Follow the Clean Tech Money: DOE Makes Conditional Loan Guarantee of $105 Million to POET, OPX Biotech Raising $45 Million, Aptera Raises $2.5 Million

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OPX Biotechnologies is raising $45 million in equity to further develop biofuel and bio-acrylic production. The Department of Energy has made a conditional loan guarantee for $105 million to Project Liberty, sponsored by POET, LLC, for the development of a commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plant to be built in Iowa. When completed the facility will produce up to 25 million gallons of ethanol per year that will be made from corn cobs, leaves and husks, rather than feed grains.

Career Success Strategy For Professionals Over 40

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Raised $50+ million from public investors for biotechnology company valued by aggressively marketing to investors nationwide. Equity Research and Analysis. Devised and implemented financial models and valuation tools to assess biotechnology and healthcare companies. Less energy, high health and life insurance costs, higher salary expectations, and unwillingness to learn new technology.

When Leaving Your Job, How to Take Your Colleagues With You

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A naturally outgoing personality, an MBA in Marketing, and a background in biology together formed a rock solid platform for her role as Chief Innovation Officer at a growing biotechnology firm. To do that she would need to do one thing: either build a new team, or bring with her the team of six people she had developed while working for the biotechnology firm. There are myriad ways to offer “equity,” from partnership to stock ownership to “your name on the door.”

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