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The store had a black-out period where nobody could request time off for November and December of last year (for the busy holiday season), but on top of that, they have been told they cannot get time off from January-April because her manager will be on maternity leave. She has also tried contacting her HR department several times but gets a machine, leaves messages, then never gets a call back. Salary verification during background checks.

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the person who referred me for a job was arrested, overly long bathroom breaks, and more

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We keep things pretty professional, but friendly in the office, and usually only cross paths when we come in in the morning and leave at night. Your manager gets a higher wage because she has higher-level responsibilities all the time, not just sometimes. A few months ago, I interviewed for a position and was later given the impression by the hiring manager that an offer would be extended shortly. I would easily pass a background check and have strong professional referrals.

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