10 Books to Read if You Feel Like Escaping 2020

Ms. Career Girl

Here’s our picks of books to read that are full of self-discovery and help break you away from the odd world of 2020. In book three of the Witches of Orkney series, Abigail Tarkana is back and ready for more adventures at the Tarkana Academy.

2020 270

Twelve 2021 Book Debuts To Add to Your Reading List

Ms. Career Girl

With the new year comes new books making it easy to accomplish this goal. The post Twelve 2021 Book Debuts To Add to Your Reading List appeared first on Ms. Book Club Product Reviews 2021 book debuts

2021 239

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Twelve of the Most Anticipated Books of Fall

Ms. Career Girl

And with a new season, comes new books! Here are our 12 most anticipated books of fall! If you’re looking to start your own business and need inspiration, Supermaker is the book for you! She writes about parenting, mental health issues, relationships, and of course, books.

2020 274

The Gift of Reading: Books For Everyone on Your List

Ms. Career Girl

Books are the perfect go-to gifts for your friends and family. We’ve started our list of great books for everyone on your list ! From Grandma to your best girlfriends, gift giving is made easy with our holiday gift guide of books for everyone on your list.

2020 184

Reviews – The 5 Job Search Books You Should Read

Career Alley

Find your Dream Job Books ResumesResumes are probably the most important document you will ever have in your career (short of a million-dollar contract). It’s difficult writing a great resume, […].

2020 246

7 Books That Celebrate the Successes of Women

Ms. Career Girl

In celebration of amazing women, we’ve highlighted these seven books that will uplift and inspire you to go after the life you truly want. With personal anecdotes and plenty of useful advice, this new book sets women on a pathway to success in the business world.

2019 208

Why Personal Development Books May Not Lead to Your Success

Ms. Career Girl

These days there are a great deal of personal development books out there and a plethora of people turning to them in the hopes of finding the one that might fix them or solve their problems. The post Why Personal Development Books May Not Lead to Your Success appeared first on Ms.

2020 218

3 Lessons I Learned From Writing A Book

Ms. Career Girl

The Adventure of Writing a Book. A couple of years ago, I gave birth to a book, Living Singlish , an ‘older sister in your pocket’ for women building strong, independent lives, whether alone or in a relationship. What started as a letter grew, till one day I thought ‘This is a book’! Actually getting a book out there into the world takes many more steps than writing. There are lots of rules about writing books: make an outline first. And that book ?

2019 181

10 Books to Ignite Your Career Spirit this Fall

Ms. Career Girl

These 10 new books will help ignite your career spirit and set the season off on a positive and productive note. In her book, Joy Seeker , she empowers readers to get out of the everyday routines that make them feel worthless and get back on the track to achieving greatness. It’s with this sage advice that she went on to write her latest self-help book Everything Is Figureoutable. This Ain’t Your Mama’s Business Book.

2019 182

Holiday Book Gift Guide for the Career Girl Who Doesn’t Have Time to Shop

Ms. Career Girl

A brand-new book. If you’re looking to do all of your holiday shopping online this year, these are the books you’ll want to add to your virtual shopping cart. Here’s the Ms Career Girl holiday book gift guide for 2018: For the hopeless romantic: The Memory of You by Jamie Beck. In this new book, Katz teaches moms techniques that will improve their lives, lower stress levels and leave them feeling like they have a sense of balance in their life.

2018 215

The Must-Read Books of Fall By Our Favorite Female Authors

Ms. Career Girl

After a long workday or a week spent in the office, there’s nothing better than settling into a comfortable spot with a warm drink and a great new book. The bestselling author of Big Little Lies is back this fall with a book about one life-changing week at an isolated health resort. This inspirational new novel is the perfect book for empowered women. Give the gift of a great book!

2018 218

10 Books for Mom – For The Mom Who Does It All

Ms. Career Girl

Whether your mom loves fiction, poetry or nonfiction, these 10 books make perfect gifts for the mom who does it all. This debut poetry collection is a short read for moms who are looking for a relatable book to escape with this Mother’s Day. Moms Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley know the struggles of motherhood and in their new tell-all book, they encourage moms to kick back and take some time for themselves.

2019 215

Reviews – Top 5 Job Search Books

Career Alley

There must be hundreds of job search resource books out there, which are the best ones to use? Following are some reviews of the top 5 job search books to help your make your selection. 2014: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers – Currently #1 on the list and one of the most popular careers books, the updated version includes how to leverage social networks as well as tips on interviewing and getting hired. Career advice Book Review Job Search

2014 309

10 New Books That Make Great End of Summer Reads

Ms. Career Girl

The Nine is the perfect book for your next weekend off. The Turn of the Key is the perfect book for fans of Agatha Christie. The post 10 New Books That Make Great End of Summer Reads appeared first on Ms. Book Club News Travel & Leisure end of summer reads summer reads 2019The end of summer is nearly in sight, bringing with it the end to carefree days kicking back and reading.

2019 201

Books for the Feminist in Your Life

Ms. Career Girl

There’s never a bad time to pick up a good book about fearless women trying to take on the world. If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for your feminist friend this holiday season, pick up one of these books, sure to inspire her to keep reaching for her goals. The post Books for the Feminist in Your Life appeared first on Ms. News Self books for feminists books for the feminist gifts for feminists

2017 159

From Finance to Books

Career Shifters

“I always felt like something was missing and I couldn't quite put my finger on what that was.”. Sarah Dennis had spent so long working in finance she couldn't imagine doing anything else. But after a family loss, she decided it was time, literally, to set out on a new journey.

2020 141

Books to Unwind with this Weekend

Ms. Career Girl

For all those women looking for books to unwind with and get lost in a great page-turner, these are the new binge-worthy titles you won’t be able to put down…at least until the alarm goes off on Monday morning! As Oprah’s newest book club pick, An American Marriage brings one couple’s relationship and the American justice system to the forefront. If you’re looking to dig into a heartwarming novel on your days off, The Friend is the book you’ll want.

2018 148

Four Stand-Out Career Books For Women in 2018

Ms. Career Girl

And one of the easiest ways to get smarter about your career is by reading a great book. Out of the latest career advice books for women published so far in 2018, these four books have earned high ratings. They come highly recommended by readers on Goodreads, the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. Here’s four stand-out career books for women in 2018. This book is full of hard-won wisdom from Fran Hauser.

2018 147

4 Amazing Book Series With Strong Female Leads

Ms. Career Girl

They were always the lead characters in books, and this made it hard for a lot of young girls to relate to some stories. It’s always easier to enjoy a book and understand the main characters when you can relate to them in some way. . Book Club strong female leads

2019 130

Five New Books for the Woman Who Does It All

Ms. Career Girl

These five books about strong women who have faced similar pressures and have come out on the other side feeling whole and fulfilled will leave you energized. These new books are sure to inspire you in your own journey. In her latest book, Buchanan shows readers that there’s a way to merge the ways of self-help and business by investing in yourself and transforming your life for the better. The post Five New Books for the Woman Who Does It All appeared first on Ms.

2018 138

12 Books of Christmas: Give The Gift of Reading

Ms. Career Girl

The post 12 Books of Christmas: Give The Gift of Reading appeared first on Ms. I imagine that someday in the not-too-distant future, traditional books will have met their demise. Sure, it’s nice to be able to carry dozens of books in something the size of a note pad. But isn’t there something just irreplaceably delicious about curling up with a real, live book? One book, or two. or hey, a book a month for the next year!

2016 182

Stand Out and Move Up In Your Career – Write a Book

Ms. Career Girl

But none of these stunts would make an impression like telling a hiring manager, literally, “I wrote the book on this.”. There’s nothing like a high-quality book you’ve written and published to demonstrate your skills, credibility, commitment, knowledge, and vision for your field. Can I write a book? At this point, many readers may assume this doesn’t apply to them, that they lack either the experience, expertise, or capability to write a book.

2019 176

Reviews – The 5 Job Search Books You Should Read

Career Alley

There must be hundreds of “how to write a resume” books out there, which are the best ones to use? And once you get that resume gets you an interview, do you have the right book to help you nail the interview (and get the job)? Following are some reviews of the top 5 job search books to help your make your selection. Than this is the book for you. Books Career advice Job Search Resumes

2015 248

7 Books Every Feminist Is Reading This Fall 

Ms. Career Girl

Machado’s newest book is a must-read for any feminist who stands for the right to control one’s own body. The post 7 Books Every Feminist Is Reading This Fall appeared first on Ms. Book Club News fall reading listWhether she’s your friend, sister, or mother, make sure the feminist in your life does not go without these titles this fall. With everything from historical fiction to captivating memoir, this list is sure to keep you busy before the holiday season.

2017 180

Hemingway’s Havana – A Perfect Coffee Table Book

Ms. Career Girl

While not as popular as it once was, there’s something elegant and inviting about a carefully chosen coffee table book. The photographic presentation alone is enough to make this book worthy of any coffee table. I was drawn in like I’m very rarely drawn into a book. The post Hemingway’s Havana – A Perfect Coffee Table Book appeared first on Ms.

2018 162

From TV to Memory Books

Career Shifters

“I yearned to be my own boss, to choose who I worked with and what I did.”. Long hours, lack of creative control and constant illness left Katie Ryde exhausted. Then, a timely conversation and an impending change in family circumstances gave her the push she needed to set up something of her own. Here's how she made it happen

2019 158

7 Ways a Book Club Boosts Your Life

Ms. Career Girl

The post 7 Ways a Book Club Boosts Your Life appeared first on Ms. By some estimates , 5 Americans gather together to discuss books every few weeks. Are you in a book club? Book Club Girls Are TOTAL Babes. I once had an interviewer ask me what book I was currently reading. So if you are on a job hunt, pick up your favorite book or find a new one to dive into! Time for Aunt Kell’s famous guacamole to make its book club debut?

2014 198

So You Want To Write A Book in 2017?

Ms. Career Girl

The post So You Want To Write A Book in 2017? Want to write a book this year? Years later it launched my first book, “Julia’s Chocolates.” Once a month we’ll chat about writing a book this year. Her latest book is The Language of Sisters. The post So You Want To Write A Book in 2017? SideHustle Featured Real Career Girls becoming a writer becoming an author Cathy Lamb Write A Bookappeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Don’t know where to start?

2017 186

10 Books to Unwind with This Memorial Day

Ms. Career Girl

The post 10 Books to Unwind with This Memorial Day appeared first on Ms. We rounded up the crème-de-la-crème of reading escapes to add to your weekender bag this May that will transport you to another life and far away from your social media, computer and daily hustle – you’re welcome: 10 Books To Unwind With This Memorial Day. The post 10 Books to Unwind with This Memorial Day appeared first on Ms. Travel & Leisure books to unwind memorial day reading

2017 168

Throwing A Book Off A Snowy Cliff

Ms. Career Girl

I am writing my next book and I think it sucks. I get to this point with every single book I’ve ever written. If a giant ostrich swooped down and carried me off to an unknown island in the middle of the ocean where I could never edit this book again, I would call my husband and tell him to light my laptop on fire and fling it over a snowy cliff so no one could ever read it. You need to be able to analyze your book and see where the glaring holes are and the smallest mistakes.

2017 159

HR Book Review: The Office (The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s: An Oral History).

The HR Capitalist

I originally grabbed the book because it presented an opportunity to connect with my youngest son, who like a lot of kids, has consumed the entire series 3+ times on Netflix. Recommended book if you liked/loved the office and need a summer read. Books Innovation Managing Workplace

2020 140

Book Review: Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs

Hiring Technical People

It’s a quick read and good book. books Hiring Geeks That Fit hiring strategy job analysis job description I just finished Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs , by Peter Capelli. It’s a terrific read, all about the reasons hiring managers and companies have trouble finding people, and why job seekers have trouble getting in the door. It’s related to John Sumser’s series, the Hiring Paradox. I’ve never believed that there is a war for talent.

2013 222

7 Great New Books To Celebrate National Women’s Equality Day

Ms. Career Girl

Every day is a chance to celebrate women and promote equality for females everywhere, but we’re taking time out of our day this year to celebrate National Women’s Equality Day with these new books about strong women, written by fearless females. In this nonfiction book, Jessica encourages readers to take the risk and dive head first into their dreams. The post 7 Great New Books To Celebrate National Women’s Equality Day appeared first on Ms.

2018 160

5 Little Books With Big Messages You Don’t Want To Miss

Ms. Career Girl

Here’s five deceptively little books with big messages you don’t want to miss. Based on neuro-linguistic programming, the book is a concise training program that shows you the step-by-step process to change the way you respond to thoughts about things you’ve always attached fear emotions to. ” This book is based on Holly’s two decades of dealing with the men in her chosen occupation. I like to read.

2017 176

book review the think big manifesto

Career Makeover Coach

This book will make you think, it will probe and provoke you, and it will have an effect. Many books come and go, and even though some convey some useful advice, it takes a lot for anything to really stick. Learn more about the book, revolution and Michael Port at the Think Big Manifesto website. Careers book reviews personal transformation How do you see yourself in the world? Do you dare to think big? What does that even mean?

2014 137

Free E-Book: “Background Screening Trends That Are Either IN or OUT for 2021”

Evil HR Lady

Download your free e-book from DataFacts now. The post Free E-Book: “Background Screening Trends That Are Either IN or OUT for 2021” appeared first on Evil HR Lady Sponsored post. Check out our complimentary ebook “Background Screening Trends That Are Either IN or OUT for 2021”.

2021 154

Book Review: Networking is Dead

Hiring Technical People

The book goes on to discuss the five levels of exchange: Social exchange. Use this book and you can be. We all know that we need to network to find people to hire or to get a new job. But too often, our networking is rand. That’s why you should read Networking Is Dead: Making Connections That Matter. Wilson and Mohl make the case that you should network with purpose. It’s not the networking is dead, per se. It’s that you want to think about how you network.

Best Interview Audio Books

The Corporate Con/noisseur

Best Interview Audio Books. We’ve been recently discussing and conducting a deep dive into our book recommendations for landing a coveted interview and nailing the interview process. That is why we are going to discuss the best interview audio books. Best Audio Book Service.

2020 52

The 50 Best Books for the Unemployed

Resume Bear

These books will help you look at the silver lining of unemployment and suggest that you spend your time away from work learning, growing and ultimately becoming a better employee. Read these books to get inspired and reignite your drive to find work, start a business or be the successful person you know you can be. Covey: This classic book will show you some simple, but powerful, ways to be a better leader and employee and change how you see yourself and your life.

2011 205

My Book of Life – My Next Chapter


There is not one big cosmic meaning for all; there is only the meaning we each give to our life, an individual meaning, an individual plot, like an individual novel, a book for each person.” – Anais Nin. My book is long with several chapters remaining. Bonus Track Life "Rayanne Thorn" @Ray_anne blogging4jobs book of life heartache life loss love miscarriage next chapter pain passion RayanneThorn red red door the book of life Life in color.

2014 106

Super Cool Gift Idea: The Book of Dad

Ms. Career Girl

The post Super Cool Gift Idea: The Book of Dad appeared first on Ms. Thanks to The Book of Everyone, shopping for Dad just got easier with the launch of The Book of Dad. In addition to The Book of Dad, for Fathers Day The Book of Everyone has set up a project called “What I Never Told My Dad” exploring relationships we have with our dads. whatinevertoldmydad.com The post Super Cool Gift Idea: The Book of Dad appeared first on Ms.

2015 194

From Tech to Children's Books

Career Shifters

"What had I made in the last decade of my career? Did any of it still even exist?". Lori Richmond’s fast-paced career was exciting, but she never had anything to show for all her hard work. And then a night class reignited a long-dormant passion. Here’s how Lori took a measured, step-by-step approach into a new career she knows will last

2016 143

Books for Interviewers

The Corporate Con/noisseur

Books for Interviewers. That is why we are going to review the best books for interviewers and will provide an explanation on why we included each book on this list. Below, we are going to take a look at some of the best books for interviewers which can be purchased on Amazon.

2020 52