What are the Big Do’s and Don’ts During a Job Interview?

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Author Byline: Boston Technical Recruiter. Research the company and the staff interviewing you, but do not stock them online. Be prepared for behavioral interview questions like: What are your 3 greatest weakness? Show your personality regardless of the firm you are interviewing at. Related posts: 4 Ways to Ace Your Job Interview. Careers Guest Post Interviews Job Hunting Job Search Career advice

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who pays for coffee, combining an interview and a trip, and more

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I don’t think you’d be obligated to do it for your whole office, since buying a round for everyone is pretty unusual behavior. Combining an interview and a trip, and how long employers can wait. I’d ideally like to work in California, which is tough because I currently live and go to school in Boston. With this timeline in mind, is it okay to move slowly in scheduling interviews? However, does scheduling an interview so far in advance make me seem disinterested?

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