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Why I Love America

Evil HR Lady

I’m documenting some of the things that are happy about America. 5 Great Things About America That You’ve Forgotten

Fake Hustle In Corporate America.

HR Capitalist

What's the equivalent of fake hustle guy in corporate America? Fake hustle guy sucks in corporate America as well. There's a term that coaches in sports are familiar with - it's called " fake hustle ". What's fake hustle in sports?

Corporate America Through The Eyes Of A Millennial

Career Realism

I’m a Millennial, and despite not having a college degree, I reached the upper-echelons of Corporate America. We’re indentured servants – Just like the share croppers who were former slaves on the plantations of the Old South, Millennials are indentured servants to Corporate America.

Why corporate America needs to embrace social media

Resume Bear

It is my pleasure to have Margo Rose with me today. Margo caught my attention over a year ago when I saw her omnipresence on numerous social media platforms. She is one of the most respected and well-connected individuals in the social media and human resource space today.

What is the State of Recruitment in North America? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Undercover Recruiter

Recruiting differs throughout the world and is constantly growing and evolving, but how does it look in North America? Our friends at Bullhorn have created this infographic to outline the state of recruitment in North America. 97% of recruiters in North America use LinkedIn to recruit.

America: #@#! Yeah!

HR Capitalist

It's the Fourth of July and I love America. Problem was, they served a niche (country music) that was very pro-America at the time (post 9-11) and was pro-Bush. There's a lot of hand-wringing going on about America today. It's just America figuring it out with an emphasis on freedom of speech. I like how America has historically re-calibrated. Happy Birthday America

FAKE IT: Acting Interested in Corporate America Is a Succession Factor

HR Capitalist

One of the biggest things that separates contenders from pretenders in Corporate America - across all functional areas - is the ability to fake interest and attention. The real players in corporate America look engaged - at all times - even when they aren't. .

Study Finds Women Giving Up on Corporate America

Career Realism

That's not good for Corporate America. Choosing a Career Path advice America career corporate expert job searchA new study done by More Magazine shows 43% of women say they are less ambitious than they were 10 years ago. To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at

BEYOND BLUE BLAZERS: The Pants Choices of Professional White Men In America.

HR Capitalist

You're just a walking billboard for all the latest brands You've got no taste in music and you really love our band You're haircut is atrocious, it's been the same since '83 Your glory days are over and so's your stonewashed jeans. Local H. Stereotypes.

Should America Be Going Green: The Pros & Cons of the Legalization of Marijuana

Corn on the Job

Brace yourselves; Corn on the Job is getting political. Brace yourselves again; we’re talking about weed. You may be wondering why this topic is appearing here on Corn on the Job and the answer to that is actually quite simple.

Rudest city in America: congrats, you won?

Resume Bear

Here’s a distinction you probably don’t highlight on your Visitor’s Bureau brochure: you’ve just been voted “America’s Rudest City” by Travel and Leisure Magazine, according to USA Today’s Travel section. It was selected as the rudest city in America, not the Big Apple as we might think.

Why America Needs More Bad Jobs

Evil HR Lady

Everyone agrees--America needs more good jobs. But what if good jobs aren't enough? What if we really need more bad jobs? Read Why American Needs More Bad Jobs

How I Left Corporate America at 26 to do What I Love

Ms. Career Girl

Getting too caught up in details drives me a bit nuts and I’m from a very entrepreneurial family in which small business was praised and “big corporate america&# wasn’t. I’ve been fantasizing about the day I’d get to write this post for a long time. It’s official: a new chapter of my career has begun. For those who don’t know my story, I have a finance degree.

Women Quit Corporate America Too Soon

Career Realism

Watch this video to learn how those that can't be in education or healthcare can still design their own destiny with their careers! To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at Choosing a Career Path advice career change finance industry job path plan search

What Are the Best and Worst Jobs in America? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Undercover Recruiter

America vs. the world: Americans work 137 more hours per year than Japanese workers. Here are the 10 Best AND 10 Worst Jobs in America, 2013 (with median salaries) by our friends at Numbersleuth. What Are the Best and Worst Jobs in America?

The Future of America Depends on Future Medical Professionals: Get Recruiting


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks the medical technologist and technician professions as consistently likely to provide opportunity for employment into the near future, with the demand for cardiovascular technicians and technologists alone expected to rise 24% by the year 2018.

2011 71

3 Ways to Help Get America Back to Work for ‘Give’ Labor Day


Last year, SmartRecruiters came up with a simple idea: on Labor Day spend a few minutes helping someone find a job and get America back to work. What Does Labor Day Mean? Labor Day has always been a time to remember and celebrate achievement.

Are You Making It in America?

Careers Done Write

However, I have really enjoyed a show that airs from 4:00 to 5:00 pm Eastern on HLN, “ Making It in America.” So, I am asking you this question, are you making it in America? If so, what is your formula to make it in America? On the flipside, if you are struggling and not quite making it in America, I want to hear from you too! Making It in AmericaWith my busy days, I rarely have time for afternoon television.

Jobs wanted, Harvard analysts suggest Rx for America’s unemployment doldrums

Resume Bear

But fixing America’s long job slump will require more than just government intervention, they say. Competitiveness Project, a yearlong initiative designed to take the pulse of America’s business leaders. While parts of the U.S.

Goals 31

Does America Have The Right Stuff?

Resume Bear

This infographic done with Knewton looks to answer the question: how can we improve STEM education in America right now? A stronger focus on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education is the key to our country’s future.

"Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics America's Lemming Culture.

Guerrilla Job Hunting

  I love America and this bull#&*% "hopeless" attitude that is so pervasive in the media - press, TV, radio - is going to kill us all.     Know how many people where hired last month in America?

ResumeBear Launches New Resources, Surpasses 100,000 Daily Visitors to Premier Job Site

Resume Bear

America career CEO Job Search jobs Online Resume resumebearResumeBear launches new job board features, new College & University Program, and new Success Center, attracting over 100,000 daily visitors. Solana Beach, CA (PRWEB) April 17, 2012.

2012 117

What Is Your Recommendation for the Children?

Resume Bear

America children's charities resumebearResumeBear’s new state-of-the-art job board is going live soon, and we are really excited about this new chapter in ResumeBear’s story. We will be charging employers just $99 per post, per city, and we will be donating $25 of that fee to help veterans find jobs. We would like to donate another $25 of that fee to help children with life threatening diseases, but there are so many wonderful organizations, we don’t know where to begin!

Job Hunting Lessons from America’s National Pastime

Career Rocketeer

The vast majority of job seekers will vehemently disagree with the decision, but the most common reason job seekers don’t make the cut during the initial screening phase is it was determined that “he/she is not what we’re looking for.” Coast to coast this scenario repeats itself thousands of times a day, and more often [.]. Everything Else Job Search SEO1

Which Jobs Would Superheroes Have in the Real World? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Undercover Recruiter

Business Humor Infographics Captain America jobs life real superheroes Wonder Woman world We have all deluded ourselves about being superheroes, saving innocent lives, flying around skyscrapers and the like. But what if superheroes were like you and I?

2014 35

CHARTS FOR SMART HR PROS: Turnover Is Back to Pre-Recession Levels Across America.

HR Capitalist

Capitalist Note - Going to give you a couple of charts this week that you should absolutely share as a part of any HR deck you do for an operations review with the business leaders of your company.


HR Capitalist

Director of Human Resources for North America. Kinetix and Kris Dunn ( HR Capitalist , Fistful of Talent ) are working exclusively with Masonite International to fill the critical role of Senior Director of Human Resources - North America. Director of HR for North America? . A group named the Who once asked (America should have seen this coming), “ Who Are You ?”. You’ll have seven direct reports deployed across North America to help you get it done.

IMF Forecasts Slowing Growth for North America


” However, the outlook for North America is much worse. Worries about political instability and hostility to globalization in Europe and North America led to the IMF cutting its growth forecast for the US by 0.6%, Canada by 0.2%

7 Worst Jobs in America


The unfortunate common denominator regarding the worst jobs in America, are they appear to be a disturbing combination of the most dangerous and physically demanding career choices available. What makes any particular job one of the worst in America?

Who Are the Most In Demand Employers in the US?

The Undercover Recruiter

Employer Attractive employers companies North America organisation USPeople are attracted to a company for a variety of reasons and there are many different things that people look for in their ideal workplace.

US 22

What are the Best and Worst Jobs in America? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Undercover Recruiter

In America, there are a whole heap of jobs, but which are the best? What are the Best and Worst Jobs in America? Infographics Job Search america best jobs worst And which are the worst? This infographic by Numbersleuth explains more.

Finance for HR Nerds: GDP and How Big America's Economy Is.

HR Capitalist

America's GDP is kicking in the 15 Trillion range, while Russia is kicking it old school at 1.5 Last time in this series, I talked about the ground view of how a LBO firm works. Check it out here if you missed that one.

Who Will Save America’s Jobs?

Resume Bear

It’s for this reason that everyone in the running for America’s next boss in 2012 has presented what they believe to be the job plan to slash unemployment rates and kick start the economy once again.

Cat Chow Contest: This Dream Job Is the Cats Meow -


Do you want to travel around America?

The new global America for job hunters

Guerrilla Job Hunting

Under siege from layoffs, outsourcing, off-shoring, rightsizing, downsizing and bankruptcies, America is in the midst of a profound business transformation.  The sheer complexity and technical sophistication of business has transformed the job market - not just here in America, but around the world.     Knowledge workers are now the backbone of America. Of the 120 million skilled workers in America today, 24-40 million change jobs every year. 

Highest Paid Entertainment Jobs in America

Corn on the Job

Just about everyone dreams of a high paying job that they enjoy. Imagine having an amazing career that would be the envy just about anyone. A career in any of these fields could have your nest egg looking pretty, setting you up for a dream retirement. Of course, you’ll need to make sure you are properly handing your wealth so that you can transition into retirement smoothly.

#JobOne, a Look FORWARD at Jobs and the Future of Work


We want to help, we want to advise, and we want to change how America thinks about work. Job One. Have you heard of it? This is a new initiative released last week by the Clinton Foundation, a global jobs initiative to help get young people working. This a good thing, right?

The Most Messed Up Chart You'll Ever See Related to Wage Increase History in America.

HR Capitalist

You want to see some #@**? Take a look at the chart below and let's talk about it after the jump. Five Observations: 1. This chart shows the percent change year over year of wages for hourly and non-supervisory employees.

I Lost My Home, Like Hundreds of Thousands of Others


I kept consulting, I kept writing, and I kept talking to Countrywide, which soon became Bank of America. When I negotiated a hardship refinance, Bank of America came back to me with an offer making my monthly payment $3200, this would include all my back payments.

2011 47

Want to Get Fired? Do Any of These 6 Things

Catherines Career Corner

attitude at work attitude work bad behaviour bullying career care fight fighting Fired fired from work get fired Job Loss job loss in america Jobs jpb loss keep job keep my job Keep your job keeping a job Keeping Your Job laziness not fired steal at work stealing to keep the job Work work attitude work ethicsWritten by Catherine Adenle Organizations with tight budgets find themselves struggling to make their products sell, their workforce productive and their business prosper.