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Compensaton and Benefits. In earlier posts, we discussed the best time to mediate different types of employment or ERISA matters. Peggy also has significant experience as a neutral mediating employment and ERISA cases. Be our Friend. Keyword Search HCX for your Favorite Author / Content. Local. Blogs. About HireCentrix. Advertise. Contact Us. My Profile. Share Your Experience. Submit an Article. Login / Register. Support Us. HCX Jobs. Search. Explore Articles. Category Info.

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Dealing with Workplace Harassment – A Simpler Approach

Ms. Career Girl

The benefits are undeniable and well-rooted. Jared is also an experienced ERISA, HR and Benefits attorney and entrepreneur who focuses on efficient, simplified business solutions. It is no revelation that workplace culture needs a facelift given the infuriating world of sexual harassment and workplace improprieties by supervisors, CEOs, and power-trippers.

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“If I give six weeks notice of retirement, can my employer terminate me before that?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

If an employer terminated an employee to prevent their achieving full retiree status, that might well be a violation of the federal E.R.I.S.A. A federal law called the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, or “E.R.I.S.A.,” protects employees from employers intentionally frustrating their retirement benefits. If you apply for unemployment benefits, the issue before your state Unemployment Agency is “Why did the employment end?”

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“Do I have any chance of collecting severance if my employer goes bankrupt after I’ve been laid off?”

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I was issued the standard severance benefits package to sign and sent on my way. c ) Third, it is possible that the Severance Monies were placed into a separate, “ERISA Plan” account, which would make them likely available to you. Contact the Plan Administrator, whose contact information should probably be available from Human Resources, and ask if this is an “ERISA-based” plan, and if the monies have been safeguarded in this way.

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Five End-Of-Year Hacks for Small Business HR


It’s more than just the Summary of Benefits or Master Contract – this is a unique, ERISA compliant document, that contains the important facts your employees need to know about their retirement and health benefits. Employee benefits are expensive, but worth it. You’re in constant competition with other companies to hire the best and brightest – are your benefits able to go toe-to-toe?

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What are Resume Keywords?

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ERISA Administration. Benefits Design/Administration. We’ve all searched for something online by typing in a word or phrase that closely resembles the type of information we are looking for. We find information and make decisions about products and services via these types of searches. Employers use a similar method to find the applicants that best match their open positions. Many companies rely on applicant tracking software to source candidates.

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Standing Up For Yourself

Evil HR Lady

Today, however, my new boss contacted our benefits administrators to make a change to the effective end date of benefits when people are terminated. Our current policy states that because we have them prepay a month in advance for benefits, their last day of benefits is 30 days after their term date. The new director feels that this makes the bill too difficult to figure out and it needs to change so that benefits run out at the end of the month they are terminated.

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my company is threatening to strand me out of town if I won’t work an extra day

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If their policy says they will get you home, I’d argue that it’s a benefit protected by ERISA and that they must comply. A reader writes: I submitted a 2-week notice to my employer, typed out and very professional. I specified in the letter when my last day would be, and everything seemed to be okay.


The Top of Your Resume IS Important

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Here is an example of a summary of qualifications (or profile): Employee benefits, ERISA, and retirement plan specialist with a recent law degree and more than 17 years of experience working with major companies and financial institutions administering retirement plans. Resume Boutique Blog Look your best on paper. Show your best in person.™

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