Coaches Who Should Not Of Been Fired?

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When it comes to coaching, a termination is much more than the loss of a job. It has the potential to tarnish one’s reputation and damage a coaching career for life. For the most part, coaches are measured on their wins and losses. And as the figurehead of team, it’s typically the coaches who get the boot first. Sometimes the win-loss ratio isn’t the problem at all, but actually an issue of insubordination or bad judgment on the coach’s part.

Keys To Building A Winning Workplace

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A Successful Workplace Needs Strong Leadership (The Coach) via GIPHY Whether it's a manager, company president, or CEO, the tone from the organization usually starts from the top. Six-time Super Bowl-winning coach Bill Belichick is as direct as they come. In his first year as a starting quarterback in 2018, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes brought the Chiefs to the brink of the Super Bowl, while setting NFL records.

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