3 Benefits Of Having A Solid Career Plan

Career Realism

For a lot of people, this includes some type of long-term career plan or dream job that they would like to obtain. While these major objectives may seem difficult or even impossible to achieve, they can appear much more manageable through the use of a career plan. The future can provide an extremely uncertain ride, but having a solid career plan in place can serve as a reliable roadmap to get you wherever you would like to go.

How to Create Your Unique Career Plan

Career Realism

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How a Positive Workplace Culture Benefits Your Physical and Mental Health

Ms. Career Girl

But the benefits of a positive workplace culture run far deeper than a mere matter of comfort and ease. The post How a Positive Workplace Culture Benefits Your Physical and Mental Health appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

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Career Planning: How to Discover Your Dream Job

Telecommuting Journal

Home Archives About Contact Subscribe Telecommuting Journal Career Planning: How to Discover Your Dream Job November 17, 2009 · 0 comments by Lynda-Ross Vega An effective job search begins by figuring out the specific criteria and values you want the job to fulfill. This may sound obvious, but before you can find the career you really want, you have to know what you are seeking. Career planning is a delicate process.

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3 Benefits Of Working A Temporary Job Following A Layoff

Career Realism

One of those decisions may be to find a short-term job in the interim, while working on long-term career goals. While working a gap job may not have been part of your ultimate career plan, it will not only help you make ends meet, but there are some benefits that could help in the future.

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Work/life balance – post recession career planning

Career Key

But for those of you choosing a long-term career path , what does the current economy mean for your future flex-time schedule? While these positive benefits, seen by some executives as “frills,” may be cut back now, chances are they will return. NYT reporter Lisa Belkin describes some of the preliminary impacts of the recession on flex-time policies, on site child care, and nursing mom benefits. Work/Life Balance Career Tips

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Career Planning 101: Mastering the Basics

Career Rocketeer

All too often we launch our careers simply by chance rather than by deliberate direction; and the direction we head after that looks very haphazard. While hard work and great results can definitely benefit your career trajectory, it still needs some consistent planning to really get the best results. If you are a newly minted graduate, you can fold these into your ongoing planning from day 1. Tactics to manage your career: Have a goal in mind.

4 Things To Know About Negotiating Salary In 2021 (And Beyond)

Career Realism

At some point in your career, whether you're applying for a job or angling for a promotion, you'll find yourself in the middle of a salary negotiation. Salary And Career Planning Go Hand In Hand Salary increases don't typically just happen by accident.

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Here's Your Five-Step Process to Develop a Career Plan - Forward to Anyone Who Needs to Stop Whining and Be Accountable for Themselves.

HR Capitalist

I''m up at the Halogen Software Blog talking about the value of Career Plans. So here it is: You’re floating in your career. You don’t have a career plan. You’re showing up and doing work, but it’s not directed in a way that’s going to give you maximum (or possible any) career benefit.". If you want to move up in your career, you need to change your approach.

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How to Get a Raise Right Now

Career Development Plan

Let master career coach Unre Visagie show you how to approach your manager to get a higher salary. Career Planning Boss Boxes Career Coach Career Maker Comments Section Different Space Earn Money Earn More Money Environment Frustration How To Get A Raise Invest Lead Little Bit Love Mutual Benefit People Professional Coaching Salaries Salary UniversitiesStruggling to get a raise out of your boss?

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Would I benefit A Career Coach?

Resume Help Blog

Managing Your Personal Brand with LinkedIn Categories Advertise With Us Advice and Articles Affordable Resume Software Affordable Resume Templates Auto Insurance Career Coaching Changing Careers Computer Training / Certificates Cover Letters Five Star Resume Writers Going Back To School How To Interview Help Interview Tips Job Search Tips Our Partners Resume Examples Thank You Letters Write A Resume Would I benefit A Career Coach?

Utilizing Non-Degree Skills for Temporary or Permanent Employment

Career Alley

We all know people who are sloppy, unorganized, and never have a plan – and sometimes in their personal lives that works for them; however, it often transfers over to your career. For those who have some problems with organization, it can be developed in a way that can benefit you. There are many factors within professional behavior, and being aware of your actions and manners when in a professional setting will be to your benefit.

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Not Your Parents’ Job: Five Careers that Didn’t Exist a Decade Ago

Career Alley

Whether you’re a graduate on your first employment hunt or a young professional looking for a career change, you want to pick a job that’s got a future. Pick a career in a new or developing field. That way, you can avoid career-killing situations, like getting sued for libel. This career choice marries ecological and economic sustainability: you perform cost/benefit analysis of government policies that deal with air pollution, water quality, waste, and global warming.

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3 Things To Consider Before Taking A Career Risk

Career Realism

I recently read an interesting article from the New York Times about professionals going YOLO on their career. The article describes a career YOLO as leaving a stable job to start a new business, turning a side hustle into a full-time job, or making a really drastic career pivot.

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Alternate Unconventional Careers for Those Different from the Rest…Are You a Dedicated Niche Person?

Career Alley

Interesting people choose unconventional careers. It’s time to pursue your hobby as a career as the industry and society opens up further making alternate unconventional careers rewarding! From strategising to planning to execution of ad campaigns it needs loads of man power to pull it together. Many of the great filmmakers started their careers in advertising. Take the benefit of our 9L0-064 material and assure your success.

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Resume Writing Service

Career Alley

Whether you are searching for an entry-level job or an executive position, you can benefit from fresh eyes on your resume. A typical resume writing service employs career coaches, marketing copywriters, and human resources professionals. Each day the resume craftsmen help new graduates, job-hoppers, promotion-seekers, and career-changers. Career advice Career Planning Careers Carers Guest Post Job Hunting Job Search Resumes Advice Career Advisor

Insider Tips for Building a Career in Government

Career Alley

Chief attractions of a government job include diversity of career options, employment stability, salary, and benefits–including retirement plans. More people are interested in pursuing careers in the government, particularly as baby boomers retire. Most government agencies have websites online with invaluable information that can be used to launch and grow a career, such as public administration. Explore the Diversity of Career Choices.

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Physical Therapy as a Career

Career Alley

Choosing a career is one of the biggest decisions you have to make in your life. If location, earnings, location, benefits, and traveling are important to you, then a career path as a Physical Therapist might be the best fit for you. A physical therapy career opens the door to a variety of rewarding job opportunities. This can be a great career boost in terms of gaining experience with new techniques and facilities. Other Benefits.

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Get to know the new rules in job search

Career Alley

To benefit from this, you need to ensure you are searchable over the internet by having a good profile page on social networking sites. Career advice Career Planning Careers Guest Post Networking Advice Career Advisor Job Search Jobs LinkedIn“ You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.” ” – Alan Alda.

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You’ve Got The Job! What’s Next?

Ms. Career Girl

Career Girl. Employee Benefits. Even in today’s world where the massive benefit plans of the past don’t often still exist, most major employers offer a menu of benefits. Some are directly through the company, and some are reimbursement type plans that let you pick your own options or even sources. In many cases, you’ll find options in your employee benefits plans that help cover some of the insurance needs mentioned above.

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Job Search – 7 Career Links Hot off the Presses!

Career Alley

Career Search Database – This is site is a career and job search database and guide. There are tabs at the top for exploring careers (there is a list of common careers center page, click any career for more info, followed by some articles on the topic), Salaries and Benefits (by career type), Job Search (lots of great resources here), Resumes and Interviews (types of resumes, checklists, power words and more) followed by Education & Training and Careers.

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8 Career Related Articles You Will Want to Read

Career Alley

I get regular emails from my readers suggesting career or job search related articles. Some of this stuff you would learn the hard way (which can be painful and hurt your career prospects). 8 Great Careers for Older Workers – We will all get there some day (older that is). I’ve been there for awhile (now looking for careers for ancient workers). This article is posted by Businessinsurance.org and provides some great ideas for that next career.

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Who’s Your Dream Employer and Why?

Catherines Career Corner

Well, all you have to do is look at the Employee Benefits page. Written by Catherine Adenle I am a tad envious of the employees in Google. Ok, why? According to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, “The goal is to strip away [.].

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Who Is Your Dream Employer and Why?

Catherines Career Corner

Well, all you have to do is look at the Employee Benefits page. [.]. appeared first on Catherine's Career Corner. If you had a magic wand and you could pick any employer of your choice to work for, who would you pick? So, who is your dream employer and why? By Catherine Adenle. I am a tad envious of the employees in Google. Ok, why? The post Who Is Your Dream Employer and Why? Related posts: Be a Superstar Job Seeker! How to Find The Job You Are Looking For.

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Top 10 Reasons Why it is important to Discuss Your Career Before Marriage

Ms. Career Girl

Discuss your life goals, thoughts on children, finances, and most importantly – your career. Your career will shape much of your life. That’s why we’re looking at 10 pieces of relationship advice for discussing your career before saying “I do.”

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Don’t Let Fear Stall Your Career – Four Don’ts and What to Do About Them 

Ms. Career Girl

She settles down into the chair across from me, ready to discuss the state of her career. I don’t do planning.”. Advancing your career means embarking on a discovery mission to figure out what dream you want to pursue, the skills, steps, and political buy-in needed to get there, and who will help you along the way. What are the four “don’ts” that can undermine your career, and what can you do about them? Careers cannot be advanced without help. Career Girl.

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“You expect me to believe THAT??!!

Sklover Working Wisdom

New Workplace Benefit: Freezing Your Eggs. Earlier this year both Apple and Facebook began offering to their employees a new workplace benefit: freezing human eggs. The benefit is, quite naturally, offered only to female employees. What’s behind this rather intimate – and some say intrusive – benefit? Company spokespersons have characterized it as providing assistance in what is often called “career planning and “work–life balance.”

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Top 6 Do’s & Don’ts When Creating Your CV

Career Alley

At the same time, you need to be able to construct a sense of your professional identity and career plan. This information might include everything from old jobs that were part time or temporary and have no impact on your current career plans, through to work experience and other experiences. For example, a charity job application will benefit by expanding on voluntary experience and skills that you can adapt into a professional position.

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How To Find A Job: When There Are No Jobs.

Resume Bear

Paul Rega, is a veteran recruiter with over twenty-seven years of job hunting and career planning experience. Paul shares his vast knowledge of career planning and the job search process with hundreds of proven and effective job search techniques including, how to properly market your background, interviewing skills, network building strategies, effective use of headhunters, salary and benefits negotiation and much more.

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Brand New Year. New Personal Brand?

Executive Career Brand

is a post from: Executive Career Brand. While you’re working on those resolutions, why not also take stock of your personal brand and brand messaging, to be sure they’re aligned with your career plans for this year. Times being what they are, you never know when a new job opportunity, a possible career change, or even a layoff may come your way. If you’re ready for a change, it’s time to do some research and plan a new career path.

How to Get Your Boss to Pay for Your Master’s Degree


Are you ready to take your career to the next level with a graduate degree? Decide what degree you want and what your career plan is post-degree. If you can explain why you think a particular course of study will benefit your career, you’ll have a much better chance of getting your employer to foot the bill. Sell Your Boss on the Benefit to the Company. Career Advice

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Do the Latest Job Numbers Mean the Economy is Turning Around?

Careers Done Write

Some of the rate improvement was related to people leaving the workforce, either due to benefits running out or those giving up until after the end of year - this means that when the Ball drops the rate might start to climb again. Your perseverance, commitment to your career plan, and desire will enable you to realize career success. The most recent job numbers just came out and on the surface they look great - but is the reality as good as the first glance shows?

Finishing Finals Without A Job? Here’s What To Do Next

Ms. Career Girl

Yet as celebrations come to the end, the future can look incredibly daunting if you don’t already have a plan set in place. Here are some steps you should take and things you ought to consider if you’ve just graduated, but don’t yet have a job or career-plan lined up. These thoughts could culminate in 3 or 4 different careers you want to pursue further, or may focus in on one path immediately. Career Girl.

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How to Get the Career You Want And Deserve! Five Steps to Identify Your Skills

Career Alley

Effective career planning takes time and it should start well before job changes are imminent so that career moves are through choice and not just a reaction to circumstances. Successful career management depends on a firm foundation of realistic planning based on good decisions. Write how you or others benefited and anything else that springs to mind. Careers

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Promising 2011 Careers that Match Your Personality

Career Key

This practical, promising 2011 careers list from career guidance leader Career Key shows you how to match your personality to livingwage (or better) careers that make sense in today’s economy. Holland’s Theory of Career Choice is one of the most widely used and respected career choicetheories used by professional career counselors. It’s time for us to choose more promising careers…. What is a “promising” career?

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?? 15 Savvy Reasons To Temp Between Jobs


As I had just received my Bachelor's of Science in computer science, this temp job seemingly had nothing to do with my tech career plans. Some benefits of temping that I should have considered… 1) Improved odds. A little income is better than none and some countries allow you to take temp jobs while still receiving unemployment benefits. A temp job can let you try out a new career direction, especially for people who aren't sure what their profession should be.

Are you working with a headhunter yet?

Career Alley

CareerAlley Career advice, job search advice and job search site reviews Comments By Email Posts Jobs powered by Simply Hired « When Worlds Collide Practical Tips for Climbing the Career Ladder » Are you working with a headhunter yet? As the old saying goes, “If you don’t manage your career, it will manage you.&# In case you haven’t realized it, strategic career planning and implementation is a full-time job, in of itself.

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Professional Social Networking

Career Alley

When we find ourselves in times like these, when unemployment is high, people are prolonging retirement, and students continue to graduate into an unstable economy, it’s important that we realize the benefit of using these social networking websites. Britania Starr is a content writer for College.com , and enjoys writing about education and career planning. Career advice Careers Guest Post Job Hunting Job Search Networking Advice Career Advisor Job Advice Jobs Jobs Find

Ask Deb – Professional Branding Strategies for Executives

Careers Done Write

Many people leave this to chance and forget to plan ahead. As with the marketing of any product, you need to identify the selling points, features, benefits, etc. One of the ways we can help at CDW is by providing you with a Professional Branding Profile you can use for developing brand-oriented, market-driven themes in all correspondence, verbal messaging, interviews, networking, and career planning and activities. Dear Debra, Q.

She Works Hard for the Money: How to Put Your Education to Work for You

Ms. Career Girl

Here’s a truth nugget that will surprise no one: sometimes things don’t go the way we hope or plan for. Job application experts often cite research that proves, “employees with access to better benefits packages experience higher job satisfaction, miss fewer workdays, and are less likely to resign.” Here are a couple examples to showcase how you can put your education to work for you — regardless of whether your plans and career path change. Career Girl.

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The rhetorical triangle and the job search process « Career Brander

Career Brander

Career Brander Blog About Career Brander « Branch Out your Job Search Job Search Data & Career Branding Tips » The rhetorical triangle and the job search process Published November 17, 2010 Uncategorized 1 Comment Tags: job search process , job search strategy , job search advice , rhetorical triangle , job application process The Rhetorical Triangle from a Job Seeker’s Perspective As a writer, one of my biggest responsibilities is to the rhetorical triangle.

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How to Get the Career You Want And Deserve! Five Steps to Identify Your Skills

Career Alley

Effective career planning takes time and it should start well before job changes are imminent so that career moves are through choice and not just a reaction to circumstances. Successful career management depends on a firm foundation of realistic planning based on good decisions. Write how you or others benefited and anything else that springs to mind. Related posts: Reading the Map: 6 Careers That Let You Show Off Your Topography Skills. Careers

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Two (or More) Job Opportunities? – 18 Elements of Comparison – [Part 1 of 2]

Sklover Working Wisdom

Without her reaching out, she was contacted by a recruiter with a very intriguing opportunity, with (a) better salary, (b) but lower bonus opportunity, (c) greater retirement benefits, but (d) later retirement age, (e) a new, exciting product line to market, but (f) a small marketing budget that gave her limited discretion. It involved first identifying, and then weighing, her personal values, career planning, life goals and difficult choices.

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