From Back Office to Boardroom: Why the Recruitment Industry is Finally Getting a Promotion

The Undercover Recruiter

For decades, HR and recruitment has traditionally not had a seat at the boardroom table, too often remaining a back-office function whose resourcing and role in the company usually came as an afterthought. From Back Office to Boardroom: Why the Recruitment Industry is Finally Getting a Promotion. What are the most important developments to have impacted business strategy in the last 10 years? The influence of the Internet on business models?

How Do I Deal With a ‘Laid-Back’ Office Setting?

JT & Dale Talk Jobs

I seem to be the “official grouch&# because I have proper office protocol and professionalism. Tags: Co-worker Issues Professional Etiquette Seasoned Professionals Young Professionals career advice career expert career question dilemma grouch money negative nonprofessional protocol retirement The Office workplace Dear J.T. & & Dale: I am a 58-year-old female who just read your article about coping with negative workplace surroundings.

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7 Most Embarrassing Interview Stories Ever

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Some of us have turned up dressed to the nines for a laid back office role; some of us have stuttered, blundered and shambled our way through an hour’s interrogation; however a few of us like these poor souls below have had an interview that’s best left as nothing more than a faded memory. Everyone’s had at least one less than perfect interview.

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A Quick Way to Solve a Problem with Trade Capture in Trade Life Cycle

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The rewarding trade capture within a trading system occurs when the trade facts are sent to the back office instantly, through an interface for operational processing. This requires either collection by or distribution to the middle office or settlement department for operational processing. Front Office. The front office, commonly referred to as the Trading Floor, performs two main function – Trade Capture. Middle Office. Back Office.

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Millennial Views on Digital Transformation

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In 2016 , millennial IT professionals aren’t working in back offices. Millennial-aged midmarket CIOs interpret the digital transformation (DX) end-state as a cloud and mobile-first workplace revolving around modernized endpoints or devices, Internet of Things enablement, and a streamlined back office that outsources functions like printing. Millennials are ahead of the market curve because they’ve moved the back office into the cloud.

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Everything You Need to Know About Trade Validation and Enrichment in Trade Life Cycle

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In this Trade validation & enrichment in Capital Market , the process inspects if the received trade information in the back office systems coincides with the front office records. Few trades may require editions or have to be canceled, in such instances they are sent back to the front office. First, by selecting and calculating the trade data and secondly, by validating the received trade information in the back office systems.

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What are the profitable and developing career paths in the fintech industry?

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Security, audits, back office reporting, predictive analysis, and compliance regulations are increasing creating a demand for those who can upgrade, tweak and implement transitions to the latest technology. Compliance experts, compliance analysts, and compliance officers for financial companies will be crucial to ensure regulatorily, and compliance targets are met.

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Automation in Investment Banking

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Also, the values have been saved to a great extent in bringing the office equipment followed by paying massive wages to the workforce. The banks are automating with time, in turn, leading to improved and appropriate changes in the back-office segment of the banks. Taking the technological progression into consideration, none of the industries is left untouched across the globe.

What is the difference between an Investment Bank and a Retail Bank?

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Investment banking is split into front office, middle office, and back office activities. Chances are the role you are imagining is a front office role. This could easily be asked as an interview question and one that seemingly causes a lot of confusion for aspirants in the Finance domain.

Say Goodbye to the Nine to Five Worker

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British, German, French and Irish employees and employers, which found 73% of bosses have a relaxed attitude to time keeping, since they trust their staff is working long before they actually get to the office. 20% of employers make it possible for their workers to be able to access everything on the go (email, network drives and applications, front and back-office cloud services) – which allows people even more freedom. gets into the office at 8:18 a.m.,

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Is A Machine Learning The Next Step Of Smart Learning?

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For a host of applications in the back office are school bus scheduling EDULOG, Evolution, and DietMaster. 2015 was rife with stories of ML and self-driving cars. Again a decade ago people were abuzz with robots doing the repetitive tasks, and human intervention being all about seasoned judgment for complex tasks.

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50 Fastest Growing Online Jobs for Q2 2012

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On the back of an IDC report showing dropping interest by developers in the Android platform, and further reports of lower relative earnings in the Android marketplace, this quarter, the rate of growth for new iPhone apps exploded, growing 30% to 5,112 new jobs- leaving Android reeling in its wake (up 20% to 3,444 jobs)., the world’s largest outsourcing marketplace, today announced the Fast 50 for the second quarter of 2012.

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Why Do Investment Banker Make So Much

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The ATMs, branch offices, cheque books all cost money. Banks, in contrast to real businesses, have very few staff, small offices, tiny payrolls by contrast, and almost zero real expenses like infrastructural costs, manufacturing processes, or maintenance and operational expenses. Are you aware of why most foreign banks have an office in and operate from India? Presence of services like LPOs, KPOs, back-offices and transcription services.

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Interesting Things About Investment Banking In India

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Back-offices are also readily available in terms of LPO, KPO, transcription, and such services being readily offered by Wipro, TCS, Infosys, Syntel etc among many others. Among the well-known banks currently operating in India are HSBC, ABN-AMRO, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, Nomura, Citi Bank, and the Mellon Bank of New York. Large financers like Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase Bank, Morgan Stanley, and Barclays also operate from here.

How Do You Stay Sharp & Focused?


Gamification is a top trend in business technology- taking the essence of games- fun, play and passion- and applying it to business initiatives such as sales training, back-office tasks and career counseling. Despite being > 40, I’ve embraced the digital age. I pride myself in being hyper-connected, online and available and on top of the latest trends & happenings. In this fast paced world, you have to be to stay current!

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Employers Blocking Employees from Social Media Access

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I was spending so much time on the phone with them going over spreadsheets on the phone that I need to be able to send email back and forth. Flash forward to 2009, when every company realizes that email and Internet access are key tools for most back-office employees in the company to do their job. Many of these interactions broaden my understanding of the industry that I work in and eventually will come back to benefit my employer.

Questioning Authority in Today's Organization: Naked Jumping Jacks Says It's Not Easy.

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Consider the following story that impacted a McDonald's assistant manager and her family when she took following rules and authority to an extreme - as told recently at Business Week: "On a busy Friday evening in 2004, a man posing as a police officer called a McDonald's in Mt. Identifying himself as "Officer Scott", he told Donna Jean Summers, the assistant manager, that a young cashier was suspected of stealing from a customer.

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I feel guilty about leaving the team I manage

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Because of that, my employees have been moving into more back office positions, promotions that I have helped develop them for and supported. A reader writes: I’ve been at my company eight years now and have seriously loved working here, working my way up to the manager of my location in that time. I am in my early 30s, and this is my first job with direct reports.

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do I have to share my extra shifts, playing a video of my boss while I work, and more

Ask a Manager

But I’d be wary of assuming it will never come back to hinder you in some way. Back before we all started working from home, his voice was the office background, he’s a very chatty person, and hearing him talk helps put me in a work frame of mind.

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Why Dreamers Need A Healthy Dose Of Realism When It Comes To Starting A Business

Career Realism

With a franchise, you know all the costs before you invest a dime, plus you have a back office team behind you. A good franchise coach can help the budding entrepreneur put his or her feet back on the ground and find a business that matches his or her skills and interests. Why Dreamers Need A Healthy Dose Of Realism When It Comes To Starting A Business. Work It Daily. The quality most desirable for starting your own business? Realistic expectations.

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my coworker told me I smell

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A reader writes: A week ago, a coworker in a manager position (not my department) who is also a friend sat me down in her office and talked to me because, apparently, I am the smelly coworker. We went to a back office, and I took off the shirt and asked her to smell it and then me. She was very kind and I could tell that it was incredibly hard for her. I think I took the beginning of the conversation well.

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Advice From The Field: 8 Tips For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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Since most people enter the business with no experience as a business owner, a franchise offers years of expertise and back room support to help you get started. The truth is you should look for businesses with an open mind because you never know who’s behind the operation until you pull back the curtain. Look for a great back office. Going into business for yourself can seem like a daunting option, but people do it successfully every day.

You Must Protect Your “B.O.B.” (Book Of Business, That Is)

Sklover Working Wisdom

Valerie saw this as a way to move up in her industry, have back-office staff to assist her, and eventually be able to take a bit more time for herself and her family. As she envisioned, the agency’s office staff supported her client relations and a younger sales representative was appointed her assistant. “Do not protect yourself by fences, but rather by friends.”. – Czech Proverb.

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Yes, You Can: Get a Job on Wall Street Straight Out of College

Corn on the Job

If you enter into the operations side of things, you’re getting into client management, marketing, risk management, and legal as well as back office functions. Most college grads believe that getting a job on Wall Street is out of the question unless they’re attending an Ivy League school. But, this is an industry that’s not that elusive. If you love money, and you’ve always loved the financial industry, here’s how to get work in this famous financial area. Have an Analytical Mind.

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4 Qualities All Great Managers Have

Career Realism

When you are running a business, you need to rely on the efficiency of each person involved in the organization, whether that person is a front liner or is working in the back office. Owners of successful business enterprises will be the first one to tell you that you need to invest in your people. Being an owner of a huge corporation entails a lot of responsibilities and that includes hiring and retaining the best people to run your company.

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can I ask to watch the company culture before accepting a job offer?

Ask A Manager

However, I was interviewed in a back office and didn’t really get to see the company culture at work (I did ask my interviewees what they thought it was like, and they mentioned it was fun, etc., Do you want to see the physical space you’d be working in, or do you want to see the office “in action” — how people interact, etc.? A reader writes: I was recently interviewed and a offered a position at a fun-seeming nonprofit.

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company is sending emails about diet and exercise, I accidentally sent a private email to my employee, and more

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It was only caught because the worker emailed me back acknowledging this wasn’t meant for her. All I’ve done so far is email her back thanking her, apologizing, and stating that I trust her to keep this between us because of the personal nature. I work a job that is pretty much a back office type job. In addition, I do some volunteer work for a nonprofit where I can combine my love of networking and some of my back office skills.

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25 Companies Who Hire Adults With Autism #AutismAwarenessMonth


AutonomyWorks, a Chicago based company offers operation and back office work that companies would have sent offshore in the past. I am in agreement that adding leadership and manager training is also a step in the right direction, however, companies need to consider making additional accommodations they might not have considered: Relocating autistic workers to quieter areas of the office. April is Autism Awareness Month.

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You’ll also have two upstream peers, one running talent acquisition and one running all back-office functions, including payroll, compensation and benefits. The Business Partners at the Home Office Who Need You To Be Great: In addition to interacting with your field HR team and the operations leaders at each of the facilities, you’ll have access to four Operations leaders at HQ who are looking to you to be their peer.

my mother is tracking my comings and goings at work

Ask a Manager

She’s always worked in frontline face-to-face client service, while I have a back-office job. We had A Talk about that encounter, and the behavior stopped for awhile, but it’s back, and I have no clue where to go next. A reader writes: I work for a large and diverse organization, and I’ve been in my current role for a couple of years now. Recently, my mother (who lives hundreds of miles away) got a job with her local branch.

2019 27

updates: the nameplate drama, contract-to-hire, and more

Ask a Manager

First, I privately emailed back our COO and asked him to clarify on the Three Day Rule. Since our office is small, I’d consider myself close enough with the COO to voice these opinions, and I think he felt similarly because later that day he came to my desk and apologized for the email wording. Secondly, I did end up going to HR the next time they were in- office. Some years back, another director saw it as inappropriate but he was only temporary.

2020 29

Am I Too Fat to Get Hired?

Evil HR Lady

For safety reasons, companies would need to consider investing in some larger/studier office chairs, general use chairs (employee cafe, public areas) & even bathroom fixtures as some standard fixtures aren't able to handle higher weight individuals. To be honest, it seems I see more bigger sized people working in back offices than in highly visible job positions. Evil HR Lady Why am I evil? Well, Im not, but thats the perception of all of us in HR.

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Is a Job as a Loan Officer Right for You?

Career Realism

I am a loan officer. For instance, when a customer comes into my office asking for a mortgage to purchase a home he cannot afford, I have to explain reality in a positive light. I was a back-office employee. The next day she called me back to tell me she had made a mistake; the loan approval was still good, but the customer needed to bring $2,000 to closing. My office has high visibility signage announcing, “Spanish is spoken.”.

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a whole bunch of updates

Ask A Manager

The subject line for each links back to the person’s original post. The reader who was allergic to her office. I’m sorry that the resolution to my story is not the most exciting, but here it is: I ended up not saying anything about it to my boss, but a few weeks after sending my letter, my desk was moved anyway (overcrowded office, tons of musical desks going on). Here are five more reader updates.

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my boss thinks I’m his graphic designer, how to salvage my reputation at an internship, and more

Ask a Manager

I found it to be completely inappropriate for him to be smoking weed while at work, even though we have a laid-back office environment and a beer-stocked fridge in the office. If that’s the case, it’s better to be honest with yourself and your boss about the situation now, so you can discuss alternatives (like a pared-back version of the internship or dropping it altogether). Our office is switching everyone to exercise ball chairs.

2019 33

short answer Sunday — 6 short answers to 6 short questions

Ask A Manager

I work in a medical office with five other people, two of whom are the owners. I have many back office tasks and responsibilities that are undefined but solely mine; like being the only employee who interviews new hires, I do all of the training, handle all patient complaints and disputes, and am asked by my bosses to coach my coworkers in sales and patient care, etc. I replied back with a thank-you note and said that I would be interested in the position.

2013 57

how can I follow up without being annoying, people ask “who’s in here?” when I’m in a bathroom stall, and more

Ask a Manager

I have a mainly back office position and don’t work with customers or external partners for the most part, but sometimes I have to request documents for compliance. I have frequent back and forth with several key partners. Sometimes I only get one or two TPS sheets back when I need four, sometimes it’s the wrong name, and sometimes I receive them much later than the deadline. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

2019 29

The Self-Employment Surge and How Professionals Can Best Prepare

Water Cooler Wisdom

a provider of back office services for self-employed professionals, to conduct a new study, The Future of Work: Preparing for Independence, which examined the attributes and skills of those who are gainfully self-employed to help aspiring contractors get and stay ahead in this ever-changing work environment. One in two American workers are projected to be self-employed by 2020, according to MBO Partners.

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I don’t want to pay for business travel, hiring for skills vs. attitude, and more

Ask A Manager

Your answer to the question in yesterday’s short answer post about taking a back-up job while continuing to seek work in your field, particularly the end where you mention being prepared “to talk about what you’ve been doing to stay current in your field,” prompted this question. You can certainly make the argument for the work and your skills being worth a higher salary, and you can back that up with market research, but they may or may not budge.

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Interview: Citrusox – Trendy Legwear that’s Fashionable, Comfortable and Affordable

Personal Excellence Blog

Citrusox has regular leggings that are appropriate for everyday, office wear, as well as fashionable leggings for streetwear. Back Story on Citrusox. I run the back office, which includes barcoding, staff training, ordering of stocks from suppliers, and so on. This was promptly paid back as soon as I got the cash. Q10) Looking back, what were the biggest obstacles you faced in your entrepreneurship journey to date?

pushy recruiter, sleepy employee, people eating at their desks, and more

Ask a Manager

I take lunch relatively early away from my desk, and am back at my desk trying to work when the smells of others’ lunches wafts around me. How do I influence a sea change and get the office to start using the very nice kitchen area, or picnic tables outside? It does not help that the CEO and COO eat in their offices, setting a bad example. We’re a laid-back office, but this feels disrespectful and unprofessional. It’s five answers to five questions.

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music lyrics at work, avoiding Facebook-friending a colleague, and more

Ask a Manager

The song was “That Girl” by All Time Low, which has lyrics that aren’t crazy outrageous but have some language that I wasn’t sure was okay in an office. I’m guessing it depends quite a bit on office culture. Personally, I’m at a new job in a temporary capacity (probably just for the summer) in a very laid back office where music is encouraged. I have my own office space with a door that stays open.

2017 21

short answer Sunday: 7 short answers to 7 short questions

Ask A Manager

Harassment laws don’t stop when you walk out of your office; they cover interactions between employees that happen on the evenings and weekends and in locations far away from work, so the fact that your actions were taken via your home email is irrelevant here. They intend to expand and ideally they’ll eventually have actual, corporate offices in the US.

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