A Boston Marathon Story

Ms. Career Girl

One of my friends ran the Boston Marathon yesterday. Boston was no exception. As the stories of the Boston Marathon start to surface today, I think it’s important to acknowledge not only the tragic ones, but also the positive stories that make us think about our lives.

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Protesters in Boston are setting off fireworks all night every night. And it’s working.

Penelope Trunk

I live in Roxbury, on a sliver of Boston between two gang territories. Then the mayor’s office of Boston reported that fireworks were not only in Roxbury but also in seven other areas of the city: Dorchester, East Boston, Roxbury, Roslindale, Mattapan, Jamaica Plain, and South Boston.

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Flipside Crypto’s Balter Talks Uber, #MeToo, Cryptocurrencies

Imarticus Learning

There was a new controversy seemingly every week, whether it was Uber’s myriad scandals ; more personal data breaches ; Russia’s use of social media and other online platforms to try and influence U.S. The past year was a turbulent one for the tech industry.

Labor Disputes On the Rise in the US


Market Basket Employees Work Stoppage in Boston. Strikes, Lockouts and Boycotts, Oh my! . We’re going out on strike! There was a time in the history of our country that the mere mention of workers going on strike sent a chill down the spines of managers and workers alike.

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U.S. News & World Report Releases 2012 Rankings of World’s Best Universities

Resume Bear

The World’s Best Universities rankings, updated annually by U.S. Using a different methodology and ranking data than the well-known U.S. About U.S. News & World Report is a multi-platform, digital publisher of news and analysis, which includes the digital-only U.S.

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Study finds a Third of US College Students would Rather Have Started a Business

Ms. Career Girl

For the study, entitled “The Multi-Generational Job Search”, produced by Boston-based consulting firm Millennial Branding and career network Beyond.com, found almost two-thirds of US employers would now consider hiring a candidate without a college degree.

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10 Things that Give Us a Headache (Vote to Win Prizes!)

Ms. Career Girl

My guess is some of us live lives that would qualify instantly. Then leave us a comment (which includes your email address!) Unfortunately we have several examples of this one…the most irritating to us was the way Epicurious tweeted after the Boston Marathon.

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‘Wicked Smaht’ – Accent Hurting Your Professional Credibility?

Career Realism

To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at CAREEREALISM.com. Job Search accent advice blog Boston career goodwill hunting south uneducatedAn accent can misrepresent you, and possibly even hurt your chances of getting hired. Is it fair? Is it reality? Here’s why.

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coworker is obviously pregnant but hasn’t told us, negotiating for more vacation time, and more

Ask A Manager

Our coworker is obviously pregnant but hasn’t told us and we want to be cool. There are only three of us in our building and we are pretty close (both as work friends and literally, we see each other all day and share a bathroom). I always like sharing a room with you, but you rather have your own room when we go to Boston? It’s four answers to four questions. Here we go…. My question is about a coworker who we’re sure is pregnant.

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Employee Engagement and Storytelling for Business Leaders

David Zinger

I am looking very forward to going to Boston next week and taking a storytelling and leadership course. We all desire better ways to persuade, share what we know, and help those around us make sense of the complex world we live in. Stories are so much more than many of us first realize.

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

Lelisa Desisa, an Ethiopian, won the 2015 Boston Marathon. If you would like to contribute a favored quote, saying or proverb, please submit it to us at info@SkloverWorkingWisdom.com ]. “One who runs alone cannot be outrun by another.”. Ethiopian Proverb.

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5 Public Speaking Myths You Need To Break

Ms. Career Girl

Does public speaking need to fill us with dread? Are there some commonly held belief systems that hold us back from sharing our perceptions, ideas, and making an impact? That’s what engages and moves us.

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15 Summer Releases for your TBR List

Ms. Career Girl

And even though a lot of us are stuck at home, that doesn’t mean we can’t find some time in our busy schedules to take a break. Chicago’s Betty Robinson, Boston’s Louise Stokes, and Missouri’s Helen Stephens set out to defy society’s expectations of what women can do.

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Women Fired for Not Returning from FMLA; Wins a Lawsuit for Unlawful Termination. Here’s Why

Evil HR Lady

That may seem reasonable–companies aren’t obligated to hold your job forever, and the US requires only 12 weeks of unpaid time off–if you qualify for FMLA. So, why did Boston University lose a lawsuit? Maria Alves’s employer fired her when she didn’t return from her maternity leave. Well, to be fair, they gave her one extension and fired her when she asked for a second extension.

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What Are We Doing in the Azores?


It turned out that the only direct flight from Lisbon to Boston on Sata Air (a partner airline of TAP), made a stop here. We then continued to Boston. We were heading towards messy precipitation wandering across the freezing point in Boston.

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Looking for proof? It is there!

Careers Done Write

That is how many of us felt over the hours and days following the terror attacks in Boston. ” In this morning following many days of sadness and fear, our glorious flag beckons us to move forward, to stand together, and to cherish what is truly valuable.

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Four of America’s Favorite Organic Restaurants

Ms. Career Girl

Pressed: Boston, Massachusetts. With several locations around Boston, Pressed provides residents and visitors a healthy fix no matter where they live or which Boston area hotel might be their home away from home. Healthy restaurants are popping up across the U.S.

Top 10 Cities of Geeks

Resume Bear

Whether you’re the biggest geek at your online university or just want to avoid geeks altogether, check out this list of 10 geekiest cities in the U.S.: The city employed nearly a quarter of a million techies in 2008, the highest concentration of high-tech professionals in the U.S.

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Moving Overseas For Your Spouse’s Job? The Most Important Thing You Will Pack is Patience

Ms. Career Girl

For over thirty years, I enjoyed a career in the world of non-profit organizations: fundraising for organizations I admired (such as PBS); helping corporations and foundations make strategic philanthropic decisions; serving on the boards of many civic organizations in the Boston area, where I live.

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Have a Fairy Tale Wedding, But Beware: In Fairy Tales, Brides Suffer After “I Do”

Ms. Career Girl

Queens are the characters who tell us about what it’s like being married to royalty: they are accused of terrible crimes by other women who long to take their place, or it’s the woman’s mother in law who is trying to get her removed.

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Quarantine with my ex changes my opinion about good careers

Penelope Trunk

I call Nino and he flies to Boston. Nino kept saying he didn’t want to live with us and he would get his own apartment. Probably because he doesn’t earn enough money to get one near us. Things Nino hates about me: I yell. I’m ungrateful.

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Should You Launch in Emerging Markets First?

Hiring Technical People

This is starting to change: Pricewaterhousecoopers recently reported that faster approvals overseas are encouraging startups to enter the U.S. Consider Diagnostics for All , a Boston-area startup developing paper-based diagnostic tests the size of a postage stamp. In the process, the firm delays expensive and lengthy clinical trials in the U.S. Its older reader in U.S.-centered

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Call Up The Co-Worker or Boss You Used to Hate and Tell Them You Understand.

HR Capitalist

How about Kyrie Irving of pro basketball's Boston Celtics? More from ESPN: Celtics guard Kyrie Irving said that in the wake of his outbursts at coach Brad Stevens and forward Gordon Hayward on the court at the end of Saturday's loss at the Orlando Magic and pointed criticisms of Boston's young players afterward, he called LeBron James and apologized for the way he handled criticism from James when the two were teammates in Cleveland.

Great Job Interview, Have You Said Thank You?

Career Alley

Thank You Letters – Boston College’s Career Center offers good advice on Thank You letters. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions regarding CareerAlley content.

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Hot Careers – Have you Thought about Consulting?

Career Alley

Boston Consulting Group - Also a very well known and highly respected consulting firm. If you click “apply for a job with us” you can submit your resume/cv. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions regarding CareerAlley content.

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How to get good ideas for startups | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

Penelope Trunk

Digg Reddit StumbleUpon Tweet This Facebook The majority of people in the US would like to be self-employed , according to Dartmouth economist, David Blanchflower. I’m not sure if this qualifies us for the Harvard study demographic, but just in case, my kids do a lot of chores.

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The Dark Side of Telecommuting to the Office

Evil HR Lady

For those of us who love working from home, this is fantastic. Pratt , a management professor at Boston College that talks about this dark side of telecommuting. The perk that many, many people want ? The ability to work from home-either part time or full time.

Eat Like A Local: The Five Greatest Not-So-Famous Local Cuisine

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Boston. Boston’s Chinese food is unlike any Americanized Chinese food you’ve ever experienced. A great deal of Boston’s immigrants come from the Southwestern China province of Sichuan, whose dishes typically employ dried chilies, chili oil, and Sichuan peppercorn.

2014 193

What Being a Diverse, Female Entrepreneur Has Taught Me About Challenges and Uncertainty 

Ms. Career Girl

But if we have learned anything in these first few weeks post-COVID, it’s that creativity will get us through. Prior to serving with Teach for America, DoAmaral attended Boston University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Studies Education. .

2020 162

Best Career Coaches in Your City

The Corporate Con/noisseur

It is home to most federal agencies, including all three branches of the U.S. Best Career Coach in Boston. Home to world renown colleges and universities, Boston is the 21 st most populous city in the United States. Best Career Coaches in Your City.

2020 52

The Highest Paying Jobs for Non-College Grads

Career Alley

In fact, most American workers with a four-year college degree will earn over one million dollars more than their non-degreed young professionals during their career path, the U.S. Byline: Lance Hines – Lance is a freelance writer and an artist who lives in Boston.

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I’m Not Lucky, I’m Good.

Ms. Career Girl

Growing up in Boston has a way of making you a big fan of St. This year when I realized the luck of the Irish was upon us, I also realized that I have never been particularly lucky. The post I’m Not Lucky, I’m Good. appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

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The benefits of transparency are bigger than you can imagine, which is why transparency feels so hard

Penelope Trunk

He’s in Boston now. ” I want to believe I picked Boston because there is a teacher there who is a good fit. And that’s how I knew Boston would be the right place for my son. But the next day I sent my younger son to Boston. My son left.

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We’re in New Hampshire campaigning for Bernie!

Penelope Trunk

Boston is about an hour away from Durham.” The man said that if we had cash, he would take us somewhere for gas. There was no other Uber in sight, but Lyft somehow popped up on my screen and offered to pick us up in 45 minutes. I said, “We are here from Boston.

10 Books to Unwind with This Memorial Day

Ms. Career Girl

It’s almost Memorial Day and let’s face it: us busy girls need a break from our nonstop grind. Us too. Thankfully the author of our book obsession is delivering us with yet another rollercoaster ride this summer and we guarantee you’ll consume it in one sitting.

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Who’s Hiring at the Top 5 Best Companies to Work for – 2014 Vol 1

Career Alley

If you’ve got to work (and most of us do), why not work for one of the best companies? SAS : SAS is a software developer with over 14,000 employees globally (half in the US and half around the rest of the world).

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This Week On Twitter: Inbound Recruiting With Ed Nathanson

Career Realism

On Wednesday, June 10 at 12pm eastern, join us as Global Talent Acquisition and Human Resources Leader Ed Nathanson discusses inbound recruiting strategies and techniques!

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Top 5 Ways Employers Can Help Women Advance

Resume Bear

Equal pay, more visible female leadership and more family-friendly work policies are among the most beneficial ways in which companies can help women advance, according to male and female respondents to the latest Randstad US Employee Engagement Index study.

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Three Tips to Unleash the Creative Entrepreneurs in Your Community

Ms. Career Girl

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us. From Boston to Bangladesh, creative entrepreneurs are building companies at the cutting edge of digital fabrication, augmented reality, design and entertainment. Creatives are disrupting markets and they see a future the rest of us don’t see.

Why Your Office Needs a Director of People


For instance, The Boston Consulting Group first exhibits dedication to their workforce far before they’re ever hired by devoting thousands of dollars and an average of 100 hours to recruiting each consultant in order to get the right people. Let us know in the comments section below. .

2013 141

Envision. Create. Believe: Real Women Talk About Finding Your Work-Life Balance

Ms. Career Girl

There is so much that is expected of us – and we want to have it all. Susan Harrison , a former teacher in Boston, MA who recently founded V?c We all have wonderful ideas and dreams and wants and needs, but society tends to tie us down in prescribed roles. The post Envision.

2015 253

New Employee Survey Reveals Bosses Today Rarely Apologize, Inspire Less Trust

Resume Bear

in Boston. “The lack of employee engagement is a huge issue among U.S. ” The study found that while trust in the U.S. For more information, visit www.forum.com , follow us on Twitter , like us on Facebook , or connect with us on LinkedIn.

2013 230

Hire for Cultural Fit: It’s Time to Add Other People, Pt 2

Hiring Technical People

Surely, in the Boston area, there must be non-white, young and older people looking for jobs. If you haven’t read How Diversity Makes Us Smarter , you should. Diversity and our prejudices make us uncomfortable. Let’s start talking about hiring people in technology who don’t look like us. Not people who look like us.

2014 205