We’re in New Hampshire campaigning for Bernie!

Penelope Trunk

And they started screaming at listeners to go to New Hampshire to get people to vote for Bernie. “Go to Durham, New Hampshire! Boston is about an hour away from Durham.” At 2am in the middle of nowhere New Hampshire there gas stations are all closed.

Moving? 3 Helpful Tips For Your Relocation Job Search

Career Realism

Finding work in a new town, city, or state can be the ideal solution to a lack of fulfillment. Of course, it’s perfectly possible to look for jobs in New Hampshire , California, or wherever you’re headed once you’ve arrived, but you could miss out on some golden opportunities.

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What is “The Perfect Fit”?

The Undercover Recruiter

Learning a new CAD software, given my background, would be a snap, so off went my resume to what I would call a solid 90%+ fit. Returning to the dating analogy – my wife, one day, wanted to go to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

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