5 Surefire Ways to Be the Right Candidate

Ms. Career Girl

Even with all the necessary certification, candidates are finding it hard to get into their dream careers. All you need to do is understand how you can be the right candidate for the job you desire. Here are five surefire ways to be the right candidate.

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Knowledge Class Rules War for Talent


Unions entered to provide the working class with the opportunity to negotiate rights like workplace safety, benefits, and income. Acting as a form of a balance for the working class. The Knowledge Class are in high demand even in our most recent recession.

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Employment Class Actions Survive Despite Wal-Mart Ruling


Recruiting & Candidate Dev. Employment Class Actions Survive Despite Wal-Mart Ruling. The end of the road for a class-action discrimination lawsuit brought by female employees of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Supreme Court decision last month siding with the world’s largest retailer was widely seen as a blow to many other would-be class-action plaintiffs. Be our Friend. Keyword Search HCX for your Favorite Author / Content. Local. Blogs. About HireCentrix. Advertise.

13 Interview Questions You Should Be Asking Finance Candidates

The Undercover Recruiter

If your interview process is lacking strategic thought, you’re likely to miss out on valuable insight — both positive and negative — on your finance candidates. Here are 13 questions you should be asking your finance job candidates today: 1. Looking for better finance hires?

angry rejected candidates: “I never had a class in college teaching me the etiquette of prostituting myself on paper”

Ask A Manager

I’m skilled in writing, that is what I know, I never had a class in college teaching me the etiquette of prostituting myself on paper. A reader sent me an exchange that she had with a recent graduate who applied for a job with her company. The applicant had submitted a three-page resume with short essays about her experience on it.

what if my coworker fails a class I teach, hiring the long-term unemployed, and more

Ask A Manager

What’s up with that is bad interviewing, and interviewers who forget that part of the point of the hiring process is for candidates to decide if they even want the job; it’s a two-way street. What if my coworker fails a class I teach? My classes are technically an upper undergraduate level, but are a mix of graduate students, current professionals, and researchers at the university. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

3 Candidates Walk Into a Bar and a Recruiter Asks Each One Of Them What They Make.

HR Capitalist

I'm posting about this based on the reaction to my post on the Massachusetts law that outlaws asking a candidate what they currently make. Say you have 3 candidates with different sets of experience and different abilities to impact the business.

10 middle-class jobs that are rapidly vanishing


Recruiting & Candidate Dev. 10 middle-class jobs that are rapidly vanishing. Travel agents, proofreaders, transit security all are seeing big declines “The American dream is dead for the majority of America,” financial guru Suze Orman told Forbes last year, speaking about her upcoming book "The Money Class.". The middle class has disappeared,” she said. Are stable, well-paying middle-class jobs an endangered species? Be our Friend.

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5 Ways To Avoid Losing Great Candidates Between Offer Acceptance and Start Date.

HR Capitalist

You recruited and signed a great candidate and generally crushed it in your role as a world-class recruiter. Your hiring manager's happy, the candidate's happy and you're happy. The candidate's decided to stay where they are at. . Candidates have options and the more talent a candidate has, the more people at their current place of employment are going to come after them in an attempt to turn around the resignation.

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Your Candidate Anti-Engagement Strategy


And while I applaud the company for getting back to her since 50% of companies admittedly don’t engage candidates in any form, it was a slap in the face. I call tactics like these candidate anti-engagement strategies. These are seen as a snub in the face of the candidate.

Am I A Candidate’s Linus Blanket? Enhancing the Candidate Experience #thecandidate


It’s Candidate Experience week on Blogging4Jobs powered by the cool folks at Talent Circles. Check back this week to follow 25+ blogs published on Candidate Experience and follow the conversation on twitter at # thecandidate. . Am I really a candidate’s Linus blanket?

What to Do When You Can’t Find Qualified Candidates in Retail


Have you ever tried to find candidates for a retail job only to come up empty handed? Meanwhile managers are breathing down your neck and do not understand why you have not found qualified candidates. First, think of the qualifications a candidate must have.

Certifications in Hiring, Part 1: A Certificate’s Value

Hiring Technical People

Many demand only that you sit through a 2-day or even 1-week class and then take an exam. Because the HR people often have no way to discriminate among candidates. I am sure that many of the CSM classes are much better than the one I took in 2006. Even by the end of that class, people were confused by the notion of a timebox at the end. If you use certifications to discriminate among candidates, your filter is too narrow.

I’m in trouble for forwarding emails, did job candidate really do the work she claims, and more

Ask A Manager

Sure, in theory you should never put anything in an email that you don’t want the world to see, but in reality many people talk more causally and candidly in emails to their team than they might to someone else, or they use shorthand that they might not use more widely (and which might sound bad without more context, etc.). Did this candidate really work on the project she claims? It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

Welcoming Candidates with Disabilities with Thoughtful Intention #thecandidate


When reaching out to candidates with disabilities, is your company all about compliance checklists and CYA processes or about innovation, profitability, and increased shareholder value? Is your company prepared to welcome the professional with a disability in the candidate experience?

Weed in Colorado: Can Recruiters Screen Candidates for a Now Legal Drug?

The Undercover Recruiter

Federal law allows this, as smokers are not considered a protected class. Weed in Colorado: Can Recruiters Screen Candidates for a Now Legal Drug? Another year has come and gone. It’s 2014, and the world is changing.

is this internal feedback on job candidates unprofessional?

Ask A Manager

Sometimes when I send hiring managers candidates, they reply with comments that I don’t think are appropriate or professional like “Nope,” or “Meh.”. I thought of perhaps saying something like, “Appreciate the candid feedback. ” Obviously it’s not something you’d say to the candidates themselves, but this is internal shorthand and it’s not at all out of the ordinary for this context. A reader writes: I’m new to owning the hiring process at my company.

Should Employers Consider Attitude Before Aptitude When Hiring?

The Undercover Recruiter

Whatever you think good looks like for it is plainly not found in first-class degrees, amazing IQ, top-notch coding skills or years of experience. Employer Hiring aptitude attitude candidate Experience

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One Way to "Lean In": Offer a Referral Bonus for Husband Candidates.

HR Capitalist

However, in 2005 the freshman class of my sorority did say that Charlize Theron was my doppelganger. I''m on record as being an advocate for career women. I was raised by working women and have a spouse with a professional identity. Then I up and invested in a woman-owed company led by one of the hardest-charging (in a good way) female leaders you''ll find. . Recently, the Kinetix Book Club started reading Lean In by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

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Certifications in Hiring, Part 2: Hiring Traps

Hiring Technical People

She finally decided to get a CSM, even though she regretted spending the money on the class. Believing you can use a certification to differentiate among candidates. In Part 3, I’ll talk about tips for certification, how you can use the fact that a candidate has a certificate. hiring process HTP candidate cost to hire hiring trap job analysis valueIn Part 1 , I discussed the issue of certification vs. experience.

13 Ways HR Can Leverage Social Media, Part 1


Last week, I had the privilege of speaking to a 400-level social media class back at my alma mater. It was so much fun interacting with this class that—in my next career—I’d love to be a college professor. OK class … let’s get started!

talking to job candidates about our kickball league, handling complaints about an employee, and more

Ask A Manager

Even if that’s not happening, though, if he’s talking about it too much, he could be inadvertently alienating job candidates who aren’t athletic or aren’t interested in an office culture that is. Your employer is very used to having people leave after they’ve already paid for plane tickets, conference registrations, membership dues, training classes, and all sorts of other things. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

3 Reasons You Shouldn't Put a Photo on Your Resume

The Job Quest

Some formerly clear-cut resume rules are getting fuzzier as the web continues to emerge as the top resource for employers to find candidates and for job seekers to find work.

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how to reject an internal candidate, I can’t afford interview travel, and more

Ask A Manager

How to reject an internal candidate. We have an opening and two internal candidates applied. If they’re not, the organization will be better served by interviewing external candidates; you don’t want to promote someone just because they’re already working there and interested, particularly in a small organization where each role is crucial. Recently I interviewed candidates for a manager level position of a technical team.

Resume Advice: How to Mention Unrelated Work Experience on Your Resume

Career Realism

Many candidates who come to us for resume help have the same question. I summarized the first 15 years of one candidate’s career into one sentence to downplay the fact that she was 55.

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10 Guerrilla Job Search Tactics That Work

Ms. Career Girl

I frequently write about the #1 problem of entry-level candidates: lack of focus. But why do I feel most candidates are boring? Rather than being like every other candidate, consider getting a head start on getting hired. Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women.

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Are American Millennials Unskilled?


These candidates will wash out during probation (if they even make it that far). as though millennials were interchangeable without reference to class, race, sex or even age. HR basic skills candidate skills Generations millennialsWell, no. Not exactly.

keeping visitors from wandering our office, flooded with employee referrals for bad candidates, and more

Ask A Manager

I’m being flooded with employee referrals for mediocre candidates. I know we have a competitive pool for that position, but if she’s a strong candidate, we’ll reach out to her.” You could say something like, “I’ve noticed that we’re getting a lot of referrals — and it’s great that you’d like to see your family and friends work here — so I wanted to share some information on what we’re looking for in candidates. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

did I make the right call in rejecting this job candidate?

Ask A Manager

I called my DM and told him that I had found out our candidate had been fired for performance and misconduct (because he was drinking on the job). ” It’s perfectly legal to not hire someone as long as it’s not because of an EEO protected class. As you wrote, it’s perfectly legal to choose not to hire someone for any reason at all, as long as the reason is not their race, religion, sex, national origin, or other protected class.

Channel Your VP of Sales and Do a Win/Loss When the Candidate Tells You No.

HR Capitalist

Good sales teams accept losing a deal with class and dignity. You can do the same thing in HR, doing a win/loss with candidates who reject offers. You can't do it on the same phone call where the candidate has told you no. Then - they circle back around to do what's known as a win/loss analysis, which is designed to find out why the prospect said no. Was it price? Features? Support? Trust in the Sales Pro? Responsiveness from Sales Pro?

10 Emails Smart Managers Never Send

Evil HR Lady

That candidate is too fat/accented/gay/black/white/whatever. While weight isn’t a protected class in most places, it is in some, and regardless, the question is can the person do the job? I love email.

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When No Resumes Makes For Better Hiring

Evil HR Lady

Your name is at the top, which can give pretty good insight into your race, gender, and even the socio-economic class in which you were raised. ” Instead of pouring over resumes, they ask candidates to complete tasks, and the hiring manager decides who to interview, based on these tasks.

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Managing Your Online Brand and Digital Dirt

Career Realism

She creates high-impact, best-in-class, resumes and cover letters that transform job searches into interviews and ultimately job offers.

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Hiring New Employees Can Be Worse than a Root Canal

Evil HR Lady

Everyone is searching for this candidate, and as a result, you often overlook good candidates in the hope of finding the perfect one. Problem: Finding Qualified Candidates. It seems like when you’re not hiring, you get people coming out of the woodwork looking for jobs, but when you need a position filled, the only candidates are woefully unqualified. Problem: Candidates Want Perfection. If you’re not the best manager, take some management classes.

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Recruitment: Is Age Really a Problem?

The Undercover Recruiter

However, in recruitment, (the unpolitically correct recruitment sector that is the reality – sorry to sound so harsh and candid but it is true) I am regarded as somewhat of a veteran and this scares me to be honest…I’m only 3*, how can that be old??!

How Unconscious Biases Can Hurt Job Seekers Before the Interview Even Begins

Competitive Resumes

Rarely do employers intend to debilitate job candidates – but it happens anyway. This anomaly occurs when the person screening the candidates applies their personal biases. I knew a manager who would ask candidates how they get to work.

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HireCentrix Forum :: Topic: A rough 10 years for the middle class.


Recruiting & Candidate Dev. A rough 10 years for the middle class - Middle-class income fell 7% in the last decade, adjusted for inflation. TOPIC: A rough 10 years for the middle class - Middle-class income fell 7% in the last decade, adjusted for inflation. A rough 10 years for the middle class - Middle-class income fell 7% in the last decade, adjusted for inflation. Rising costs for middle class. Be our Friend.

18 Job Boards Perfect for Diversity Recruiting Compliance Efforts


Job boards remain an excellent way to engage talent, especially diverse candidates. This is especially important if you are a federal contractor and required to focus on good faith efforts for nine protected classes that include: 1) Age (over 40), 2) Disability, 3) Genetic Information, 4) National Origin, 5) Pregnancy, 6) Race/Color, 7) Religion, 8) Sex and 9) Veterans.

How Jagex Games Studio Saved £1 Million in Recruitment Fees

The Undercover Recruiter

We believe that our world-class online representation through social media channels, a comprehensive global events calendar, our refined and personable careers site and our highly trained industry specific recruitment team have made us one of the pioneers of truly successfully direct talent sourcing.

What Not to Do as a 50+ Job Seeker

Professional Resume Services

While you’re searching for a new career, it would serve you well to start looking into expanding your skill set by taking some adult educational classes. Navigating today’s demanding and ever-changing job market is tough—no matter what age you are.

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