10 Books Every New Entrepreneur Should Read

Ms. Career Girl

In fact, it’s convenient — so convenient that many of us don’t take the time to pick up a book anymore. Of course, with millions of entrepreneurship and business books out there, just figuring out where to start can be a challenge in and of itself.

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7 Books That Celebrate the Successes of Women

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In celebration of amazing women, we’ve highlighted these seven books that will uplift and inspire you to go after the life you truly want. With personal anecdotes and plenty of useful advice, this new book sets women on a pathway to success in the business world.

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3 Lessons I Learned From Writing A Book

Ms. Career Girl

The Adventure of Writing a Book. A couple of years ago, I gave birth to a book, Living Singlish , an ‘older sister in your pocket’ for women building strong, independent lives, whether alone or in a relationship. What started as a letter grew, till one day I thought ‘This is a book’!

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Why Personal Development Books May Not Lead to Your Success

Ms. Career Girl

These days there are a great deal of personal development books out there and a plethora of people turning to them in the hopes of finding the one that might fix them or solve their problems. The post Why Personal Development Books May Not Lead to Your Success appeared first on Ms.

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Holiday Book Gift Guide for the Career Girl Who Doesn’t Have Time to Shop

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A brand-new book. If you’re looking to do all of your holiday shopping online this year, these are the books you’ll want to add to your virtual shopping cart. Here’s the Ms Career Girl holiday book gift guide for 2018: For the hopeless romantic: The Memory of You by Jamie Beck.

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10 Books for Mom – For The Mom Who Does It All

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Whether your mom loves fiction, poetry or nonfiction, these 10 books make perfect gifts for the mom who does it all. This debut poetry collection is a short read for moms who are looking for a relatable book to escape with this Mother’s Day.

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10 New Books That Make Great End of Summer Reads

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The Nine is the perfect book for your next weekend off. The Turn of the Key is the perfect book for fans of Agatha Christie. The post 10 New Books That Make Great End of Summer Reads appeared first on Ms. Book Club News Travel & Leisure end of summer reads summer reads 2019

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Books for the Feminist in Your Life

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There’s never a bad time to pick up a good book about fearless women trying to take on the world. If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for your feminist friend this holiday season, pick up one of these books, sure to inspire her to keep reaching for her goals.

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The Must-Read Books of Fall By Our Favorite Female Authors

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After a long workday or a week spent in the office, there’s nothing better than settling into a comfortable spot with a warm drink and a great new book. The bestselling author of Big Little Lies is back this fall with a book about one life-changing week at an isolated health resort.

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Books to Unwind with this Weekend

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For all those women looking for books to unwind with and get lost in a great page-turner, these are the new binge-worthy titles you won’t be able to put down…at least until the alarm goes off on Monday morning! The post Books to Unwind with this Weekend appeared first on Ms.

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Four Stand-Out Career Books For Women in 2018

Ms. Career Girl

And one of the easiest ways to get smarter about your career is by reading a great book. Out of the latest career advice books for women published so far in 2018, these four books have earned high ratings. Here’s four stand-out career books for women in 2018.

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Stand Out and Move Up In Your Career – Write a Book

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But none of these stunts would make an impression like telling a hiring manager, literally, “I wrote the book on this.”. There’s nothing like a high-quality book you’ve written and published to demonstrate your skills, credibility, commitment, knowledge, and vision for your field.

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From TV to Memory Books

Career Shifters

“I yearned to be my own boss, to choose who I worked with and what I did.”. Long hours, lack of creative control and constant illness left Katie Ryde exhausted. Then, a timely conversation and an impending change in family circumstances gave her the push she needed to set up something of her own.

2019 205

4 Amazing Book Series With Strong Female Leads

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They were always the lead characters in books, and this made it hard for a lot of young girls to relate to some stories. It’s always easier to enjoy a book and understand the main characters when you can relate to them in some way. . Book Club strong female leads

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12 Books of Christmas: Give The Gift of Reading

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The post 12 Books of Christmas: Give The Gift of Reading appeared first on Ms. I imagine that someday in the not-too-distant future, traditional books will have met their demise. Sure, it’s nice to be able to carry dozens of books in something the size of a note pad.

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7 Books Every Feminist Is Reading This Fall 

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Machado’s newest book is a must-read for any feminist who stands for the right to control one’s own body. The post 7 Books Every Feminist Is Reading This Fall appeared first on Ms. Book Club News fall reading list

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7 Ways a Book Club Boosts Your Life

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The post 7 Ways a Book Club Boosts Your Life appeared first on Ms. By some estimates , 5 Americans gather together to discuss books every few weeks. Are you in a book club? Book Club Girls Are TOTAL Babes. I once had an interviewer ask me what book I was currently reading.

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So You Want To Write A Book in 2017?

Ms. Career Girl

The post So You Want To Write A Book in 2017? Want to write a book this year? Years later it launched my first book, “Julia’s Chocolates.” Once a month we’ll chat about writing a book this year. Her latest book is The Language of Sisters.

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Reviews – Top 5 Job Search Books

Career Alley

There must be hundreds of job search resource books out there, which are the best ones to use? Following are some reviews of the top 5 job search books to help your make your selection. The book includes strategies that have been proven to work over time.

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Five New Books for the Woman Who Does It All

Ms. Career Girl

These five books about strong women who have faced similar pressures and have come out on the other side feeling whole and fulfilled will leave you energized. These new books are sure to inspire you in your own journey.

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10 Books to Unwind with This Memorial Day

Ms. Career Girl

The post 10 Books to Unwind with This Memorial Day appeared first on Ms. Thankfully the author of our book obsession is delivering us with yet another rollercoaster ride this summer and we guarantee you’ll consume it in one sitting.

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Throwing A Book Off A Snowy Cliff

Ms. Career Girl

I am writing my next book and I think it sucks. I get to this point with every single book I’ve ever written. You need to be able to analyze your book and see where the glaring holes are and the smallest mistakes. Here’s what I can tell you is currently wrong with my book.

2017 207

Hemingway’s Havana – A Perfect Coffee Table Book

Ms. Career Girl

While not as popular as it once was, there’s something elegant and inviting about a carefully chosen coffee table book. The photographic presentation alone is enough to make this book worthy of any coffee table. I was drawn in like I’m very rarely drawn into a book.

2018 170

7 Great New Books To Celebrate National Women’s Equality Day

Ms. Career Girl

Every day is a chance to celebrate women and promote equality for females everywhere, but we’re taking time out of our day this year to celebrate National Women’s Equality Day with these new books about strong women, written by fearless females.

2018 208

5 Little Books With Big Messages You Don’t Want To Miss

Ms. Career Girl

Here’s five deceptively little books with big messages you don’t want to miss. This little book won’t end up on your bookshelf – it’ll end up in your purse as a go-to resource to remind you how awesome you, the people around you, and life really are.

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What is a Resume Book?

The Corporate Con/noisseur

What is a Resume Book? Oftentimes, students in colleges and universities will be asked to submit their resume book. But what is a resume book? Simply put, a resume book is a tool offered by your college or university. What is the Benefit of a Resume Book?

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7 Books for the New Business Leader to Add to Their Reading List


Something I’ve always done whenever I have taken a new job or consulting gig has been to immerse myself in books. I need strategies not quick fixes, and I really want to tap into the information, resources, case studies and conversations that go beyond 3,000 words of an e-book.

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book review the think big manifesto

Career Makeover Coach

This book will make you think, it will probe and provoke you, and it will have an effect. Many books come and go, and even though some convey some useful advice, it takes a lot for anything to really stick. Careers book reviews personal transformation

2014 178

Best Resume Books on Amazon

The Corporate Con/noisseur

Best Resume Books on Amazon. The best resume books on Amazon are ones that are continuously updated, which provide relevant information, and which are easily accessible and understood. In her book, Gayle provides helpful tips to students on which career paths to consider.

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Best Business Books on Kindle

The Corporate Con/noisseur

Best Business Books on Kindle. While the Kindle ecosystem is alive and well, there are a slew of books available for career professionals. These books offer self-help advice, career specific tips, and instructions on how to be a better manager. Top 5 Business Books on Kindle.

2020 52

Reviews – The 5 Job Search Books You Should Read

Career Alley

There must be hundreds of “how to write a resume” books out there, which are the best ones to use? And once you get that resume gets you an interview, do you have the right book to help you nail the interview (and get the job)? Than this is the book for you.

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The 50 Best Books for the Unemployed

Resume Bear

These books will help you look at the silver lining of unemployment and suggest that you spend your time away from work learning, growing and ultimately becoming a better employee. Read this book to learn how to stay sane and keep busy while out of work.

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From Tech to Children's Books

Career Shifters

"What had I made in the last decade of my career? Did any of it still even exist?". Lori Richmond’s fast-paced career was exciting, but she never had anything to show for all her hard work. And then a night class reignited a long-dormant passion.

2016 186

Super Cool Gift Idea: The Book of Dad

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The post Super Cool Gift Idea: The Book of Dad appeared first on Ms. Thanks to The Book of Everyone, shopping for Dad just got easier with the launch of The Book of Dad. whatinevertoldmydad.com The post Super Cool Gift Idea: The Book of Dad appeared first on Ms.

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My Book of Life – My Next Chapter


There is not one big cosmic meaning for all; there is only the meaning we each give to our life, an individual meaning, an individual plot, like an individual novel, a book for each person.” – Anais Nin. My book is long with several chapters remaining. Life in color.

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4 Ridiculously Expensive and Amazing Coffee Table Books

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The post 4 Ridiculously Expensive and Amazing Coffee Table Books appeared first on Ms. Coffee table books are often seen as a pretense, a way of buying more cultural currency or pretending to be more sophisticated. Are you a fan of coffee table books yourself?

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Book Review: Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs

Hiring Technical People

It’s a quick read and good book. books Hiring Geeks That Fit hiring strategy job analysis job description I just finished Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs , by Peter Capelli. It’s a terrific read, all about the reasons hiring managers and companies have trouble finding people, and why job seekers have trouble getting in the door. It’s related to John Sumser’s series, the Hiring Paradox. I’ve never believed that there is a war for talent.

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4 Must-Read Books if Your Sights Are At The Top

Ms. Career Girl

The post 4 Must-Read Books if Your Sights Are At The Top appeared first on Ms. The post 4 Must-Read Books if Your Sights Are At The Top appeared first on Ms. Product Reviews books to read Gender equality

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Executive Personal Branding and Your LinkedIn Profile FREE e-Book

Executive Career Brand

Here are just some of the essential LinkedIn profile-building tips you’ll find in the e-book: ? Personal Branding Magazine: How to Dress For Success Layoff Self-Defense FREE eBook Download My FREE e-Book UPDATED SECOND EDITION!!!

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Two Must-Read Books To Propel Your Travel Writing Career

Ms. Career Girl

The post Two Must-Read Books To Propel Your Travel Writing Career appeared first on Ms. In my opinion, the book is essentially a written coaching program. It definitely delivers as much value to the reader as an “how to” book I’ve ever read.

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The 20 Best Personal Development Books for 20-somethings

Resume Bear

As you go through this intensely transitional period, it’s great to have some help , and these books offer quite a bit. Read on to find 20 of our favorite books for 20-somethings as they get started in the real world.

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Booking a Food Truck to Your Office

The Corporate Con/noisseur

Booking A Food Truck to Your Office. With their recent rise in popularity, you may consider booking a food truck to your office. Booking a food truck to your office is also a great way to show employee appreciation and can positively increase overall morale.

2019 52

Bliss Or Bust Book

Career Tips Blog

I’m happy to announce the release of my new book, Bliss Or Bust: Uplifting Thoughts.* I wrote the book because I was inspired to share my personal philosophy in an easy to read yet inspirational way. In the book, I seek to answer the question of why to bother with disciplining your mental focus. These ideas helped me realize my own creative power and understand the importance of my emotions. I hope it helps some others realize the importance of feeling good too.

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