Say Goodbye to the Nine to Five Worker

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The majority of global employers don’t mind when employees show up late for work, according to new research by Mozy®, the world’s most trusted provider of data protection and availability for consumers and businesses. gets into the office at 8:18 a.m.,

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my boss thinks I’m his graphic designer, how to salvage my reputation at an internship, and more

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I’ve been working at this chocolate shop for about six months now. He’s says it’s hard work and her feels bad for me, but “Oh well, that’s the life of the designer.” ” He wants me to come up with everything from scratch because he doesn’t know what he wants, then basically has me start all over once it’s almost finished because he doesn’t like it. If you’d like me to work up a pricing proposal, I can.”.

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updates: the nameplate drama, contract-to-hire, and more

Ask A Manager

Here are four updates from people who had their letters answered here in the past. After seeing my question published and talking to a close friend at work, I felt kind of empowered and did a few things. First, I privately emailed back our COO and asked him to clarify on the Three Day Rule. He wanted to clarify that the rule was meant for work projects and personality conflicts, and he clarified to the company later that day by amending his email.

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You Must Protect Your “B.O.B.” (Book Of Business, That Is)

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Working from home as an independent insurance representative selling long-term care policies of several insurers, she did quite well. The basic deal offered to her was this: “Join our team, and after two years of working together, if things go well, you will become one of four owners, without any investment on your part.” As she envisioned, the agency’s office staff supported her client relations and a younger sales representative was appointed her assistant.

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