Savings Tips for Women in 2017

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The post Savings Tips for Women in 2017 appeared first on Ms. This is good news for all savers, but especially women. Thanks to their longer life expectancies and the gender income gap , women particularly need to prioritize putting aside money.

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Why Power Dressing Is Important For Investment Banking Career

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Students at our investment banking courses in Mumbai often ask us, “So what exactly is power dressing ?” The last few years have seen women heading towards a streamlined, tailored look. Women now’s the time to accessorize but be careful. Faculty that deliver our investment banking courses in Mumbai spend substantial time with our students guiding them on these points that will help them both with their placements and future career growth.

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Women Over 50: Consider Starting A Business To Jump Start Your Career

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Women Over 50: Consider Starting A Business To Jump Start Your Career. How often have you heard that women over 50 are getting left behind in the job market? It’s just that women over 50 were disproportionately affected.

3 Ways Women Can Open Their Own Doors to Entrepreneurial Success

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Here are three ways women can open their own doors to entrepreneurial success. Programs like the New York Academy of Sciences’ 1000 Girls — 1000 Futures , The Scientista Foundation and Million Women Mentors are just a few notable efforts making strides.

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Rocking 2018 – The Habits of Highly Successful Women

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As we head into 2018, there is hope that this year is a watershed moment for women in business. Between #MeToo and hopeful gains on equal pay for equal work, it is high time that women get treated fairly in the workplace. And fifteen new women were added to the list last year.

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Is Now the Time for Women to Start a Business?

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With the economy fluttering in the wind, many women wonder if now is the time to start their own business or just ride out the financial storm. Census Bureau’s Survey of Business Owners, as recently as 2007, women owned 7.8 As an example, women-owned businesses made up 52.0

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Placements Special: Dress to Impress

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In this series, we at Imarticus Learning give you tips and tricks to land your dream job in Investment Banking. Women: 1. Blog career in investment banking dress to impress investment banking jobs jobs in investment banking placement specialYou may contrast your tie to your shirt perfectly, but the shine of your shoes or lack thereof might be the only thing your recruiters notice. Dressing up for an interview is not rocket science.

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3 Unfair Practices Women Face in the Workplace & How to Fight Them

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By “they,” she means “men” and “women,” of course. The question’s assertion — that men and women experience the workplace in fundamentally different ways — is not controversial. On average, women earn about 80% of their male counterparts in similar roles.

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7 Ways to Earn More Respect and Influence as a Young Professional Woman

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Today’s post is by Holland Banks. During my first year out of college, I worked in a legal organization that assists men and women from all over the world. This is especially true for women my age. Get Chummy with the Men… and the Women.

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Ask the Readers: How Can You Get Women to Work on a Day Without Women

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March 8 is a protest day in the United States called a Day Without Women. ” We have separate vacation and sick time banks. I have no issue with the protest day itself, and I get that the point is to disrupt the typical work day to showcase the many contributions women make. The post Ask the Readers: How Can You Get Women to Work on a Day Without Women appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

Get pregnant at 25 if you want a high-powered career

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She wrote a breathtaking article in the Atlantic titled, Why Women Still Can’t Have it All , about stepping down from her State Department job to take care of her two teenaged boys. The best thing older women can do for younger women right now is to tell the truth. Women

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How Weekend Productivity Can Lead to Success

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In typical Millennial fashion, I did spend some time thinking about all the wonderful people and things in my life, but at the same time started stressing about all the things I want to have/do that my bank account won’t allow. My day yesterday was the epitome of a “lazy Sunday.”

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Ask Ms. Career Girl: How do I Transition to a Career I Have no Experience in?

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Now I’m working at a bank in risk management and I hate it. Meeting other happy women who’ve made positive changes in their careers and lives. See if you can transfer to the marketing department of your bank.

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Smart Women Protect Their Money

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When we hear about smart women protecting their money, we often think about the way they protect them from ex-husbands. The truth is that women need to be smarter with their money and one of the ways to be smart is by protecting their money from many areas and situations in their lives.

The best perk of being Diamond level at Hilton

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I have in my head that my son has 24 hour flu but I am not good with numbers and I see I am banking on this 24 hours of flu being compressed into nine hours because I have a meeting with Mr. Famous at 1pm. I never see women my age. There are not women in their 40s in corporate America.

Career Question: Should I Take a Sales Job?

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I only stayed at my 1 st job for about 7 months before I took an opportunity in Commercial Banking (a job that really did develop my finance skill set and where I stayed for almost 3 years). career women college Sponsored Posts your first job

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3 Simple Steps for Maintaining Financial Confidence

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Investment banking.” “The Here are a few financial resources geared toward women to get you started: Geneen Roth, a #1 New York Times bestselling author, lost her life savings to the Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. Featured Goals Money finance financial confidence personal finance women

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Tips For Launching Your #SideHustle

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This Women’s History Month. Do you know how many women around the world, and here are home, are still ground down into dust, and made to feel that all that is worthwhile is how big their breasts are? Do you know how many women are born and bred to feel worthless?

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Are You Treating Your Twenties Like The Olympics?

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Like that one time you only had $25 in your bank account and you made it last a week and a half. gen y Kovie in Chicago twentysomethings career women quarterlife crisisAre you watching the Olympics? Stupid question. Of course you are. Unless you’re not, you little rebel you.

How To Manage A Relationship When You Make More Money

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You can find the balance between owning your love life and the bank account. Most career women I know have a sincere problem with being dependent (i.e. The post How To Manage A Relationship When You Make More Money appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

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Five things you can stop worrying about when you worry about getting a job

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Think about it: hiring women during WWII meant factories could keep operating, so women got equality at work faster than other places. I am reading Women in Italian Renaissance Art: Gender Representation Identity , by Paola Tinagli.

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5 Great Places To Work Abroad

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Bahrain’s oil-based economy was booming long before any of its Gulf neighbours but recent times have seen much diversification into tourism, heavy industry and banking.

Life is Short–(Don’t) Buy the Shoes

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Your six-year-old-self is inches away from smashing that piggy bank, I know. ”IT’S THE SHOES, MOLLY!” Featured Self balance career career women dreams fashion Goals life self shoes thoughts women

How to Care for an Elderly Parent

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In the past, a gender bias stipulated that women would most regularly help aging parents. However, with women in the workforce now, this concept is less universal. You’ll need a clear picture of their bank account in order to prepare for upcoming medical expenses.

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NIKE Sneakerhead Inspired By The Girl Effect

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In poor countries, girls are treated as women at a very young age. This allows young women to take charge of their own lives and build families when they’re ready. Sneakerhead: A person who collects limited, rare, OG, or flat out exclusive kicks.

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Employment Resources for Military Veterans

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Veterans Job Bank. The Veterans Job Bank connects unemployed veterans to job openings with companies that want to hire them. Hilton Worldwide Announced Hiring Veterans Initiative.

ResumeBear: Politics and What College Graduates Should Care About

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Birth control: Health probably shouldn’t be much of a governmental issue beyond ensuring and encouraging, but policymakers have managed to turn this basic human right into a gladiatorial arena; women in particular must watch on as their bodies are politicized rather than humanized.

The Early-Late Debate: When Should You Be Getting Up?

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In October this year, the Daily Mail published a piece on early-rising women who ‘have it all’. These strong, sassy females are ticking all the boxes: a stellar career, a healthy lifestyle and a well-stocked bank account. The post The Early-Late Debate: When Should You Be Getting Up?

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From Finance to Bags

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I spent over 18 years in the financial services sector, mainly working within the investment banking industry. I was responsible for ensuring employees had the appropriate technology training on the banking platforms. My customers are of all ages, and include men, women and children.

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Let’s Talk About Drag Queens at Work


It’s also good for your organization to employ international workers, both men and women, those of different faiths and of different ages, ranging from Millennials to Seniors.

Post-Retirement Lady Luck Lets The Money Roll In

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When retirement comes, many women still need or want to generate income to support the household. Many opportunities are available to women today that range from building a home-based consulting business to selling crafts and fashions online.

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How to balance your business and your family

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You have this feeling like it’s raining bank statements. Did you know the purpose of kisses is that women can tell how men feel by their kiss?

31 Success Tips for Serious Entrepreneurs

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Physical environments affect women more than men, so this is particularly important for the ladies). Go through your bank statements line by line, and look for services you don’t need any more or even charges you may not realize are hitting your accounts every month.

We Know You Don't Mean to Discriminate - But Are You Biased Underneath the Hood?

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Here's more on the concept of testing unintentional bias (also known as implicit bias) from UVA professor Erika James over at the Washington Post: " The big idea: Invest Co, a leading investment bank with operations worldwide, was concerned that it might be losing ground in the war for talent.

3 Grooming Faux Pas Your Interviewer Won’t Tell You

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Men and women have different faux pas when it comes to wardrobe. While most of my clients apply to work in conservative environments like law firms, investment banks, and corporations, the hygiene and grooming faux pas discussed here are important to avoid in any work environment.

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20 Must Read Career Blogs for the Young Job Seeker ResumeBear makes the List

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Career Girl in November 2008 as a “passion project” to build community among ambitious young professional women. She has gone from Big Bank to Startup Bliss to Self-Employed. The Daily Muse is a rapidly growing community of women (and dudes!) Her specialties include workplace issues, the small business and entrepreneurial world, social networking, retail, autos, women’s issues and leadership, including interviews with some of the biggest names in Corporate America.

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The Hardest Blog Post I???ve Ever Written


I was furiously swimming towards the banks across the channel but was going no where, and that was the most exhausting feeling. I don’t like being seen as vulnerable, but I do believe that in order to reach the outer banks of that channel, I had to admit I needed help and take a risk to find and save me. Upon sharing this sadness, I was overwhelmed hearing from so many people women as well as men who had miscarried one, two, three and even four times.

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manager asked about religion, new job was a scam, and more

Ask A Manager

Seeing them spending a lot of time together talking quietly isn’t a damning sign of an affair, and it’s the sort of thing that probably wouldn’t raise eyebrows at all if they were both men or both women. While the check was going through the processes of being checked by my bank, he kept bugging me about it even though I told him I would let him know when it was available. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Manager asked about religion when I asked to take a day off.

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10 days of #HRGoodness


Day 2 – Baby its cold outside – donate a used coat (or other winter gear) to a local children’s, women’s or homeless shelter. Day 4 – Do a mini food-drive with your family, friends, or coworkers to donate to a local Food Bank – stores too busy consider making a donation online to an organization.

Gates, Buffett, Kevin Rose and Pete Cashmore: Entrepreneurs Speak

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13, 2006: This distinguished Nobel Peace Prize recipient pioneered the use of microcredits through the Grameen Bank, which he established in his native Bangladesh in 1983; many for-profit and nonprofit ventures these days utilize the same concept when investing in underprivileged regions.