Automotive Career: Become an Aerodynamicist

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Ever thought about moving toward an automotive career? Choosing a Career Path advice aerodynamicist automotive career job path searchLearn about the work of an aerodynamicist and see if it's right for you! To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at

Getting into the Automotive Design Field

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When it comes to automotive design, the pinnacle of the profession is to be responsible for developing new vehicles. Choosing a Career Path automotive career change design expert job path searchAre you looking for a change? To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at

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4 Hot Careers in the Automotive Industry

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The automotive industry is one of the biggest in the entire world. Whether you’re a grease monkey or a salesman, odds are there’s an automotive job that suits you. 2. Automotive Engineer. As you can see, the automotive industry is ripe with challenging and fulfilling careers.

Fantastic – And Alternative – Careers For Car Enthusiasts

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Career Opportunities Automotive Career AlternativesGiven that the auto industry is one of the biggest in the world, it’s not too much of a surprise to hear that there are so many jobs and opportunities within it. But you don’t have to be an engineer, driver, or stuntman to enjoy a successful career if you have a love of cars […].

Automotive Journalist at Top Speed

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Home Archives About Contact Subscribe Telecommuting Journal Automotive Journalist at Top Speed August 5, 2009 · 1 comment is hiring an automotive journalist (paid position) Love cars? They’ll also usher you into the cult of automotive journalism which evidently includes tagging along to auto shows, podcasting, getting into a media vehicle or two, and (of course) extracting great automobile articles from you along the way.

Women in Automotive Careers

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New female workers need now take advantage and follow in the footsteps of those before them in the automotive career industry to continue growing. Choosing a Career Path advice automotive career change industry job path search womenTo get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at

5 Ways to Boost Your Productivity Going into 2018

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Automotive technicians can use new diagnostic tools to figure out what’s wrong with a vehicle in 30 minutes or less. With the holiday season in full-swing, it’s easy to fall off track and get lost in distractions at work. Who’s going to the office Christmas party?

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Who’s Firing – Layoffs week ended 2-4-11


For the past week energy, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, education and automotive employers. Who's Hiring is a weekly survey of companies showing the highest hiring activity for the week of 2/4/11. Continued at [link]. Employment Economy Featured reCareered Blog career career change career coach Employment hiring Job job search layoff recession unemployment who's firing

Machining Jobs May Be Good Choice for the Mechanically Inclined


If you’re mechanically inclined and thinking about what kind of career you’d like to pursue, there are many opportunities in automotive manufacturing that might be right up your alley. Automotive manufacturing growth.

Who’s Hiring – Top employers week of 1-3-11


The hospitality, business service, retail, banking, health care, automotive and telecommunications and are the top industries currently hiring. Who's Hiring is a weekly survey of companies showing the highest hiring activity for the week of 1/3/11. Continued at [link]. Employment Economy Featured reCareered Blog career career change career coach Employment hiring Job job search research unemployment who's hiring

Bound by a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement

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For example, you may not be able to say you managed the General Motors account, but you can say that you managed the account for one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world. Dear Deb: I signed a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement with my current employer.

Why Workplace Happiness and Job Satisfaction is Critical for New Hires

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Recent studies have shown that although the mining industry pays the highest wages per hour, sectors such as automotive repair and retail sales have gained more employees over the past ten years. It is often said that money cannot buy happiness.

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Promising 2011 Careers that Match Your Personality

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This practical, promising 2011 careers list from career guidance leader Career Key shows you how to match your personality to livingwage (or better) careers that make sense in today’s economy.

2011 28

5 Ways To Make Yourself a Target Via Your Hiring Decisions.

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A pair of the world’s top automotive security researchers may be about to find out, with none other than Uber footing the bill. million affected vehicles, the first known automotive recall for a cybersecurity vulnerability.". In every organization, there's an ebb and flow.

Survey Shows Marginal Rise in Salary Increases in 2012

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percent); and automotive/vehicle manufacturing (3.3 A new survey by Aon Hewitt reveals that salaries for U.S. workers continue to rise incrementally as concerns remain about the stability of the global economy.

2012 73

One Size Does Not Fit All

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The skills/background needed for a widget creator in the windows industry may be very different than what is needed to be a widget creator in the automotive industry. There’s little wonder why so many people dread shopping for clothes. Rarely does anything fit right.

Why Applying At Online Job Boards Is A Big Waste Of Time 

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I used to buy supplies for my father’s automotive repair business, and I got fascinated by the supply chain, the concept of purchasing and cultivating relationships with suppliers. What’s the first thing you do when you’re looking for a job? Head to the job boards.

2015 60

Ford to Hire 2,200 Salaried Workers in the U.S. This Year

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Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F), a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn, Mich., With about 172,000 employees and 65 plants worldwide, the company’s automotive brands include Ford and Lincoln.

Robots Won’t Replace Us, They’ll Work With Us


According to the firm Frost & Sullivan : “Exoskeletons, both passive and active, will see higher adoption across industries such as automotive, manufacturing, defense and healthcare. The fears of workers being replace en masse by robots has been well documented in the press (and here on B4J). Rather than replace them however, how about if technology allowed companies to retain workers by melding them with machinery to make them much more efficient and productive?

This Week’s Good News in the #Workplace


Continental creates 500 jobs in Newport News, Virginia : Automotive supplier expanding plant. Each week Blogging4Jobs is bringing you good news courtesy of JustGOODNews.BIZ. Companies from across the world are doing amazing things that most people don’t really know about.

How To Get Started In Metal Working

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Check out these related articles: A Look at Different Career Opportunities in the Automotive Industry. Metal working is a general name for a diverse sets of skills and specialties. Metal workers include jewelers, blacksmiths, welders, auto body specialists, sculptors and more.

Survey Finds Digital Talent In Greatest Demand

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Company executives struggling to attract and retain top talent may find that the challenge is even greater than they fear, according to the results of a new survey.

The Emerging Digital Recruiting Challenge


At the time, I was managing quality at a major chemical producer that supplied the textiles and automotive industries.

Best Companies to Work for 2014

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ARI, Automotive Resources International. Fortune’s Top 100 Companies to Work for 2014 List is out and Google tops the list again this year! List Rank. Company Name. of US Employees. Google. 42,162. 6,588. The Boston Consulting Group. 2,552. Edward Jones. 38,015. Quicken Loans. 8,386.

2014 30

Self-driving Cars: What You Need To Know

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While it’s not a fully automated, self-driving, autonomous car, it probably falls in one of the six levels of automation established by the Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE). There’s an automated car in your future. You may already have one.

Career Paths – Choosing between Trade School and Traditional University

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Automotive Careers. By Katherine Gredley. Deciding a career path is difficult, and not the least among the necessary decisions is the education necessary to get the job you want. College is expensive, but it’s hard to know if a trade school is the better decision for you.

The Versatile Nature of an Engineering Career

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Taking on the challenge of engineering could see you work in such sectors as aerospace, architecture, design, the nuclear industry, electronics and the automotive industry.

5 Careers That Allow You To Drive Very Fast - BLOG.


A degree in mechanical engineering or coursework in automotive design might be helpful for getting a job in this field.

2011 71

How to Deal With Family Asking About Your Job Search

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“It might sound something like this (using an admin position as an example): ‘I’m looking to put my support skills to use in an office setting in the automotive industry.

My Job Search Journey

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Between January and November, I was interviewed by two universities, a community college, a credit union, a national construction company, one of the “Big Three” automotive companies, a health insurance company, a software company and two nonprofits.

Jobs That Do Not Require You to Be a Graduate

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There are many types of insurance covers that include health, property, and life, automotive and so on. I know how contradictory the title sounds, especially when all we are taught right from the grade first is that a college degree is the only way to get a high paying job. In fact, for more than 90 % of us the motivation to pursue higher education in college is a respectable job with equally honorable salary. This post is the perusal of the same.

Hydraulics Engineering as a Career Option

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Industries that are related to automotive, agriculture, construction, machineries, mining, paper, steel and even wind power all require hydraulics that are combined with other various technologies such as sensors, microprocessors and transducers to make it work.

Top Jobs for 2013

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Sectors hiring heavily include: automotive, supply chain and advance manufacturing. With the economy showing steady signs of improvement, thousands of people across the country are focusing on one important New Year’s resolution: land a new job. So what are the hot careers for 2013?

2013 47

This Week’s Good News in the #Workplace


Suminoe expands Gaffney, South Carolina plant, adds 100 jobs : Company has made automotive carpeting in Cherokee County for over a decade. Each week Blogging4Jobs is bringing you good news courtesy of JustGOODNews.BIZ.

This Week’s Good News in the #Workplace


Alcoa’s expansion in Davenport creates 150 jobs: Plant supplies aluminum sheet products to the automotive industry. Each week Blogging4Jobs is bringing you good news courtsey of

Sustainability Careers: Five Career Tips from GreenBiz Sustainability Salary Survey

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This is especially true for consumer goods, automotive, and basic materials industries. just published their second annual “GreenBiz Salary Survey 2011.” If you are interested in working in sustainability, I highly recommend you take a few minutes to read this report and an accompanying blog post entitled 5 Myths About Sustainability Executives Both having interesting tidbits of information for sustainability job seekers.

Customers as Job Seekers: Business Impact of the Candidate Experience #thecandidate


Automotive. It’s Candidate Experience week on Blogging4Jobs powered by the cool folks at Talent Circles. Check back this week to follow 25+ blogs published on Candidate Experience and follow the conversation on twitter at # thecandidate. . Are you a recruiter for a B2C company?

Want To Buy A Franchise? Don’t Forget To Consult An Attorney!

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Lanard tells a story of a woman who phoned, excited about purchasing the franchise of her dreams in the automotive sector, a franchise she had aspired to operating since she was a little girl. Thinking about buying a new business or franchise? Then Caveat Emptor ! The best way to protect yourself from stumbling into a bad deal is to carefully research your new business niche and consult a knowledgeable franchise attorney. Watch: How To Find A Franchise.

Robbery by Repurchase Rights – A Private Equity Story

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As a well-known and highly regarded Marketing Consultant to large automotive dealerships, he was presented with what seemed like a grand opportunity: to help build a national network of motorcycle dealerships, with the goal of “taking it public” in five years or so in an Initial Public Offering (“IPO.”) First, the people putting the deal together were part of a highly experienced and highly regarded Private Equity firm with a proven track record in automotive private equity businesses.

Stuff the Capitalist (aka KD) Likes: Rhinestone Cowboy by Glen Campbell

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And we''ll automotically feel closer as a result. . Who am I? Who cares? Good questions. It''s my site, so I''m going to tap into a Friday once in a awhile by telling you more about who I am - via a " Stuff I Like " series.