How Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Impacts Executive Job Search

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You’re probably aware that, when you’re job-hunting, you need to have a diverse, personal brand-reinforcing online presence , to attract recruiters and employers, when they’re searching for and assessing good-fit candidates.

12 Best Job Search Engines and Aggregators


I think it is pretty safe to assume that we all know what a job search engine is. Career experts like’s Allison Doyle recommend job search aggregator sites for candidates because users can search and locate job openings fast. Like what you see?

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5 Deadly LinkedIn Mistakes

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Four years ago I published a post that became very popular – 29 Biggest LinkedIn Mistakes – in which I described some of the worst things executives in job search do, or neglect to do, on LinkedIn. Deadly LinkedIn Mistake #2: Neglecting SEO and Keywords.

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3 Juicy Insider LinkedIn Personal Branding Tips

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I’ve been a LinkedIn member and professional LinkedIn profile writer for close to 10 years. I’ve not only learned how to help my clients leverage LinkedIn for job search, but also how to use it to build my personal brand and business. LinkedIn recommendations are important.

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Meet Google’s New AI-Powered Job Search Engine

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They have stayed out of recruiting, leaving the market for the likes of Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn for a long time but now have officially entered. Meet Google’s New AI-Powered Job Search Engine. Employer Recruiting candidate Career Google Job Hunting job search job seeker LinkedIn Recruiter Recruitment TechnologyGoogle over the past few years has been focused on turning itself into an artificial intelligence company.

How to Write a Dazzling LinkedIn Summary

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Over the years, I’ve reviewed many LinkedIn profiles of executive job seekers. No matter, most anyone with a career or doing business in any way needs a complete LinkedIn profile. What’s so important about the LinkedIn Summary section? Get the Most Out of LinkedIn.

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15 Savvy Tips To Boost LinkedIn Profile Views

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Bedazzle Your LinkedIn Profile and Boost Profile Views. When you’re actively pursuing new career opportunities, you need to make your LinkedIn profile dazzle, so it will be a traffic magnet. By ACTIVELY using LinkedIn to stay top-of-mind with people and draw new people to you.

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FREE eBook on Smart Personal Branding with LinkedIn

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In 2009 I wrote a little ebook for on using LinkedIn for personal branding and executive job search. With LinkedIn’s newest 2017 User Interface, I needed to do a major revamp of the ebook. 8 Reasons LinkedIn Is a Job Search Must. Which LinkedIn Sections to Use.

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Essential Checklist to Optimize LinkedIn For Executive Job Search

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Along with being an essential tool for executive job search, LinkedIn plays an important role in overall career management. I’ve found that many executives have a “build it and forget it” mindset with LinkedIn. Build Your LinkedIn Profile. Build and Engage Your LinkedIn Network.

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How To Exploit the New LinkedIn for Best SEO

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Take Advantage of the New LinkedIn User Interface To Draw More People To Your Profile. Have you taken a close look at what’s happened to the very top section of your LinkedIn profile, with the latest User Interface? How’s the New LinkedIn Different From the Old One?

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Deadly LinkedIn Mistake: Generic, Short Summary Section

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Before I first speak with prospective clients, I take a look at their LinkedIn profiles. I want to determine whether or not they’re using LinkedIn to full advantage, and to find out more about them than what’s in the executive resume they’ve sent me. Get the Most Out of LinkedIn.

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Deadly LinkedIn Mistake: Neglecting SEO and Keywords

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LinkedIn is truly a powerful job search and career management tool. Executive recruiters and hiring decision makers at the companies where you want to work search LinkedIn for viable candidates using relevant keywords. More About LinkedIn and Executive Job Search.

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5 Reasons Your LinkedIn Profile Isn’t Working

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LinkedIn is an excellent tool for both passive and proactive executive job search. But they wisely realize that things can change at any time, so they want their LinkedIn profiles to be in place, and their personal marketing documents (resume, biography, etc.)

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Deadly LinkedIn Mistake: Anemic, Incomplete Profile

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I’m constantly surprised by how many executive job seekers still haven’t fully embraced LinkedIn for job search and career management. Sure, they all at least have a presence on LinkedIn. even if you do no more with LinkedIn than passively sit there with a complete profile.

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When Was the Last Time You Updated Your LinkedIn Profile?

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They put up a perfunctory LinkedIn profile years ago – perhaps the last time they were job-hunting – and promptly forgot about it, once they landed a job. I’ve Googled their names and found their minimal LinkedIn profiles, but they don’t remember putting it up.

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Best Kept Secret to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

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Executive recruiters and hiring decision makers at your target companies search LinkedIn using relevant keywords to locate good-fit candidates. Your LinkedIn profile URL. Your LinkedIn badge, created for your website and/or web pages.

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3 BIG Mistakes That Screw Up Your LinkedIn Professional Headline

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Many of the LinkedIn profiles of potential c-suite clients I review have not been touched by human hands. The LinkedIn member has not changed the default headline automatically populated for this spot, based upon their current, or most recent job title. Send someone a LinkedIn InMail.

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7 Reasons NOT to Copy Someone Else’s LinkedIn Profile

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You see a compelling, branded LinkedIn profile of a job seeker with qualifications similar to yours. Just the other day I received invitations to connect on LinkedIn from two women employed at the same company, in similar jobs. LinkedIn frowns upon copyright violations, too.

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The 3 Most Important LinkedIn Profile SEO Places for Relevant Keywords

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How do executive recruiters and hiring decision makers at your target companies find good-fit candidates like you? They go to the LinkedIn search engine and type in various relevant keywords and phrases that match the qualifications they’re seeking. LinkedIn Name Field.

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How To Ensure Your LinkedIn Profile is Found in Google

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With more than 225 million business individuals now on LinkedIn, there is a growing trend to ensure that a LinkedIn profile is not only created professionally, but can also be discovered by search engines such as Google. How To Ensure Your LinkedIn Profile is Found in Google.

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10 Years on LinkedIn – Why It’s Still Indispensable To Me

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How LinkedIn Remains Invaluable To Me, and To All Executive Job Seekers. I was noodling around on my LinkedIn Settings page when I noticed something at the top of the page. Then, a savvy colleague told me I had to be on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Groups.

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7 Steps To Building Relationships With Recruiters On LinkedIn

Career Realism

7 Steps To Building Relationships With Recruiters On LinkedIn. Millions of job seekers who previously worked with recruiters to land great jobs are now finding that those same recruiters are overwhelmed with great candidates. Create a recruiter-friendly LinkedIn profile.

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LinkedIn Personal Branding Secrets for Executive Job Search

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Check out the podcast I did with Mac Prichard (@ Mac_Prichard on Twitter) on LinkedIn, personal branding and executive job search — as part of his “ Find a Dream Job ” series. 077: Do You Know These LinkedIn Secrets with 
Meg Guiseppi. Build and Engage Your LinkedIn Network. Here are some selected excerpts from my lively discussion with Mac: Mac: LinkedIn has so many different options, and having a complete profile we know is important.

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Help! My LinkedIn Skills and Endorsements Are a Mess

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A client of mine – a Chief Marketing Officer in global healthcare – had a great LinkedIn question for me recently. Is this detrimental to my SEO strategy with recruiters via LinkedIn? Luckily, LinkedIn lets you reorder and delete skills. Get the Most Out of LinkedIn.

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Stop Making These 3 LinkedIn Mistakes IMMEDIATELY!

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Whenever I talk to clients or run a workshop, I always talk about the importance of LinkedIn in their job search. Related: 5 People You Should Ask For LinkedIn Recommendations. Today, I’d like to share some mistakes candidates make on LinkedIn that prevent them from getting hired: 1.

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How To Recruit On LinkedIn, Fast, Without Breaking The Bank


Recently I discussed the slowdown in tech hiring , which is already reflected in today’s longer and more difficult hiring cycles as hiring managers are more selective with the quality of candidates. There are, however, two essential problems with recruiting on LinkedIn.

How to Use Facebook Dark Posts to Recruit Passive Candidates


If you are pushing the envelope as a sourcer or recruiter, in anyway, you are likely getting some negative responses especially if you are relying solely on LinkedIn which last year made some changes to response rates and messaging as part of their LinkedIn Recruiter product offerings.

4 Rookie Mistakes You Need To Avoid On LinkedIn

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After you’ve set up your LinkedIn account and properly completed your profile information, there are some things you should know in regards to maintaining it. Related: What You Can Do To Help Recruiters Find You On LinkedIn. 6 Ways To Give Your LinkedIn Profile More Power.

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Employees as Brand Ambassadors on the new LinkedIn Company Pages


Today’s candidates are looking for the right culture fit. A significant element of that culture includes the current company employees and the team that the candidate will be joining. Candidates care who they work with and for. Candidates are 2.8

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How to Show Multiple Career Goals on LinkedIn

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I have 4 resumes: Global Project Management, IT Consulting, Systems Administrator/Analyst, and Sales Engineering/Support. How do I present myself on LinkedIn? LinkedIn is different in that it is one presentation seen by all. Your LinkedIn profile is as important as your resume.

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3 Google Boolean Search Strings for Candidate Sourcing

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There are all sorts of tools that will build search strings for you (like RecruitIn or the Boolean Bar ) to help you find candidates online. Search London marketeers on LinkedIn. This string is looking for the linkedin profiles of marketing professionals in London.

500+? How Many LinkedIn Connections Do They REALLY Have?


Back in the day, LinkedIn profiles clearly displayed exactly how many connections you had. LinkedIn’s attempt to curtail this trend was to cap the number displayed on profiles with the now ubiquitous 500+.

7 Steps To Building Relationships With Recruiters On LinkedIn

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Millions of job seekers who previously worked with recruiters to land great jobs are now finding that those same recruiters are overwhelmed with great candidates. Indeed, recruiters themselves report that they have a superabundance of great candidates and too few jobs to place folks into.

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ResumeBear: Help Recruiters Find You on LinkedIn

Resume Bear

By now, most people know that LinkedIn is an excellent resource for improving a job search by allowing job hunters to make new contacts with recruiters and companies that might not have found them otherwise. career job Job Search job seekers jobs linkedin resumebear

Executive Job Search: How Recruiters and Employers Find Candidates.

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But LinkedIn also sits high on the list of best passive job search practices. According to executive recruiter Harry Urschel ( @eExecutives on Twitter) in his essential post, A LinkedIn Profile That Works! , the key to being found on Linkedin is: “Keywords – Keywords – Keywords!!!

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How to Use the New LinkedIn for Executive Personal Branding – Part 1

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This 3-part series on LinkedIn, personal branding and executive job search includes: Part 1. Why All Executives Need to be on LinkedIn. Getting Your Personal Brand Into Your LinkedIn Profile. Customizing Your LinkedIn Profile URL for Better SEO. Benefitting from LinkedIn’s Company Follow. Updating Your LinkedIn Network. Getting Busy With LinkedIn Groups. Tapping into LinkedIn’s Jobs Pages. LinkedIn and Confidential Job Search. ?.

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6 Ways Search Engine Optimize Your Recruiting Efforts


SEO stands for search engine optimization and is a common practice in the internet and online marketing space. For bloggers, credible websites that link to your blog or page can increase your placement within a search engine. LinkedIn, Flickr, or YouTube?

4 Rookie Mistakes You Need To Avoid On LinkedIn

Career Realism

4 Rookie Mistakes You Need To Avoid On LinkedIn. After you’ve set up your LinkedIn account and properly completed your profile information, there are some things you should know in regards to maintaining it. Be Employable Job Search LinkedIn linkedin mistakes

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What You Can Do To Help Recruiters Find You On LinkedIn

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Many recruiters today are also seeking out candidates directly via LinkedIn and posting openings there. Information on LinkedIn is generally timelier and it provides for easier direct communication between individuals. Related: 3 Little LinkedIn Tweaks Recruiters Are Begging For.

2014 59

7 Deadly Sins of Recruiting & Sourcing on LinkedIn Recruiter


Join us for our 8/21 webinar on LinkedIn Mail Recruiting Secrets at 12 PM CST. Learn from our LinkedIn expert who maintains a 83% LinkedIn InMail response rate. It’s the go-to tool for recruiters looking to quickly source candidates for nearly every job opening.