“Your Best Time to Beat a Non-Compete”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Her Creative Director turned out to be as close to a psychopath as a person could be, despite the fact that the Creative Director was quite warm and personable during all of Geraldine’s interviews. . They were in the business of “hats to shoes,” and everything in between, making Geraldine’s non-compete agreement quite a problem. . And, too, every recruiter and employer asked the same two questions during Geraldine’s new interviews: “Did you sign a non-compete agreement?”

“Can my employer reduce benefits without any limit?”

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These benefits were part of the reason I took this job. Regarding employers and employees, and employment benefits, this is how it goes: 1. In the past, employers provided benefits primarily to attract and retain valuable employees; more recently, benefits are being reduced nearly everywhere. To attract and retain workers, employers had to compete with each other by offering such things as “side benefits.”.

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“For my appeal of a denial of unemployment benefits, should I.

Sklover Working Wisdom

Blog » “For my appeal of a denial of unemployment benefits, should I point out that I am receiving COBRA subsidy, which makes no sense?” “For For my appeal of a denial of unemployment benefits, should I point out that I am receiving COBRA subsidy, which makes no sense?”

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Information Systems Security Jobs: Benefits and Challenges

Career Alley

Hours can be long and it’s important to remember that you’ll be competing against the best. Whatever career you choose within the information security field, you’ll have quite an exciting and fulfilling life! “ If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked. What’s more, you deserve to be hacked. ” - Richard Clarke.

“No non-compete, but my prospective employer has signed a ‘No-Poach’ agreement. What do I do?”

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I did not sign a non-compete. As you will see, the answer to your difficulty is not all that different from the answers I provide employees who have signed non-compete agreements, and want to get “around, over or out” of them. That is why so many Judges decline to enforce non-compete agreements, unless the employee has done some truly bad deed(s) either in planning or in making their departure. .

Unknown Job Benefits and Perks – Are You Missing Out on Any?

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“ Once you get that two-way energy thing going, everyone benefits hugely.”. So employers came up with the idea of “job benefits” in an effort to attract and retain employees. That is how employer-provided health insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, paid vacation days and retirement benefits, just to name a few, came to be commonly expected employment “benefits.”. Use it to gather critical information about the benefits, restrictions, policies, etc.

Quitting Your Job to Start a Business – 10 Things You Need to Know

The Undercover Recruiter

On the other hand, if you were to quit your job and open a business, you would not receive a steady paycheck, though would have the ability to make a significant income while enjoying creative freedom. If you’re going to quit your job to open a company, you’re going to have to pick the right industry to venture into. Adjectives such as competent, professional, knowledgeable, original, honest and hard working ought to be at the forefront. The grass is always greener.

my boss is mad that I’m quitting

Ask a Manager

During this process, I discovered that I have been very underpaid for my skills, and I ended up being offered a position that pays a good market rate, has excellent benefits, and will allow me to take on more advanced and interesting projects. Whenever I recommend someone who might be able to take over a project of mine, my boss says they are either too busy or not competent enough. A reader writes: I recently resigned from my job.

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“Does leaving an employer, and then returning, relieve me from a.

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Blog » “Does leaving an employer, and then returning, relieve me from a non-compete agreement I signed the first time I was hired?” Does leaving an employer, and then returning, relieve me from a non-compete agreement I signed the first time I was hired?” Then I quit.

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Offer Letter or Company Plan – Which One Governs?

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It said quite clearly that “Company employees will receive a minimum of 1,000 stock options for each twelve months on the job, unless agreed otherwise.” Does your Offer Letter (or employment agreement) overcome everything that is said in any of the employer’s compensation and benefit Plans? Or do your employer’s compensation and benefit Plans overcome your Offer Letter (or employment agreement)? Want a Benefit or Better Benefit?

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“Employer Ask You to Sign an Agreement? Ask Your Employer to Pay Your Legal Cost”

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She was happy in her job, was well-liked, and quite productive. Expect a fee on the higher side if your agreement refers to or “incorporates by reference” any other agreement or benefit plan, as this would require that each of these other agreements be reviewed, as well, because they hold meaning in the interpretation of the original agreement. Those in need of legal advice, counsel or representation should retain competent legal counsel licensed to practice law in their locale.

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“Can I solicit customers of my former employer?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Answer: Dear Tom: As explained below, soliciting your former employer’s customers and even its employees, and competing with your ex-employer in every other way, is not “unlawful.” You are entirely free to solicit your former employer’s customers and staff, and compete with your former employer in every other way. BUT you are not legally free to do so if you have signed a valid and binding non-solicit or non-compete agreement.

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“New Job, First Week – Seven Questions You Should Always Ask”

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ACTUAL “CASE HISTORIES ”: It just never ceases to amaze me: new employees encounter needless difficulties – and lose out on significant benefits – for one simple, yet avoidable, reason: they simply fail to ask a few important questions during their first week on the job. . At some companies, employee benefits begin the first day on the job; at other companies, benefits don’t begin until after three months of full-time employment.

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“Garden Leave’s Little Secret: It is Not Very Enforceable”

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As we do for all of our clients, we asked Carolyn to send to our office all of her “workplace papers,” including offer letter, all agreements signed, employee handbook and benefit and equity plans and agreements, for review prior to our consultation. . During that period we will pay your salary and provide benefits, but not accrued vacation, sick days or bonus. It is quite rare for an employer to have actual financial damages that result from an employee’s departure.

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The ACA: Upping Your Employee Engagement Game Since 2013


This article is sponsored by BayPoint Benefits which provides benefits and HRIS technologies for their clients making benefits communication, onboarding and benefits selection easy peezy. With passage of the Affordable Care Act , healthcare benefits are no longer hard to come by. No longer are they handcuffed and staying at your workplace because of the health benefits you are offering. Let’s quit with the corporate hazing.

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“Can an employer require you get its prior approval for a side job.

Sklover Working Wisdom

Published on October 13th, 2010 by Alan L Sklover Question: I am thrilled to have found your blogsite, and I find your questions and answers quite helpful. Benefits, Pensions and Perq’s H. Non-Competes and Trade Secrets L. Unemployment Benefits AA.

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“Vacation and Vacation Pay – 50 Frequently Asked Questions”

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Because so many employers are trying to cut back on pay and benefits wherever and whenever they can, it is more important than ever to know your rights and to be prepared to stand up for those rights in a smart and effective way. . The laws that apply to employees generally follow this rule: the state laws that apply to benefits and wages is the state law of the state in which you “sit” while you do most of your work. That is quite common. That is quite common. .

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New Expatriate Request: “Pollution Perq’s”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Eight Popular “Bad Air Benefits”. ACTUAL “CASE HISTORIES ”: 2013 seems to have been the year that employees who were given the opportunity, or the direct order, by their employers to relocate to certain cities – primarily in China – began to say, with determination, with concern and quite commonly, “I am concerned about the air and water quality,” and more and more began saying “I just won’t go, especially with my young children.” . Fresh air impoverishes the doctor.”. Proverb.

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how can I keep my star performer, without being able to pay or promote him (while his less competent coworker earns double)?

Ask a Manager

The 10-year, Cecil, is a competent enough engineer, but he’s slower, he often requires information that the client doesn’t have to start a project, he isn’t as capable with technology, and he lacks the personal skills to effectively coordinate with other departments. His salary review wasn’t quite as amicable this year as normal. A reader writes: I am a partner in a small engineering firm. Six years ago when I was brought on, I was allowed one staffer.

“Telecommuting and Flex-Time – 15 Steps for Your Request and Success”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Having at hand the solutions you need, and the facts to support those solutions, is a powerful and quite convincing form of “negotiation.” . Might this affect your compensation or benefits? Now here is something you really need to think about: will cutting your hours, or cutting your hours in the office, trigger your boss, HR (or someone else) to suggest that your compensation should be reduced accordingly, or your loss of some benefits?

“At Work, Always Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth”

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It was quite a wonderful surprise. When Jordan met with an attorney, he learned the “really bad news”: the “confidentiality agreement” he’d signed in October included a non-compete obligation that barred him from working in the Medical Equipment field for that 12 months.

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Age is power – Being Badass at 50

Ms. Career Girl

And too often, we come to believe the ageist story about ourselves that we can’t compete, despite our accomplishments and who we once were. We didn’t need to be married, and we could compete in the workplace with any man. We can’t quite wrap our arms around it. At 50+, we find that society and the workplace see us as less competent. In fact, a 2017 study shows that working at an older age provides benefits that go beyond just your confidence.

2019 198

Another Chain Broken:

Sklover Working Wisdom

Effective This Week: Another client is free from the “chains” of a non-compete or non-solicitation restriction. Here’s what happened: The Case: Our client, a commissioned salesperson in the petrochemical industry in the Southwest, was quite dissatisfied by a sharp reduction in his sales commission plan, put into effect with little notice, after the company changed hands to a Private Equity group. Fear is what makes non-compete and non-solicitation agreements work.

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What Should You Always Incorporate Into Your Cover Letter?

Professional Resume Services

Cover letters are a great way to show potential employers how your skills can benefit the company before they even look at your resume. You’ll also want to be sure to look into their work within and contributions to the industry, as well as any other companies they compete with. Showing you know quite a bit about their company will prove you’re invested and worth hiring. These additions and changes will make your cover letter great!

“Not Feeling Well Enough to Work? – 13 Workplace Options (Part 2 of 2)”

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The workload had grown quite considerably in recent years, due to her employer’s trying to get more and more work done with fewer and fewer employees. Lately, though, Jana didn’t feel quite right, and seemed increasingly unable to do her work. To qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, an employee must first have worked in jobs covered by Social Security. Something to consider when life seems quite bleak? “Be careful about reading health books.

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Appearance vs. Performance: How Your Personal Image Can Influence Your Career

Ms. Career Girl

In recent years there has been quite an increase in cosmetic surgery, with many of these operations based on one’s own insecurities. From the CV you hopefully submit to a potential employer, to your choice of clothing for the interview, people will make assumptions about your competence based on your looks. While it is illegal to refuse to hire someone due to their physical qualities, a recent study shows that people evaluate competence and commitment in under ONE second.

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“Waterfall Distribution” – What’s That? The Private Equity Pitch to Employees

Sklover Working Wisdom

It is important to remember that the central element of Private Equity investment is that it needs the employees to stay put during that time period, even though salaries may be lowered, benefits may also be reduced, and critical infrastructure needs may be ignored. It “just” requires commitment, lower salaries, diminished benefits, and a whole lot of blind faith.

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Order on the Résumé!

Careers Done Write

Cons: If you have been unemployed for a while, you may benefit from a format that sells you based on your accomplishments before they see your work history. Core Competencies Section (6-9 Key Job Skills). The Core Competencies and Career Highlights sections enable the candidate to highlight accomplishments from an earlier part of their career, including volunteer positions. C ore Competencies Section (6-9 Key Job Skills).

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“Umbrella Negotiating” – Best Response to Private Equity “Hurricane Tactics”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Instead, they tend to (a) reduce employee overhead (meaning salary and benefits), (b) manage to avoid paying out “suggested” promised bonuses and stock or other forms of equity, and (c) make sure that the agreements that they require employees to sign provide them the right to do just those things. No, but once the potential benefits of doing so are shared and understood, it becomes a whole lot easier. the job, the salary, the bonus, the benefits, the stock, etc.

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Look, I Found My Personal Brand Doppelganger!

Executive Career Brand

Some thought they were quite clever. You’ve lost the differentiating benefits of authentic personal branding. It’s not about how you’re the same as the others competing for the jobs you want. You’re working on your LinkedIn profile and you see the profile of an executive candidate who is surprisingly similar to you: He has the same skill sets. He seems to be looking for the same kinds of jobs. He’s the same kind of “go-to” person as you.

2016 189

How to Use the New LinkedIn for Executive Personal Branding – Part 1

Executive Career Brand

Benefitting from LinkedIn’s Company Follow. Many savvy executives competing for the jobs you want have already embraced all that LinkedIn has to offer. Over the past year or so, they’ve rolled out quite a few changes. The benefit to turning off Activity Broadcasts when you update your Headline, Summary or any other content in your profile is twofold: You’ll avoid annoying your connections with a deluge of update tweaks.

2013 209

Best of Blogging Your Personal Brand for C-level Executive Jobs

Executive Career Brand

I haven’t written about blogging – one of my favorite things to do – in quite some time. Start by working on your personal brand – determine what differentiates you from others competing for the same jobs, then position yourself as a thought leader and market the unique value you offer, through the blog posts you write. Here’s another way to benefit from blogging, without all the effort: Blog Comments: Part of Your Online Executive Brand Communications Plan.

2012 144

10 Keys To a Memorable Personal Brand

Executive Career Brand

But the concept of personal branding is quite simple: Define and communicate the unique ROI (return on investment) value you offer your target audience over your competitors. How have you used these traits to benefit your employers? What qualifications, skills and areas of expertise set you apart from others competing for the same kinds of jobs? With so much misinformation about personal branding bombarding us across social media, it’s easy to see why people are confused.

Two (or More) Job Opportunities? – 18 Elements of Comparison – [Part 1 of 2]

Sklover Working Wisdom

ACTUAL CASE HISTORY : Danielle, a senior marketing executive, was quite unhappy in her job. Without her reaching out, she was contacted by a recruiter with a very intriguing opportunity, with (a) better salary, (b) but lower bonus opportunity, (c) greater retirement benefits, but (d) later retirement age, (e) a new, exciting product line to market, but (f) a small marketing budget that gave her limited discretion. We are all quite different in this respect.

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“What is Joint Employer Liability?” Many Workers Have Two Employers, But Don’t Know It

Sklover Working Wisdom

He was considered an “independent contractor” and earned $35 per hour for his efforts, without benefits. As is quite common in these “outsourcing,” “agency,” “contracted” or “leased employee” arrangements, Thomas worked at the offices of the employment agency’s clients, on the projects they assigned to him, often alongside their own employees, told what time to arrive and leave, where to sit, and always under their supervision. “I got a job working for a hostage negotiator.

2015 109

RSU’s: Restricted Stock Units – 8 Essential Insights

Sklover Working Wisdom

The salary, bonus and benefits she was offered by each were considerable. Non-Compete Agreement? vi) are also restricted by having attached to them post-employment restrictions such as non-compete covenants, and other restrictions on the employee’s future freedom. iii) Failure to Honor a Future Restriction, Such as a Non-Compete: It is not that rare that, if you are terminated “Without Cause” your unvested RSU’s either immediately vest, or continue to vest over time.

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How to Make your Current Job More Satisfying

Resume Bear

Although the song was written about person al relationships, it’s also great advice about how to look at a job you’re not quite ready to leave. In addition to enjoying your work more, implementing some of these suggestions can provide the additional benefit of making you even more valuable to your employer – which can come in very handy should you decide you want or need to stay in this job longer than you planned. Make your Current Job More Satisfying.

2012 203

“Private Equity Buying Your Employer? Resist These 11 Employment Negotiation Tactics”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Know who you are dealing with, and keep a sharp eye out for the “sharpie” Private Equity investors who are quite convinced that their access to large amounts of investment capital is a sure sign that God has anointed them as a segment of the human race above all others. Benefit Reductions and Compensation Redesign. I suggest that employees do their best to calculate the aggregate cost of these benefit reductions, and when and how the costs commence.

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STEM Education: The Foundation of Tomorrow’s Workforce (and Today’s!)

Ms. Career Girl

The subjects of STEM education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) have always been at the foundation of society’s ability to grow, adapt, compete, communicate and protect citizens. But, if we don’t pay close attention to the vital benefits, we could be left behind. Right now, countries all across the globe are furiously working to build better infrastructures and grow their digital workforces to compete in this fast-paced, 24/7 business landscape.

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Offered a Position and Shares in a Start-Up? – 10 Traps in the Legal Papers, and Your Ways Out

Sklover Working Wisdom

He was recruited away by a competing start-up publication, induced to leave his employer of many years by a promise of great wealth to be achieved through his becoming a minority shareholder of the new or young company. When we are sold, or go public, you will become quite, quite wealthy” he was many times told by the start-up’s founder and investors. On a salary lower than he was used to, and minimal benefits, he built quite a powerhouse in just a few years.

2016 100

How Good Is Investment Banking As A Career

Imarticus Learning

What is in store: Do you realize that the high pay and pressure job sees at least 44per cent quit in the first 3 years according to the news at efinancial careers. Internship for undergraduates lasts for 2 to 3-years, on the job in an Analyst position, after which you have to compete to become an IB-Associate. Have you chosen an IB career? Read on, to see if you are a good fit here.

Book Review: The Executive Rules

Cube Rules

I am constantly on the lookout for good questions in this area and I picked up quite a few from this reading. Thad is the first person I’ve seen to not only point out the benefits of working with smaller firms, but also how to map out going after such companies.

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Key Steps to Winning at Salary Negotiation

Careers Done Write

After all, it is not quite as enjoyable as the Thanksgiving table. Reiterate your credentials while generating the hiring manager’s support: “We both agree that I possess the skills and competencies to deliver results for the department.&#. You will need to introduce criteria that highlight your total compensation including base, bonus, benefits, 401K, and any options or profit sharing.