Managing Expectations Between Two Internal Candidates

Hiring Technical People

You have two internal candidates. See Two Candidates, One Position.) This often occurs when you have two candidates for technical leadership or management positions. This is a management and expectation problem. Once you understand your thinking, you can set expectations with both candidates. Here are some scenarios: One candidate is ready for the new position. That candidate has demonstrated that he or she can already do the work required.

Is Your Manager Candidate Authentic?

Hiring Technical People

See Creating Auditions for Senior Managers for more details. And what you really need to know is if this candidate will work in your organization and if this candidate is what he or she appears to be—is this candidate authentic? I am authentic with the candidate.

Top Tips For Shortlisting Candidates

The Undercover Recruiter

Shortlisting candidates is potentially the most important part of the recruitment process. Robert Scott, Managing Director at Aaron. Top Tips For Shortlisting Candidates Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

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Résumé Help – Business Management Candidate

Careers Done Write

Today we are showcasing the résumé of candidate who does not have a clear path in terms of his work history. As a result, I am left wondering what this candidate is interested in doing. One of the challenges this candidate faces is in positioning.

Managing the Candidate Experience when Hiring for Many Openings #thecandidate


It’s Candidate Experience week on Blogging4Jobs powered by the cool folks at Talent Circles. Check back this week to follow 25+ blogs published on Candidate Experience and follow the conversation on twitter at # thecandidate. . Give candidates a brief overview of the process.

What is Candidate Acceptance Remorse?


Candidate Acceptance Remorse: The Candidate. Whatever the cause, the result is candidate acceptance remorse. Candidate Acceptance Remorse: The Employer. The candidate is not the only one who may end up feeling remorse over their acceptance.

Forcing Managers to Interview Minority Candidates - Necessary or Pure Bureaucracy?

HR Capitalist

It's said at this writing to be a done deal, but the Raiders have to interview other candidates as required by the NFL's Rooney Rule. I'm re-running this post to explore the merits of forcing managers to interview minority candidates in searches. Leadership Managing Recruiting

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The History of the Candidate Experience


Earlier this week while attending the SHRM Talent Conference and International Association of Employment Websites Spring Congress (IAEWS) I was considering how far we have come with regard to candidate empowerment. A History of the Candidate Experience.

Developing Internal Candidates


In HR and recruiting, it seems that we are always on a quest to find the perfect candidate and to fill a seemingly unending list of job openings. Managers may be pressuring us to find candidates with enough experience that they can slide right into a job with little to no training. The reality is that such candidates can often be hard to come by and the search for the perfect person could result in a job that remains unfilled for months.

Do Hiring Managers Discriminate Against Asian Candidates?


According to a new study, candidates with names of Asian origin are less likely to book interviews. The joint Ryerson Munk School of Business and University of Toronto study found that even when Asian candidates had higher degrees and better resumes than other applicants, they still landed fewer interviews — and obviously, were therefore less likely to […] Source.

The Candidate Experience: Perception is Reality


Join us on Febuary 27, 2014 from 11:00 – 12:00p EST for our webinar “ How to Get Strategic with the Candidate Experience ” and learn what it means to get strategic about your candidate experience practices. For job candidates at your organization?

The Blame Game: Why Decline in Candidate Offers is Fault of Hiring Manager


Candidate acceptance remorse is the equivalent of buyer’s remorse for a candidate taking a job role. It can be felt by either the candidate or the employer. In many cases, a leading cause of such remorse can be pinned on your hiring manager.

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Candidate Courting & That First Kiss


Like often times happens at business networking events, I was talking with a group of folks and discussing the role human resources can play in candidate engagement. I liken candidate courting, interview process, and job offer to that first kiss.

Interview Questions Candidates Want You to Ask

Evil HR Lady

We talk a lot about questions hiring managers and recruiters should ask , but we never talk about the questions that the job candidates actually want to be asked. To keep reading, click here: Interview Questions Candidates Want You to Ask

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Better Candidate Experience = Sustainability For Us All


Recently I observed a candidate experience that went something like this; the recruiting team was pushing for a self imposed deadline for an interview day. Candidate experience, or lack of, is hurting sourcing initiatives everywhere.

The Science Behind Building Brand Ambassadors & Candidate Applications (Part 1)


This blog is part of a 3 part series on brand ambassadors and how recruiters can leverage them for marketing, branding and candidate applications. . Click here for the entire article on the historical timeline of the candidate experience or see the graphic below.).

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4 Telling Traits Of A Maverick Candidate

Career Realism

4 Telling Traits Of A Maverick Candidate. RELATED : How Do Employers Find Their Ideal Candidate? ” But what exactly do I mean when talking about a maverick candidate? 4 Telling Traits Of A Maverick Candidate. Work It Daily.

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What it Means for You When a Candidate Has a Criminal History

Evil HR Lady

You’re a hiring manager–and you find out that a candidate has a record. To learn more about what to do about candidates criminal records, click here: What employers must know about hiring candidates with criminal histories. The post What it Means for You When a Candidate Has a Criminal History appeared first on Evil HR Lady. You want a saint, but sadly, we are all sinners. And some of us have been convicted of our sins.

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Your Candidate Anti-Engagement Strategy


The management team assured her that they were still in the beginning of the final decision making process with no concrete decision deadline. I call tactics like these candidate anti-engagement strategies. These are seen as a snub in the face of the candidate.

Hiring Managers Don’t Decide Who Gets Hired, Candidates Do.

Tim's Strategy

“It’s not up to them (the hiring manager) to decide. I’ve said before that hiring managers make decisions very early on interview day. How To Find A New Job employment hiring manager Interviewing job interview Job Search online social networking Psychology success

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The BAD Candidate Experience: Alive & Kicking


The Bad Candidate Experience. Every time I think we are past it – over it – ready to mark “the bad candidate experience” as a bad part of HR history, I hear another story. Telling candidates they didn’t get the job.

How to Connect with a Hiring Manager

Professional Resume Services

One of the most effective ways to make yourself known is by communicating directly with the hiring manager at the company you’re interested in working at. Find Out Who The Hiring Manager Is. Many times you won’t know the name of the hiring manager, and that’s ok.

2018 184

The 4 Things a Hiring Manager Looks For in a Candidate

Career Alley

If you look at hiring across industries and job titles, the basic qualities all hiring managers look for in the interview are the same: Does this person understand the job? The manager wants to make a good hire, and it often feels like a pretty big risk for him.

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Employees and Candidates Give Companies a Taste of Their Own Medicine

Evil HR Lady

For years and years, recruiters and hiring managers have treated employees terribly. They ghost candidates–even after the candidate has come in for multiple interviews. They’ve required multiple interviews over multiple days, requiring candidates to use their vacation time for their own jobs, and then not even bothering to let the candidate know they didn’t get the job.

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The Candidate Experience of the Future #thecandidate


It’s Candidate Experience week on Blogging4Jobs powered by the cool folks at Talent Circles. Check back this week to follow 25+ blogs published on Candidate Experience and follow the conversation on twitter at # thecandidate. .

Welcome to Candidate Experience Week! #thecandidate


It’s Candidate Experience week on Blogging4Jobs powered by the cool folks at Talent Circles. Check back this week to follow 25+ blogs published on Candidate Experience and follow the conversation on twitter at # thecandidate. . Changing Your perception on the candidate experience.

How Social Media Can Improve the Candidate Experience #thecandidate


It’s Candidate Experience week on Blogging4Jobs powered by the cool folks at Talent Circles. Check back this week to follow 25+ blogs published on Candidate Experience and follow the conversation on twitter at # thecandidate. . HOW CANDIDATES ARE USING SOCIAL.

Male HR Manager Takes Down Female Congressional Candidate with Harassment Claim. #metoo

HR Capitalist

More from the Washington Post : A Democratic candidate hoping to flip a hotly contested congressional seat in Kansas has dropped out of the race after allegations that she sexually harassed a male subordinate resurfaced during her campaign.

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3 ways companies push away job candidates

Cube Rules

Nothing frustrates job candidates more than being well-qualified for a position, submitting a resume, and then getting one of those automated, legal e-mails rejecting you. You might as well write the job description for the ideal candidate, right?

The Truth Behind Passive Candidates

The Undercover Recruiter

In recruiting the Holy Grail, the golden egg, the [ insert whatever metaphor you choose for greatness here ] is the passive candidate. Speak to a majority of recruiters, head hunters or HR folks and they will all tell you how great the passive candidate is, and I can’t really blame them.

Executive Job Search: How Recruiters and Employers Find Candidates.

Executive Career Brand

A well-built 100% complete profile can be your ticket to landing high in search results for the thousands upon thousands of recruiters and employer hiring authorities who routinely scour LinkedIn to source best-fit candidates.

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How Can Recruiters Improve the Candidate Experience?

The Undercover Recruiter

The candidate experience is a crucial element of the recruitment process; without the candidates who’s going to fill all the roles? How Can Recruiters Improve the Candidate Experience?

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Employers: Ignoring Job Candidates Impacts Your Brand

Resume Bear

Job candidates already know the importance of following up in the hiring process – but how often to do companies take out the time to do the same to their job applicants? So what hiring practices do job candidates prefer? How would you let candidates know of their hiring status?

Interview Questions That Reveal A Candidate’s True Nature

Career Realism

Interview Questions That Reveal A Candidate’s True Nature. The more you can learn about a candidate in the interview, the easier it is for the recruiter and the hiring manager to determine if the person will be successful in the role.

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How to Research Candidates and More Hire Effectively


I will never forget the words my Dad told me as a new Store Manager for a Wireless company “the best future employees have a job or don’t even know they are looking”. Not only was I a new manager of the highest grossing location in Wisconsin but, I was also 24.

Online Reputation Management FAQs for Executive Job Search

Executive Career Brand

Some of them understand that, when recruiters and hiring managers source and assess talent, they’re more apt to reach out to candidates that have strong online presence. And they need help navigating their online reputation management.

3 Easy Ways to Improve Candidate Engagement


Here are some easy to adopt ways you can improve your candidate engagement ratios and separate your opportunity from the noise. Your hiring manager is a wealth of potential content. The idea is to be able to glean the culture to the candidate.

Active vs. Passive Candidates: Recruiting on Baseless Merit

The Undercover Recruiter

Here’s a topic that’s near and dear to my heart: recruiters’ and employers’ preference of sourcing and hiring passive (non-job-seeking) candidates over active (job-seeking) candidates, and discrimination against the unemployed or anyone seeking employment.

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MONGO LIKE CANDY: The Psychology of Submitting Candidates To Hiring Managers.

HR Capitalist

There's an art to submitting candidates to hiring managers. You could be submitting the Lebron James of whatever your search is, but the reality is this - one candidate is not going to be enough for most hiring managers. Mongo like candidate.

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The Top Three Reasons You’re Driving Candidates Away


It can be tedious to wade through applications and resumes, and we often get frustrated when we cannot find the right candidates. Sometimes it is a matter of not having enough skilled people in the job seeker pool, but other times we are the ones keeping good candidates from applying.

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5 Interview Questions That Will Show If Your Candidate is a Good Manager

The Undercover Recruiter

Rather than sticking to the standard interview questions which you will get standard answers to, take some time to think about what you want from your manager. 5 Interview Questions That Will Show If Your Candidate is a Good Manager.

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A Look Into the Candidate Experience (Part 1)


This is a four part series that deep dives into the candidate experience. Learn more about candidate engagement and strategies by joining me for a SuccessFactors webinar on 3/26/14 at 10:00 AM PST. The Candidate Experience Doesn’t Stop When You Hire the Employee.

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STOP Saying “Candidate Control”!

The Undercover Recruiter

And no matter what company it was upper management loved their buzzwords – “Forward Thinking”, “Deep Dive”, “Manage Expectations”, “Synergy” - the list goes on and on… I don’t disagree with all of them that are out there, sometimes you really just […].