted to be successful in anything, I needed to change my very core: what I was thinking.

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5 Easy Steps to Building Your Life Plan (As Dictated by a Project Manager)


Your life is a project. So who better than a neurotic, contingency-obsessed, ulcer-plagued Project Manager to be your spirit guide? A charter is a little one-page document that defines the purpose and scope of a project. Technically, work on a project can’t begin until this is done. If everyone in your family has lived past 90, pad the estimate… but be warned, you do so against the advice of every project manager ever.

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Getting a Sponsor For Your Project

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Depending on your organization, your project may have an official or unofficial sponsor. The overall role of a project sponsor, first off, is to provide executive management ownership of and oversight over an initiative intended to accomplish a major business goal. She typically works behind the scenes, allowing the project manager to run things on a day to day basis. For more project sponsorship tips, have a look at the full post at Intuit's Fast Track blog.

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How To Write A Great Accomplishment Statement | Tim's Strategy

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Blog Free Downloads Sponsor Resources FAQ [08.02.10] View Comments How To Write A Great Accomplishment Statement If you are regular reader, you may notice that another recent post showed someone similarly posed. Today’s photo shows someone who has just accomplished something great. In her case, the completion of her 365 day self portrait project that she shared on flickr. And the accomplishment statements you write are your way to engage the reader.

4 Things To Add To Your ‘Top 10? Accomplishments List

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Which is why responsibilities do not matter; accomplishments matter. Don’t think “responsibilities,” think “accomplishments.”. The SVP of Google’s hiring team, Lazslo Bock, stated that you should frame your accomplishments as “I accomplished (x) as measured by (y) by doing (z),” which is so brilliant in its simplicity, but, the problem so many of us run into is, “Uh, what did I accomplish?” Your favorite project(s).

5 Tips For Working On A Group Project At Work

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5 Tips For Working On A Group Project At Work. Group projects are and have always been, a part of work for most organizations. And in today’s workplace, the complex dynamics of successfully integrating the skills needed demands even more group projects. Therefore, for career success, understanding how to be a successful part of a group project is critical. Members of the group need an opportunity to become familiar with both the project and each other.

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ENTJ course: Accomplish whatever you want. Then do it again.

Penelope Trunk

But you need a resume that projects who you are so the people who read the resume know you fit right there with them, at the top. This live, online course runs Sept. 28 – Oct. 1 at 8pm Eastern. The cost is $195 but if you sign up in the next three days the price is $145. Sign up now! I remember the shock of finding out I was an ENTJ. It’s so embarrassing to find out that all you care about is power. Well, power and money, because money is the measure of power.

The Rise of the Chief Project Officer Role

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The Project Management Institute recently commented that organizations are, in increasing numbers, seeing added value from appointing chief project officers. According to Rebecca Langdon’s piece on Morgan International’s supply chain blog , the chief project officer (CPO) is responsible for providing governance over an organization’s internal projects. Specifically, he/she: Ensures every project supports the right business goals.

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The Future of Project Management with Moira Alexander

Water Cooler Wisdom

Project management thought leader Moira Alexander chats exclusively with The Fast Track about issues such as the difference between Project Management and change management, the unique requirements of remote project management, and the most effective use of software tools to complete project management and non-PM related tasks. Her book Lead or Lag: Linking Strategic Project Management & Thought Leadership was just released this month.

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The Case for Project Management’s Place in the HR Practitioner’s Heart


Our work is a series of projects, connected by periods of maintenance on projects of the past. I often make that argument with friends and colleagues when I try to explain why project management should hold a much larger place in the hearts of HR professionals. The applicant tracking system (ATS) that your HRIS analysts spend half of their time maintaining, was once a project. Definition of a Project. If this is the case, we’ve got another project on your hands!

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How to Write a Project Manager Resume

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We recently added this sample project manager resume to our collection of free resume samples and I want to take you through the resume so you can see how and why it was written this way. If you have to write a resume for a project manager position, this should be a big help. This is important because the same HR department that advertised the project manager job has also advertised for many other positions and the resumes are coming in for all of them. The Accomplishments.

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How to Show Off Accomplishments on LinkedIn

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Over the years, LinkedIn has become an important component for recruiting, as well as showcasing work promotions and accomplishments. In addition to the Honors and Awards section on LinkedIn, there are several things users can do to show their accomplishments. Simply stating that you did tasks A, B and C does not give readers and idea of what you accomplished. You must showcase the impact your tasks had on the overall project or company as often as possible.

Ten Daily Success Habits Help You Finish Projects, Get Work Done.

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If your office is in your home this presents an even bigger challenge for being successful at whatever project you are working on. Do not allow that to happen or you will never accomplish anything. Here are Ten Daily Success Habits both my clients and I use to jumpstart our intentions and accomplish something each day. Be clear about what you want to accomplish. By doing this you will stay on task and learn how long it takes to accomplish each task.

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When “Thank You” Makes You a Hero


and remember that everything I have done up until this point has prepared me for this project, position, or opportunity. ” Recently a huge project I had been working on for nearly a year came to a close. The success of the project is still yet to be determined but the preliminary findings all point to the positive. Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone. Stern. Appreciation is a must for most employees.

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In the weeds so watch this

Cube Rules

Part of what I do outside of Cube Rules to stay connected to the advice I give here is to consult at different corporations on projects. Sometimes, those projects get into the weeds — and today, everyone on the project was in the weeds. Control comes from working a chunk to completion to get back to accomplishment. If one project manages, the project manager is responsible for providing the perspective and I need to work that.

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The Working Soul: Finding Satisfaction


What I have learned about myself over the years is that I must commit, I must invest wholly in whatever organization or project I join or pursue because some days, that is all that keeps you going. I have found that I enjoy having pride in what I have been able to accomplish or what I have seen my children accomplish. My Brother and His Family in Laguna Beach, CA. The Joy of Discovery. Sometimes, I really miss being a mom to little kids.

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You ARE Irreplaceable.


That being said, I’d like to share a TRUE story… A few years ago, I was involved in a global theater production called, “The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later” This particular production was produced in over 150 theaters by over 1,000 actors in 14 different countries. The director I worked with had his hands full with getting this project off the ground in a timely manner. For as long as I can remember. somebody has said, “No one is irreplaceable.”

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How to Create the Perfect Team


Projects are a vital part of an organization’s success. Projects are used to complete various tasks that the organization needs in order to thrive. Team members involved in the project are the most important part of the project. It is imperative that all team members work together and build strategies that will help accomplish the goals of the project. How Project Team Members are Selected.

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Ann: Manage Your Job Search Webinar

Hiring Technical People

You don’t have control over the end date, so it’s an emergent project. Building a targeted list requires knowing your purpose, knowing who your target list might be, articulating the value of your previous accomplishments, how to ask for feedback, purposeful reflection and the growth mindset. Manage Your Job Search agile mindset personal kanban project management spray and pray target network webinar

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how can I have accomplishments when I do the same thing every day?

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A reader writes: I have to do my yearly self evaluation, which asks me to list my accomplishments with defined goals. I have been with the company 36 years, and I do the same job day in and day out; there are no accomplishments or defined goals to write about. There are no special assignments or projects to write about. how can I have accomplishments when I do the same thing every day?

Extra Effort Brings Extra Flavor to Your Resume

The Job Quest

The document that you are relying on to represent your unique talent, accomplishments, and value isn’t unique at all. Thing about: Projects you worked on. Roles you have played within those projects. Including a QR code that links to a project you have worked on? Job Search Personal Branding Resumes Accomplishments Achievements Career Professionals Cliches Extra Effort Preparation Success Support Network I love soups made from scratch.

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How To Make It As A Young Woman In The Entertainment Industry

Ms. Career Girl

Here are five things I’ve learned as a young woman in the entertainment industry from my time at Scooter Braun’s SB Projects – a diversified entertainment and media company with ventures integrating music, film, television, technology and philanthropy. Yes, I have a college degree, but nothing has proven more valuable than my hands-on experience at SB Projects. Know that you’re never too young to accomplish your dreams.

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Why Stellar Employees Sell Themselves Short in the Job Search

The Job Quest

” While candidates don’t want to come across as egotistical divas when talking about their accomplishments, not recognizing the times that they put in extra effort does a huge disservice to them. If so, take a look at the times when you had to stay late to get a deliverable to a customer or how you helped someone outside of your area to solve a problem with a project. Interviews Job Search Resumes Accomplishments Achievements Divas Humbleness Star Employees

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should you put a failed project on your resume, the mystery of keywords, and more

Ask a Manager

Should I put a failed project on my resume? I am a software tester trying to branch out into project management. As my first PM assignment, I was put on a very high-visibility project which was spiraling out of control, very late into the project. I’d like to continue into project management, but since that fiasco, I’ve not been allowed on anything else. It’s not exactly a positive accomplishment. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

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Need To Be More Organized? Here's How

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Project, Task, or To Do Lists. For most of us, there's always more to do than we can accomplish within our workday. Whether it's an old fashioned A-B-C priority list, or a project management tool, set one up and use it. At the end of the day, week, or month, these also make it easy to see what you have accomplished. With the amazing resources available to help accomplish it, there's no need to fear what used to be a daunting task.

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4 Ways To End Your Working Year Strong (And Why It Matters)

Career Realism

ll look back at your previous year with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. What were your accomplishments this year and how can you quantify them? Did you exceed any project expectations? Example: I lead a marketing project that increased sales in my department. Example quantified: I lead a 150-people marketing project that increased sales by 35% in my department. The New Year is approaching quickly as this working year comes to an end.

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On Your Résumé and Cover Letter, Numbers Matter

The Job Quest

By using numbers when describing the outcome of a project or explaining why a particular assignment was considered successful, you ensure that the audience members looking at your résumé will hold the exact same picture in their heads about your accomplishments as what you did when you wrote about them. If the HR rep or hiring manager underestimates your accomplishments, you could be eked out before the first round by other applicants who appear stronger.

my office won’t buy tissues, avoiding new projects when you’re preparing to quit, and more

Ask a Manager

There’s also a risk that they’ll mentally start counting on you less, which can impact the types of projects and other opportunities you’re given (or even things like raises), especially since you’ve been there less than a year. For example, could you plausibly say that you want to get through a particularly large project or busy time before you turn your attention to the new thing? How could I put this accomplishment on my resume? It’s five answers to five questions.

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Nourish Your Career Interview

Career Tips Blog

Shahrzad brought many career development experts together in a unique project to create the book Nourish Your Career. Audio accomplishments journaling networking personal brand personal power portfolio strengths Listen in as Stevie is interviewed by Shahrzad Arasteh, a holistic career counselor out of Baltimore, Maryland. Check out her website at to hear top tips from other featured contributors to the book as well.

How to Be Relevant on Your Resume So You Land the Interview

Jennifer Anthony

Provide detailed bullet points of your accomplishments at each of these jobs. This master resume document should also include all your education, relevant training, and any significant volunteer projects on which you have worked. There’s more to a job winning resume than just accomplishment-based bullet points and relevance. resume creation resume tips resume writing accomplishment-based resume master resume master resume document resumeBy Jessica M Holbrook.

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Using 5S for a Stand-Out Résumé

The Job Quest

Is it filled with many listings of job duties rather than actual accomplishments? It should sparkle with your accomplishments and the value that you have brought to your positions! Every six months or so, revisit it to provide updates such as new work positions, additional accomplishments, and more volunteer work. Before you know it, years have passed since you last touched your résumé and you have a the big project of cleaning it up all over again.

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