6 Hot Jobs for Pilots Outside of the Standard Airlines

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Can you get a job as a pilot doing anything other than flying with commercial airlines, or is that really the only career option out there? Fortunately for those looking to keep their options open, there are plenty of jobs for pilots besides a standard airline contract. We hear about businessmen taking their private jets all over the world for international business meetings, so why not aim to work with them?

How Delta Airlines De-Unionized 17,000 Employees.

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When Delta merged with Northwest Airlines back in 2008, it set the stage for an epic battle. His old company brought what Delta lacked -- a premium international franchise. Delta argued that its pay levels were higher than unions were commanding at other airlines, and that its work rules gave flight attendants and machinists the flexibility to work longer hours, and hence pocket more pay.


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Let's Break Down the Korean Gate Agent Claim Vs. Delta Airlines.

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Ji-Won Kim, Lilian Park, Jean Yi and Jongjin An worked as desk and gate agents for the airline at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, which has daily Delta flights to South Korea. One of the plaintiffs said a manager told her that airline employees who didn't speak Korean had complained and asked her to “limit speaking Korean.”.

Let's Break Down the Korean Gate Agent Claim Vs. Delta Airlines.

The HR Capitalist

Ji-Won Kim, Lilian Park, Jean Yi and Jongjin An worked as desk and gate agents for the airline at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, which has daily Delta flights to South Korea. One of the plaintiffs said a manager told her that airline employees who didn't speak Korean had complained and asked her to “limit speaking Korean.”.

Three Ways to Leverage Your Internal Brand


Do your internal communications keep them energized and up-to-date on company strategic initiatives? Last week we attended the Internal Branding & Employee Engagement conference in Orlando. They used multiple mediums to share the results, including a powerful video, and ensured that internal and external messaging was in sync. It’s important for your internal communications to reinforce and explain the values and behaviors that reflect your brand promise.

the other intern makes me look bad, airlines lost my bags on a work trip, and more

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The other intern is making me look bad. However, there’s another intern on my team, Dylan, and he’s missed a few deadlines that I worry have made me look bad as well. Tasks are given to us on an ad hoc basis as a unit, by someone either emailing us or asking in a meeting if “the interns” can do it, and we break it up afterwards. Airlines lost my bags on a work trip — can I ask my employer to reimburse me? My airlines lost my bags.

High Paying International Careers

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What are similar careers in the international job market pay in comparison to America? Healthcare/STEM International Careers. Banking International Careers. Others International Careers to Consider. per annum, and highest paid airline pilots and executives earn around $340,501.16 Although, the below infographic is not a complete scope of high paying jobs, it does offer perspective to what are some of the high paying jobs overseas.

Business Travel Is Back. Are Your Employees Prepared?

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International travel still has many hoops to jump through (if you can get a flight). Not many people are flying across the Atlantic, and airlines are cutting flights.

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mandatory flu shots at work, helping a coworker through an international flight, and more

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I’m anxious about helping a coworker through an international flight. I will be traveling internationally for work soon. Part of the context here is that I am anxious about travel in general, and particularly when it’s international travel with visas et al. I suggested that perhaps they should contact the airline directly to get assistance upon entry rather than relying on my ability to help them navigate, given that I may not be able to assist them properly.

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15 Air Fare Hacks That WILL Save You Money

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Because some airlines and flight search engines use cookies to track you, and when they realize you are interested in that particular flight they hike up the price for a higher profit. How Airlines Abuse Your Search History. Little bits of data airlines and comparison sites use to push up the price? However: Different comparison sites search different airlines and have massively different features, so check at least two. Spirit Airlines. Spring Airlines.

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How to Keep Your Career Safe in the Age of Technology

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Teachers, airline pilots, train engineers, bus drivers, firefighters, doctors, nurses, architects, designers of all trades, and business people celebrate the new year, oblivious to the changes this new era of technology will bring, what it will mean for our jobs, and the impacts on our society.

2020 134

Best Accounts Payable Clerk Job Description Sample (+ Free Template Download)


This includes business travel expenses (like hotel reservations, airline fees, and car rentals), vendor payments, and internal payme Free accounts payable job description template. An accounts payable clerk is a finance professional that works in the accounting and finance department. This professional handles all incoming bills and invoices for a business.

Budgeting for Your Next Trip? Don’t Forget These 6 Hidden Travel Costs

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Airline Fees. Some airlines will entice you to buy their tickets with a lower overall fare. Before buying your ticket, look into what your chosen airline charges to check or carry your luggage with you. This is an especially good practice if you’re flying an unfamiliar airline while you’re overseas. Lots of budget airlines will charge you if you bring more than one bag — yes, including a purse — with you to board. Some add fees to international charges.

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Feng Shui Your Job Search Luck – How to use Feng Shui to find a Career that Harmonizes with your Personal Energies

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Jobs involving metal, metal working, high-tech, legal matters, international travel or business, finance, banking, legal/law fields, medical, food and beverage, jewelry, locksmith, insurance, medical/dental, sculptor, police, jobs involving sales, metal, metal working, high-tech, jewelry, locksmith, insurance, medical/dental, sculptor, nail technician, airlines, travel, singer, announcer, TV/radio, actor.

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Best Tips to Consider When Booking a Flight to Brisbane

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There are several different airlines which run scheduled flights to Brisbane, so comparing prices between them is an obvious starting point. Checking with your preferred airlines to see how far in advance you can book and what type of discounts can be achieved is always worthwhile. Internal Australian flights can often enable passengers to initially arrive at Melbourne or Sydney and then fly on to Brisbane once they are in Australia.

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Do You Really Need a Degree?

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She left school at the age of 18 after completing her A-level examinations and decided to work as an Air Stewardess in a reputable international airline company. She did well and managed to move along to higher positions and better paid roles in international brands like Nike, Ferramago, and Tse. The answer to this question is NO. Why do you need a degree? A Familiar Story If you have attended any of my workshops, you would remember the story of my sister-in-law.

Great Jobs in Medical, Information Technology, Engineering or Legal Professions

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They also authorize, regulate and control commercial airline flights according to government or company regulations to expedite and ensure flight safety. Airline pilots, co-pilots and flight engineers pilot and navigate fixed-wing, multiengine aircraft, usually on scheduled air carrier routes, for the transport of passengers and cargo. They include regional, national and international airline pilots and flight instructors.

Three Compelling Questions to Ask in Any Sales Campaign

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Are there enough internal or external resources available to compete successfully for the business? Examining each of these three compelling questions at multiple times during a sales campaign can be compared to an airline pilot examining their pre?flight One thing that the most proficient salespeople instinctively and intuitively do on a consistent basis is to focus on the right deals. They seem to have their own built ? in or hard ?

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MCG MUST READ: Confessions of a Flight Attendant

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I actually managed to get accepted into two major international airlines. When Betty shared this story on her podcast she was surprised to discover the the woman wasn’t the only one convinced airlines like to use a little bit of inflight aromatherapy. Many people insisted that some airlines do indeed release a scent on landing. Deodorant; on certain international flights, I truly wish we had deodorant to give to passengers. “A

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What Goals Should Your Team Embrace?

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It’s about how Lord King, CEO of British Airlines in the 1980s, turned the downward-spiraling airline around by focusing on one KPI. King apparently hired some consultants to investigate and report on the key measures he should concentrate on to save the airline. Turns out, the late planes KPI was linked to most of the critical success factors for the airline.

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Bring These Gadgets on Your Next Work Trip


Thankfully, I flipped my internal script! If you find your feet getting restless or falling asleep while crammed in an airline seat, consider this memory foam hammock that hangs from the tray table. As my career has grown so has the need for me to travel for work. Years ago I would have stressed, obsessing over the time away from home and all of the lost hours on the road or in the air.

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What Goals Should Your Team Embrace?

Water Cooler Wisdom

It’s about how Lord King, CEO of British Airlines in the 1980s, turned the downward-spiraling airline around by focusing on one KPI. King apparently hired some consultants to investigate and report on the key measures he should concentrate on to save the airline. Turns out, the late planes KPI was linked to most of the critical success factors for the airline.

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The Secret Ingredients For Employment Branding


In 1984, Branson ventured into forming an airlines known as Virgin Atlantic Airways. Every single time Richard generated an idea, he moved it forward into an international success. Sir Richard Branson has spent several decades now making his dreams, along with the dreams of others come true. Richard understands completely how to move a single idea from thought into fruition. He has proven time and time again that ideas mixed with the right people can build empires.

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15 Companies that went in another Direction

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By the 1930s, P&G had grown to become an international corporation with a wide variety of new products and brand names, many acquired by purchasing other businesses. Delta Airlines. Delta Airlines flies passengers and cargo all around the world, but they sure didn’t start out that way.

2012 215

Best Career Coaches in Your City

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million people and is headquarters of some famous Fortune 500 companies, including The Home Depot, Delta Airlines, and Coca-Cola. Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago is home to a slew of international companies and businesses. Best Career Coaches in Your City.

2020 52

when your boss’s wife wants to oversee your work

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I started as an intern in the fall and was hired early this year. I have been following her “advice”: always book airline tickets over the phone, try to see if you can use airline miles that are expiring soon, etc. My first priority though is to make sure that my boss gets to his meetings on time, on an airline that he prefers, rather than searching for a long time to get the best deal on another airline.

Real Career Girls CEO Spotlight: Annbeth Eschbach, Exhale Spa

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In addition to her all-consuming post as CEO of Exhale, she has also served as President of the Board of Directors of the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association. After opening our third boutique in 2005, Exhale was named one of top ten brand stories in the market place by Fast Company alongside Apple, Kimpton and Southwest Airlines. The post Real Career Girls CEO Spotlight: Annbeth Eschbach, Exhale Spa appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

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The Military to the Civilian Job Market Transition

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Air Force returning veteran (C-130 crew chief) seeking opportunities in private industry (commercial, private airlines). June 2012, Winner of the 2012 Global eBook Award and Winner of the 2012 International Book Award for Jobs/Careers). My father was a decorated U.S. Marine who fought in the South Pacific during the Second World War. His valor earned him a Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Purple Heart, and he was my hero when I was a kid and well into adulthood.

5 Veteran-Friendly Companies

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We participate in national and local partnerships, job fairs, career conferences, and sponsorships, and have an internal network of military employees and veterans," Capital One says on its website. Southwest Airlines Recognized by both Glassdoor.com and Militaryhire.com, the large airliner's workforce includes over 8,100 employees who have served or are actively serving, and over 1,400 employees who are military spouses.

10 Big Businesses That Let Employees Nap on the Job

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Pilots are allowed to sleep during long international flights while colleagues take over the controls, though the practice is prohibited on domestic flights by the FAA. Other airlines, like Continental, also allow napping, as do the bulk of major train travel companies, which should help us all feel a little safer. In times past, napping on the job would have gotten you fired, or at least seriously reprimanded, but that isn’t always the case in today’s workplace.

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5 Ways GPS Technology Is Making Your Life Better

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While it’s useful for keeping track of attendance, the idea hasn’t gained much momentum in the international market as of yet. An airline losing your luggage is the worst. The post 5 Ways GPS Technology Is Making Your Life Better appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. GPS, short for global positioning system, has for the most part made maps obsolete for everyday travel.

Travel Items Checklist: 10 Things I Never Travel Without

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International Debit Card. With an international debit card, you can withdraw money at any ATM machine in the world at a nominal fee. (I Walk-in to your local bank and ask about international debit cards. Some airlines like Qatar actually offer it as part of their in-flight amenities and you can keep that for future use. Perhaps the more useful point to ensure your passport is not within six months of expiry—airlines will not let you check in otherwise.

Employee Loyalty Is the New NPS


Based on responses from a sample of HR professionals and employees, Workforce determined that, “ loyalty includes being willing to stay through good and bad times, internalizing company goals as personal goals, and giving extra time, energy and commitment to the company when necessary.”. According to Target Training International, over 60% of customers stop dealing with a company due to perceived indifference on the part of an employee.

2016 50

Companies, Cultural Values and Success


One of the reasons a strong, positive company culture drives performance is that it remains intact in the face of organisational changes, such as scaling, mergers and international expansion. Organisations need to make their values clear in recruitment messaging too, as Southwest Airlines does impeccably in its “purpose video” for applicants , focused on the core value of customer service. This blog first appeared on The Economist’s Executive Education blog here.

“Is there a limit to how many hours I can be required to work?”

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b) “Safety-related” Occupations: Federal laws also strictly regulate how many hours a day or a week certain occupations can work for safety reasons, including airline pilots and physicians – especially interns and residents in physician training. Question: Hi, Alan. I so value your newsletter, and learn a lot from it. Thank you for your words of working wisdom. I haven’t seen the following issue covered yet. .

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5 Ways To Get Employees To Participate In Professional Development

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For internal instructors, make sure they are really indoctrinated to the operations of the company. When challenged in a customer service training program for an airline for “not understanding what some of our flights are like,” another classmate spoke out: “Yes, he does, let me tell you about the flight he worked with my crew!” It is not always easy to convince your employees to participate in professional development.

2015 84

How Big Data is Taking Recruiters from “I Think” to “I Know”

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Here are just a few: Diving Deep to Reduce Turnover: Gate Gourmet, a provider of catering and provisioning for the airline industry, recently looked at a variety of large data sets for its one thousand employees at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. For organizations with mountains of internal data and a large workforce, Big Data analysis can be put to work to help determine how many employees are needed now and forecast how many will be needed in the future.

2013 69

The Hidden Job Report

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In this report: 4,996 Hidden Jobs revealed ( 2,176 Hidden Jobs in U.S.A. / 2,820 Hidden International Jobs ). INTERNATIONAL HIDDEN JOBS. The airline’s first base in South Wales at Alexandra House was opened by Deputy First Minister Ieuan Wyn Jones. A major management consultancy of global renown, Accenture provides technology services and outsourcing to clients in 120 countries and has an international workforce of more than 200,000 people.

2011 112

coworker brings food to every meeting, pushing back on daily morning meetings, and more

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Four months ago, he traveled internationally and when his flight home was cancelled he had to book a new one. Our company immediately reimbursed him for the costs of the second booking but he still had me file a complaint and request for reimbursement with the airline. My question comes from the concern he does not intend to give the money the airline reimburses him back to our company. Any reimbursement he gets from the airline would rightfully be your company’s.

How to make business travel manageable | Penelope Trunk's Brazen.

Penelope Trunk

To get elite status, it means that every time your company wants to save $50 to put you on another airline, you have to say no. If my company will save more than $300, I’ll travel on an airline that I am not platinum on. Wish I'd had your tip about sticking to one airline. I've got lots of points on 3 airlines now and little chance of using them. Best airlines to make sure you are comfortable: Southwest amazingly enough. Worst airlines: United.

2009 70

traveling with my boss when I’ll need two airplane seats, sending “thanks!” emails, and more

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Luckily, Southwest Airlines is amazing and has a policy that will allow “customers of size” to reserve a second seat for free. The search agency process gives internal HR good deniability that they weren’t able to find a better candidate, and even the external agency couldn’t.

2021 41

This is the Perfect Economy for You

JT & Dale Talk Jobs

Companies large and small are figuring this out — airline reservation agents, salespeople and many others are going “remote.&# However, these jobs are so desirable that not only do they not get advertised, but companies have internal waiting lists. Dear J.T. & & Dale: I have been unemployed for the past few months and learned that I enjoy being at home. I need to work, but a flexible schedule, working from home, would be perfect.

Read This Before You Make That Big Life Changing Decision

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Fortunately, someone helped me out of my muddle: none other than Gerry Roche, the Senior Chairman of the Board of the search firm Heidrick & Struggles International, Inc. An airline executive? Are you about to make a drastic life-changing decision? Before you quit your job, buy a bed-and-breakfast, or otherwise turn your life upside down, consider the following questions: Are you financially secure? By: Hamish Williams.

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