How To Answer Behavioral Interview Questions With The STAR Technique

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How To Answer Behavioral Interview Questions With The STAR Technique. CAREEREALISM. Prospective employers love to ask you behavioral interview questions (or situational interview questions). Related: Answering Behavioral Interview Questions Regarding High-Stress Situations. We almost always have to answer behavioral questions with some kind of example, or story. Disclosure: This post is sponsored by a CAREEREALISM-approved expert.

Answering Behavioral Interview Questions Regarding High-Stress Situations

Career Realism

That’s why interviewers want to know how we handle situations like that. RELATED : Need some interview advice? Behavioral interview questions like this one aren’t really trying to find out about your capacity for endurance and sacrifice. Whatever option you choose, your overall guide to answering this question is this: take them through your thought process of how you approach a problem, think critically about it and make great decisions that will benefit the company.


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