“Sorry, but you are overqualified.” – Here’s a way past that.

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No matter what the job was, Phil kept hearing five words, over and over again: “Sorry, but you are overqualified.” On the other hand, Phil totally understood people saying “Sorry, but you are overqualified” because he, himself, had uttered those five words many times when he did hiring. It’s just that Phil had never stopped to consider why even he said that to job candidates, and did not offer “overqualified” job candidates a first or second interview.

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We talked about: what to do if you’re overqualified. when you’re worried about a credit check while you’re job searching. The segment is six and a half minutes and you can listen here: You may also like: if you’re not getting interviews, here’s how to fix your resume and cover letter how do background checks work? I was on public radio’s Marketplace Weekend again this weekend, taking more questions from listeners about job searching.

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Why would you limit the amount of information the reader can grasp about your background just because you are worried about them thinking you are “too old” or “overqualified” by having a resume that is longer than one page? Nobody can be overqualified for a job.

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Some potential employees assume that recruiters will not check their references. However, employment dates are easy to verify with a simple background check. In fact, falsifying your title or salary may backfire and potential employers may feel that you are overqualified for the position. In today’s competitive economy, many job seekers will do anything to get ahead, including lie on their resume to make the information look better.

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If you’re interviewing for a retail job, overdressing may come across as you being overqualified for the position. Dave Thomas, who covers among other items background checks and home-based jobs , writes extensively for Business.com, an online resource destination for businesses of all sizes to research, find, and compare the products and services they need to run their businesses. “ Either you’re the one erasing or you’re the one being erased.

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Also, be careful about considering yourself overqualified. Having a degree for a job that doesn’t require one (graduate or otherwise) doesn’t in and of itself make you overqualified. If you have education or experience doing A but you’re in a job doing B, your’e not overqualified. Or even simply suggest they run a thorough background check? It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

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I have only gotten a few interviews, unfortunately, and I know it is because I am being viewed as overqualified. The truth is, I do not apply because of my history of bipolar disorder, which I would have to disclose on my bar application and would most likely disqualify me from admission in the background check (I was grilled heavily about this in my home state when I applied there, years before I had an escalation of the condition). It’s five answers to five questions.

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About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager employer wants permission to call people outside my reference list March 17, 2011 A reader writes: I recently was asked to sign a Consent to Reference Check form. my new favorite interview question dont check references?

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We have a similar educational and work background, similar experience and he’s going to be doing a similar job but far, far less work than I do. The litmus test: Would they dispute the title in a reference check?) my new favorite interview question dont check references?

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What do background checks entail? I have a question in regard to job postings that state that applicants will be required to submit to a background check. What exactly does the background check entail? It depends on the specific check. Some just verify education and dates of employment and titles, some check credit, some do criminal records checks, some do detailed references, and yes, some check salary history.

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Coworker told me I’m overqualified and should be applying for other jobs. When I gave a neutral answer, she told me I should be, because she thinks I’m overqualified for our field. I didn’t study advertising, and I went to a “top college,” but I wouldn’t say I’m overqualified (at least not more so than any other entry-level worker). I got a reply after the July 4th holiday saying only “Let me check.”

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I know this because when I got my current job, they had to run a background check that included contacting that employer and there was no hassle. my new favorite interview question dont check references?

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