Job Hunting with a Criminal Record

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Governmental employers will likely still be able to see these records, but a regular private employer will usually not be able to ask about the conviction or see it on a background check. It’s tough to find a job in the current economy.

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coworker says I don’t respond to his emails, a bizarre company survey, and more

Ask A Manager

Let’s both check with IT to see if your messages aren’t getting through for some reason. You can also cc your manager on this so she knows you’re on top of this and checking into whether there’s a glitch somewhere. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

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10 Worst Resume Fibs in Academic History

Resume Bear

Most recently, O’Leary led the University of Central Florida Knights to a BCS-ranked season and a Liberty Bowl victory in 2010, the team’s most successful season in history. In a competitive job market, resume lies have become more and more commonplace.

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delaying a start date, resigning at the wrong time, and more

Ask A Manager

HR has told me they are awaiting the approvals in their system before a background check is conducted and a formal offer is generated. The problem I am facing is I am scheduled to go on an all-expense paid training in about a week and a half for my current job (my current employer is located in Florida). It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Is a start date two months out unreasonable? I recently decided to start interviewing for a new position.

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