Choose A Franchise And You’ll Get A Whole Team Rooting For You

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Choose A Franchise And You’ll Get A Whole Team Rooting For You. The advantage of franchise ownership is you get a time-tested system. Besides relying on franchise consultants or coaches to bring them well-qualified candidates, ARCpoint uses a written test developed by Franchise Navigator to vet prospective franchisees for the right “entrepreneurial skill sets,” Loeb said, including, leadership, time management and consultative sales ability.

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Beware of Interview Liars: A Warning

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I would be a leader who built out a department, launched the company into new markets and eventually oversaw several managers. You can’t possibly expect me to believe that the leadership team didn’t realize times were tough before they hired people.

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Tips and Tools for Virtual Collaboration

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Use a Project Management Interface. However, you can make everything much simpler for everyone by using a project management tool that allows you to set milestones, assign tasks and give due dates everyone can see — not just the people working on a certain task.

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The Global Enterprise: Personal Branding Rules

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The Global Enterprise: Personal Branding Rules Written by Scot Herrick on February 1, 2008 in Personal Branding 2 Comments - Leave a comment! When companies move their different functions to the cities and countries that best meet the company’s criteria for cost, talent, education, market proximity, and political stability, it means that people who are on teams will have team members across the globe. Sure, the interactions between the team members will change.

Your Weekly Status Report will Kill Your Personal Brand | Cube Rules

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Your Weekly Status Report will Kill Your Personal Brand Written by Scot Herrick on May 20, 2008 in Personal Branding 18 Comments - Leave a comment! Yet, the status report is a consistent sign of your work to management. Keeping projects on time and budget?

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Personal Branding and We've Got the Burgers

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Personal Branding and We’ve Got the Burgers Written by Scot Herrick on November 2, 2007 in Personal Branding 2 Comments - Leave a comment! But then, I got to wondering: how much of our Personal Brand is all about the burger and not about doing the work to prove our brand?

11 Assets Every Business-Of-One Needs To Survive

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That dream has come true several times since graduating college. I went into the entertainment-band business full time after I graduated. I had my own group/business, a manager, a booking agent for three years. time management.

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Time Is Life

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with Phil Gerbyshak Management Craft Manager Tools Mass Bay ODLG McArthurs Rant - Human Resources, Organisations and HR 2.0 Just Do It Teshuva Time Is Life ► July (6) Questions for Coaching What Counts the Most? Lakein once said: “ Time is life. Time is money.

They Can't Reward You if They Don't See You – How to Increase Your.

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In today’s world of work – hard work, being a team player, and adhering to basic professional standards are baseline expectations of all employees. Brown nosing does as much harm as good – you want to show value in what you do at all times in a very natural way.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be Your Own Boss?

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In fact, we’ve probably all had that dream at one time or another. Freelancers/consultants: Freelancers and consultants sell their work to other companies, one project at a time. This is a great way for people in creative industries to earn money and build their own brands.

The Trials And Tribulations Of Managing An Office

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I’ve spent a great deal of time in an office and running a freelance business from home. If there isn’t someone to manage the office, operations will come to a halt. Here are some issues that will require your attention when managing an office: Keeping Stocked With Office Supplies.

Eight Fundamentals of Job Search « Career Brander

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Career Brander Blog About Career Brander « Google me-managing your online identity Does your personal brand convey a competitive advantage? and what does this have to do with Career Marketing and Personal Branding? Fundamental #1 - Time Management You must leverage the working hours as your key direct networking communication time. Your time is your most valuable asset.

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25 companies who are hiring new graduates this year

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Candidate qualities: General requirements include excellent written and verbal communication; organizational skills; strong computer skills; and ability to manage relationships in a fast-paced environment while demonstrating persistence and problem-solving skills.

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The nuts and bolts of building a brand | Penelope Trunk's Brazen.

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Is this your first time here? About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog The nuts and bolts of building a brand Posted to: Managing Up | Self-management February 23rd, 2010 It's time to take the Brazen Careerist part off of my blog. It's time for the blog to just be Penelope Trunk, and only my company should use the name Brazen Careerist. So, it's time to take it off my blog.

100 Women’s Voices In Business

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100 Women’s Voices In Business is a post from: Executive Career Brand. In tribute, Krishna De ( @KrishnaDe on Twitter), a fellow Reach Personal Branding Strategist, has compiled a free Slideshare report, 100 Voices in Business. In the category Leadership and Inspiring Your Team: #4 by Jennifer Brennan, a Communications Executive from Ireland ( @jenn_bren_ on Twitter): Be fair, honest and helpful. One step a day consistently over time leads to results.

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Lesson from LeBron James: How to decide when to relocate.

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Is this your first time here? Digg Reddit StumbleUpon Tweet This Facebook You don't need to be a basketball fan to know that LeBron James has been deciding if he should stay with his current team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, or move to another, more winning team.

7 Deadly Workplace Sins (And How to Avoid Them) Part 2

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There is also an art to the timing of when you create an opportunity to promote yourself – it should never be at someone else’s expense. There’s a limit to how many times your fellow co-workers will jump in to bail you out at the 11th hour.

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Valentine's Day and Your Job Search | Career Rocketeer

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Get people to shout your praises and promote you to others; and it won’t hurt to come up with a catchy brand statement like “Every Kiss Begins with Kay.” 4: Time pieces are one of the biggest gifts given on SVD. And when it comes to a job search time is the biggest intangible in the mix. Remember that time is precious and proper time management is the key to a successful job search.

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Surviving Your Day Job: Making Work “Work”

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I hope you find the content helpful to managing your day job while building your business part-time. Making Work “Work&# for You If you work full time – do you realize that more than 1/3 of your day revolves around work?

5 Inside Tips to Become Your Boss’ Right Hand Man (or Woman)


If you want to be the person your manager considers her right hand, here are five musts: 1) Be willing and agreeable. You know the moment in a team meeting when the boss apologetically asks everyone who can take on an undesirable task and all of your colleagues look down at the table?

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Are Voicemails and Emails Limiting Your Career Success? | Career.

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Career Rocketeer Career Search and Personal Branding Blog Home About Career Rocketeer Meet the Team Guest Experts Partners LinkedIn 360° Resources Job Search Websites Career Books Job Search Tracker Launchpad Blogroll Events Career Studios Advertise Contact Personal Branding Job Search Resumes Interviews Social Media Networking Career Management Everything Else You are here: Home / Career Management / Are Voicemails and Emails Limiting Your Career Success?

Book Review: The Three Signs of a Miserable Job | Cube Rules

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Unfortunately, for Cubical Warriors, most of the previous theory is for upper management – CEO’s (who, with as much written to them, must be the dumbest people on the planet…) and senior executives reporting to the CEO. link] Your virtual career team | Cube Rules [.]

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The Oscars 2011: Job Search Lessons from the Best | Career Rocketeer

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It is a relationship management tool and is in my mind the #1 business social networking site. I spend a lot of time coaching people on how to use it and it has paid off handsomely for them 127 Hours In my professional opinion this is the minimum number of hours a month you should devote to a job search when you are unemployed, and half that if you’re employed but serious about making a career move.

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smokers in a shared conference room, giving bibles as gifts to employees, and more

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I work as a consultant, which means that I usually work in the same conference room with my team. More than half my team smokes. Would it be ridiculous to step out at times to another room just because I can’t stand the smell? I’m a first-time manager and struggling with applying my company’s annual performance appraisal rating system, which must be followed at year-end regardless of the length of the employee’s tenure.

Cuz KD Said So: Hiring A Jock Is Always The Smart Way to Go.

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Sports teaches a lot of things – teamwork, drive, being coachable, time management, working towards a goal that no one but you cares if you chase, being under pressure with others actively hoping you fail, to name a few. So that''s my cheat sheet on the best times to hire jocks.

Finding Your Next Job with Your Current Employer

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Even if there seems to be a culture clash or work style clash with your current manager or team, don’t make the mistake of thinking every other team works the same way. You have earned a reputation or label on your current team that you’d like to shed.

Book Review: Confidence

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Yet, my fascination with the NFL is largely built around what turns a team around from losing to winning and then sustaining the wins over years. In business, everything counts all the time. Instead, I got the best team-building book I’ve ever read. The management challenge.

Job Search Blogs

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Career Brander Blog About Career Brander « Job Search Marketing Google Me: An exclusive interview with the CEO of Vizibility » Job Search Blogs Published January 12, 2010 Uncategorized Leave a Comment Tags: blogging to find a job , career branding , career marketing plan , Job Search blogging , linkedin , personal branding , personal branding blogs We are in a world of constant connectivity and endless communities. Think about career branding.

30 Career Management Tips — Control Distractions

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30 Career Management Tips — Control Distractions Written by Scot Herrick on September 27, 2007 in Time Management 2 Comments - Leave a comment! Or checking out your favorite football team. 30 Career Management Tips — Control Distractions [.]

What Makes Works Great?

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One of my all time favorite jobs was as an Americorps member with the National School and Community Corps (now EducationWorks) in Philadelphia. It was my first job out of college and I worked as a site manager, running community based programs in a local school.

20 Tips for 20 Somethings

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Build a creative brand for yourself. Here’s the thing: if you don’t think recruiters and/or hiring managers look you up via social media before they schedule your interview, then I can’t know you because you are retarded. A lot of folks look at HR and say we are downers and hate fun, but sometimes we just need to the right person to make us think it’s OK to laugh and have a good time. Also, I push managers to give them a tour of the office.

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Interview: Citrusox – Trendy Legwear that’s Fashionable, Comfortable and Affordable

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The forth interview in our Successful Businesses Interview Series features Citrusox, the largest trendy legwear brand in Singapore. Her inspiration for sewing came from her mom – every time she saw her mom sew, she would want to do so herself.

Surviving Your Day Job: Rekindling Passion for Your Job

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Become a guardian of your time and energy by mastering your schedule. Limit the number of meetings you have a day: if your limit is 4 meetings, then meeting number 5 that comes to your invite box gets declined or proposed for another day and time.

7 Deadly Workplace Sins (And How to Avoid Them) Part 1

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Staying in the loop means you keep your eyes and ears open for information about what’s going on in the organization, your department or team. If your idea of interacting with your co-workers is saying hello and goodbye – it’s time to expand your level of contact.

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Competency perspective: teamwork | Cube Rules

Cube Rules

There is an accountability associated with your role on the team. It was a kickoff and my responsibility on the team was to make sure that if the player came down my sideline that I at least turned the runner back inside. One time I didn’t. The management challenge.

Green Bay Packers are 3-0

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But the Pack is 3-0, their best start ever since their wins are all against last years playoff teams. link] Adam Salamon Cowboys are still America’s team. 11/29 is coming… [link] Adam Salamon Cowboys are still America’s team. The management challenge.

The Hidden Job Market

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However, it is humbling at times to see that others have thought through perspectives, issues and opportunities years before you think you have “original ideas&#.Over definition below) It requires initiative, communication skills, resourcefulness, time management, perseverance, and research skills.”

Top 11 Browseworthy Professional Development Links of 2009

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Girls Just Want to Have Funds - Tagline: Breaking Financial Ceilings, one stileto at a time. If you are in constant dislike of your job because it doesn’t pay you enough, I invite you to look for resources that will help you manage what you do have.

Asperger's at work: 5 ways to be less annoying | Penelope Trunk's.

Penelope Trunk

Is this your first time here? Spend limited amounts of time with people. What I do hear Asperger’s people sad about all the time is a lack of employment opportunity. The way to improve this is to spend less time with people. At work you do not need to spend tons of time with people. But I know for next time. You need to make it worth everyone’s time. And it’s fair, because someone who everyone likes actually does make the team more productive.

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Failing On Purpose: How to Sabotage the Success You Really Want

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This interview would be with the executive team she would be working with. She thought about all the other times she had been passed over or didn’t get something she really worked hard for. Having a hard time getting to exactly what you are afraid of?