Career Lessons from 2016’s Most Inspiring Women

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The post Career Lessons from 2016’s Most Inspiring Women appeared first on Ms. Let’s be honest, 2016 hasn’t been the best year for women. By recasting herself in big-brand adverts, she intends to raise awareness of how unjustifiable the lack of diversity in modelling is.

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Tips To Dressing For Success For Women In Business

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The post Tips To Dressing For Success For Women In Business appeared first on Ms. For women in high retail sales, wearing the brand being sold might seem like the right move. Build diversity and be a star in every workplace. Style Dressing For Success For Women

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Women in the Workplace: Success and Likeability (Part One)


From Silicon Valley boardrooms to restaurant kitchens to the armed forces, much attention has been focused lately on how women are viewed and treated in traditionally male dominated professions. Success for women is often equated with likeability.

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7 Common Myths About Workplace Romances

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The post 7 Common Myths About Workplace Romances appeared first on Ms. Generally, follow the rule that if it happens in the workplace or is connected to a business relationship, it’s business. The post 7 Common Myths About Workplace Romances appeared first on Ms.

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5 Work Wardrobe Essentials For Women

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I’m here to give you some advice on what to wear in the professional workplace. Personally, I prefer slim and cropped, but some women look better in flared trousers. Chances are, your workplace does not permit barefooted workers.

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Lean In and Advance Women in the Workplace


Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook, hopes to that her new book, “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead” will create a global discussion and movement on gender issues in the workplace. Women in Business Leadership. Work Life Balance or Work Life Integration?

Marketing Your Study Abroad Experience

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Studying abroad may not eliminate that requirement at your workplace, but if you can demonstrate that your time in another country made you more aware of other cultures, it could put you ahead of the pack. The post Marketing Your Study Abroad Experience appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

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Stand Out With Style: 3 Tips For Boosting Your Personal Brand

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Your personal brand reflects who you are, what you stand for, and what you do. So, why do women feel uncomfortable using fashion as a business tool? Tips For Expressing Your Style (And Brand). Define yourself and reinforce your brand! Workplace career homepage ticker

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Women Receive More Pay Raises, But Men Get More Money

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A new Pay Raise Index, launched today by social HR pioneer, TribeHR, reveals that women received more pay raises than men during the first nine months of 2012, but men earned larger pay raises. percent of women received raises while only 6.2

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Ladies: It’s Your Right to Define Leadership on Your Terms

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As a female executive who has been through her fair share of triumphs and trials, I have a burning passion for cultivating strong women in the workplace. I’ve had the awesome privilege of working with some of the most inspiring women in the tech industry.

The New Career Girl: Gen Y Women Redefine Success

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Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women. Blog Directory Contact Subscribe The New Career Girl: Gen Y Women Redefine Success by Nicole Crimaldi on April 27, 2010 Two weeks ago I asked you what your 10 year vision looked like. Career Girl | Finely crafted by PROOF BRANDING

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I Don't Want to Be the Office Party Planner

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Or, have I been branded as the company hostess? Dear Annette: I applaud you for taking your brand seriously. You have shown three things that help your brand shine. Ask Deb Workplace working women

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4 Tips To Start a Business From a Woman Who Knows

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Emerson: “Today, everything you’re doing is about brand identity. You can kill your brand as fast as you built it. I think energy is needed in a workplace. Featured Real Career Girls Work career advice career women entrepreneurship gen y personal branding twentysomethings

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Workplace Flexibility & Scheduling for ALL


Personal situations are evolving outside of the boardroom, and it’s no longer just an “accommodation” for women – approximately 50% of hourly workers are men. Hourly workers, your non-exempt employees are “the face” and the brand of large corporations.

7 Deadly Workplace Sins (And How to Avoid Them) Part 2

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There are two common threads among these seven workplace sins: 1) they can sabotage your career and 2) you can fix them.

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Top 5 #Workplace Blogs of the Week


Each week Blogging4Jobs brings you the Top 5 Blogs in the #Workplace. Are You Branding the Candidate Experience? HR blogging HR Blogs human resources blog top blogs workplace workplace blogs

What’s your “Note to Self”?

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As part of NPR’s The Changing Lives of Women initiative, this Tumblr page encourages women to log on and create a digital sticky note using advice they’ve learned or want to share with others about work or life in general. Looking for some work advice?

Personal Brand Management 102 | Career Rocketeer

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They may not be as productive as others who are more naturally gifted, but there is no substitute for men and women who take themselves and their jobs seriously, work as hard as they can to be a success, and exhibit both honesty and integrity in the workplace at all times. If you want to establish a personal brand that will open doors and get you the respect of others this is how it’s done.

Delegation Overkill: Standing Up for Yourself in the Workplace.

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Home About Free Mags Jobs Resume Services Advertise « Example of an Effective Cover Letter Example of Errors in Writing Cover Letters » Delegation Overkill: Standing Up for Yourself in the Workplace It can be a slippery slope when you agree to take on someone else’s work.

19 Female Founders & CEOs Working in HR Technology #HRTech


Practitioners are most likely working in a human resources capacity are women. To help increase the number of women in technology, Google created a coding education program for women. Called Women Techmakers , the program is no longer accepting applications due to its popularity. This fact alone makes me hopeful that women are finding success in whatever field they believe they need to be, technology included. Women in HR Technology.

5 Career Narratives You Heard but Must Rewrite

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I chose these five as I’ve heard much of the bad advice given recently: Men and women must act gender appropriate in their careers. This narrative translated to the workplace as men assumed the lead roles in most cases. Women are expected to take lesser roles.

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Social Business: Developing Your Company to Better Interface with Consumers

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Richard Hayne, CEO of Urban Outfitters, refused to speak to the sister of one of the women killed at Kent State after she came across the sweatshirt on the company’s website. Done right, customers will love your brand well enough to stick with you through thick and thin.

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Nice Girls Finish Last In The Workplace

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Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women. Blog Directory Contact Subscribe Nice Girls Finish Last In The Workplace by Jessica Malnik on September 13, 2010 I used to be very naive (and still am) in my thinking. What tips do you have for other women who struggle with being too nice at work?

Blood On the Sales Floor: When Dress Codes Hurt


So much so that I usually decline to report on all but the most egregious cases, because otherwise I’d be reporting on waitresses told to wear thongs and hike up their skirts , cashiers and salespeople told to wear more makeup , and black women fired for natural hair — every week.

3 Companies That Are Funnier Than You Think

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For many companies, it’s important to maintain a professional, trustworthy, no-nonsense brand. But does having a “serious” external brand mean you need to have a serious internal culture? Who says a “serious” brand can’t have a little fun at the office?

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Women: The Interview Double Standard

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» Women: The Interview Double Standard Here’s an interesting issue to consider: if the job candidate is a woman and the interviewer is a man, is it appropriate for her to cross her legs ? For women during an interview, however, there are “body language,” and cultural baggage issues associated with crossing one’s legs – and some of it in fact does relate to comfort. For women overly concerned about this issue, there is a very simple solution.

7 Deadly Workplace Sins (And How to Avoid Them) Part 1

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In the next post, I’ll share the other three deadly workplace sins. Next post: 7 Deadly Workplace Sins (And How to Avoid Them) Part 2 Want Articles and Resources Delivered to your inbox?

when your company wants to hijack your social media accounts

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A reader writes: I work at a women’s magazine. This is something I don’t feel comfortable with, but am looked down upon for not doing so, as I’m not going out of my way to promote the brand. workplace practicesWe have a a lot of advertiser promotions that we feature on our social media outlets (Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest). I have been asked numerous times to post these on my personal social media accounts to garner more eyeballs.

Toil & Trouble: Women's Hemline During Interview. Are Women in Denial?

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» Toil & Trouble: Women’s Hemline During Interview. Are Women in Denial? Are women in denial about ‘what’ really gets them ahead?&# When writing a recent article, Women: The Interview Double-Standard , I didn’t realize it would stir such debate. Attire appropriate for interviews has long been an issue, especially for women. No doubt, women are testy about their skirts. Women and Men at Work: Can We All Get Along?

Carnival of HR: Food Edition

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Assumptions: Judith Lindenberger at Women of HR writes Legacy, Assumptions and Ginger Nut Biscuits. Yes, I realize Judith has two posts and it's not just because she's fabulous, it's that Lisa Rosendahl, who edits Women of HR, submitted this post.

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45 Inspiring Career Blogs for College Students

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Career Girl targets women in the workplace — usually recent college graduates and young professionals — and covers the stories that impact them most.

Work Life Balance And Why Every Career Minded Professional Should Take The Time To Find It

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In today’s competitive business world, professional minded women often find themselves trying to balance work with family and tend to experience the highest levels of stress. Over time, this stress can lead to a wide range of physical and mental health issues that affect everyday life for millions of working women. While some women are taking steps to regain their personal work-life balance, many have limited access to the resources they need to effectively reduce this stress.

Trump's First Labor Nominee: Burgers, Bikinis and Mocking Low Wage Workers.

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I like beautiful women eating burgers in bikinis. I used to hear, ‘brands take on the personality of the CEO.’ But if you routinely produce content that potentially alienates women and openly say it takes on your personality, it's kind of hard to picture you running Labor.

Friday Five: The Business Case for Barbie’s New Body


Like most women who were once girls in North America, I grew up playing with Barbies. WSJ looks back at the years of plummeting sales and depreciating worth of Mattel’s brands that spurred Mattel to dump its CEO, overhaul its management team, and wholly rethink several of its top lines – including Barbie. The New York Times looks at Mattel’s more recent efforts to liven up the brand by adding new skin tones and hair types. Petite women?

3 Ted Talks You Have to Watch

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Dattner explains how workplace gender imbalance comes from the habit of valuing the key traits of men when we actually need to value the traits more prevalent in women. We need to ask why exactly should men and women should lead in equal measure.

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Don’t let your career become outdated

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The data shows that what women want from their career is respect, and what men want is a series of engaging problems to solve. So you can bet that I care less about respect than most women. Everyone can shut up about “let’s get more women into leadership positions.”

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4 Ways To Increase Professionalism

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After giving yourself a pat on the back, however, you realize that this marks a brand new journey, including a series of new and challenging obstacles. Women should not be afraid to wear power suits; they exude confidence and a “risk-taker” attitude. Workplace

Every Woman Should Wear Lipstick

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Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women. I can assure you that at my (not that conservative) Biglaw firm in New York, none of the young women attorneys (nor the middle-aged ones) wear lipstick–only the oldest (in their 60s) do. Career Girl | Finely crafted by PROOF BRANDING

Why You Should Support Industry Soloprenuers


I was tired of men over 40 having the stage when the industry was and is predominantly women. Social media is my workplace water cooler of sorts. In 2007 I aspired to be a professional blogger.

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20 Must Read Career Blogs for the Young Job Seeker ResumeBear makes the List

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Career Girl in November 2008 as a “passion project” to build community among ambitious young professional women. The Daily Muse is a rapidly growing community of women (and dudes!) Career Rocketeer is one of the industry’s leading career search and personal branding blogs, welcoming ambitious career entrepreneurs of all ages and professions who are driven to “launch” their careers to greater heights.

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