How Do We Determine Techniques in Strategic Analysis?

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When an organisation formulates major business goals and initiatives by the top management and decides on the implementation of the said devised strategy, it is participating in the strategic analysis initiative. There are as usual many definitions available that explain strategy analysis, but to simply put it, the Strategic analysis is a method to facilitate, research, analyse, and map a company’s ability to achieve the future target or threshold based on current reality and resources.

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How do I get a job in Financial Analysis?

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How do I get a job in Financial Analysis? You see Financial Analysis is more of a skill than a job. Because Financial Analysis cuts across roles, types of financial institutions and even industry, being a financial analyst means you have a large number of potential careers to choose from. An MBA is very well received as well because most MBA’s include financial analysis and corporate finance and accounting as part of their curriculum.

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What is Financial Analysis? And What is the Role of Financial Analyst?

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Financial analysis can be elaborately defined as an assessment on, how effective are the investments or funds engaged by the organisation or business, to check the efficiency of funds used for operations, and lastly to secure debtors and claims against the business’s assets. Financial analysis is used by a business to evaluate if a unit is steady, solvent, or lucrative enough to go ahead with a financial investment. The post What is Financial Analysis?

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How to Upskill Your Career in Big Data Analysis

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The post How to Upskill Your Career in Big Data Analysis appeared first on Imarticus. Blog Big Data Analysis Big Data Analysis career Big Data Analysis certification Big Data Analysis courses big data analysis in India career in Big data Career in Big Data Analysis

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B2B and B2C customer segmentation analysis: your guide to consumer loyalty

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The post B2B and B2C customer segmentation analysis: your guide to consumer loyalty appeared first on Ms. However, to do this organizations require leading customer segmentation analysis tools.

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Python for Data Analysis Data Wrangling with Pandas

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Python is soon gaining a lot of popularity as a tool for data analysis. Python is considered as the language for people working in the field of data science more specifically for data analysis. The objective of initiating any data analysis project is to create the highest quality of data, in the shortest possible time. Data wrangling is an essential part of any data analysis. The post Python for Data Analysis Data Wrangling with Pandas appeared first on Imarticus.

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What are the careers in Financial Analysis?

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As with every key skill, Financial Analysis opens many doors be it a financial controller on the Buy Side or an Investment Banker on the sell side. In many ways being a financial controller or treasurer is an excellent way to begin a career in the financial analysis since it allows a person to have a bird’s eye view of the financial services products while engaging in M&A on behalf of the company, as well as getting much-required exposure to how companies actually work.

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Competitive Analysis

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Blog powered by TypePad Member since 06/2005 « Send Articles | Main | Your answering machine » Tuesday, April 27, 2010 Competitive Analysis Do a competitive analysis on one of your targetedemployer’s products and send it to them.

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SWOT Analysis For Your Career

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A basic tool used in strategic planning is SWOT analysis. I am a firm believer you should perform this analysis on your career at least once a year. Do the same analysis for your peers and staff.

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Understanding Careers in Business Analysis

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Getting started with a career in business analysis is different. This information will be combined with an analysis of the business itself, including records, changes to policies and resulting trends, and even archived tax data or emails in some cases.

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SWOT Analysis: Determine Your Workplace Forte


One way to determine your strengths is to conduct a SWOT analysis: a look at your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. When developing a SWOT analysis to assess your professional strengths, consider the following characteristics and achievements that you hold: 1.

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What is The Difference Between Data Analysis and Data Science?

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On the other hand, there is a significant field which has been gazing attention since years, i.e., Data Analysis. Both the Data Science and Data Analysis is often confused by the individuals. Data Analysis Data Science: Data Analysis is referred as the process of accumulating the data and then analyzing it to persuade the decision making for the business. The analysis is undertaken with a business goal and impact the strategies.

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SWOT Analysis for Your Career

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A basic tool used in strategic planning is SWOT analysis. I am a firm believer you should perform this analysis on your career at least once a year. Job Search advice analysis blog career expert managementThis is where you take a hard look at your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats and plan accordingly. STRENGTHS. Make a list of all your. To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at

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Do a competitive analysis on one of your targeted employer's products  and send it to them.    People assume that all companies keep up to date  on their competitors, but this is rarely the case.   Most companies don't have the budget or the ability internally to keep on top of innovations and best practices so your piece will likely be  most welcome.

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Career in Project Management with Business Analysis Certification

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Irrespective of the debate, one thing is coming out clear, that project management and business analysis are pivotal and strategic roles within an organisation. Business Analysis’s focus is on clearly understanding the needs of the stakeholders and the business objectives, and further defining the characteristics of the solution to meeting those needs. It is now clearly understood that business analysis has become a critical competency of importance to project management.

Ways in Which Sentiment Analysis Can Help Improve Your Brand

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This need of knowing what their consumers think of them is translated into a formal vein into what we today know as sentiment analysis. So how does this whole mechanism of sentiment analysis work really? Such vital feedback is exactly what forms an essential part of sentiment analysis. There are many ways in which the concept of sentiment analysis can help you in improving and augmenting your brand. Seeking validation is a human tendency.

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Data Analytics Market Growth and Scope Analysis in 2018

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The post Data Analytics Market Growth and Scope Analysis in 2018 appeared first on Imarticus. There is a lot of growth and evolution that is witnessed in the field of data analytics in the recent years.

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Business Analysis Courses In Bangalore – How The IT Capital Is Perfect For Careers Beyond IT

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The best part about IT in Investment Banking or any other data-heavy sector is that it’s a great diving board into Business Analysis. As a result, when working IT professionals from India’s silicon valley come to us for advice, we always recommend as a first option, that they look for Business Analysis Courses in Bangalore. A perfect case of Business Analysis is in outsourcing. This is what Business Analysis Courses in Bangalore such as BACP by Imarticus can help with.

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What is Data Analysis and Who Are Data Analysts?

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The process of assessing data using analytical and logical rationale, to inspect each detail and component of the data, can be described as data analysis. Data analysis is the process of breaking down data, evaluating it for trends over a time period, comparing it with other sectors. Visualising the data in different perspectives and intuitively accessing it, are all efforts put into data analysis. The post What is Data Analysis and Who Are Data Analysts?

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Stop Watching CSI and Make Crime Analysis a Reality

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If you have an interest in subjects like this, you might be an ideal candidate for a crime analysis career. Understand Crime Analysis. Before you decide that you want to pursue a career in crime analysis, it is important that you fully understand the subject and the job description.

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Stop Analysis Paralysis: How to Be Fast and Decisive in Decision Making

Personal Excellence Blog

Does your over-analysis often stop you from making a move quickly — at times missing perfectly good opportunities? If so, congratulations — you “suffer” from analysis paralysis. My Experience with Analysis Paralysis. Do you experience analysis paralysis?

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Quick Analysis of Your Job Search Techniques

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If you are not getting enough interviews or job offers then it is time to analyze your job search strategy. Here is a quick way to drill down to the core issues that will need adjusting. Situation: I am not getting enough calls for interviews. If the phone is not ringing then either your resume is. To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at Job Search career advice career expert CAREEREALISM job search

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What is Sentiment Analysis? and its Predictors Gauging user Engagement in Online Courses?

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In simple words, sentiment analysis is nothing but a fancy term for opinions, it is the analysis of feelings, attitudes, and opinions. Unlike measuring quantifiable metrics, sentiment analysis measure what matters. Applying the capability of the monitoring tools available in sentiment analysis, one can possibly find a link between the sentiment tonality of learners using the online platform for education. The post What is Sentiment Analysis?

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Skills Required for Business Analyst

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Data mining, analysis, etc…, The list of skills is quite exhaustive, and a blog or an article will not be able to cover all of them, however, it can definitely list down a set of must-have skills for a successful business analyst. Conceptual Thinking, Data Analysis, and Modelling. We at Imarticus learning offer an IIBA-endorsed business analysis certification program.

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Gap Analysis for Carer Development (Guest Vlog from Jenny Blake)

Corn on the Job

A company performs a gap analysis to determine the difference between it’s current performance and it’s projected or potential performance. Jenny Blake has worked at Google for five years, and is currently a Career Development Program Manager and internal coach.

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Quick Analysis of Your Job Search | Career Rocketeer

Career Rocketeer

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What does Intrusion in IT mean? And How can it be Detected?

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Blog Business Analysis business analysis career business analysis certification course Business Analysis training Business Analytics Business Analytics careers business analytics online courses Intrusion in IT meanNetwork security, for any organisation is of prime importance.

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The Business Analyst Career Path

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Business Competency Manager, Relationship Manager, Subject Matter Expert, Business Architect, Program Manager, and in some cases Chief Operating Officer, Chief Technology Officer , are some other career options that an individual, with sound experience in business analysis, can pursue.

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5 desired skills to be a Business Analyst

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Career in the field of Business Analysis is one of the fastest-growing in the country but like any other profession, excelling in this too requires one to augment top-notch business skills and personal attributes. Analysis is one aspect and decision making based upon thorough analysis, another.

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Competitive Analysis : #2 0f 50 Ways to find a Job Today

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Do a competitive analysis on one of your targeted employer’s products and send it to them. People assume that all companies keep up to date on their competitors, but this is rarely the case. Most companies don’t have the budget or the ability internally to keep on top of innovations and best practices so your piece will likely be most welcome.  Focus on companies that are direct competitors with those you want to work for , not your own company.

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3 Ways You Can Help Your Candidates Deal with Interview Rejection

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Recruiting analysis Big Picture Mindset candidates Interview Rejection InterviewersInterview rejection happens to even the strongest of candidates. However like any great recruiter, you know that your candidate will live to fight another day.

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What is it like to work as a Data Analyst?

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Accurate data analysis needs to be performed on this stacked volumes of data, to extract value and insights from it, also it is non-negotiable that this data should be used whenever possible, to make better and informed decisions. Blog Big Data Analysis big data analysis in India career in data analysis data analysis data analyst data analytics courses data science courses Data Science ProdegreeWhat does a Data Analyst do?

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How to Become a Business Analyst? and What is the Role of a Business Analyst

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Blog business analysis certification business analysis certification course business analysis course Career As A Business Analyst How to Become a Business Analyst Role of a Business AnalystThe term business analyst has vast connotations. Although it is established that a business analyst plays a crucial role within any organisation, it can still be considered in its infancy stage.

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Do You Hire for Confidence, Comfort or Capability?

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You have a job analysis, where you wrote down the essential personal qualities, preferences, and non-technical skills. Here’s how I see this work when people hire: When you create a job analysis , you go through the difficult thinking about what’s essential in a human being for the problems you need to solve now. cultural fit HTP audition behavior-description question job analysis

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Is SAS The Best Programming Language?

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Blog Advanced SAS certification Career in sas programming data mining Data Science Factor analysis learn SAS Multivariate analysis Python programming R programming SAS Certifications SAS Programming SAS The Best Programming Language Statistical AnalysisLike many great debates that run over centauries, comparison of SAS with other programming languages, discussing their pros and cons, is a common and continuous process.

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Importance of Financial Analyst in a company

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Financial analysis is required to determine the financial health and stability of a company. Imarticus career in Financial Analysis certification courses in finance certified financial analyst Financial Analysis financial analysis certification financial analyst financial analyst course Importance of Financial AnalystThe key factor denoting a company’s growth and existence is the level of profitability attained.

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Differences Between Hiring a Contractor or Consultant

Hiring Technical People

career HTP consultant contractor hiring strategy job analysisIn my session at Agile 2015, ( Agile Hiring: It’s a Team Sport ) one participant asked me if I hire contractors the same way I hire employees. I do.

Three Tips to Streamline Your Hiring, Part 1

Hiring Technical People

Make sure you do a thorough job analysis of the open jobs. We timeboxed the analysis of a “senior engineer” position to 30 minutes. hiring process analysis attractive job experience Hiring Geeks That Fit job analysis job description phone screen qualities recruiting I spent the day consulting with a client who might sound just like you. He’s a senior manager in a small company. He’s overworked, trying to perform too many roles by himself.

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Knowledge Series: What is the need of AML and KYC? How is it Monitored?

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Advanced analytical solutions using Descriptive, Prescriptive and Predictive Analysis in AML and KYC have emerged thus reducing the costs significantly. Blog AML Anti Money Laundering financial companies financial institutions kyc Predictive Analysis Predictive Analysis certificationIf you are familiar with the financial sector, then terms like AML (Anti Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) would be common to you.

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What Scrum Master Are You Hiring Posted

Hiring Technical People

You need to do a job analysis first, and name the position second. job analysis cultural fit culture Hiring Geeks That FitI have another article posted on InfoQ: What Scrum Master Are You Hiring? I’ve noticed that many organizations are calling certain positions Scrum Masters, and they might be Scrum Masters, but to me, they are anything but. This is all about cultural fit. Go read the article and comment over there. I await your comments!

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