The Best and Worst Markets For HR Managers.

The HR Capitalist

With that in mind, here's the best and worst markets to be an HR Manager in America, with data pulled from Wanted Analytics. Hardest Markets to Fill the HR Manager Role (These will have the highest salaries combined with a limited candidate supply and high competition - Which means conditions are optimum for HR Managers in these markets): Fort Collins-Loveland, CO . Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC .

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“What the lion cannot manage to do, the fox often can.” This quote was sent to us by Gilberto of Arlington, Texas. ” – German Proverb. At work, as elsewhere, the size of the negotiator does not determine the success of the negotiation. Rather, it is he or she who is more knowledgeable, experienced, thoughtful and, yes, a bit wily, who usually wins out. Don’t be intimidated by big titles, institutional authority, and significant decision-making power.

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So You Want To Be A Mad (Wo)man… 6 Tips For Making It In Advertising

Ms. Career Girl

Fast-forward to 2016 and women hold about 50% of the positions in the advertising industry and are found at every level of management. Dave Marinaccio is an international bestselling author, successful marketing business entrepreneur, and SVP, CCO of Laughlin Marinaccio & Owens in Arlington, VA. The post So You Want To Be A Mad (Wo)man… 6 Tips For Making It In Advertising appeared first on Ms.

10 Simply Awesome College & University Career Service Blogs


Sarah, our intern who manages S ecrets of the Job Hunt is busy cramming for finals and making her after graduation plans. While you are contemplating the value of social media for managers and HR and its uses when communicating to your employee population, it’s important to recognize our this young and hungry employee population prefers to digest their electronic information leading to maximum productivity.

A Conversation with "The OD Guy" Robin Cook

Learning Voyager

Robin Cook is a distinguished Organization Development professional based in Arlington, Virginia. Abrashoff's "It's Your Ship: Management Secrets from the Best Damned Ship in the Navy". The creator of the Organization Diagnostic Molecular Model, he is a George Land World Class Innovator Award recipient and an Innovation University Fellow. Robin is trained and highly skilled at implementing Dee Hock’s Chaordic Theory (one of few OD consultants in the world with this distinction).

Colloquium, Anyone?

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with Phil Gerbyshak Management Craft Manager Tools Mass Bay ODLG McArthurs Rant - Human Resources, Organisations and HR 2.0 Michael Lee Stallard Mission Minded Management Riding On Dragons Strengths-Based Management Talking Story with Say Leadership Coaching The Chief Happiness Officer The Engaging Brand The M.A.P. They gathered at a hotel in Arlington, Virginia, where they met, ate meals, and stayed overnight. Here We Are. Now What?

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my boss is forcing me to fly, my company didn’t send a funeral arrangement when my husband died, and more

Ask a Manager

I have recently been promoted to a leadership position in my company and am on track for management. He says that it is important that I go so that I can help train the new manager there on our policies, procedures, industry, etc. I brought the issue up with my HR department, who referred me to my manager, who referred me back to HR, who referred me to finance, and who then referred me back to HR. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….