Post-COVID Benefits to Expect from Your Next Employer

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How Social Capital Can Benefit Your Executive Job Search

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We’ve all heard about the importance of networking when it comes to a job search, which also ties into social capital and c-level personal branding. Read more » The post How Social Capital Can Benefit Your Executive Job Search appeared first on Executive Resume Services. Developing and maintaining relationships is critical in the professional world.

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How to Conduct a Job Search During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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For those trying to conduct a job search during the coronavirus pandemic, it may be tempting to throw up your hands and admit defeat — at least until a sense of normalcy returns. Workers in several industries are struggling to just hold on to the jobs they have as the broader population shuns schools, concert venues, sporting events, shopping centers, bars, restaurants — the list goes on and on — causing demand for services (and indeed, the economy) to plummet.

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6 Ways Covid-19 Anxiety Affects Your Work or Job Search

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As businesses shift, expand and close due to pandemic circumstances, it is especially hard hitting for executive job seekers trying to stay ahead of the game. Here are 6 signs that covid-19 anxiety is affecting your work or job search: Procrastination.

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8 Job Search Trends You Should Expect in 2020

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The new year always brings some exciting new developments in the job market with it. New tech impacts the business world, and perhaps new job opportunities have arisen? . Whatever the case, job seekers have to try and stay in the know — the more information you have about the popular trends, the better you’ll be prepared for your job hunt. . In 2019, about 7 million jobs were unfilled ! Which skills should you build up if you want to find a job?

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Benefiting from Benefits

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Searching for the right career isn’t just about finding a job that you are suited to – it’s also about finding an environment that suits you, an organization that suits you, and benefits that suit you. When it comes to benefits, what you can expect will generally depend on your level of experience and your chosen field of work. Better benefits can mean happier workers, higher morale, and higher productivity. Good luck in your search.

Overwhelmed with Job Search – Job Search Boards

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Job Search Boards, recruiters, company career sites, social sites and so on. How much time should you spend on all of the millions of things you need to do in your job search? Ensure you have a reasonable representation of all of your job search leads (the stuff I listed at the top of this post). Today’s post covers job search boards and the 10′s of thousands of jobs that are posted (and no, this is not a typo).

5 Resources for Executive Job Search

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With that picture in mind, the more senior your role, the more difficult it is to find a new job. So, how long does it take to find a more senior job? that drive the job search process. But don’t think of these factors as negative, think of them as positive and base your approach on how you will overcome or leverage your job search factors. So, if there are fewer senior jobs it stands to reason that there are fewer resources available to executives.

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Finishing Your Job Search Plan Lists – Lesson 2

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Job Search Plans are much the same. While you may have all good intentions in launching your search, a poorly executed plan will most likely have you chasing hundreds of leads (like that guy’s coins on the floor) without any real benefit. In Lesson # 1 – Planning for Your Job Search , we discussed the first three steps in starting our plan. Lesson #2 will cover the remaining lists and documents needed to complete your job search plan.

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Personal Branding FAQs for Executive Job Search

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When I speak with my c-suite and senior level executive clients for the first time, we discuss the job search issues concerning and impacting them right now. Since their questions range across the spectrum of the job search landscape, I thought it would be meaningful for others facing some of these issues to benefit from our discussions. Executive Job Search FAQs. 2 Personal Branding FAQs for Executive Job Search.

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LinkedIn Questions Surrounding an Executive Job Search

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Anyone who is in the middle of a job search has likely heard about the importance of their LinkedIn profile. Your profile can be the difference in landing an interview for a job or getting passed over. Here are some of the most common questions about LinkedIn that we’ve answered to help your job search. How Can You Use LinkedIn For A Job Search? There are plenty of benefits to having as many connections as possible.

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Your Job Search Marketing Toolkit – Your Elevator Speech

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If you’ve been job hunting for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of the “Elevator Speech” It is your short marketing speech (your job search objectives) and can be used in a variety of situations such as cold calls, job fairs, meeting someone at a networking event, yes – even an elevator! Provides a potential networking contact with the information they need to determine if they should provide recommendation or job lead.

Job Search Secrets

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CareerAlley Career advice, job search advice and job search site reviews Comments By Email Posts Jobs powered by Simply Hired « The Best Places to Work in IT – 1 College Grad Job Search – Let the Good Times Roll Vol 1 » Job Search Secrets “ Listen, Do you want to know a secret?, Job search secrets. These sites run the full range from advice to jobs. Good luck in your search.

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80 Job Search Resources for Your Job Hunt

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It’s difficult to say which are the “best” job search resources for any given topic. Dynamic Cover Letters for Job-Seekers: Free Professional Sample Job-Search Cover Letters. 5 Ways Your Cover Letter Lost You The Job. Interviews: Job Interview Advice, Tips and Questions. 100 Common Job Interview Questions. 10 common job interview mistakes. 175 Helpful Questions To Ask At A Job Interview. CareerAlley Jobs.

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Do Cover Letters Really Matter in Executive Job Search?

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Opinions vary on whether or not cover letters are even read – or needed – in job search. Take the time to write customized cover letters for each job. The vast majority of jobs, especially at the top executive level (VP, EVP, C-suite, President, General Manager, etc.), They don’t come through job boards. They come through networking into “ hidden” jobs at the companies and organizations you’re targeting. Job boards are a very ineffective way to land jobs.

Hired Help – Job Search Made Easy

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In those days, job hunting meant that you would go from recruiter to recruiter, sit in their reception area, fill out an application and then sit through an interview with the recruiter. Job search has come a long way since I started working and, while the Internet has made job search so much easier, the shear volume of information and choices can be overwhelming. Everything is at our fingertips, yet job search can and does take a lot of time and effort.

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Surprise Benefits of Working From Home

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The post Surprise Benefits of Working From Home appeared first on Ms. Recently, she shared some thoughts on the benefits of working from home you probably never thought of. Here’s her take: Surprise Benefits of Working From Home. The post Surprise Benefits of Working From Home appeared first on Ms. Job Search Work benefits of working from home telecommuting working at homeCareer Girl.

A “Free Floating” Job Search Via The Net

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Job search was a simple affair only in old times when people were employed even against their will. In modern times, in a “free floating” job search you can spend a very long time, although its variants have been significantly increased. For example, in recent years more and more of those willing to find a job try to find it through the Internet. Why is job search via the Internet becoming more popular? Good luck in your search, Joey.

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8 Benefits of A Video Resume

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A video resume is a rather modern trend that job seekers pursue to stand out among others. So, if you are using a video resume, you are likely to capture attention of an employer and land a job interview. It can easily put across your feelings and your aspirations that you look forward to in a job. With a video resume, you are able to translate your feelings in your body language that will convince the employer that you are serious about the job. Jobs by.

How to Balance Your Job Search and Your Current Job

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One of the main benefits of looking for a new job while currently employed is you will generally be more attractive to employers. Here are some tips to consider for balancing your job search and your current job. Time Your Job Search Perfectly. Try holding off on your job search until the late summer months, since there are typically fewer applicants for jobs during that time frame. Keep Your Search Confidential.

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Using Information Systems to Aid Job Search

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Millions of people are currently searching for jobs. These are people who were previously employed and lost their jobs; employed people who are searching for new opportunities and new graduates looking to get into the job market. Whichever the case, everyone needs a good job if they are to smoothly weather the storm of economic hardship. It is very popular both with people who are searching for jobs as well as employers.

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4 Steps to Prepare for your Job Search while you’re Still in College

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As many recent graduates will tell you, it's tough out there right now for your age group in the job market. Full-time jobs with benefits are very hard to come by, and most recent graduates will go several months to several years after graduating without ever finding a good job that fits them. Here are some tips: College Grads College Job Search

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How to Keep the Drive Alive in an Executive Job Search

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Executive job searches are much different today than they were several years ago. It’s not uncommon for people to get burned out on the job search process after a few weeks and lose motivation as a result. Here are some effective ways to keep your spirits high and your drive alive when your job search isn’t going exactly how you had hoped. You likely won’t have to look very long or hard to find job search support groups.

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Recruit Your Friends to Help With Your Job Search

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If you on the verge of graduation or have just recently graduated, then a job search is on the horizon. However, entry level jobs and college graduate jobs aren’t easy to come by, especially in today’s unstable economy. Fortunately, you can make things a bit easier on yourself by having a few of your closest friends help you in your job search. Benefit from Your Friends’ Skills. Sample interview questions for entry level jobs can be found online.

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10 Benefits of Temping

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“ I had temping jobs also. Temping may have been seen as a less attractive option than permanent work in the past, but the economic downturn of the last two years has re-shaped the job market landscape; while we continue to see growth in new jobs, companies are remaining cautious and temp jobs have started to overtake permanent roles in terms of popularity. One of the biggest benefits of temporary jobs is flexibility. Good luck in your search.

Why Is My Executive Job Search Taking So Long?

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Executive job search in the digital age is hard! Most job seekers don’t know what to do, what not to do, what the first steps are, whether they need help, and basically, how to stage a successful job search campaign. Consequently, their search may take way too long, because of their missteps. 5 Reasons Your Executive Job Search is Taking Too Long. as you network your way into the “hidden” job market, where most jobs reside.

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The Career Benefits of Volunteering

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The post The Career Benefits of Volunteering appeared first on Ms. Those experiences were valuable not just in what we’d learned by doing them, but in how we could structure them to benefit the beginning of our higher educational experiences. Now in the workforce, it is just as important to remember that volunteering has a number of benefits. When job hunting, putting your volunteer experience on your resume can actually create an opportunity for employment.

Privacy Tips For Your Online Job Search

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When you are searching for a job, remember that your privacy is still a concern. Instead of blasting your information on every site out there, be particular about which sites you choose to use and go with job search resources recommended by experts. This has the additional benefit of making you look intelligent about security risk. Keep a spreadsheet, or use a career management too l like JibberJobber to keep track of your online job search.

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10 Job Search Strategies Beyond The Resume

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But the truth is the resume is still an essential part of your job search. Job descriptions still tell you where to send or upload it. Resumes still matter, but they are not your primary tool for the job search anymore. And get this: You can start your job search without a perfect resume. What job search tactics provide more value than a resume alone? Too many job seekers move from job to job. Job Search Resume

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The Personal Branding Manifesto for Executive Job Search – Part 2

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Job seekers who take the time to reflect and dig deep will have the tools to excel beyond their competitors. That is, those who will benefit the most from your expertise, while bringing you career fulfillment. What are your 3 or 4 greatest strengths or top motivated skills (things you love doing) that have benefitted your companies/employers? Search your job title on LinkedIn to find others who do the same kind of work. How to Define Your Unique Personal Brand.

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5 Toxic Beliefs That Can Derail Your Executive Job Search

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Landing a great-fit executive job today – that is, one that mutually benefits both you, the job seeker, and the employer – does not work the way it did even a few years ago. With more qualified candidates often competing for fewer jobs, and the impact of the digital age, job search requires focus, hard work, and new strategies. Before diving into job-hunting, they need to understand and embrace the linear path successful job search follows: Targeting.

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Reduce Job Search Costs

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Remember the days when people would get a job right out of high school or college, stay with the same company for 30 or 40 years, then retire with a pension and a gold watch? People are much more mobile now than ever, and for many, picking up and moving to a new city for a job is a viable option. But even if you’re lucky enough to find a job just a few miles down the road from where you live, you’ll still incur expenses during your job search.

The Personal Branding Manifesto for Executive Job Search – Part 1

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In today’s challenging job search landscape, personal branding is required. Executive recruiters and other hiring professionals may review the LinkedIn profiles and resumes of thousands of candidates for any given job. The wise job seeker knows that the more clearly and compellingly they can describe their good overall fit for the job and the employer, the better their chances to be noticed and contacted for interviews. How do job seekers know what to believe?

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Personal Marketing for Job Search

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Personal Marketing for Job Search is a post from: Executive Career Brand. Continuing with my mission to introduce job hunters to bloggers they may not know about — but should — I’m focusing today on Tim Tyrell-Smith (@ TimsStrategy on Twitter). The Career Sherpa: Job Search Navigation Expert – Hannah Morgan (@ careersherpa on Twitter). ? Happy Fourth Birthday to the Job Mob blog! Know what you are looking for in the next job.

The Importance of Employee Benefits

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Employee benefits can be a positive thing for both employees and managers. These benefits can be used to attract employees and keep them interested in their jobs in order to increase employee tenure. How important actually are employee benefits? The Importance of Employee Benefits. Employer Job Search benefits Employee jobs perksIt can make a happier workplace and even improve office relationships.

Job Search News – January 19, 2018

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This is your job search news – THE POST HOLIDAY LAYOFFS EDITION – – with articles and resources centered around learning so enjoy! If you haven’t downloaded my FREE eguide, “118 Job Search Tips for the Modern Job Search in 2018” here. Some people are chuckling right now but there are some differences that are important to know your accessible benefits. I think everyone could benefit from this episode with Tom Spiggle.

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Job Searching Websites: The Pros and Cons of Craigslist, Indeed, Etc.

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When searching for a job or career on the Internet, web users have a variety of options for websites to look for job postings. Some sites offer additional services, such as career counseling and resume uploading, while others only list job opportunities. In order to find a job quickly and effectively, users must find the right website that satisfies their needs in terms of services, job listings, and demographic. Cons: does not actively list job openings.

12 Best Job Search Engines and Aggregators


Check out my recent article on the best niche job boards? I think it is pretty safe to assume that we all know what a job search engine is. However, it seems that it is less common to know what a job aggregator is. Job aggregators “are true “job search engines” that collect job postings from other sites across the web (including employer career sites and paid job boards) and store them in a very large database where they are searchable by job seekers.”

Using LinkedIn For Confidential Executive Job Search

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If they’re employed, they worry that their employer, or someone at work, will see their activity and know they’re looking for a new job. They need a fully fleshed out profile for passive job search — to be found by executive recruiters and the hiring decision makers at their target companies. As an undercover job seeker, they may not be able to be as proactive as those who are not employed. LinkedIn has a kind of safeguard for undercover job seekers.

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6 Job Search Resources to Focus Your Job Hunt – Salaries

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Getting the basic requirements for your job search in place can be overwhelming. Writing your resume, cover letters, working your network, creating your job search plan, company research. But having all of your resources in place with the best resume and the most amazing job experience will not help if you are not focused in your search. Your Current Job Title -What you do is important, but so is your job title. jobs by.

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Could Your Executive Resume Benefit from a Professional Resume Service?

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There are many reasons why your resume could benefit from professional executive resume writers , and here are some of those reasons. When you last applied for a job, your goals and aspirations may have changed between then and now. Your Last Job Search Was Several Years Ago. We bring years of expertise to the table and always keep up with the latest job search trends.

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The Two Biggest Executive Job Search Mistakes

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The Two Biggest Executive Job Search Mistakes is a post from: Executive Career Brand. I recently had a conversation with my friend and colleague, Martin Yate , job search expert and renowned writer of the Knock ‘em Dead series of career and job search books. Here’s what we discussed: What is the biggest mistake executive job seekers make? Only a fool would ignore the benefits they offer. What are these high-value target job titles?

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Dazed and Confused – College Job Search

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At some point (hopefully after 4 years unless you are on the “5 year plan”) it will all come to an end and you will need to find a job. College grads are finding it more difficult than ever to find jobs in their chosen field, and many have to resort to jobs that were traditionally filed by those without a college degree. Besides getting hands-on experience, you will meet people who may hire you (or help you get a job) when you graduate.