?? Top Job Search Articles of 2020


At the end of every year, I reach out to dozens of job search experts to ask for their top job search-related articles from the past 12 months. Top Job Bloggers' Best Job Search Articles of 2020. Free bonus: Download a PDF version of this article to use as a handy reference.

2020 83

Why I Feel Uncomfortable Writing Career Change Articles

Career Shifters

I want you to find fulfilling work. Supporting you to figure out what you want to do, and to make the shift – it's why I do what I do every day. But this process frustrates me beyond belief. Here's why

2019 233

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Top Job Search Articles of 2016

Hiring Technical People

My friend and colleague, Jacob Share, puts together a list of the top job search articles each year. Yes, I have an article in there! See this ebook: The Top Job Search Articles of 2016. I hope you enjoy it! Agile Job Search HTP

2016 132

Article Posted in PragProg Magazine

Hiring Technical People

My colleague, Andy Lester , has an article, Being the Geek Who Fits: Don’t Forget That You’re Interviewing Them, Too. Finding the Geek Who Fits: Five Tips for Hiring as an Agile Team is up in this month’s PragPub magazine. You could read the entire magazine… It’s quite good. I hope you enjoy it. You can comment over there. If you like, comment here, too. cultural fit agile agile hiring column Hiring Geeks That Fit

2013 158

The Recruitment Entrepreneur – A Series of Articles

Recruit CRM

Prologue: Having co-founded a startup in the recruitment technology space (recruitcrm.io) many of our customers are young ‘Recruitment Entrepreneurs’ I do often get the request for guidance on a range of issues faced by them. With more than a decade of experience in the recruitment/staffing industry at leadership levels, I feel it would be useful to share my experience regarding. Source. Blogs

How to Present a Co-authored Article on a Resume

Careers Done Write

Here are the two most common examples for an article that you wrote in collaboration with a colleague. Dear Deb: I have several publications in accounting journals. In two of those examples, I was the co-author with a colleague. I assume that I need to share the credit. How should I present that on my resume? I am not sure if I should how to show it. Thank you, Thomas. Dear Thomas: Yes, you are correct about indicating that you were a co-author on your resume.

2015 145

Interview Tips Resources & Articles

Position Ignition

Here we have compiled a list of useful websites, resources and articles to help you with your interview: 35 Interview Questions and Answers from Careersandjobsuk.com. This article from CIO.com should help you to sail through your interview at the most senior of levels. Interviews can be tricky and they can be one of the most important aspects of a job search so it's important to get it right.

2011 137

Inspiring Article – Career Success, the Hardest Part is Getting Started

Career Alley

Take a look at this inspiring article about making your own career success: Career Success, the Hardest Part is Getting Started. Related posts: Reinvent Your Career and Job Search – Part 2. Securing the Right Job or Career Transition in the New Economy – part III. Reinvent Your Career and Job Search – Part 1. Career advice Job Hunting Career Success

2012 185

Top 10 Articles of 2013

Career Realism

Over the last 365 days, we published over 2,000 articles. Here’s a quick recap of our top 10 articles of 2013: 1.) Read Full Article >> 2.) Read Full Article >> 3.) Read Full Article >> 4.) Read Full Article >> 5.) Read Full Article >> 6.) Read Full Article >> 7.) Read Full Article >> 8.) Read Full Article >> 9.) Read Full Article >> 10.)

2013 87

15 Job Search and Career Articles to Get Your Job Search Started

Career Alley

15 of the best career and job search articles just for you from your CareerAlley fellow readers. You need to read this article. Related posts: 8 Career Related Articles You Will Want to Read. “ If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves. ” - Thomas A Edison . Enjoy! Unemployed, Getting Employed and Understanding Your Worth: 12 Telling Studies Done on the Unemployed – The hard facts of the unemployed (but worth the read).

2012 239

Send Articles

Guerrilla Job Hunting

Blog powered by TypePad Member since 06/2005 « Case Study | Main | Competitive Analysis » Monday, April 26, 2010 Send Articles Sending an article to a hiring manager with a simple notelike: “I thought you might be interested in this…” is a great door opener. Articles are easy to find by using search engines likeGoogle or Yahoo. Articles are easy to find by using search engines likeGoogle or Yahoo.

2010 46

HR Articles.

Evil HR Lady

Bootstrapper just put together a list of the top 100 articles every HR person should read. I haven't had enough time to read many of them yet, but there seems to be a lot of good info out there. Go check it out

2008 100

Job Mob’s Top 40 Job Search articles

Professional Resume Services

JobMob recently published their Top 40+ Job Search Blog Posts of 2013. This is a great list from distinguished career experts of what other job searchers have been reading and have found helpful, all over the globe. One of our latest posts is on that list: Unemployed? You Have Secret Powers! Of course, it is an affirmation that we provide a service our readers are interested in, and that’s always a good feeling.

2014 126

AGEISM: Sharing This Article Only Adds To Age Bias, My Old, Misguided Friends.

The HR Capitalist

You see an article that suggests you shouldn't have to grind as hard as you do, and you love it and automatically want to share it. My background on this starts with the title of the article, then what the article said. I looked at the entire article a couple of times. That was a clickbait title put together by someone that wanted you to read the article and wanted to maximize social sharing. OK, my over 40 friends, it's call out time.

2016 127

Top LinkedIn Job Search Tips Articles

Position Ignition

We've written a few articles on this subject and have created a comprehensive tips eGuide to help you but I also wanted to gather some useful articles on the topic into one place. Here are some additional articles for you to read through: Job search advice: Are you on LinkedIn? LinkedIn is becoming a big part of one's job search and so getting your head around how best to harness it as a tool that will work for you is really important.

2011 147

Career Change Articles, Advice and Top Tips

Position Ignition

We have now written several articles on career change and we thought that it might be helpful to aggregate a few of our articles so far incase you missed a couple: Should I change careers ? This is the first question we are likely to ask ourselves when we first start thinking about a career change. See if the points made in this blog help you find your way. 10 Things You Must Do Before Making a Career Change. These steps walk you through some key career change considerations.

2011 144

9 Career Articles You Will Want to Read

Career Alley

Occasionally I get emails from my readers suggesting career or job search related articles and sometimes I find some really helpful career related articles. Following is a short list of some helpful career articles (including some from yours truly). Which iPhone Apps Do Job Seekers Need? – This article, from jobmob.co.il , provides a great list iPhone apps for job searchers (over 190 apps!). Photo courtesy of MF.

2015 231

Quote Of The Day: Change Some Words In This Article So It Applies To Schools & You Have Good Guidance For Teachers

Professional Resume Services

How to Counter the Circus of Pseudoscience is an article in today’s New York Times. ” You’ll then have some good guidance for teachers: You might also be interested in The Best Articles Highlighting Parallel Critiques Of Increasing School & Health Care “Efficiency.”. Change some of the words to “teachers,” “schools,” and “students.”

2018 136

Part Time Article Writers and Bloggers

Telecommuting Journal

2010 100

Our 5 Best Networking Articles

Career Realism

We’ve compiled our five best networking articles for you (in case you missed them). Need to revamp your networking strategy? We can help! Check them out below: Top 10 People You Must Have in Your Network. 8 Steps to Build Relationships After a Networking Event. How to Leverage Your Alumni Network to Get a Job. Top 5 Tips to Successfully Attend a Networking Event. Fearless Networking – Connect for Results. Happy networking! Best of networking image from Bigstock. Networking networking

Our 5 Best Resume Articles

Career Realism

We’ve compiled our 5 best resume articles for you (in case you missed them). Best resume article image from Bigstock. Need to revamp your resume? We can help! Check them out below: How to Choose a Resume Writing Service. Top 100 Most Powerful Resume Words. How Many Versions of Your Resume Do You Need? How to Handle Career Gaps on Your Resume. 10 Things to Remove from Your Resume. Happy writing! Resume best resume

2012 77

Our 5 Best LinkedIn Articles

Career Realism

We’ve compiled our five best LinkedIn articles for you (in case you missed them). Need to revamp your LinkedIn profile? We can help! Check them out below: 7 Phrases to Delete from Your LinkedIn Profile. LinkedIn Networking 101: What Not to Do. 10 Things to Immediately Do on LinkedIn. 4 Essentials for Reaching Out to Strangers on LinkedIn. Are You Making the Top 3 LinkedIn Profile Errors? Happy updating! Best of LinkedIn image from Bigstock. Social Media best linkedin

8 Career Related Articles You Will Want to Read

Career Alley

I get regular emails from my readers suggesting career or job search related articles. Thanks to everyone for submitting these articles. THE NEW NETWORKING: ULTIMATE LINKEDIN GUIDE FOR 2012 GRADS – This article, from Onlinecolleges.net , provides some great LinkedIn tips for updating/creating your profile, connecting with those you should, how to ask for recommendations and more. “ Wise men don’t need advice. Fools won’t take it.”

2012 255

5 Most Popular Articles Last Week

Career Realism

Missed our most popular articles last week? The post 5 Most Popular Articles Last Week appeared first on CAREEREALISM. No worries! We’ve compiled them here so you can check them out. Because we love you! 10 Things Recruiters Won’t Tell You (But I Will!). Recruiters have one job: Find the right person for the position. Their performance is evaluated on how efficiently and effectively they match top talent to job requirements.

2013 77

The Top 11 JobMob Articles of 2011


A visual look back at the JobMob articles enjoyed most in 2011. Enjoy the articles… 1) How To Make Your Own Cool Facebook Resume. I need your help. I’m trying to win US$1000 in a guest blogging contest. If I win, I will donate $100 to charity. To help me win, please visit my contest entry and Like it on Facebook: 27 Wackiest Gifts Sent By Job Seekers To Recruiters (the link will open in a new window). It’s funny, so I’m sure you’ll Like it. Thanks!

2011 64

Our 5 Best Job Search Articles

Career Realism

We’ve compiled our five best job search articles for you (in case you missed them). Best job search articles image from Bigstock. Need to revamp your job search ? We can help! Check them out below: The Secret ‘Sauce’ to Any Job Search. 4 De-Stressing Tips for Your Job Search. 5 Tips for a Safe Online Job Search. Quick Analysis of Your Job Search Techniques. 6 New Tools to Propel Your Job Search Forward. Happy hunting! Job Search best job search

2012 81

LinkedIn: Read The Article Before You Post Comments

Tim's Strategy

Unfortunately, what I often find is someone who sees a title, an opinion jumps into their head, and they quickly spout it out, without bothering to read what the article was really about, or what others were saying. This is a guest post by Greg Johnson. School is out, and the kids are home for the summer. That means they get to stay up later and sleep in. One of the things my kids enjoy is watching movies as a family, and the other day, my son chose Rush Hour.

2013 74

Our 5 Best Cover Letter Articles

Career Realism

We’ve compiled our five best cover letter articles for you (in case you missed them). Best cover letter article image from Bigstock. Need to revamp your cover letter? We can help! Check them out below: 4 Inside Secrets to Writing a Great Cover Letter. 5 Parts to a Cover Letter (a.k.a. How to Write a Good One!). 7 Cover Letter Mistakes You Make When Applying via E-mail. What to Avoid When Designing and Writing a Cover Letter. Addressing Salary Requirements in a Cover Letter.

New NCDA Article on Using Career Interests to Organize Matching.

Career Key

Friday, December 4, 2009 New NCDA Article on Using Career Interests to Organize Matching College Majors, Career Clusters, and Career Pathways If youre a career counselor, school counselor, or career development professional, please visit the National Career Development Associations Career Convergence web magazine feature article this month, "Relating Interests to College Majors, Career Clusters, and Career Pathways." New NCDA Article on Using Career Interests to Orga.

2009 100

3 career articles you must read this week

Mildred Talabi

Today, I want to share with you three incredibly useful articles I’ve recently come across that will absolutely help you to move from job seeker or volunteer to employee – if you faithfully follow the advice. This article is an interview with a Senior Recruitment Consultant at the Graduate Recruitment Bureau (an agency that specialises in placing graduates into graduate jobs) and she clearly knows her stuff.

2013 84

Green Jobs that Match Your Personality: New Unique & Free Article

Career Key

Wednesday, March 3, 2010 Green Jobs that Match Your Personality: New Unique & Free Article If youd like to see Green Jobs organized by Holland personality type and Career Keys unique, helpful work groups , please see our new, free article on matching your personality to green jobs and careers. Our new article is the only place online you can find green jobs organized by personality type , using the popular, respected Holland Theory of Career Choice.

2010 123

100 Blog Articles That Every Job Seeker Should Read

Catherines Career Corner

All about Jobs Career Career help Cover Letter CV CV/Resume Interview Job Interview Jobs Leadership and Career Management Networking Personal Branding Salary Self-Development Skills Skills Portfolio Social Media 100 Blog Articles That Every Job Seeker Should Read Background check Business Employment Job hunting Labour economics Personal Branding Blog Résumé UnemploymentTweet.

2011 71

Dr. Jones Publishes Article on Harmful Tests

Career Key

The American School Counselor Association magazine School Counselor will publish in its November/December 2007 career development issue Dr. Jones's article, "Harming Students by Using an Invalid Career Test." It is an expansion on the article he wrote here drawing attention to the widespread use of invalid career tests.

2007 100

Perfect Change Management in Organisations – LinkedIn Article

Catherines Career Corner

The post Perfect Change Management in Organisations – LinkedIn Article appeared first on Catherine's Career Corner. Change management in organisations is a framework for initiating, executing, managing change and the effects of change. Change management in organisation can take place when new business processes, changes in organizational structure, change in systems, cultural changes within an enterprise etc., take place.

New Career Test Article Warns About Harmful Online Tests

Career Key

The Washington Counseletter , a well-known and respected publication for education professionals since 1963, has just published an article about evaluating career tests by Dr. Lawrence K. The article appears in the May 2008 edition of the Counseletter. Jones called "Testing the Test: Harming Students by Using an Invalid Career Test."

2008 100

The 10 Most Popular Articles Among Recruiters This Week

Linkedin Talent Blog

We took a look at the articles staffing and corporate recruiters shared, liked, and commented on the most on LinkedIn during the last 7 days and posted them below. In case you need a stimulating read, here’s a great list for you. Here are the top posts for this week: 1. What Tools do You Need as a Recruiter for an Awesome 2018? -- by Annalena Morris. The Top Tech Recruiters Tell You How to Set Yourself Apart.

2018 26

Comment On Fortune Article – “Are we killing off the cover letter?”


In the Fortune article, I gave a variety of reasons cover letters are obsolete in today's job market, based my extensive research on the topic. Here's 2 big reasons a cover letter lowers your chances of getting an interview: (Continued at [link]. Cover Letters Featured reCareered Blog career career change career coach cover letter getting noticed Job job search keywords Planning recruiter research Resume resume search optimization

Resume Security: Safeguard Your Contact Information – reCareered quoted in Monster article


The trade off between keeping your information safe vs making it available for employers to see is a hot topic these days. Realistically, if you have a landline, own real estate or vote, your personal information including address is already on the. Continued at [link].

Job Security Secret: “It’s a pebble. not a mountain.”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Avoiding Disputes By Your Colleagues Disputes and Resolving Them How to Keep Job Security Misconduct and Bad Behavior Featured ArticlesJob Security Secret: “It’s a pebble. not a mountain.”. Employers look for this attitude, and do all they can to retain those with it. A few months back, I learned that I need a surgery, one that would require only a single night in the hospital. Still, some nights I fretted about it, and about the recovery period, too.

2020 100

Put a Bully on Blast!

Catherines Career Corner

Do you feel bullied at work? Then, it’s high time you put a bully on blast! Don’t suffer in silence by taking the abuse of a bully. Never protect a bully by keeping quiet. Don’t tolerate any type of bullying from anyone. It’s time to let your organization know that the bully is preventing you from doing your [.]. The post Put a Bully on Blast! appeared first on Catherine's Career Corner. Related posts: How to Deal with a Bully at Work: 7 Tips.

2014 67

Career Objective vs. Career Summary on a Resume

Resume Help Blog

Advice and ArticlesIt is crucial to have a solid opening in your resume, whether it is a career objective or a career summary. A common question for people who are writing a resume is whether they should use a career objective or a career summary. In general, it is better to write a career objective when you [.].

2011 169

A Guide to Get Your Resume Into Human Hands

Professional Resume Services

Blog Executive Resumes Featured Articles Job Search Professional Resumes Resume Writing erin kennedy executive resume services executive resume writer professional resume services professional resume writing servicesWith the world of automation today, it can be virtually impossible to get your executive resume into human hands if you only submit it online through job boards. It may be much easier and convenient to send in your resume online, but there’s no guarantee it will ever been seen.

2017 109

Three steps to delivering better job interviews

Resume Help Blog

Advice and ArticlesGiven below are some ideas that can help you give better job interviews and make a big impact on recruiters. They may seem simple, but it takes lots of practice to follow them: 1. Avoiding the phrase, ‘I think’ Many people use the phrase, ‘I think’ while answering questions. Instead of using this, [.].

2012 143