25 Things to Watch in 2011 For Job Search


Which ideas will go mainstream in 2011 and change your job search? It’s a fascinating list and I thought it would be interesting to highlight the ideas that could impact job search in 2011 and beyond. Synch job interview coordinates with your car and improve your chances of avoiding traffic and getting there on time. Intelligent job wanted banner ads + your LinkedIn profile = 1-click job applications? Yet another social network to be on?&#.

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5 Most Interesting Notes From the 2010 Israeli Recruitment Conference


The Kenes Gius is the annual conference about recruitment in Israel put on by HRD, the company of Israeli super-recruiter Morit Rozen , one of my Top 9 Israeli Job Search Experts on Twitter at @moritrozen. When I interviewed Gen-Y Career and Workplace Expert and bestselling author Lindsey Pollak in October 2009, she asked me if ‘Gen-Y’ was a hot topic in Israel. 51% are unhappy in their current jobs. 56% are always looking for better jobs.

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If you've got it, flaunt it

Corn on the Job

Corn on the Job Wisdom for Job Seekers Blog About Archives COTJ Blog Roll Corn Heads Contact Subscribe If you’ve got it, flaunt it by Rich DeMatteo on January 7, 2010 Welcome to my post about resume length. Current and previous job seekers – Do you only use a one page resume? If the second page is needed because you are listing jobs & descriptions that are redundant and not adding any new information……then stop writing!

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