From Los Angeles to Atlanta: a Culture Shock Indeed!

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The post From Los Angeles to Atlanta: a Culture Shock Indeed! Atlanta? So without so much as a visit to check the joint out, I sold everything I owned, packed up what would fit in my car and moved to Atlanta in 2006, sight unseen. Atlanta: Take Two. Atlanta.

Atlanta, Georgia: The Hidden Cultural Gem of America

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If you’ve been planning to go somewhere new, consider booking an Atlantic luxury condo in one of America’s hidden gems: Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta is often considered the capital of the New South with its booming prosperity from companies like Coca Cola and the renowned Holiday Inn.

Top 10 Atlanta Must See During #SHRM12


Atlanta Must See’s For SHRM’s 2012 Annual Conference. Historic Atlanta. The Swan House / Atlanta History Center has some of the most beautiful gardens in the South. Shopping and Restaurants in Atlanta.

HR Capitalist Review of #SHRM12 (2012 SHRM Annual Conference in Atlanta)

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Here's the Review: Big Wins for SHRM12 in Atlanta. Have a great show and welcome to Atlanta, SHRM. I know, I know. Don't most people wait to write a review once a show like SHRM12 is complete? But I already know what I want to say.

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FRIDAY HR CREATIVE TIME: Create a Caption for These Atlanta Bros In The Talent Pool.

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The whole Kinetix posse is unabashedly pro-Atlanta when it comes to sports - that's where HQ is, right? At my company - Kinetix - we do a weekly reply-all email exercise where we riff on pop culture, our first date, etc. Just to get to know each other and try to crash the outlook server. This week, we’re changing it up. Hell yeah.

Crafting Your Personal Brand Story

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I recently had the pleasure of meeting up with Smart Networking author Liz Lynch , when she was in Atlanta to speak at a conference for senior executives.

8 Links to Who’s Hiring in Technology – Vol 1

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And you know what they say – “so many statistics, so little time” But there are some interesting statistics regarding Tech jobs like, did you know that Atlanta is a “top ten places for tech jobs“? Suggested Reading: Land the Tech Job You Love (Pragmatic Life) Statistics, we love to quote them.

Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

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This quote was sent to us by Imran, from Atlanta, Georgia. “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. It’s what the sunflowers do.” ” – Helen Keller. I hope you know the story of Helen Keller, who became both blind and deaf at the age of 19 months.

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Crafting Your Personal Brand Story

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I recently had the pleasure of meeting up with Smart Networking author Liz Lynch , when she was in Atlanta to lead a strategic discussion on social media for a group of senior executives. While here, we did the following short video interview about brand story.   If you would like to learn more, make sure to listen to my interview with her on her Smart Networking Shift Expert Interview Series  (requires registration). Personal Brand Story Personal Branding

The Top Cities for Marketing Jobs in the US

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Atlanta. Atlanta currently has the fastest growing marketing industry in the country. The post The Top Cities for Marketing Jobs in the US appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. There has never been a better time to get into marketing.

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

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Blog visitor Hector from Atlanta contributed this saying. “The truth is that it’s worth it whenever you speak out on your own behalf, whether or not anyone hears or responds, because you change your perception of yourself.”. Daphne Rose Kingma. As Ms.

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Miss Robin - A Story on the Value of Employee Retention.

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Take a look at this Instagram post below (email subscribers, click through if you can't see it) and I'll tell you more after the jump: So here's your backstory on this-- I spoke Monday in Atlanta in front of a large group of franchise owners at Primrose Learning Centers. So I was excited when Primrose choose my company (Kinetix) to provide Recruiting and HR services for the parent company, which is headquartered in Atlanta.

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HR CAPITALIST DEFINITIONS: "Edge City" (with notes on Amazon Moving to ATL).

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With all the competition for Amazon's second headquarters (dubbed HQ2) and with Atlanta ( home of Kinetix, the company I own part of ) being in the mix, I thought I'd share one of my favorite books of all time and give you a Capitalist definition while we are at it.

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Atlanta''s shut down today people, and it''s a work from home day at Kinetix. The map below tells you why. Winter storm at "take heed" levels, and if you don''t get that reference, here''s some help from Rap Genius. Email subscribers, enable pictures or click through for map).

5 Tips If You Are A Serious Job Seeker

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Her strategies and methods have been showcased on FOX 5 News, Radio One,, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Healing Heart Journal, and among others. The post 5 Tips If You Are A Serious Job Seeker appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

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The Rules That It’s Okay to Break

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But amazing producers across the world stepped forward to work with me, from Atlanta to Oslo, and now I have four songs coming out early next year! I never really felt like I fitted in at school.

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What To Wear During Interviews? Here’s Our Essential Checklist

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Nikki Woolfolk is an Atlanta-based personal stylist to professionals. You’ve done your research, applied for the job and now you have an interview. Congratulations! But, what are you going to wear?

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The Number One Job Hunting Book with Jim Stroud

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Jim Stroud has been quoted by such publications as Globe and Mail, US News and World Report, Wall Street Journal and The Atlanta Journal and Constitution. How could you not be interested in a book called, The Number One Job Hunting Book in the World?

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What is Managing Up?

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President of Atlanta based Professionalism Matters, Inc., “Managing up” has become a trendy buzzword at all levels of the corporate ecosystem. Certainly, we all understand the concept of traditional top down management, but what exactly is managing up ?

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Exciting Mobile Recruiting News from MREC

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The MREC Conference, is being held in Atlanta, GA, today and tomorrow. HR & recruiting professionals from around the world have descended upon Atlanta, GA for an intense 2-day action-packed event that will explore the impact and influence of mobile in HR & recruiting.

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How to Find a Job on Twitter (Part 2)

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“I need to hire&# near:atlanta – I am asking Twitter to find real-time conversation of people who have said “I need to hire,&# but only those people that are near Atlanta. Okay, in part 2 of this series, I am going to build on what I said in part 1.

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NASHVILLE - What Happens When An Employment Market Becomes Too Cool For School.

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If you know anything about the Southeast US where I live, there's a couple of big realities from a lifestyle/work perspective: --Atlanta is the capital. --The Compare to the market to Atlanta, where great rooms can be found from $110 to $140, and it's clear that Nashville is booming.

My Starbucks and Homeless People.

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My Starbucks in Atlanta is an interesting ecosystem. By now, you know the Starbucks story, right? .

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Top Tips For Personal Productivity

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Among the notable are FOX 5 News, Radio One,, and the Atlanta Journal Constitution. . The post Top Tips For Personal Productivity appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The following is a guest post by Cornelia Shipley. Her bio follows.

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Shorten Your Long Distance Job Search

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Reach out to potential employers with a simple request: “I am moving to Atlanta in March. A long-distance job search requires more planning and dedication than a local job search. You have the hurdle of breaking into to a new job market in addition to logistical challenges.

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10 Memoirs Every Girl Boss Needs on Her Desk

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As a mother of two by 15, growing up in Atlanta at the height of the crack epidemic was not easy but this influential heroine was determined to make a better life for her children.

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The Art of Rejecting/Approval: Automatic Action Means You're a Complete ##$ - Or a Robot.

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2--I was speaking at a Jobvite function in Atlanta last week to a room full of recruiters, and I asked the following question - "how do candidates judge you as a recruiter?" One quick answer that was provided was "speed". The problem with tech, machine learning and A.I.

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Small Business Hiring in Retail and Wholesale up 27% for This Holiday Season Compared to 2012

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Silicon Valley outpaced the net job growth of Denver-Boulder (0.55%), Atlanta (1.36%), and Los Angeles (1.55%). The SMBeat report is a monthly analysis of small business employment and human capital economic indicators.

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Tips For Leading And Empowering Millennials

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A sought after leadership development expert her strategies and methods have been showcased on FOX 5 News, Radio One,, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Healing Heart Journal, and among others. The post Tips For Leading And Empowering Millennials appeared first on Ms.

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Follow the Clean Tech Money: Proterra Receives $30 Million, JouleX Secures $17 Million, Agile Energy Raises $24 Million

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Atlanta based JouleX was a past winner of the GE ecomagination challenge. A manufacturer of electrical energy storage systems and drive components for electric and hybrid buses, Proterra has received $30 million from investors.

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WITNESS THE 2017 SOUTH SNOWPOCOLYPSE: How Hard Is It To Be a Manager of People at McDonalds? Hard.

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Peeps - I'm rerunning this as I told my 2014 Atlanta Snowpocalypse multiple times over the past couple of days as reported snow and ice is bearing down on the South, where of course, schools made the call to close 48 hours in advance. Dateline: Atlanta, January 2014.

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Work With America’s Best Executive Recruiters

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Most of the recruiters on both lists are located in New York (41 executive recruiting firms and 18 professional recruiting firms), followed by Chicago and Atlanta. The 250 Top-Ranked Executive Search Firms in America and 8 Tips To Work With Them.

LIVE CASE STUDY: NBA Exec Refers to Demographic as Angry and Argumentative

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I'm historically an Atlanta Hawks fan (pro basketball). The Atlanta Hawks have a recent history that touches on numerous HR, organizational and talent issues. And being a Hawks fan is.well.difficult some times. .

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Social Siesta Lands at #SHRM12


I’m in full on planning mode for SHRM’s 2012 Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA. Event Registration Online for Social Siesta in Atlanta powered by Eventbrite. Social Siesta at SHRM 2012.

Daily Challenge: Be Coachable

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Yesterday, millions of football fans watched on the edge of their seats as the New England Patriots went head-to-head against the Atlanta Falcons for Super Bowl 51. Daily Challenge: Be Coachable. Work It Daily. Today’s Work It Daily Challenge is to be coachable.

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WHITEPAPER: How to Hire For Cultural Fit.

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Some of you know my day job is being the CHRO and a partner at Kinetix, a national recruiting firm headquartered in Atlanta.

BLOW IT UP: I Need a Marketing Coordinator at Kinetix in the ATL.

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Yo Atlanta - We need a Marketing Coordinator for the team at my company - Kinetix. You have to live in the ATL - just like Ludricris and Jimmy Carter - and be able to write your ### off, in a pop culture centric kind of way. Here''s the posting - ATL readers and those with friends in the ATL, please circulate. Where else can you find a position that ends the posting by saying, "No Freaks"? Click here for the posting.

#SHRM12 Conference Unofficial Party Guide


This year the national conference is being held from June 24 th to the 27 th in Atlanta and if you haven’t registered yet, get over to and get on it! Besides there is ALOT in Atlanta to do for the kiddos and for adults looking to get away, SHRM also offers childcare options.

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Could Giving Your Employees WeWork Memberships Help Your Recruiting Efforts?

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The company also has 40 employees working in a private office in an Atlanta WeWork, and will have employees working out of WeWorks in Philadelphia and Portland as well. All of us have recruiting challenges, often times centered around technology. .

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Recruiting Alpharetta Unicorns.

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Perfect candidates exist in other industries as well - in Atlanta professional sports, they''re called Alpharetta Unicorn, in a reference to the likelihood of white familes in the deep northern suburbs (over an hour from where ATL sports teams play. The notion that Levenson''s "40-year-old white guy" from Atlanta''s suburbs would come to Hawks games if the team would play Lynyrd Skynyrd or put more white faces on the "kiss cam" rang entirely untrue.