Hot Careers in Transportation

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Careers in the transportation industry can be as exciting or diverse as those in the other industries. From commercial driving for trucks that carry automobiles to working as an expedited freight transporter, job prospects are often plentiful and varied.

Should Companies Incentivize Alternative Transportation?


Issues concerning the mental and physical health of employees are constantly on the minds of human resource professionals. Among the list of potential health motivators is offering some sort of incentive for employees that get to work through active transportation.

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Recommended Resources.

Sklover Working Wisdom

Every now and then we come upon outstanding resources for those of us who appreciate the wisdom and necessity of taking an active role in “Standing Up for Yourself at Work™.”. Identifies the way to claim the highest monthly – rather than lifetime – benefit.

Ways HR Can Benefit from Video Conferencing

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Here are a few ways that HR professionals can benefit from the latest strides in video conferencing technology. Human resources is all about fostering human development, talent, and growth in a professional setting, and there’s no better way to do so than establishing face to face connections.

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14 Secure Jobs with a High Percentage of Workers age 55-plus

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Transportation inspectors. Career Book Authors Career Books Employee Benefits Government Jobs Green Jobs Human Resource News Job Market Jobs News Research Success Stories Why ResumeBear? Different types of jobs attract different types of people.

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Hi-Tech Companies Are Poaching Your Talent with Amazing Perks


you don’t work at one of these highly-sought after organizations, you may suffer with less than stellar employee benefits. Corporate benefits are big business and are growing in importance to full-time and part-time employee populations. Best Employee Perks and Work Benefits.

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Job Hunting After Age 50: Help For A Stalled Job Search! | Boomers.

Boomers Next Step

Contact Podcast Release Submit Article Resources Site Map Home Careers Cover Letters Interviewing Resume Help Age Bias Lifestyle Networking Entrepreneurs Franchising Retirement Start Ups Videos Related Posts Similar Posts No Related Post Finding Work Today Boomer Fitness Walk, Then Run Beginning Triathlete – Important Triathlon Training Tips Why Do You Need a Heart Rate Monitor? The roads are different, the transportation and communication system seems to have a language all their own.

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“Telecommuting and Flex-Time – 15 Steps for Your Request and Success”

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LESSON TO LEARN : As it is with every other aspect of the employment relation, better adapting various aspects of the relation to your employer’s and your own resources and needs requires careful planning and execution. . You first inquiry should be to your Human Resource representative. Might this affect your compensation or benefits? Benefits, Pensions and Perq''s Disability Disability and Pregnancy Monthly Newsletter Library Parenting and Working Pensions and Retirement

Tips to Make Your Business More Diverse and Inclusive

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Here’s how to create an inclusive, cooperative workforce, provide for your team’s needs, and benefit from their skills and input. Does your shift schedule conflict with public transportation?

Non-Profits Playing An Important Role In Fostering Employment For People With ASD


The AST founders note that two additional obstacles to employment are centralized transportation, and the lack of safe, affordable integrated living options for those on the spectrum. The cost benefits of supporting job seekers with ASD.

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9 Interview Traps to Avoid

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Once you know how long it takes, add 20 minutes to that so that you have extra time in case of some unknown delay (like slow public transportation) – you never know when might need the extra time. Don’t ask about benefits during your first few rounds of interviews.

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College Grad Financial Advice: Personality Traits of the Debt-Free Graduate

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With these grim numbers, it’s difficult to weigh the benefits of a higher education against the freedom of living debt-free. The most effective purchases are needs rather than wants: food, basic transportation and items that relate to making money, such as work supplies.

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The Best Paid Engineering Degrees

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They supply a huge range of sectors ranging from transport to manufacturing; to construction to the distribution of power. It is certainly a career with many benefits and pay is just one of them. As you can see, a career in engineering has many benefits.

5 Job Options For Military Veterans

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This means that a veteran who left the military after 10 years–and is ineligible for military retirement benefits–could become a police officer and apply his military time toward his retirement. Related: 10 Helpful Job Search Resources For Veterans. Transportation.

Juggling an Online Master’s Program and Full-Time Job

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Tom Snyder, President of Ivy Tech Community College, is convinced there are several benefits of online graduate programs. “I calls Google Hangouts “one of the best video chat and conference services,” making it an ideal resource for online study groups.

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Green Career Tip: Growing Edge of Green Economy: Two Conferences You Need to Know about This Week

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Resource #1: VERGE Virtual Conference – by has identified a new megatrend that provides evidence that four green industries ( energy, information, building, and transportation) are converging in interesting, innovative, and game-changing ways. Who Will Benefit: If you are interested in working in any of the four segments addressed by VERGE (energy, information, building, and transportation), I’d make this conference a priority!

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Staying Awake at Work Without Coffee

The Corporate Con/noisseur

While coffee has a plethora of health benefits , there may be good reason to avoid its consumption. Water has substantial health benefits. By drinking a glass of water, you rehydrate your blood cells, allowing for them to transport oxygen and other key nutrients to your cells.

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Should You Move for a Job?

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The employer can feel like he or she wasted her time and resources and could potentially burn bridges with colleagues. Basic relocation includes a moving allowance for packing and transportation of belongings. Are there tax benefits or disincentives?

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5 Best Computer Networking Courses

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The courses and certifications listed below include both free and paid resources. The second part covers topics around resource control and content distribution, including congestion control and traffic shaping. 5 Best Computer Networking Courses.

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5 Keys to Building a Rockstar College Internship Program


College Internship Program Benefits. According to the National Society for Experiential Education, internship programs benefit employers in multiple ways, including: Raising visibility of your company on campuses. I could go for some internship benefits and perks like this.

MEMO TO: New College Grads

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We spend “left-over money” on technology gadgets, killer apps, insurance, transportation and recreation. Visit the exhibit booths armed with your resume and ask to see the hiring manager for your area of interest, sales, marketing, finance, technology, human resources, etc.

Employers are filling more entry level Jobs with Educated Labor

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A recent survey of more than 2,600 employers nationwide found that 32 percent of hiring managers and human resource professionals said they are hiring more employees with college degrees for positions that were historically held by high school graduates. As education requirements change to hire more college graduates, businesses are seeing the benefits of additional education and training in their bottom line. Transportation and utilities – 37 percent.

4 Things to Know Before Taking on a Non-Traditional Career

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Women make up only a quarter of computer and mathematical occupations and only 18% of transportation and material movers. The notion of “non-traditional careers” for men and women seems like a relic of the distant, sexist past.

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Trucking Industry Running Low on Long-Haul Drivers


Recruiting new qualified drivers is a matter of survival for many businesses that rely on transporting goods and materials. Offer competitive health benefits.

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15 Tips for Cutting Expenses While Job Hunting - BLOG.


Tip #1: Get Your Unemployment (and Other) Benefits Go to your local unemployment office right away and file for benefits. Tip #8: Lower Your Transportation Costs Avoid using your car for most trips -- ride a bike, walk or use public transportation instead.

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2 Ways To Safeguard Your Career Against Job Market Uncertainty

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Driverless cars could replace anyone in the transportation industry. Get Your Dream Job With A For-Benefit Company. They also treat their employees like human beings, rather than human resources. Here’s a great free resource that’ll help you get a For-Benefit job ).

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Reduce Job Search Costs

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Between newspapers and the Internet, there are more resources than ever before to help people find jobs. An added benefit is the time you will save by having a resume writer prepare your resume for you. Find out what traffic is like, and if public transportation may be a good option.

The Value of Job Search Support Groups

Water Cooler Wisdom

People who are energized by socialsituations and tend to procrastinate the lonely tasks of job-hunting willlikely benefit from a job club. The net profit from the contract will be shared equally by the agent and Byrne Transportation Services, LLC.

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Working and Living in the Fourth Industrial Revolution


The Fourth Industrial Revolution is poised to disrupt and potentially de-center manufacturing, transportation and even service, and therefore eliminate or transform millions of jobs. The theme for this year’s World Economic Forum gathering in Davos was the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Choosing A Career Path: 4 Hot Hospitality Jobs

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Other duties of a food service manager include ordering kitchen supplies and food items, human resources , budgeting, and customer service. One of the main benefits of this profession is that you get to travel a lot, throughout the United States and the world.

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Top 13 Advantages of Online Learning

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One of the main benefits of online learning is that it can provide you with the freedom you need to study at your own pace. With an online course, you can access all your resources 24/7. The more you stimulate your brain, the more health benefits you will receive.

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someone is violating our bathrooms, coworker takes over my desk when I’m out, and more

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I’ve been at the same company for about five years and I get a cell phone as part of my benefits package. These phones are not strictly for work use — we’re told it is a personal phone, IT does not have access to anything on them, and it’s normal for employees with this benefit to use it as their sole phone. Even then, though, it would be odd for them to transport toy cars and Legos to your desk for a single day of coverage!

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AT & T Seeking to Hire 10K Veterans and Military Family Members

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The company has established a Military Talent Attraction team, which focuses on promoting AT&T’s career opportunities to veterans and educating managers across AT&T on the benefits of hiring military veterans. ” AT&T jobs are among the best in the world and full- and part-time positions include competitive wages and benefits.

DC Urged to Telecommute on the 20th

Telecommuting Journal

Encouraging telework not only reduces strain on our transportation infrastructure, but it also supports work/life balance – an issue that is important to President-elect Obama,” said Cindy Auten, general manager, Telework Exchange. Available at , the Telework Exchange value calculators tally the potential cost savings and environmental benefits associated with telework.

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5 Business Buzzwords to Leave Behind in 2016


Uber is a ridesharing facilitator, not a transportation service. It’s bad for workers because they lack security, benefits and the ability to bargain in groups. I am a great hater of buzzwords.

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4 Things Veterans Need In A Company To Succeed

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Boardman describes, “The leadership, reliability, and high-tech skills veterans bring to the job are a great resource.”. The leadership, reliability, and high-tech skills veterans bring to the job are a great resource.”.

5 Tips For Recent Grads Entering The Workforce

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We call the last one “Friends with 401k benefits” at work.). You did not need to expend a single extra synapse of critical thinking to solve the problem because nearly a quarter million dollars went to make sure you had enough resources to answer your every question. Congratulations!

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The 5 world events that changed job-hunting forever

Guerrilla Job Hunting

China will strain the world’s resources in agriculture, manufacturing, energy, transportation, natural resources, education and medicine.     You can benefit by working for those companies who will assist China in designing and expanding their infrastructure. Here are the 5 events which will impact your job hunting the most over the next 10 years.

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our holiday party excludes people with mobility issues, turning down training requests, and more

Ask A Manager

In the past year, we have had two major off-site work events that I could not attend because they forgot to check if the venue and/or arranged transportation was accessible. Starting in the new year, could we make a point of ensuring that venues and transportation will be accessible?” I’m hoping there can be some official change made to whatever procedures are used for booking venues and transportation to ensure it doesn’t fall off the radar in the future.”.

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The 5 world events that changed job-hunting forever

Guerrilla Job Hunting

China will strain the world’s resources in agriculture, manufacturing, energy, transportation, natural resources, education and medicine.     You can benefit by working for those companies who will assist China in designing and expanding their infrastructure. Here are the 5 events which will impact your job hunting the most over the next 10 years.

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What’s on Your Bucket List? 101 Things To Do Before You Die

Personal Excellence Blog

What would you do if you had unlimited time, money and resources? For your convenience, I’ve included useful resources (hand-picked by yours truly) to aid you in your bucket-list quest. Some language resources: List of Languages in the World.

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The Culture of Waste: Why It’s Bad, and How To Prevent Waste

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Depletes precious resources. Our resources are rapidly depleting since we are using them much quicker than they can be replaced. Use alternatives to private transport. Such as the public transport, cycling, walking, or even car pooling.

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Unemployment Extension Update

Corn on the Job

If your unemployment insurance benefits have been exhausted before the passing of this bill, you WILL be eligible for additional weeks of unemployment benefits. Those looking to receive a jumbo lump sum payment dating back to when benefits were exhausted will be mildly disappointed. Don’t frown too hard, your benefits will begin immediately moving forward. Do you have questions on unemployment benefits, or any horror stories to share?

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