Feminism fails because women lie to each other about work. Oh, and go Cubs!

Penelope Trunk

I’m in the Houston airport waiting to fly home and I am sad that I’m not with my kids. It doesn’t feel fun to fly around the country making deals when you have a home life that depends on you. There is no war between working moms and stay-at-home moms.

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tiny answer Tuesday — 7 short answers to 7 short questions

Ask A Manager

Sending work emails during a tragedy. I’m in Boston, but many of my colleagues work out of our Boston office. Can you think of a good way to handle work emails today? Our office was far away from the explosions, but that doesn’t mean that some people weren’t out there today, or that they don’t know someone there today. I work for a large (1,000-2,000 employees) nonprofit in Texas. Paid maternity leave in the U.S.

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my boss’s family comes to work with her, will employers care that I drop my G’s, and more

Ask a Manager

I work for a small-to-medium nonprofit institution where many of the high-level administrators have been there for most of their professional lives, and there is a TON of turnover at the middle-to-lowest level, mostly due to the toxic environment that’s been plaguing this place (but that’s a story for another letter). Again, the niece is a pleasant and talented person, but her working on a project that has legalities and deliverables outside of our institution gives me pause.

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Shifting the balance of power. (Mainstream media stinks.

Penelope Trunk

I can’t bear to simply be gone when they come home from school. She calls the school to get the kids ready to leave early. He doesn’t take the offer seriously because it is so far from anything he’d ever do. They are from the UK, and then from the Australian Christian Coalition. This is Steve from the early show – What? I think your Guardian article was excellent but beyond that I'd leave the mainstream media well alone on this issue.

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