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“Waterfall Distribution” – What’s That? The Private Equity Pitch to Employees

Sklover Working Wisdom

The Private Equity Pitch to Employees. “In The “Private Equity Pitch” to Employees: More and more employees are finding their employers being purchased by Private Equity investors. It “just” requires commitment, lower salaries, diminished benefits, and a whole lot of blind faith.

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“Umbrella Negotiating” – Best Response to Private Equity “Hurricane Tactics”

Sklover Working Wisdom

After three generations of family ownership, during which the staff grew from two to 150, the grandchildren-owners received an inquiry from a Private Equity firm about their interest in possibly purchasing the company. Pretty soon, the Private Equity firm, their lawyers and their accountants began reviewing the company’s financial records, bank statements, leases, employment agreements, all as part of their “due diligence,” upon which their formal “offer” would be based.

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Long Term Incentive Compensation: 10 Basic Concepts

Sklover Working Wisdom

Frankly, we expected that Kathy, as a Human Resources professional, would have – or should have – known about the basic mechanisms of her long-term incentive compensation. Nor are the problems derived from Benefits and Compensation failing to provide our clients with all necessary calculations. Let’s take a few minutes to make sure you understand the basic concepts of long-term incentive compensation: 1. Equity ” – “Equity” is a rather broad concept.

“How does an offer of ‘equity’ from an employer work?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Question: I am being made an offer from a company owned by a “Private Equity” firm. They have said the offer will include “equity” – which is new to me. Equity” refers to an ownership interest in a company. If the company is a corporation, the “equity” may be in stock, stock options, or other kinds of ownership interests. If the company is a limited liability company, the “equity” may be in membership units.

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“Private Equity Buying Your Employer? Resist These 11 Employment Negotiation Tactics”

Sklover Working Wisdom

ACTUAL “CASE HISTORIES ”: For many years I have counseled and negotiated on behalf of employees when their employers (a) are being purchased by Private Equity investors, (b) are owned by Private Equity investors, and (c) are being sold by Private Equity investors. I’ve also represented employees being recruited to work for Private Equity-owned employers, commonly referred to as Private Equity “Portfolio Companies.”. Benefit Reductions and Compensation Redesign.

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“What happens to my employee equity if the company is sold or IPO’d?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Question : I was fascinated about your bright explanation of equity plans in your newsletter entitled “ Long Term Incentive Compensation: 10 Basic Concepts.” First, carefully review your Equity Plan, or have someone do so for you. The first step in your analysis of what happens to your equity is “What does the Equity Plan say, if anything, about this circumstance?” Usually what happens upon a sale of the company is covered in an Equity Plan, but not always.

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Offer Letter or Company Plan – Which One Governs?

Sklover Working Wisdom

When Lemuel insisted on an explanation, she responded, “Your Offer Letter stated clearly ‘Your compensation consists of a base salary, an annual bonus and health care coverage. No other compensation is being offered to you. To receive any additional form of compensation, you and an authorized representative of the Company and you must sign another document that provides that to you.”. It said, “You get salary, bonus and health insurance, and nothing else.”

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RSU’s: Restricted Stock Units – 8 Essential Insights

Sklover Working Wisdom

The salary, bonus and benefits she was offered by each were considerable. In recent years, we’ve helped a significant number of employees who were offered or granted employee compensation in the form of “Restricted Stock Units” (“RSU’s,” for short.) Some of our clients have been very pleased with the significant compensation they have achieved through grants of Restricted Stock Units. “The large print giveth and the small print taketh away.”. – Tom Waits.

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Offered a Position and Shares in a Start-Up? – 10 Traps in the Legal Papers, and Your Ways Out

Sklover Working Wisdom

On a salary lower than he was used to, and minimal benefits, he built quite a powerhouse in just a few years. As part of the compensation package, they are offering me shares or units in the new or young company. It is not easy because lawyers for business founders or owners – particularly “Private Equity” owners, almost always make it difficult, and intentionally so. “The spirit of our verbal agreement was true partnership, but.

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“When laid off, can I get my unvested options vested?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

I am currently employed by a large tech company and I have received equity compensation throughout my tenure. Some of this equity has yet to vest. My experience is that a great many “equity” plans provide for continued vesting so long as the employee is terminated without cause, and the employee does not compete directly or share confidential informatio n. By “equity” I refer to stock, stock options and other securities of a company. Question: Hi, Alan.

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interviewer wants to know my current salary (with an update already included!)

Ask a Manager

At my first phone interview, they told me the salary range — about 30%-50% above what I’m paid now. I knew my salary at my current company was low, and so I was very excited to talk to a company that wasn’t asking my current salary. Today, they asked for my “current compensation and bonus payout history. My pay has gone up based on a percentage of my (low) salary, even as I’ve taken on more responsibility. happy endings salary

FMLA – Great Tool to E-x-t-e-n-d Employment

Sklover Working Wisdom

Aquilino, Margaret and Kevin each spoke to their family members’ therapists, doctors and health care providers, who in each case were willing to certify that each of their respective loved ones would benefit by having him or her spend more time with their loved one. In general, a FMLA leave of absence is unpaid, but employee benefits should continue during your leave. “ The cure for anger is delay.”. – Seneca.

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Affirm Is Defining A New Remote-First Work Culture

Career Realism

Affirm went all in on this change, which included a drastic shift in the benefits the company offers to employees. The new compensation structure aligns to a state's highest-paid major city, metro, or state average, determined by using cost of labor data.

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how to answer job candidates’ questions about salary when I don’t have a range to provide

Ask a Manager

During these phases, we are not provided any information with regard to salary. Generally speaking, we determine salary based on an individual assessment of the position, the finalist’s skills and abilities, and the current market. What I can tell you is we are aware of the salary requirement you listed in your initial application and have continued to move forward with interviewing you as a serious candidate. Talk to your CEO about how he’s handling salaries.

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How to Eliminate YOUR Gender Pay Gap

Ms. Career Girl

And we have fewer advocates at work, which leads to less promotions and less salary increases. Be sure to look at your career not just from a compensation standpoint, but from a quality of life perspective, as well. Decide on your compensation “package.”. Compensation comes in more forms than just salary, so consider negotiating for a package that includes not only salary, but other benefits your company provides that are of value to you.

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How To Evaluate a Job Offer

Career Alley

Now back to that offer you received, is the compensation package in line with expectations? Is the salary competitive? What is the overtime or compensated time off policy? What are the benefits? How does the compensation package compare to the industry? Salaries may be structured to offer an equity piece or bonuses. If you choose to negotiate the pay or benefits, the more research you have done, the better you can present your case.

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Closing Candidates: A How-To in a Hot Job Market

Career Alley

This candidate, who was directly recruited out of her organization, had to choose from one of four offers – all with a 10% increase in base salary and a significant equity component. In a hot market, companies have to get creative when closing candidates so they may decide to offer more (either in base, OTE or equity) to excite their prospective employee. What is your currently salary?

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Two (or More) Job Opportunities? – 18 Elements of Comparison – [Part 1 of 2]

Sklover Working Wisdom

Without her reaching out, she was contacted by a recruiter with a very intriguing opportunity, with (a) better salary, (b) but lower bonus opportunity, (c) greater retirement benefits, but (d) later retirement age, (e) a new, exciting product line to market, but (f) a small marketing budget that gave her limited discretion. Base Salary. I am certain that I do not have to remind you of the importance that base salary will play in your job opportunity comparison.

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“Give 90 days resignation notice or repay bonuses – Is that legal?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

It is, indeed, legal for employers to require employees to agree to repayment conditions (such as this one) on bonus, commission or equity compensation. Employers are free to set conditions upon employees’ participation in bonus programs, equity programs, commission programs, and benefit programs. This is the way the law looks at it: the employee is free to say, “No thanks, I’d rather not be required to give notice; I just won’t take a bonus, or equity, or commissions.”

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“Side Letter” – Use to Amend “Standard” or “Existing” Agreements

Sklover Working Wisdom

But, today (a) your salary was raised, (b) your title was elevated, and (c) your target annual target bonus was raised from 65% of salary to 75%. Have an existing Offer Letter or Employment Agreement that is now out of date due to salary raise, title improvement of other point?

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Do You Have What It Takes To Work For A Startup Company?

Tim's Strategy

Can you afford a reduced salary? A new company needs to keep spending down, so even if you’re great at salary negotiations , your compensation will almost certainly be less than you’d get in a bigger company. On the upside, there is usually equity that might be worth a lot in a few years, but that won’t pay your bills next month and there are no guarantees. Would you consider working for equity? How important are benefits to you?

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Promise Received at Work? Ask These Two Critical Questions

Sklover Working Wisdom

Without her seeking it, one of the company’s vendors made her a job offer with greater compensation and a clear career path to executive level responsibilities. retention bonus” totaling almost one half of her full-year salary. Want to Ask for Equity from Private Equity or other Private Owners? Use our “ Model Letter for Requesting Management Equity from Private Equity or Other Private Owners. “People with good intentions make promises.

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Millennials Aren’t Special – They Just Have Great Timing


I saw a chart the other day illustrating research that found Millennials want access to the Internet, ability to work from home, meaningful work, promotional opportunities and a good salary. Another report claims Millennials are unique because of the things they look for in employers, and that list includes cultural fit, career potential, work/life balance, compensation, challenging environment, company mission and innovation.

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11 Commandments For Smart Negotiating

Resume Bear

ResumeBear Featured Jobs Support Job Trends Salary Trends Contact Us Email Posts Resumebear Online Resume ResumeBear Online Resume Builder Resume Delivery Resume Tracking Featured Government Jobs Resume & Cover Letter Tips Interview Tips 11 Commandments For Smart Negotiating 13. These market conditions provide a great opportunity to negotiate an excellent compensation package, but only if you understand how. Are you comfortable with a low salary and a large equity stake?

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How to Attract Top Talent in a Competitive Market

Corn on the Job

After all, you can’t expect to be able to compete for the best candidates if you don’t offer the type, and level, of compensation that potential hires value. While many CEOs and business owners may think it’s all about salary levels, in actual fact, all-star candidates can often be lured with other types of perks.

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“Garden Leave’s Little Secret: It is Not Very Enforceable”

Sklover Working Wisdom

As we do for all of our clients, we asked Carolyn to send to our office all of her “workplace papers,” including offer letter, all agreements signed, employee handbook and benefit and equity plans and agreements, for review prior to our consultation. . During that period we will pay your salary and provide benefits, but not accrued vacation, sick days or bonus. Here’s 18 Smart Steps to Guide You. Complexity (at work) has opened a great divide between.

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“Your Best Time to Beat a Non-Compete”

Sklover Working Wisdom

By this I mean (i) salary, (ii) bonus opportunity, (iii) possibility of equity, (iv) title, vacation and the like. And employers know that, too; they typically note only the rewards of salary, bonus, title, benefits, equity, vacation, car, etc. When do various benefits start? “The wise are betrayed only once.”. - German Proverb.

When Leaving Your Job, How to Take Your Colleagues With You

Sklover Working Wisdom

Martina’s job was to create a “culture of innovation,” to the benefit of all, which she did with passion and success. A Powerful Way to Motivate Others to Join You is to Offer Them “Equity”: Perhaps the best way to motivate colleagues to consider transitioning either with you or after you have done so is to offer them “equity,” that is, a chance to have some sort of “stake” in the product of their future efforts, in some shape, form or fashion. Unemployment Benefits AA.

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“How should I ask for a retention bonus?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

The new position is of a senior level and higher salary. . The lesson is this: In proposing a retention bonus or agreement to your employer, you should first emphasize (a) why it would be in the interests of the employer, and, then (b) what benefit will come about to the employer if it offers the retention bonus. Third, while the improved position and compensation do sound attractive, they are not guaranteed in any way.

2013 116

Google's 10% Raise: We Don't Care About Our Employees

Evil HR Lady

People are not leaving due to lack of money (though he isn't on the high end and I think he's underpaid even with this 10%) or lack of recognition or benefits. Does this mean that every single across the board increase in compensation should be treated this way? Doesn't the base salary already reflect the value of an employee's contributions? I don't know why the merit and equity increases sound like they have been switched, but that's what we have.

2010 109

How To Recruit On LinkedIn, Fast, Without Breaking The Bank


Here is an example of a data-driven title that people appreciate: $180K + Equity + Mountain View, CA + Principal Software Engineer + Full Benefits + VISA Sponsor. 87 percent of people who accept the InMail are interested in discussing the role because it already satisfies their core requirements, which could be salary, could be location, title, benefits, visa sponsorship. 180K + Equity + Mountain View, CA + Principal Software Engineer + Full Benefits + VISA Sponsor.

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fast answer Friday — 6 short answers to 6 short questions

Ask A Manager

I was told that there would be no equity/stocks or options as my compensation, only the basics salary, med, 401. But it doesn’t sound like you’d already discussed salary, only benefits, and being acquired doesn’t mean that they’ll necessarily be offering equity now (in fact, it might be less likely). It’s fast answer Friday — six short answers to six short questions. Here we go… 1.

2013 57

can my company make me stay home with a cold, leaving a job for grad school, and more

Ask a Manager

The thing is, I’m pretty much the only employee who isn’t salaried. I get paid hourly through the temp agency and have no benefits or PTO. If they include announcements of increased parental leave and pay equity policies, then sure, that sounds good.

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updates from letter writers (the nude sauna, the aggressive dog, and more)

Ask a Manager

How do I withdraw my application over low salary without burning a bridge ? (#3 And, my manager recently told me that whole situation has sparked some internal conversations about compensation and benefits and how the company can better attract and retain qualified hires! Since writing my first letter, I’ve taken on a new business partner who will receive more shares in the business based on sweat equity.

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Frugality is a career tool | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

Penelope Trunk

It encompasses making a calculated risk-benefit analysis and acting accordingly. Is this your first time here? About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog Frugality is a career tool Posted to: Money February 1st, 2010 Digg Reddit StumbleUpon Tweet This Facebook I have earned a lot of money in my life. But I have never had an extravagant life. I don’t own a house. I’ve never bought a new car.

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is allowing smoke breaks unfair to non-smokers? — Ask a Manager

Ask A Manager

Of course it’s completely different for a salaried professional position. Petty as it may be, if you’re being paid to work and follow those notorious rules, you shouldn’t be compensated to boldly break them day in and day out. I would like the idea of creating equity and allowing it, but people just don’t need to make phone calls or step out for air nearly as often as these people need cigarettes!

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