new coworker is horrible, my boss does 6 performance evaluations a year, and more

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Our new PR guy is horrible, but my boss loves him. We recently hired a new PR person. She is talking about building him his own new office. You can certainly talk to your director about your concerns about the new guy’s performance (ideally many of you, not just you), but if she has a blind spot where he’s concerned, there might not be much you can do there. I was encouraged to apply and ultimately was offered and accepted the job.

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my boss punched me, my new hire quit after three days, and more

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New hire quit after three days — should I alert her references? I recently hired a young woman for an entry-level job in the small (8-person) office that I manage. Five days into the job, she apologetically informed me that she had heard from another company in a different field, in another state: they had offered her a job that pays better than we can, and she had accepted. Did I alienate my new coworker? I’ve been in a new job for two months.

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