Seven Short Q & A’s on Saturday

Sklover Working Wisdom

Question 4: Can an employer change the method I get paid a portion of my salary from bi-monthly to quarterly? Provided you do not have a contract that requires when salary is to be paid, your employer can change its payroll practices at any time. As an employee, you are free to either negotiate for a payroll method you prefer, or take employment elsewhere with an employer who pays using a method you find acceptable. Leeds, Alabama.

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new coworker is horrible, my boss does 6 performance evaluations a year, and more

Ask A Manager

She made him salary, and he is allowed to come in whenever he wants as well as work from home. Recently the company I work for has faced great financial strain and has not been able to consistently meet payroll. (So We’re in Alabama. As for breaks, Alabama doesn’t require work breaks for people over 15, but you can certainly try explaining to your manager that you need time to eat lunch or you won’t be able to focus or work efficiently the rest of the day.

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