Make Your Business Productive by Avoiding Mistakes in Background Checks

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Technology has made the employment background screening an accessible tool and made this process popular; but employers still make error in employment checks practices and processes. Ways to avoid common mistakes in employment checks. Neglecting ideal background check strategy.

Did I Pass My Background Check?

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Did I Pass My Background Check? Many large and small employers utilize background checks to verify a candidate’s claims and to confirm that they do not have any outstanding warrants to legal troubles. Background checks have become more-and-more prevalent in recent times.

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Incriminating Background Check for Marketing Director

Careers Done Write

I have been interviewing and have been preliminarily offered a role, but have been asked to provide authorization for a full background check including credit report and criminal history. Dear Deb, Q.

The “Background-Check” Provision in Offer Letters – A Risk You Should Try to Reduce

Sklover Working Wisdom

Most intriguing to Wilmelma was the new employer’s offer of both a sizable ownership interest in the firm, and carried interest in its major investment fund. When presented with an Offer Letter that included all of the items agreed upon, including her new employer “making her whole” for the losses due to departing with unvested stock, Wilhelma quickly signed it. An Offer Letter is a kind of contract. What is a “satisfactory” background check report?

Can I Get a Job Without a Background Check?

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Where can I look for a career that will not have any serious backround checks and how much information do I have to give?” An employer cannot do a background check until they have your Social Security number and your permission. Job background check image from Bigstock.

“Background Check done incorrectly – anything I can do?”

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Question : I was offered a job by phone, and accepted it, pending a background check. The next day I received a phone call from the company’s HR Director in which he told me the offer was rescinded due to several items that appeared on my background check, including convictions for crimes in states I had never been to. Could I sue the background registry company? .

Can I Get A Job Without A Background Check?

Career Realism

Where can I look for a career that will not have any serious background checks and how much information do I have to give?” An employer cannot do a background check until they have your Social Security number and your permission.

employer wouldn’t interview me unless I authorized an invasive background check before we even talked

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I left the field blank but then turned the page to find several authorizations to perform a credit check, criminal background, motor vehicle and reference checks. My understanding is that, while California is not a “ban the box” state, and the city where the company is located is not either, best practices are to present an offer, or, at a minimum, seriously consider a candidate prior to conducting background screenings.

The Right to Be Forgotten


The future offers legal recourse for situations like Favreau’s. The future offers the right to be forgotten. Ever wished that your late night drunken tweet didn’t get tweeted or that video of you doing unmentionables vanished into thin air?

new employer wants me to give notice before I’ve passed the background check

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I received a great job offer, contingent upon passing a background/credit check/drug test. I was told that the background check takes up to 10 business days (they use lexis-nexis). I have been upfront with my background (nothing major) and credit past to both my hiring manager and HR. I stated to them in an email that I could not give notice until the background check clears and I get written confirmation of this.

Are Credit Checks an Effective Pre-Employment Screening Technique?


Credit checks by employers are up 6% over last year to 21% according to a 2011 report by EmployeeScreenIQ. If you’re lucky enough to score a second interview and finally the offer, you get to be subject to all kinds of checks. Background checks. Reference checks.

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Old Mistakes Are Keeping Me from Getting a Job Offer

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& Dale: My daughter recently graduated from college and got a great job offer. Our excitement turned to dismay when our daughter called and said the offer had been retracted. However, a background check alerted the company, and HR called and asked for more information.

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Solutions to Mitigating Risk of Corporate Social Media


Check out Part 1: As Social Media Adoption Grows So Does Corporate Risk. Social Intelligence: No Risk Employee Background Checks. Employment Law Attorney Offers Solution for Risk and Social Media as Background Check. Treat Informal Checks as Formal.

Ban the Box is a Joke. The Real Solution to Hiring Candidates with Felonies


Essentially, federal employers are not allowed to inquire as to a candidate’s criminal history until after the employer has provided a conditional job offer. Only then are employers authorized to ask a candidate about their criminal backgrounds.

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A New Advertiser That I Know You Will Want To Check Out!

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We are very careful who we allow to advertise on our site and only accept advertisers who offer a product or service that you as the customer and. Advertise With Us New Services Background Checks Liberty Alliance Tenant checksToday I am very pleased to introduce you to a new advertiser on the Resume Help Blog.

We’re pleased to offer another new “Model Letter”:

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“Before Background Check – Sharing Very Personal Issues”. If you are soon to start a new job, you are likely to be subject to a pre-employment screening, often called a “Background Check.” We expect to offer additional such letters in the future.)

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Can’t Get a Job Because Someone Stole My Identity

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& Dale: If someone were to do a background check on me, he or she would think I’m a terrible person. I’m trying to apply for menial work at retail stores, but the electronic applications ask for a Social Security number and permission for a background check.

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Should a Low Credit Rating Jinx a Job Offer?


I was a bit surprised when a friend told me that companies routinely check your credit history when you apply for a job and are a promising candidate. Background checks for criminal aspects would make sense in these situations and many others, like teaching or childcare, etc.

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Job Offers: Understanding The Offer Package

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You’ve made it through the rigorous interview process successfully and the organization has extended you an offer for employment. Now, it’s time to take a better look at what the offer includes. Here are some tips for understanding the offer package : Compensation.

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“Fired after I resigned; will it affect my open job offer?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

I had planned to leave anyway, and had a job offer outstanding. Do you think what has happened is likely to affect my job offer? Answer: Dear Sacked: I believe that the odds are that what has happened will not affect your open job offer. That said, it is quite possible that your future employer might still reach out to your former employer in the course of doing “background checks” on you. Job offer accepted, then withdrawn, leaving you in a bind?

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We’re pleased to offer another new “Model Letter”:

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You interview for a job, receive a job offer, and are told “Now we are going to do a background check.” “Model Letter to HR, Former Managers and/or Colleagues to Discourage Negative References”. I’m sure it has happened to you, and probably more than once.

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Can an employer check my credit history before offering me a job?

Career Copilot

As a corporate recruiter and career blogger I am often asked about the legality of credit checks as part of the employment background check. For years my best answer was, it depends. Fortunatley for job seeker the answer to this question is becoming a bit less nebulus. On january 1st, employers in California will no [.]. job hunting

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A Rescinded Offer

Evil HR Lady

I was offered a job with a company, they sent me an offer letter, I accepted. I passed the tox screen test and the background check. They called me yesterday, the HR director and told me that the he would need to rescind the offer letter due to the position is going away. Now, as to the company which rescinded the offer. They made the offer in "bad faith" you could argue. No manager should be extending an offer that he means to rescind later.

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I have a job offer — but it’s been weeks and there’s no start date in sight

Ask A Manager

I went through multiple rounds, fell in love with the position (with a major financial institution), and was offered it the day before I was supposed to start job #1. ” I expected to start the following week, but was told I had to wait on the background check. job offersA reader writes: After months of searching, I accepted a contract with a great company.

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Does Bankruptcy Kill A Job Offer?

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Will it negatively affect my chances at a job offer ? Photo Credit: Shutterstock The post Does Bankruptcy Kill A Job Offer? Dear J.T. & & Dale: I recently lost my job after being there a year.

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Does a Bankruptcy Kill a Job Offer?

JT & Dale Talk Jobs

Here’s a compromise: Forget about the bankruptcy until the second interview is over; then, at the end, when you ask about next steps, if they mention a background check, bring up the bankruptcy — you might even mention all those famous people who’ve shared the experience.

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I turned down a job offer and now the recruiter is invoicing me

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I was in the awesome position of interviewing for two roles through recruitment agencies and receiving offers for both. Both roles were aware that I had another strong offer on the table, and negotiations started between myself and the two agencies. As I was available immediately, both roles wanted me to start ASAP and had suggested start dates that were within a working week of the initial offer.

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I turned down a job — and the recruiter sent me an invoice

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I was in the awesome position of interviewing for two roles through recruitment agencies and receiving offers for both. Both roles were aware that I had another strong offer on the table, and negotiations started between myself and the two agencies. As I was available immediately, both roles wanted me to start ASAP and had suggested start dates that were within a working week of the initial offer. job offers outside

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Need to Resign From Your Job to Take My Offer? Here's What Your Length of Notice Means.

HR Capitalist

You just accepted my verbal offer, now you're in the process of tendering your resignation with your current company. You've offered the minimum, they've accepted, and everyone agrees it's time to move on. You're a good pro and when they panicked, you offered to do 3 instead of 2 weeks.

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how honest are employers about reasons for rescinding a job offer?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: How honest are companies about their reasons for rescinding a job offer? I applied at a large multi-national company, ran through 3 interviews, and ended with the HR recruiter sending me an email that they were waiting on my background check to complete and that she was going to call me the next day with the intent of making an offer. During this time of silence, one of my references lets me know they had called her for a reference check.

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TalentWise Takes the Crazy Out of Managing Workflow & Onboarding Employees


The hiring process is complex for recruiters and human resources professionals who are juggling multiple candidates while doing the onboarding dance that goes along with extending job offers. A Post-it note with candidate information placed up side down, meant an offer was pending.

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what’s up with candidates turning down our job offers after we pay to fly them out?

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This means that I’ve had to work pretty hard to identify applicants who are serious about the opportunities and would be likely to say yes if offered a position, given that we invest a lot of money both during the interview process (travel and lodging expenses, etc.) and if an offer is accepted (relocation assistance). I should also mention that anyone who interviews with us in person is connected with a relocation firm, offered a real estate tour with a local realtor, etc.

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my manager offered to take a pay cut, rescinding a recommendation, and more

Ask A Manager

My manager offered to take a pay cut so the rest of us can earn more. I lied on a job application and my offer was pulled. When the HR person did a background check, they saw I had left in July, which at time of interview was about two months before. Now they have basically taken away the potential job offer. my manager offered to take a pay cut, rescinding a recommendation, and more was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

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my boss is trying to fix me up with his friend, offering to pay for job leads, and more

Ask A Manager

Should I say something when I see a contact offering to pay people for job leads? I came across this in my LinkedIn newsfeed this morning and was wondering what you thought: “Offering $1000.00 And if you do reach out, I think you’d have to couple it with offering some other type of help at the same time — for instance, saying something like, “Hey Jane, I saw your post. First, they may not even be running a credit check on you.

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How Employers Really Hire an Employee

Evil HR Lady

HR performs background checks. The company extends an offer, the candidate negotiates, and then it’s done! Everyone knows how hiring works from the candidate’s point of view. It goes like this: Job is posted. Candidates submit resumes. The recruiter reviews the resumes and does phone screens. The top candidates come in and interview. The hiring manager decides which candidate to hire.

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“Sorry, but you are overqualified.” – Here’s a way past that.

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It’s just that Phil had never stopped to consider why even he said that to job candidates, and did not offer “overqualified” job candidates a first or second interview. Some “overqualified” job applicants end up “downsizing” their resumes, which sometimes helps, but can also be a risky thing to do, as the internet has made it quite easy for background checks to foil such attempts. Interviews Interviews, Job Offers and Promotions Monthly Newsletter Library Resume ?

“I previously sued an employer. How can I explain that on my resume and interview?”

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Can you offer any help in how to handle this on my resume or on an interview? If a hiring manager comes across your Court matter in the course of a background check, he or she will likely wonder, “Can I trust this person? You might also try to offer a candid explanation in a humble letter accompanying your resume. It offers Seven Solid Explanations, Reasons and Assurances. Interviews, Job Offers and Promotions Q & A References and Recommendations Resume ?

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Work from Home Jobs – How to Smell a Scam

Career Alley

In much the same way, an experienced job searcher can tell when a job offer is a scam. Here are a few CSI tips to investigate a job offer. Be aware that there are more work-from-home scams out there than there are legitimate offers. Offer unrealistic amounts of money per hour.

Is a Complicated Criminal Record & Divorce Hurting My Job Search?


My question is, in your experience, do charges (that haven’t been settled yet) show up in a background check and how should I handle this with potential employers. I would suggest running a criminal background check on yourself to see if the misdemeanor charge is present in your criminal records. Don’t take the word of your attorney and run the background check yourself.

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a fired employee’s wife is asking for his job back, negotiating when you’re happy with an offer, and more

Ask A Manager

Should you negotiate when you’re really happy with an offer? I recently received and accept a job offer that I’m totally over the moon about. When they came through with the offer, they offered me significantly more than I had asked for as a base pay, with an additional rather large annual bonus on top of that. You don’t ask for more money when an employer offers you more than you already asked for — that would look really bad and like you were playing games.

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Beware Hiring Managers Who Spew Nonsense

Career Alley

Fortunately for my friend, there were obvious warning signs and even if he got a job offer he would not take it. Background Checks Work Both Ways – No doubt your potential employer will do all sorts of background checks on you before they offer you a job.

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The Best Tactics to Further Your Career in 2020


If you can help improve current processes within your company or even help create a standard that everyone can follow, then you offer true value to any business. The world is constantly changing, and for better or for worse, this means you also need to be adaptable.

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There’s a Rising Demand For Child Care Providers – And Salaries Are Spiking.

Ms. Career Girl

We asked Connie Fong, VP of Brand at to offer insight, including how this industry is ripe for career opportunity (moms looking to make extra money, college students, etc.) Also, having a background check on file is extremely helpful in landing a job through our site.