50 Great Marketing Twitter Feeds

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The easiest way to keep your finger on the pulse of marketing is to log in to Twitter. Almost every Twitter user is selling something, even if it’s only a belief or an image they want to project. Here are 50 of the best Twitter accounts to which you’ll keep coming back for more.

50 Hottest Twitter Hashtags for Job Seekers

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Twitter is like a window into the soul of America. So it was only a matter of time, in a bad economy and a worse job market, that Twitter would be flooded with both job seekers and job offerers.

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Top 100 Twitter Accounts Job Seekers MUST Follow: 2012

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If you’re new to using Social Media in your job search – specifically Twitter – how do you know who to follow for really good advice? At YouTern, we answer that question by providing our Top 100 “MUST Follow” Twitter accounts for 2012!

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5 legal issues for Twitter users

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Legally tweeting: 5 legal issues for Twitter users. Twitter’s popularity is growing by the day, and the Tweet is now a daily (and preferred) method of communication for many. Even I entered the Twitter world @PedramTabibi. Who Owns A Twitter Account, Employer or Employee?

How to Find Talent Using Twitter Search #TechTuesday

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There are lots of benefits of using Twitter as a recruiting tool, from the huge user base of engaged professionals, hashtag and keyword search-ability, the ability to segregate users into talent pools using lists and many more! View Article.

3 Ways to Build Your Twitter Recruitment Strategy


Selecting a Recruiting a Strategy for Twitter. Twitter, in my opinion is the social network where recruiters and HR professionals should be. For the recruiter, Twitter provides three very different and effective strategies to recruit. The thing about Twitter for hiring, sourcing, and recruiting is that there really is no one size fits all which isn’t unusual for any type of recruitment or hiring strategy as each organization serves a different industry or vertical.

7 Handy New Twitter Timesavers


New tools to help you get more done with Twitter. Some of them are very new and a little buggy, but if you like their concept (or even if you don’t), reply to them on Twitter with feedback. Save time on Twitter and off it. Official description: “Organize groups of people on Twitter into smart, auto-updating Twitter lists! Filter and network with people based on location/bio keywords, Twitter activity, number of followers and more&#.

Are You Going Beyond CVs For Your Candidate Sourcing?

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At the Talent Sourcing Conference, held at Monster HQ in August, we heard that Monster alone have 10 million UK CVs in their database. This could be why the discipline of sourcing is getting so much attention at the moment. Sourcing is really about people, rather than just their CVs.

Twitter’s Keyword Targeting: Will It Help Recruiters?

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“ Keyword targeting ” are the two key words on everyone’s lips at the moment – this is of course in part to do with the fact that Twitter has only just recently launched their own keyword targeting marketing feature amid their own platform.

How Disney and 5 other Top Employers Use Twitter to Recruit

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Tweet Facebook, with over 900+ million users, is the go-to place for recruitment advertising and employer brand-building, but you can’t deny the benefits of being on Twitter. 23% of all job seekers (71% of those with a profile) have leveraged Twitter in their job hunt.

Job Seekers: Consider the Source!

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Furthermore, there seems to be an infinite amount of advice online in blogs like this, newspaper and magazine articles, YouTube videos, and other sources. Take in all the advice you can… but when deciding what to apply in your search, or not… always consider the source!

Recruiters, Listen in as James Tozer of The Economist Talks Twitter

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Even the likes of Instagram and Slack are being coined as candidate sourcing tools, alongside market leaders LinkedIn and Facebook. But what about Twitter? View Article. Recruiters, Listen in as James Tozer of The Economist Talks Twitter.

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Why corporate America needs to embrace social media

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Conversely, it is incumbent upon the individual to clean up their digital footprint on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. People are looking for, and finding jobs, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Featured Articles Human Resource News Social Media Why ResumeBear?

Finding Your Voice in Social Media

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If you’re trying to fake it, fans are going to know. • Don’t break confidences: Some things are best left unsaid (at least on Facebook or Twitter). Career Book Authors College Graduates Featured Articles Social Media Why ResumeBear? facebook linkedin resumebear twitter

Why Recruitment is NOT Dying

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Recently there have been a fair few blog posts and articles published on various recruitment sites that discuss the changing nature of recruitment. As a result it is getting easier and easier to find people, so sourcing is simple and companies are increasingly doing it themselves.

Tips to Avoid Job Search Time Wasters: Part 1

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Networking sites like Twitter and LinkedIn are great tools for connecting and networking with individuals who can help you find a job, but it becomes tempting to chat with a friend from high school or answer an instant message from distant family instead of connecting with your local industry expert.

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Employer Use of Social Media for Applicant Screening Declines

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Twitter (11%). Keep LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter suitable for inquiring minds who want to know. One final caveat, if an internal or external recruiter is direct sourcing, then they might well be looking at your on-line presence and deciding whether or not to reach out to you.

Top Five Benefits of Empire Avenue to the Job Seeker

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His top two recruiting sources: personal network and social networks. Promote your social presence- Through EA you can promote your blog, website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media accounts. Job searching in a tough economy is never easy.

The Smart Job Search #10: How to Use Twitter to Find a Job

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If you don’t currently use Twitter, you might see it as more of a distraction than anything. And even those of you who are on Twitter right now might not have considered all the ways it can help you find work. What is Twitter and How Does it Work?

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How to Use YouTube for Recruiting

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We’re increasingly inventive in the way that we source top candidates. Social media has become a key part of the puzzle for any great sourcer, but the majority of us stick to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. View Article. Recruiting Ben Slater Hiring Recruitment Sourcing

Using Social Media in Your Search for a Job: ResumeBear

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Search corporate groups and people on Google, Facebook and Twitter and people search engines such as Pipl, Peek You, and Wink. You need to be seen as a professional to be reckoned with on high profile sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter Lead Generation Cards Launched and Google Plus Redesigned

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As they say, social media never sleeps and after a busy time for Facebook and LinkedIn last month , it’s the turn of Google and Twitter to make major changes. According to this article , “190 million people are now active in the Google+ stream” – are you on Google+? (We

Deception for Hire, Why Job Seekers Lie

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I recently read an interesting article that should concern recruiters. Judging from the tone of the comments that readers posted in reply to this article, it is obvious that most people’s reaction to this type of deception is disgust. Twitter: [link]. Hiring Tips.

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Why You Need to Start Recruiting on Pinterest #TechTuesday

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Nowadays everyone is using social media to source candidates, but few of us stray beyond the safety of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. View Article. Recruiting Social Media candidates Pinterest Recruitment Sourcing

I did not hire you because of your online reputation | Resumebear.

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Oct, 2010 7 Comments I’ve written before about online reputation and how people say stupid things on Twitter and Facebook. Use a service like TweetBeep or SocialOomph to get email alerts when people mention you on Twitter.

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5 Worst Things to Have on Your Company Computer

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Whether it’s physically on your company’s computer or not, making negative comments about the company you work for on Facebook or Twitter can be extremely damaging.

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37 Ways to Meet People Who Can Refer You to Jobs


Join Twitter. Once your network has grown a bit, use Twitter #Discover to find more people to follow. Become a trusted source of information. Here are another 9 ways to keep value in your network relationships (lower half of the article). You''ll Enjoy These Articles Too.

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The Top 50 Job Hunting Blogs

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Source: [link]. Peruse the extensive article archive and be sure to check out “The Pros and Cons of Using a Career Advisor&# and “Social Networking Gotchas.&#. Atlanta Career Coach has helpful articles from John Long, who has 20 years of experience in Human Resources.

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4 Sources For Job Leads You Should Consider

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It seems that at least once a week I read an article or hear something on the radio that goes like this: “Jane Jobseeker has been out of work for over six months and is doing everything she can to secure employment. 2) Twitter. This is a guest blog post by Sharon Hamersley. .

6 Social Media Updates Undermining Your Personal Brand

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I see this daily on Facebook and Twitter. People want to break the news but don’t check the dates of the article. How disturbing is it when someone is posting an article about a celebrity’s death from three years ago? For the complete article, go to CareerCloud.com !

Use Smart Networking to Speed Up Your Job Search

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Consider professional career strategists, local business organizations, and online sources. Finally, don’t forget local sources, such as the Chamber of Commerce or civic groups composed of business leaders (for example, the Kiwanis).

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Stalled Executive Job Search? Get Busy on LinkedIn and Twitter

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Get Busy on LinkedIn and Twitter by Meg Guiseppi on February 10, 2010 · 12 comments A favorite client of mine “Tom&# , who is a highly accomplished COO in life sciences, told me the other day that, after two months of actively searching, he had not gotten one interview.

ResumeBear: Building Trust is Vital for Business in both the Online and Offline World

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Information sources and the credentials of the responsible individuals should be openly displayed and sustainable. Social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook , are places where you can find new customers, share your views, and directly interact with visitors to your site.

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So You didn’t get the Job because of Your Online Reputation?

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I’ve written before about online reputation and how people say stupid things on Twitter and Facebook. Use a service like TweetBeep or SocialOomph to get email alerts when people mention you on Twitter. Career Advice Featured Articles Job Hunting Strategies Job Market

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4 Twitter tips no one will give you | Penelope Trunk's Brazen.

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About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog 4 Twitter tips no one will give you Posted to: Diversity | Fulfillment | Networking September 28th, 2010 Del.icio.us So I’m going to give you four twitter tips that no one else will tell you.

15 Beautiful Inspirational Wallpapers For Your Desktop

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It took some time to source for the images that conveyed the right emotions, pick the right quotes, composite the photos and do the typography, so I hope you like the end products! 868 pages and over 130 premium articles of personal excellence goodness.

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Employers Blocking Employees from Social Media Access

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Every time I hear of companies blocking Blogging Sites, Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media sites, it makes me wonder what curmudgeon or poorly informed leader is calling the shots and what experience drove them to make the decision. Original Article: [link].

Top 10 LinkedIn Tips for Professionals [Video]

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As DerivSource sits behind a paywall, I’ve republished the article by Julia Schieffer below. Ten is the ideal number of groups to join with the activity focused in three main groups including commenting and liking other comments or articles.

5 Ways To Create A Consistent Brand

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Your LinkedIn profile should be very professional, Twitter can be a little less formal and Facebook should be friendlier versions of the same profile. In addition to blogs, build lists in Twitter and follow influencers on LinkedIn to get additional sources of content.

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The 3 I’s of an Effective Social Recruitment Campaign


Is Recruiting on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest a Social Recruitment? Whether its a social recruiting strategy for finding talent on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest, the platform doesn’t matter as much as what your relationships and messaging are.