6 Hot Jobs for Pilots Outside of the Standard Airlines

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Can you get a job as a pilot doing anything other than flying with commercial airlines, or is that really the only career option out there? Fortunately for those looking to keep their options open, there are plenty of jobs for pilots besides a standard airline contract. Military. Being a military pilot is an extremely tough career, but knowing you’re protecting your country can also make it an incredibly rewarding one.

The Military to the Civilian Job Market Transition

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I once asked him about how difficult it was to leave the military behind and enter the civilian job market. He replied with a truth that is still echoed today among veterans: “You never really fully transition from the military…some part of it will always be with you.”. Planning your military exit strategy must include steps for your entry strategy into the civilian job market. Two Examples from Military Résumés. military veterans organizations. Military


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5 Job Options For Military Veterans

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It’s not unusual for military veterans to go into law enforcement. Not only does the military and law enforcement require similar skill sets, many law enforcement agencies also offer partial retirement credit to veterans. This means that a veteran who left the military after 10 years–and is ineligible for military retirement benefits–could become a police officer and apply his military time toward his retirement.

5 Veteran-Friendly Companies

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Veterans and active military personnel sacrifice a lot in service to the country and deserve our respect and admiration. government and Department of Defense, and a third of our workforce are military-connected. The home remodeling firm has an entire department, the Power Veterans Initiative, dedicated to helping veterans establish careers after military service. "We The company also uses a military skills translator tool to help veterans with their job search.

Feng Shui Your Job Search Luck – How to use Feng Shui to find a Career that Harmonizes with your Personal Energies

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Jobs involving metal, metal working, high-tech, legal matters, international travel or business, finance, banking, legal/law fields, medical, food and beverage, jewelry, locksmith, insurance, medical/dental, sculptor, police, jobs involving sales, metal, metal working, high-tech, jewelry, locksmith, insurance, medical/dental, sculptor, nail technician, airlines, travel, singer, announcer, TV/radio, actor.

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Try Sleeping on the Job!

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Military pilots have been allowed to take naps (or ‘Officer Rest Periods’) for decades. Some commercial airlines allow it too. The post Try Sleeping on the Job! appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Yawn…it’s 3:00 in the afternoon and you are writing a report about your most important project. You’ve been at work since 8, grabbed a sandwich for lunch, and your last meeting runs until 6.30. Suddenly your eyes start closing. If only you could take a break!

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The Most Stressful Jobs of 2014

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In these categories, professions such as airline pilot, military general and police officer made the list. Top Ten Most Stressful Jobs according to CareerCast: Enlisted Military Personnel. Military General. Airline Pilot. Enlisted Military Personnel topped the list as the most stressful job, which according to Defence Jobs after initial training as a soldier in the army, has a starting salary of only $38,422 per year.

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10 Jobs That Can Cause Hearing Loss in Employees

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Ground Staff at Airlines. Unfortunately for the aircraft maintenance crew, baggage personnel and the airline ground control, that is not quite the situation. The Military. Imagine hundreds of those shots being fired at close vicinity near you to have a virtual idea of what the military has to go through. This is not including the noise of grenades, rocket launchers and a host of other ear-splittingly loud weaponry with which the military deals regularly.

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Best Career Coaches in Your City

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million people and is headquarters of some famous Fortune 500 companies, including The Home Depot, Delta Airlines, and Coca-Cola. In addition, CareerPro Inc looks to help members of the military with transition back to civilian life and careers. Best Career Coaches in Your City.

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“The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act – A Primer for Employees”

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military duty stationed in Iraq, so they were both comfortable with the overall environment, and even knew the local dialect. military commander, claiming that they had been promised money and weapons by Manny and Lorenz, which was 100% untrue. The third reason is the most important reason: without your doing anything out of the ordinary – such as providing customers with free airline tickets or travel accommodations – it could get you fired, fined, or even jailed. .

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The Employee Engagement Wholehearted Dialogue: Denise Bissonnette and David Zinger

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So, if I have like a great interaction with Judy from United Airlines, or a terrible interaction with Judy from United Airlines, when I leave I don’t leave with a lasting impression of Judy; it’s a lasting impression of United Airlines. 28:52] David: Yeah, and you know it’s interesting you read many of the generals in military, and that’s not a profession that you equate a lot with love. Dialogue with Denise Bissonnette on Wholehearted Engagement.

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