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Sklover Working Wisdom

If you really don’t have the money, then I suggest you consider offering either (a) a settlement of, say, $250, or (b) a payment schedule of, say, $25 per month. From what you describe, either the reason offered is a “pretext” or false reason, or what happened is part of the employer’s plan to eventually reduce Assistant Buyers, and this is just one step in that plan. Leeds, Alabama. Then the University said that it must post the position, and take back the offer.

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my boss punched me, my new hire quit after three days, and more

Ask A Manager

Five days into the job, she apologetically informed me that she had heard from another company in a different field, in another state: they had offered her a job that pays better than we can, and she had accepted. I know that there isn’t an Alabama state or federal law the requires this, but she won’t give me the information. However, if you know you wouldn’t accept a job there, don’t invite an offer that you’ll just turn down.

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new coworker is horrible, my boss does 6 performance evaluations a year, and more

Ask A Manager

I was encouraged to apply and ultimately was offered and accepted the job. Recently the company I work for has faced great financial strain and has not been able to consistently meet payroll. (So We’re in Alabama. As for breaks, Alabama doesn’t require work breaks for people over 15, but you can certainly try explaining to your manager that you need time to eat lunch or you won’t be able to focus or work efficiently the rest of the day.

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