So You Want To Be A Mad (Wo)man… 6 Tips For Making It In Advertising

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Career Girl. The following is a guest post by Dave Marinaccio. His bio follows. And follow up the next day with a thank you email. The first ads I ever had produced were a series of small space newspaper ads for 7•UP. I wasn’t assigned to 7•UP at the time. You’ve grown up around the most recent technology.

A Conversation with "The OD Guy" Robin Cook

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Robin Cook is a distinguished Organization Development professional based in Arlington, Virginia. First and foremost, find bottom up solutions that fit your organization. If you create the right culture, process will follow (or, often, be unnecessary). Q Following up on the nine characteristics, what do you recommend to an organization that wants to continue to promote innovation? Once you've created the right culture, the rest will follow.

my boss is forcing me to fly, my company didn’t send a funeral arrangement when my husband died, and more

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I truly have a fear of flying (have flown 3 times in my life) and would never sign up for a job that would involve flying. I brought the issue up with my HR department, who referred me to my manager, who referred me back to HR, who referred me to finance, and who then referred me back to HR. My husband died and there was no arrangement sent to his memorial service nor to the funeral, which had to wait five months because he was buried at Arlington National Cemetery.