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CareersDoneWrite offers a wide range of executive career services spanning the financial services, banking, insurance, technology, management consulting, legal, biotechnology, and academic industries. We are excited and honored to announce a partnership with Exec Digital, a pioneering all digital media site exploring business issues and lifestyle trends facing top executives, with revealing, intelligent news delivered daily. Exec Digital shares our ideals.

2012 119

Analytics and Agriculture

Imarticus Learning

Knowledge of sciences, agriculture methods, biotechnology, animal and soil sciences, etc will definitely aid the analyst. Smart Farming technologies and analytics can thus be efficiently used for forecasts, predictions for better crop harvests, risk mitigation, and management, harvest predictions, maximizing crop quality, liaising and interconnectivity with seed manufacturers, banks, insurers, and government bodies.

2019 40

Career Success Strategy For Professionals Over 40

Career Realism

Less energy, high health and life insurance costs, higher salary expectations, and unwillingness to learn new technology. Raised $50+ million from public investors for biotechnology company valued by aggressively marketing to investors nationwide. Devised and implemented financial models and valuation tools to assess biotechnology and healthcare companies.