Does America Have The Right Stuff?

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A stronger focus on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education is the key to our country’s future. This infographic done with Knewton looks to answer the question: how can we improve STEM education in America right now?

5 Places You Might Have Overlooked in Your Job Search

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The post 5 Places You Might Have Overlooked in Your Job Search appeared first on Ms. The following five places are different from the average business, which might make them fascinating new opportunities during your job search. You don’t have to work in America.

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Who’s Hiring in Finance Vol 2- Targeted Job Search

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But, I am a realist and I know that the only way I might better my lot in life (or at least my job) is to be proactive in finding a better job (but one can always dream about winning the lottery). Top Financial Institutions are Hiring – There were over 700,00 Finance Job Opportunities on when I checked the site using keyword “Finance” (no you did not read this wrong). Now you need to narrow your search, and SimplyHired is great for that.

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10 Helpful Job Search Resources For Veterans

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O’Donnell, LinkedIn Influencer and founder of CAREEREALISM, recently wrote an article for LinkedIn called, “ How to Get a Job After the Military.” Many of them shared helpful job search resources for veterans. Helpful Job Search Resources For Veterans.

The new global America for job hunters

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Under siege from layoffs, outsourcing, off-shoring, rightsizing, downsizing and bankruptcies, America is in the midst of a profound business transformation.    It’s the result of developments in information and communications technologies, changing human values and the rise of the global knowledge-based economy. The sheer complexity and technical sophistication of business has transformed the job market - not just here in America, but around the world.

ResumeBear Launches New Resources, Surpasses 100,000 Daily Visitors to Premier Job Site

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ResumeBear launches new job board features, new College & University Program, and new Success Center, attracting over 100,000 daily visitors. Less than a year after its official launch, ResumeBear has become a force in the online job board marketplace.

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Technology job shortages and rocket science

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Home Blog Cube Rules Products Dream Job Coaching Media Contact Scot Cube Rules provides job advice and support for career-minded individuals working in corporate cubicles. Cube Rules teaches you how to build SMART Goals , how to survive a job layoff and how to write your performance review. Technology job shortages and rocket science Written by Scot Herrick on October 12, 2007 in management 4 Comments - Leave a comment!

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Are You Job Search Weary? | Career Rocketeer

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Career Rocketeer Career Search and Personal Branding Blog Home About Career Rocketeer Meet the Team Guest Experts Partners LinkedIn 360° Resources Job Search Websites Career Books Job Search Tracker Launchpad Blogroll Events Career Studios Advertise Contact Personal Branding Job Search Resumes Interviews Social Media Networking Career Management Everything Else You are here: Home / Everything Else / Are You Job Search Weary?

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4 Best Cities In The U.S. To Focus Your Job Search

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Whether you’re ready to make a move for personal reasons, or you’re simply on the lookout for a new opportunity, moving for a job can be overwhelming, to say the least. The job market in America has been steadily improving, but some areas show more signs of improvement than others. 3 Helpful Tips For Your Relocation Job Search. Here are a few cities in America that show positive signs of growth, and would be great places to focus a job search.

Time to Put 250,000 back To Work!!!

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ResumeBear, an online resume services firm, provides unique tools that allow the job seeker to know when their submitted resume has been opened, forwarded and printed. We are excited about the opportunity that this alliance offers to job seekers and prospective students,” said Bill Brebaugh, principal at Ed Ideas, Inc. Through this alliance our prospective students will have direct access to the most cutting edge resume service and job board.

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Where Have all of the Jobs Gone?

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CareerAlley Career advice, job search advice and job search site reviews Comments By Email Posts Jobs powered by Simply Hired « It’s a Small World – Networking Is Your Resume Over-Bold? » Where Have all of the Jobs Gone? Author Website: Increasingly newspaper headlines across America are asking this question. It’s not just technology jobs that are leaving the United States.

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Technology Tidbit 12 ? Posting Job Orders on Craigslist


Keyword Search HCX for your Favorite Author / Content. HCX Jobs. Search. Technology Tidbit 12 – Posting Job Orders on Craigslist. per ad) for posting job orders. I recently posted five job orders on Craigslist using five different states, it’s a multiple location job order. . Research established these comparisons using an identical job order: 1. Selecting your category will bring up the job order form. Popular Searches.

3 career paths to keep you wholly satisfied

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And there’s nothing wrong with that – as long as you can attain a certain level of job satisfaction. According to the Wall Street Journal , job satisfaction is at its highest since 2005. To help you achieve peak job satisfaction, here are a few career paths you might not think of.

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ResumeBear: 10 Industries Most in Need of Skilled Workers

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While the job market is making a recovery, it’s still hard to find a job in many cities in America, especially for new college grads who have little experience. Technology. If you want to have your pick of jobs when you graduate, consider a career in engineering.

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10 Benefits of Choosing a Career in the HVACR Field

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Although unemployment is a serious problem in America today, with the current unemployment rate hovering around 6 percent, there are a number of career sectors that show no signs of slowing down. When HVACR specialists were surveyed about their jobs, they reported a high level of satisfaction.

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51 Company Career Sites for Direct Links to Jobs

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Job search is a classic example of being in the right place at the right time. You don’t stand much of a chance if 100 resumes were submitted to a job opportunity before yours was submitted. Find the jobs that match your profile BUT – do not apply yet.

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6 Benefits to Using a Temp Agency to Find a Job

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The past several years have marked America’s longest unemployment crisis since the Great Depression, with the highest jobless rates in recent history. While finding a permanent position can be difficult in this economy, consider temporary assignments if you are in the job market.

Seven Deadly Sins of Job Search-2012

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Still we move forward with our article because as we meet and strategize with the unemployed, we too often hear of behaviors that creep into job search campaigns that can be traps. Let’s be clear, career rbanding is critical to a successful job search. That said, if you are already out of work, it’s probably too late to truly impact your current job search in quick order. 3. Not embracing technology.

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2011 Executive Job Market Outlook

Executive Career Brand

2011 Executive Job Market Outlook is a post from: Executive Career Brand. High Technology. Clean/Green Technology. 146 executive search firm consultants from a companion global survey. 10% – searching resume databases. 8% – online job postings.

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The Essential Job Seeker Toolkit & More


It’s called America’s Job Conference on Twitter hosted by Tweet My Jobs on July 19th starting at 9 AM PST. My session which I will be tweeting and is similar in nature to Job Hunt Chat’s format is from 12-1 PM PST. Job Board Tricks and Tips.

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Guides From Experts: 25 Ways to Land a Job

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However, as the below 25 new school ways to land a job will show you, the newly and experienced unemployed still have much to offer and a whole new way in which to market themselves in. Useful for every job from managerial to even the specialty ones. How to Find a Job.

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Engineering the Right Career Move

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Against the backdrop of America’s still-fragile recovery from the Great Recession of 2007-2009, one career field seems to be outpacing most others. Median pay for this job in 2012 was $79,340, according to BLS. Good luck in your search. Search Millions of Jobs.

Losing Your Job Sucks– 8 Steps to Secure Your Next Job

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Losing your job is never easy. A job loss situation is often followed by confusion, frustration, pain, etc. But how you react to your job loss is more important. And they have helped me secure new jobs in a short time (even recently). Should you look for another job?

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The Top Lists of the Hottest Careers of 2011


This is a general list, created by compiling data on job growth, salary, and perceived job satisfaction. Categories of jobs listed include business, creative and service, healthcare, social service and technology. 200 Jobs from Best to Worst. Top Jobs for Grads .

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50 Happiest Companies for 2012

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See Top 10 We’re proud to reveal the winners of CareerBliss’ Happiest Companies in America Awards for 2012, thanks to thousands of employees from around the country.Of Job Openings. Wipro Technologies. Infosys Technologies.

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5 Hot Cities for Recent College Graduates Entering the Workforce

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But the economy is ever-so-slowly improving and jobs are out there. For recent college graduates who are lucky enough to be part of the 45 percent finding work , the job offers they receive may require moving to another city or state, which is a monumental task. Search Millions of Jobs.

40 Best Career Counselor Blogs for the Brand New Graduate

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There’s a lot to learn about office culture, time management, keeping jobs and even about what you really want out of a career. Boston Career Counselor Blog : Get some free career counseling that will help you whip your resume into shape, ace an interview and network your way into a new job.

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Should Feminists Avoid These 4 Companies?

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Stories surface again and again of women dismissed for calling men out on their actions, or women offered jobs only on condition of sex, or women patronised into believing their skillset expendable. Magic Leap is one of America’s biggest ‘unicorns’.

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25 Companies with Mobile Careers & Recruiting Apps


Mobile is the next frontier when it comes to recruitment technologies. Mobile can used for social recruiting and engaging with job seekers who are increasingly on the go. Slow Adoption of Mobile Job Search by Companies. Daimler Trucks North America Careers.

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Resumebear helping veterans entering the civilian workforce

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Get your own free personal dashboard to manage your job search. Learn how to effectively use social media for your career search. Search the ResumeBear job board for exciting job opportunities.

In Demand: STEM-Educated Employees

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The fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) have always been critical to the prosperity and success of the United States. Experts attribute at least half of America’s economic growth over the past 50 years to new technology and advancements made in these fields.

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The 50 Best Places To Work In 2012

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SAP America: 3.8. She has prior internship experience in corporate communications and public relations for technology, nonprofit, and association clients. College Graduates Featured Jobs Job Hunting Strategies Job Market Job Openings Top Employers Why ResumeBear?

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Top 5 Careers for Young Women in 2013

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America reached the 50 year anniversary of the Equal Pay Act, and yet women all over the world are still paid less than men in the majority of professional functions, even here. Here is a list of the top 5 jobs for women in 2013. The most well paid job for women in 2013 is a pharmacist.

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10 Happiest Big Companies of 2011

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If the pros of working at a big company outweigh the cons for you as a job seeker, you should research the top 10 happiest big companies compiled by They are an extremely driven company to stay innovative and ahead of the latest technology. Bank of America: As the largest bank holding company in the US and the world’s largest wealth manager, Bank of America also has great management, according to employees who reported to CareerBliss.

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10 middle-class jobs that are rapidly vanishing


Keyword Search HCX for your Favorite Author / Content. HCX Jobs. Search. 10 middle-class jobs that are rapidly vanishing. Travel agents, proofreaders, transit security all are seeing big declines “The American dream is dead for the majority of America,” financial guru Suze Orman told Forbes last year, speaking about her upcoming book "The Money Class.". Many of the millions of jobs lost I don’t think are coming back. Recruiting / HR Jobs.

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Why Engineering Careers Are Constantly in Demand

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While some European nations have a more favorable balance of engineering students than America (Germany, for instance, has nearly one in three graduating students hold an engineering degree), it appears that American engineers will continue to be in high demand. Good luck in your search.

45 Inspiring Career Blogs for College Students

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Lindsey Pollak : Because this career expert and consultant specifically concerns herself with Generation Y, her official blog will be particularly useful to college students about to hit the job force. Your Career Goals career job hunting job interview Job Search job seekers resumebear

In Demand: STEM-Educated Employees

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The fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) have always been critical to the prosperity and success of the United States. Experts attribute at least half of America’s economic growth over the past 50 years to new technology and advancements made in these fields.

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The Power of Video Interviewing


For recruiters and hiring managers, video interviews offers another opportunity to engage the candidate in a face to face environment without the overhead costs associated with the job interview. Interested in testing out the video interview technology?

How to Win Over Your Fired or Laid Off Employees


In fact, it is one of the worst parts of my job in HR. I hate to be the bearer of bad news and there is nothing worse than telling a group of employees there have 30 days before their job and pay is no more.

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19 Job Boards That Offer Free Job Postings


Job Boards Remain Great Candidate Source for Recruiters. I know in the past I’ve called for the end of job boards, however, they have remained a great place for companies to reach and engage talent for their organization. Advantages of Free Job Boards & Free Job Postings.

You Are Kind of a Big Deal

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Author Byline: Jessica has a true passion for the job seeker, evidenced by her desire to share everything she can with everyone she can about resume writing and interviewing. When Ron Burgundy uttered this famous line in Anchorman, everyone in America laughed and started throwing this phrase around. Many times, I don’t really know much about my friends’ professional lives unless they happen to get a promotion or change jobs altogether. Good luck in your search.

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Always Connected: One Third of US Workforce Feels Need to Stay.

Telecommuting Journal

According to a survey released today by InterCall, the world’s largest conferencing and collaboration services provider, workers are using technology to stay connected (sometimes even secretly), work harder and maintain job security to survive the economic recovery.

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