Benefiting from Benefits

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Searching for the right career isn’t just about finding a job that you are suited to – it’s also about finding an environment that suits you, an organization that suits you, and benefits that suit you. Better benefits can mean happier workers, higher morale, and higher productivity.

5 Cost-Effective Employee Benefits to Complement Your Health Plan

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A strong benefits package is one of the most effective ways to bring in talent and keep your best employees where you want them — that is, at your business, helping your bottom line. Some benefits are more attractive than others, of course. Almost 90 percent of job applicants say they would consider accepting a lower salary for better health benefits. Some benefits are more attractive than others, of course.

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How to Avoid the Hidden Costs of Working From Home

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Whether you are hustling from home as a freelancer or working for an employer who is embracing the benefits of allowing workers to telecommute , working from home can be a great way to save time and money. The post How to Avoid the Hidden Costs of Working From Home appeared first on Ms.

Must-Read: The Kaiser 2019 Employer Health Benefits Survey

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It's not early October without the Kaiser Family Foundation releasing their 2019 Employer Health Benefits Survey. It's the best report of healthcare costs and trends available, and a must for any HR leader who wants to be knowledgeable about cost trends. Benefits

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Benefits of a Tiny Lawn

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There are inevitably some costs associated with maintaining a green and beautiful yard. In addition to ease of upkeep and maintenance costs, a tiny lawn at home can be just as appealing. The post Benefits of a Tiny Lawn appeared first on Ms.

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How Data Skills Benefit More Than Your Career

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However, the benefits of data skills should not just be limited to how they help you in your career. With that in mind, it is worthwhile to dive into the ways that data science skills are likely to benefit you overall.

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The True Cost of Hiring a New Employee

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There’s recruiting costs, training, benefit packages, equipment, and more than have to be factored into the equation. Recruiting: Recruiting is one of the more obvious costs that gets overlooked because it’s not an ongoing cost.

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The Cost of Poor National Maternity Leave Policies


The striking thing about the graphic for American readers is … Continue reading → Leadership Organizational Change Uncategorized benefits maternity leave resiliency

Controlling Costs: Pregnancy and Childbirth

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Do you know the cost of childbirth in the United States? Time’s Money magazine reports that the average hospital cost of having a baby in the U.S. Add on complications, tests and related expenses like epidurals, and the total cost can start to look daunting. Remember, the costs mentioned above only refer to standard vaginal deliveries with no complications. A premature baby or conditions like preeclampsia will cause costs to rise.

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Understanding Domestic Partner Benefits


In four years, the number of companies with domestic partner benefits has essentially almost doubled. companies offer domestic partner benefits. That year, the percentage of small companies offering domestic partner benefits grew by 19 points, taking it to 47 percent.

How To Know If Your Defined-Benefit Pension Plan Is In Trouble.

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Here's how you know: You know your pension plan is in trouble when your company announces they're freezing pension benefits, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BIGGEST ECONOMIC EXPANSION IN HISTORY. That decision combined with sharp tuition increases (healthcare costs as a comparison in a pension, anyone?)

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Small Business Growth Doesn’t Have to Mean Growing Benefits Costs

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Figuring out how to give your employees the best care at a cost you can afford can be challenging. Here are four strategies to help you save money and offer an attractive benefits package. If no one has tweens or teens, expensive orthodontic care probably won’t be a benefit your employees will use. You want to make sure you’re offering benefits your staff wants without paying for benefits your staff doesn’t need.

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5 HR Benefits to Following Employee Fitness Trends

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The goal is to create a happier, healthier workforce as well as to save on overall medical costs. 5 HR Benefits to Following Employee Fitness Trends Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog. Employer Daniel Miles Hue Lee Gym Gympass health benefits wellness

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Reduce Job Search Costs

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From the 50 cents you spend on a newspaper to peruse the classifieds, to the few bucks per gallon you’ll use up in gas driving from job interview to job interview, a job search comes with real costs. The advantages a professionally prepared resume gives you make it a cost-effective option.

Common Mistakes That Can Cost You a Job Offer

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You are entitled to fair pay and benefits, but there has to be some give-and-take as well. Social media is a valuable tool, but it can also be extremely costly when not used appropriately.

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The Changing Landscape Of Workplace Benefits

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For many years, employees just expected the standard workforce benefits package (health/dental insurance, retirement, paid time off/sick time, etc.). But as the world changes, so do the benefits desired by employees. What benefits are most important to you?

New Chipotle Benefit Puts Employees Through College

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Chipotle recently announced that it will provide the opportunity for all eligible employees , including crew members, to pursue a debt-free college degree through an expansion of the Chipotle Cultivate Education benefits program.

Creative Approaches to Benefits for Your Small Business


When we hear the word benefits, the first thing that usually comes to mind is insurance. After covering the cost of insurance, companies may have a hard time thinking of adding anything else to their benefits package—especially if they are a small business.

10 Tax-Free Fringe Benefits (i.e., “Perks”)

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Instead, many employers are offering tax-free fringe benefits (“perquisites,” or more commonly, “perks,” for short.), instead, either by offering them to certain individuals who are deemed particularly deserving of them, or to all employees in a structured fringe benefit plan. Showing employees they are appreciated, and keeping costs under control, are both big parts of successfully running a business.

How Much Does A CV Cost?

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How Much Does A CV Cost? When wondering, “how much does a CV cost?” For a more seasoned and professional curriculum vitae, costs will range between $150-300. Costs also vary greatly for career change curriculum vitae. Benefits of A Curriculum Vitae.

5 Benefits Of Hiring Creative Employees

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They do not shudder when they have to try something different, which can be a great boost for an organization that wants to manage costs and build leaders from within its workforce.

“Can my employer reduce benefits without any limit?”

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Question: About ten days ago, without notice, my employer sent out an email to all employees telling us that, effective immediately, our health insurance will cost us more, our 401k contributions will be cut in half, and if we are laid off, our severance will be eliminated – entirely. These benefits were part of the reason I took this job. Regarding employers and employees, and employment benefits, this is how it goes: 1.

What are the benefits of Scrum certification for programmers?

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Here is a quick list of the benefits of Scrum certification course. Scrum Master Certification organisational benefits: The training enables you to use the latest tools, technologies, and resources ensuring better-organised teams and business processes that cost less money and time.

Is Getting Healthy is One of Your New Year’s Resolutions? – Here’s The Cost

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This will help you understand what programs you may benefit from and where there may be gaps. Do not wait; start building good habits today that will benefit you as you age. – Here’s The Cost appeared first on Ms.

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The Enormous Benefits Of Learning Online

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The post The Enormous Benefits Of Learning Online appeared first on Ms. Below, you will learn about the enormous benefits associated with learning online. Universities and colleges are forced to pay more overhead costs.

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Stretch Those Paychecks: 6 Cost Savings Ideas for Your Employees

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When some employers talk about their company’s benefits, they are simply referring to health insurance—but there is so much more to consider. For starters, you can help your coworkers stretch their paychecks and make the most of their benefits by sharing these six cost-saving ideas for employees. To keep reading, click here: Stretch Those Paychecks: 6 Cost Savings Ideas for Your Employees.

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Increasing Education through Work – A Cost Effective Method

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The post Increasing Education through Work – A Cost Effective Method appeared first on Ms. Now let’s delve into the fun and complicated world of business educational assistance benefits set up the IRS.

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AOL Learns the Hard Way: Don't Blame Rising Benefit Costs on Individual Employees.

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THE FIRST RULE OF SHARING BENEFIT CUTS OR RISING BENEFIT COSTS IS: Never blame the situation on individual employees. and crush you in the court of public opinion for blaming a cost situation on something an employee had no control over. And those are the things that add up into our benefits cost. My benefit leaders in the readership can pitch in her because they know more than me. In that common circumstance, it wouldn''t have cost them millions.

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3 Benefits Of Outplacement Services

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Providing outplacement services is an essential step that benefits the impacted employee and the business! How To Get Outplacement Services Cost has always been a point of contention for companies considering whether or not to use outplacement services.

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DUDE VIEWS: On The Facebook/Apple Benefit of Covering Cost for Women to Freeze Eggs.

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A guy to come in and analyze the recently decision by Facebook and Apple to cover the cost of women freezing their eggs. . Facebook began offering egg freezing under its surrogacy benefit this year while Apple will cover the procedure under its fertility benefit, according to NBC News.

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Talent Intelligence and The Opportunity Cost of Talent


The cost of talent in your workforce can be determined by your organization’s opportunity cost. Consumers and this case large organizations calculate the opportunity cost for every purchase, investment, or purchase indecision.

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Why Intern Benefits that Are Better than Real Money


Certainly no one is opposed to getting paid and an hourly wage is an important part of any i ntern compensation , but it is worth noting that there are other forms of benefits that you can offer that are far more valuable than money in most interns’ eyes.

Employee Benefits Examined: What’s Important Across the Country?


The fourth annual Aon Hewitt Benefits and Trends Survey asked a range of professionals in HR across all sectors a number of questions relating to employee benefits. The four key areas of the survey were defined-contribution pensions, health and risk benefits, flexible benefits and communications. Flexible Benefits Programmes. HR AON Hewitt Benefits & Trends Survey employee benefits

Unknown Job Benefits and Perks – Are You Missing Out on Any?

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“ Once you get that two-way energy thing going, everyone benefits hugely.”. But, at the same time, keeping employee-related costs down is also a matter of business survival in the hyper-competitive world we live in. So employers came up with the idea of “job benefits” in an effort to attract and retain employees. LESSON TO LEARN : Note that many, if not most, of the perks listed above would not necessarily be considered “benefits” by many people.

#SHRM Benefits Survey: 40% More Companies Offer Telecommuting


According to SHRM’s 2016 Employee Benefits Survey , published today, 40% more organizations offer telecommuting in 2016 than in 1996. No other stats in the survey really come close to those two big, dramatic shifts in employee benefits.


The Benefits of Taking a Master’s Degree To Enhance Your Career


There are many benefits of taking a master’s degree in both career and lifestyle. So if you’re considering a master’s degree, take a look at some of the main aspects that can benefit you in the long term. Many people strive to take their career to the next level.

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How Can Business Benefit From Blockchain Tech?

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Bitcoin is the best example of blockchains succeeding and the beginning of the use of blockchains in all technologies to improve efficiency, accountability, transparency, and productivity at reduced costs for a wide variety of businesses. The post How Can Business Benefit From Blockchain Tech?

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How to Fight Unemployment Insurance Benefit Hearings


For a list of unemployment benefit amount by state and other UI resources, click here. . Our economy is strong, however, unemployment insurance remains a cost that employers and businesses should evaluate and understand in order to remain profitable and growing.

Six Questions to Ask Your Insurance and Benefits Broker


Your company’s insurance and benefits offerings are the second largest company employee expense outside of your employee payroll expense. Six Questions to Ask Your Benefits Insurance Broker. What is your unique way of controlling healthcare costs?

401(k) Benefits Are the Red Headed Step Child of Your Total Rewards Program


Last night as I was sitting here doing my taxes I was pondering employee benefit plans and programs including the 401(k). Often forgotten by younger employees, it is an important benefit that serves your workforce in the long term. At the heart of any benefits package is a 401(k) plan.

What Are The Analytics Apps To Reduce Operational Costs At Production Facilities?

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With numerous benefits, it has proved to be a boon for all sectors in which data is involved. Also, it optimizes the manpower cost which is involved in operating such giant facilities. This application has multi-fold benefits. Introduction.

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Feed Your Coffee Habit and Still Maintain Your Budget

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Of course, it’s not an unhealthy habit , as many recent studies have show huge health benefits to drinking coffee. Still, unless you’re free of money worries, you’d be well advised to rein in the cost and put the savings to better use. Rein In Your Coffee Habit Cost!

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How Much Does it Cost to Become Scrum Master

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So, let us explore the cost and benefits of the certified scrum master course. The total cost of the scrum certificate is USD 100 which is normally included in the workshop cost paid by the trainee.

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