How Data Skills Benefit More Than Your Career

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However, the benefits of data skills should not just be limited to how they help you in your career. With that in mind, it is worthwhile to dive into the ways that data science skills are likely to benefit you overall. Beyond just the benefits of having a data science background at work, there are numerous benefits that tie into your personal life too. They also rarely consider the harsh chemical leaching that lithium batteries do as they decompose in landfills.

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The Best Paid Engineering Degrees

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Chemical Engineering. A Chemical engineering degree leads to a very promising salary. Chemical engineering graduates can expect to earn a starting salary of around £38,000, which should then rise to around £70,000 mid career. The role is very diverse, it may involve researching, manufacturing, modifying and designing a diverse range of chemical concepts and principles. Chemical engineers are in demand and it is a highly successful career path.

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New Expatriate Request: “Pollution Perq’s”

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Eight Popular “Bad Air Benefits”. It’s a new kind of employee benefits commonly referred to as “Pollution Perq’s” or “Bad Air Benefits.” . Leaving the Children at Home – Without a doubt, the most common “bad air benefit” being requested and being provided is an accommodation to permit the Expat employee to leave the children at home to prevent any possibility of harm to growing children. Fresh air impoverishes the doctor.”. Proverb.

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

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I recently heard a sermon about the many benefits that laughter has on health, social relations, spirituality and even business. Did you know that laughter lowers blood pressure and produces chemicals that protect your heart? “Laughter: (n.) When a smile has an orgasm.”. Unknown. That sharing a laugh with others makes you more attractive as a friend, colleague and client? That you can’t laugh without smiling, too?

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We’re pleased to offer another new “Model Letter”:

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To Unemployment Authorities – Explaining Resignation was Involuntary; Benefits Should Not Be Denied. Reasons for this include aggressive harassment, children at home with disabilities, toxic workplaces (chemical or emotional), even illegal business practices. Even though resigning from a job usually makes you ineligible for Unemployment Benefits, resigning “involuntarily” for these and similar reasons should not.

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Help Your Wallet and the Environment With These 5 Cleaning Ideas

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The way this quick clean happens, though, is with harsh chemicals that are equally as bad for you, the user, as they are for the environment. You’ll find that you won’t need to buy strong chemicals again, and your home will look shiny and new in no time. It’s easy to think that if you wash away chemicals after you clean, you aren’t hurting the environment, but that’s actually not true.

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5 Tips for Relieving Pain the Natural Way

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All while learning a lifelong skill that offers ample lifestyle benefits. There are numerous health benefits of cannabis , particularly when it comes to pain management. THC resembles the natural cannabinoid chemicals that exist in your body. Although Western research attests to its benefits, it’s still largely unclear how this ancient Chinese practice achieves its feats. Pain is an unwelcome visitor for anyone experiencing it.

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Here’s How Phone Addiction Could Be Affecting Your Career and Your Life

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This means you’re literally creating (or for many, have already created) a chemical addiction to the experience of using your phone. There are obviously numerous benefits to having a smartphone. The struggle comes with diagnosing when it’s becoming more of a detriment than a benefit. The invention of the cell phone revolutionized life as we know it.

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Simple Ways To Practice Prenatal Self Care

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Yoga has fantastic health benefits for mind and body, and a prenatal yoga class is worth going to. Be careful with certain dyes and chemicals, though, and be sure to inform your hairstylist of your pregnancy. Pregnancy can be a stressful time. You’ve got doctor appointments to attend, ultrasounds, scans, and check-ups.

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Reasons Why Cotton is the Smart Clothing Choice

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Synthetic fabrics are treated with chemicals so they can irritate the skin, especially if they’re absorbed into the body. Comfort, health, and durability are some of the most common benefits of wearing cotton on your body. Clothing is our most valuable accessory. It allows us to express our individuality while keeping us comfortable during the seasons. Clothing is an incredibly personal choice, and one of the most important ones we can make.

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Does Medical Marijuana Stop or Slow Cancer Cells from Spreading?

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CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) are two chemicals who have been studied the most. Whatever way you want to do it, there are proven benefits from using medical marijuana. For centuries, cannabis has been used in herbal remedies. Marijuana has many biologically active components which scientists have been able to identify. Cannabinoids is the name given to these compounds.

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7 Real Reasons to Have More Sex

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Studies show that sexually active people have health benefits that carry them into their later years,” offers Dr. Sieveking. Another powerful chemical DHEA is released during orgasm. This “superhero chemical” balances the immune system and helps to repair tissue. The post 7 Real Reasons to Have More Sex appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. So we all know the obvious reasons for turning up the frequency on our passion-filled trysts.

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Engineering the Right Career Move

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In addition to disciplines that focus on specific industries, such as aerospace, biomedicine, chemicals and plastics, nuclear, and petroleum, engineering also encompasses other disciplines that have application across a wide variety of industries. Against the backdrop of America’s still-fragile recovery from the Great Recession of 2007-2009, one career field seems to be outpacing most others.

Spring Cleaning Your Office Desk


A clean environment comes along with many benefits, including: better organization, better health and an overall positive feeling. An added bonus is that it is chemical free (it’s good to be green!) Your desk is a germaphobe’s nightmare. Interesting, considering your home is spotless and your car is shined to the max. Yet, for some strange reason, you let the place where you spend the majority of your time go to hell.

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Is Caffeine Boosting or Sabotaging Your Productivity?

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While there are some fantastic benefits to consuming coffee, there are also some downsides that could be sabotaging your productivity rather than boosting it. . Caffeine causes adrenaline to be produced which is a chemical in your brain that leads to the instinct of fight or flight. . Caffeine can provide you with some fantastic productivity and energy-boosting benefits.

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“Not Feeling Well Enough to Work? – 13 Workplace Options (Part 2 of 2)”

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Some suggest that it is attributable to the many chemicals in our food, water and environment. To qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, an employee must first have worked in jobs covered by Social Security. Severance can serve the same function as a paid leave of absence: provide time to recuperate while still receiving income and, possibly, benefits. “Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.”. - Mark Twain .

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Exercising For Good Health: The Real Reasons To Get Moving In 2017

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Exercise is an important contributor to weight loss, but this is not its only benefit. Being active has incredible health benefits for everyone. Most people automatically think of the physical benefits of exercise when they take up a new training regime. Serotonin , a chemical, which is responsible for regulating your mood, is released, and this makes you feel more content. Physical activity is also a proven stress-buster , which has several important benefits.

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10 Reasons for Considering a Career in Food Technology

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3. Financial benefits. This is great news for food technicians, as their nutritional and chemical insight means they are perfectly equipped to help manufacturers produce food that consumers will want to eat, meaning they can capitalise on this growing trend. Food technology is arguably one of the most important areas of food science that examines the actual production methods used to create the food we eat in as safe a manner as possible.

Why Mushrooms Are Important For Our Health AND Our Environment

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Because mushrooms will absorb all that is around them, and the soil they are in, you must be sure to eat organic mushrooms to avoid ingesting toxins and chemicals. Aside from all of the amazing benefits that mushrooms can offer us (and we are only just scratching the surface), they are very simply put, delicious. The post Why Mushrooms Are Important For Our Health AND Our Environment appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The following is a guest post by Mia Russo Stern.

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4 Things Happy People Do (& You Should Too)

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The Science: Dopamine, the “happy chemical”, is released when you exercise. You can get these benefits without being a body-builder; exercising for just 20 minutes each morning is the most effective way to get the associated happiness boost. The post 4 Things Happy People Do (& You Should Too) appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you?

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More Than Style – Why Fashion Is Starting To Shift Toward Sustainability

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Hide-based fabrics (leather and suede) are also problematic, contributing to global warming through animal pollutants, the aforementioned deforestation and chemical processing. Some benefits of using bamboo include its quick growth cycle, its oxygen generation capacity, and its lesser reliance on large sums of water.

A Small Step for Me – A Big One for the Society

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Those who devote their life to the science of do-gooding have proved that performing, or even just imagining that you’re performing a good deed can have great psychological benefits for both the recipient and giver. Namely, researches have proven that an act of kindness releases oxytocin , the same chemical that surges when you pet a puppy or hold a baby. It lowers your blood pressure and benefits your heart. They say that if you do good, you feel good.

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10 More Reasons You Should Exercise Regularly


“ Prevent cognitive decline … Working out, especially between age 25 and 45, boosts the chemicals in the brain that support and prevent degeneration of the hippocampus, an important part of the brain for memory and learning.” ” (from 13 Unexpected Benefits of Exercise ). from Exercise: 7 benefits of regular physical activity ). Which benefit are you feeling most? You know you should do it, and your job search is a great time to do it.

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Hello, Superstar! Super-Easy Ways to be Successful Every Day

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If the weather permits, sit outdoors – fresh air and sunshine cause your body to release serotonin, which is the chemical that makes you feel happy. If you’re one of those people for whom the idea of doing anything intellectual before 9am seems horrifying, you can still get the same benefits by passively listening to an interesting podcast or reading an inspiring book. The post Hello, Superstar! Super-Easy Ways to be Successful Every Day appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

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Your Mobile Phone is Your Best Workplace Flu Prevention Strategy


It seems fitting that employee annual benefits renewal happens just as the flu season ramps up. I’d sit the break room fielding employee healthcare questions while my employees would cough, sniffle and hold back their sneezes just long enough to make their benefit changes. That first year in HR I came down with a serious case of Strep Throat just after annual employee benefit enrollment period wrapped up.

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The Art of Assertiveness

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And the physical and chemical effects of proper breathing can be huge. It’s a great read to expand on the benefits of curiosity. The post The Art of Assertiveness appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. As humans, we are uniquely social creatures. Much of our lives are built around the relationships and communications we have with others. And the artful use of assertiveness is critical to those relationships and communications.

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My Love – Hate Relationship With French Fries

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Women may get even better benefits as B6 helps prevent bloating, menopause, and hormonal swings during the monthly cycle. According to the Agricultural Research Service in Navarre, potato skins are packed with 60 phyto-chemicals, many of these are flavonoids which help lower bad cholesterol and keep arteries clear. The post My Love – Hate Relationship With French Fries appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. I pride myself with being a healthy eater.

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Working Too Hard Can Increase Your Risk of Depression


Natural feel good chemicals make people feel good, and the better and we feel the more likely we are to be productive and focused and got more stuff done that also makes us feel good. Instead of chipping away at the day without a plan, most people benefit from working in uninterrupted bursts with scheduled break times. Whether or not to you tend to enjoy work, most people would agree that working too hard can get the best of you.

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5 Advantages to Using an Office Chair Mat

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While the appeal of an office chair mat is in the aesthetic that it provides, they also provide a slew of practical benefits. This benefit can help you to multitask more efficiently and effectively. This office mat is 100% recyclable and does not contain any toxic or harmful chemicals. 5 Advantages to Using an Office Chair Mat. Office chair mats are one of the most important additions and elements in any home or work office.

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30 Thriving Careers Your Children Should Consider

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Pharmacist : Pharmacists are a part of the growing health care field that will benefit from great careers in the future. They create simulations that allow risks and benefits to be weighed while working in a virtual environment, good for several different types of research and development projects. Geochemist : Now and in the future, geochemists provide information about chemicals found in rocks.

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What Industry and Where You Live Helps in Finding a Job!

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The state is also benefiting from a pickup in tourist and industries unrelated to housing. The expansion is benefiting industries that are heavy consumers of natural gas – like fertilizers, chemicals plastics, steel and glass. Much like the uneven recovery that is slowly pulling the U.S. economy out of a deep recession, your chances of finding job depend a lot on where you live and what industry you’re hoping to work for.

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my employee thinks coronavirus is a hoax

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I’m worried about him continuing to travel but not reporting it as required by company policy, as he is a part-time employee without benefits and his required quarantine time after that kind of travel would be unpaid (so a weekend trip to a hotspot, which he does frequently, would become two full weeks without a paycheck because his job requires him to be in the office). A reader writes: One of my employees has been vocal about the coronavirus being a hoax.

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The Emerging Digital Recruiting Challenge


At the time, I was managing quality at a major chemical producer that supplied the textiles and automotive industries. Sites like Glassdoor provide ratings from employees on their work environment, benefits, salary, etc. I believe the advent of the Internet along with the subsequent continued advances in connection speed, infrastructure improvement, and social tool capability is having a profound effect on corporations and society on par with the industrial revolution.

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Women should not bother negotiating salary

Penelope Trunk

You can’t make a woman get excited about something her brain chemically does not care about. When male CEOs have kids, women benefit, according to a paper presented at the American Economics Association. In a survey of graduating professional students, Linda Babcock, of Carnegie Mellon University, found that only seven per cent of women attempted to negotiate their initial offers, while fifty-seven per cent of the men did so.

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2 Job Interviewing Secrets You Must Know Now!

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But you can use non-verbal messages to your benefit. Cuddy shares studies that show simply sitting or standing in one of these “power poses” increases your testosterone and lowers your cortisol levels, bathing your brain with chemicals that make you feel more optimistic, more assertive and less anxious. And this chemical change happens quickly. Everybody knows the warning about the “limp handshake.”

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Practitioner Spotlight: Robin Schooling


I’ve worked in a variety of industries including gaming, health care, non-profit social services, logistics (petro-chemical industry), and banking. I found that I enjoyed the foundational aspects of HR (employment law, benefits, EEO/AA, etc.) Each week Blogging4Jobs will start highlighting current, former, or retired practitioners who are shaking things up in the HR space. Know someone deserving of being highlighted? Fill out our form. . Practitioner Spotlight: Robin Schooling.

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“Can information such as a client list – names and phone numbers that can be found online and in public records – be considered trade secrets?”

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Question: Can information such as a client list – names and phone numbers, that can be found online and in public records – be considered trade secrets? . Petersburg, Florida. Answer: Dear Liza: The way you posed your question, I almost said “No,” but after a careful rereading I realized the correct answer is “Yes.” Let me explain: . Most people assume that “publicly available” information cannot be a trade secret; they may be right or wrong.

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“Not Feeling Well Enough to Work? – 13 Workplace Options (Part 1 of 2)”

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Some suggest that it is attributable to the many chemicals in our food, water and environment. . Eligibility : As to eligibility for STD depends on both state laws and on company policies: commonly – but not always – employees need to be employed (a) for six months (or similar period), and (b) for at least 30 hours (or some other number) of weeks per year, before being considered eligible for Short Term Disability benefits. . “Be careful about reading health books.

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“Not Feeling Well Enough to Work? – 13 Workplace Options (Part 1 of 2)”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Some suggest that it is attributable to the many chemicals in our food, water and environment. Eligibility : As to eligibility for STD depends on both state laws and on company policies: commonly – but not always – employees need to be employed (a) for six months (or similar period), and (b) for at least 30 hours (or some other number) of weeks per year, before being considered eligible for Short Term Disability benefits. “Be careful about reading health books.

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Career Catalyst - The Fitness Factor Behind Success in Business and Life

Guerrilla Job Hunting

Lunch breaks are another opportunity to reap the benefits of work – why not get the exercise out of the way during your workday instead of reading an outdated magazine in the break room? "There are mounds of research showing the broad benefits of regular exercise, but most Americans still resist. Harvard psychiatry professor Dr. John Ratey , reports that physical activity boosts Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), a chemical associated with brain growth.

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Avoid, If You Can, The “Obsolete Job” Trap

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Because of the increasing presence of chemicals in our daily lives, it might mean eating more food grown organically. Many services that require human interaction are being transferred to lower-wage, lower-benefit locales in the name of “productivity.” “My father worked for the same firm for twelve years. They fired him. They replaced him with a tiny gadget, this big. It does everything my father did, only much better.

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Should Your Company Sign the White House’s Equal Pay Pledge?


In announcing the Pledge, the White House pointed to research that shows that closing the pay gap will “boost productivity and benefit our economy.” The White House’s Equal Pay Pledge, which commits companies to taking immediate action to address the gender pay gap was signed by 28 companies: Accenture, Airbnb, Amazon, American Airlines, BCG, Buffer,, CEB, Cisco, Deloitte, the Dow Chemical Company, Expedia, Inc.,

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Pregnant? When, How, and What to Tell Your Boss

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Certain activities – such as heavy lifting, exposure to toxic chemicals, and lengthy air travel – will almost surely become necessary to avoid. Once you have given notice of pregnancy to your boss, you can then openly ask HR for all pregnancy- and maternity-related policies, benefits and services. “ It’s a great thing about being pregnant –. You don’t need excuses to pee or to eat.”. – Angelina Jolie.

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