Beyond The Resume: What Makes You a Good Candidate

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You have an impressive resume but so do other applicants. Here’s how to be a standout candidate beyond your written credentials. The post Beyond The Resume: What Makes You a Good Candidate appeared first on Cube Rules.

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Spark Interviews With a Distinctive Resume Voice

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter Distinctions Between Voice and Tone In a recent blog conversation with an admired colleague, Debra O’Reilly, job search strategist and certified resume writer, we discussed the distinctions between voice and tone.

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5 Resume Changes That Will Make You A Perfect Candidate

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If you find yourself on the verge of a career change, take a look at the story your resume tells. Here are a few resume changes you need to make in order to paint a picture of a perfect candidate: 1. Why might a company be interested in that candidate?

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The Top 5 Biggest Executive Resume Violations

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Avoid these mistakes on resumes that get you hired. When writing resumes that get you hired, it’s evident you need to make sure yours stands out from the hundreds or thousands of others a company receives. Professional executive resume writers will tell you otherwise.

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5 Online Safety Considerations for Candidates

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The rise of job search websites has made it easier than ever to get your candidate’s resume in front of potential employers. To help you out, we’ve put together this list of precautions your candidates can take to ensure they. 5 Online Safety Considerations for Candidates.

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Improve Your Resume with Stronger Accomplishments

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The post Improve Your Resume with Stronger Accomplishments appeared first on Ms. Resume writing. Fortunately for you, though, there are hundreds of tips and tricks for writing and designing strong resumes available online. bulking up their resume simultaneously.

What Makes a Great Executive Resume?

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Executive resume writers can help you craft a great resume. In this blog article, we’ve compiled a list of great tips to help executive resume writers craft the best possible resume. Keep Images Out of Your Resume.

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Game-changing Executive Resume FAQs

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5 questions my clients ask me most often about resumes and other career documents. My resume stinks. Start by making your executive resume an interesting read. How many pages should my resume be? Should I have a biography to supplement my resume?

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The Hiring Candidate Funnel

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I like to think of a funnel as the way we bring candidates into the organization and through the recruiting process. The resumes are the huge intake. The resume review starts to narrow the funnel, the phone screen narrows it more. You have narrowed the candidate funnel too early.

The Truth Behind Passive Candidates

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In recruiting the Holy Grail, the golden egg, the [ insert whatever metaphor you choose for greatness here ] is the passive candidate. Speak to a majority of recruiters, head hunters or HR folks and they will all tell you how great the passive candidate is, and I can’t really blame them.

What Does Fast Track Hiring Mean For Candidates?

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What Does Fast Track Hiring Mean For Candidates? Some organizations, attempting to deal with shortages of candidates and much needed skills, are implementing “fast track” hiring. But because it’s now an emerging trend, it’s important to examine the implications for candidates.

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Mobile Recruiting: What Do Candidates Want? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Mobile recruiting – it’s a growing trend, but what do the candidates applying want from it? Takeaways: 43% of active candidates use mobile devices to upload resumes to a career app. Mobile Recruiting: What Do Candidates Want?

10 Warning Signs You Should Look for in a Candidate

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A resume may. 10 Warning Signs You Should Look for in a Candidate. Hiring Recruiting candidate Job Interview Recruitment red flag warningMaking a hiring decision can be risky for a business.

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Three Reasons Resumes Are So Significant

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The best resume writing service will help you stand out. Some people might think in a highly digitized world resumes would have become a thing of the past. With this understanding comes the responsibility of making sure you create resumes that get you hired.

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The Best Ways to Tweak Your Resume to Match a Position

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Professional executive resume writers can help you tweak your resume. There are some useful points in a job posting you can use when writing a professional resume and cover letter. Here are some tips for tweaking your resume to match the position you are trying to obtain.

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How to Modernize Your Executive Resume

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The best executive resume format has gotten a modern upgrade. Just like how the search engine algorithms are constantly changing, methods of writing an effective resume are also prone to the latest trends. Incorporate these into your resume for the best results.

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Would HR Managers Review YOUR Resume?

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Would HR Managers Review YOUR Resume? If there’s one thing clear in the field of career advice, it’s the plethora of recommendations and “tips” on how to craft an effective resume. Fortunately, there is fairly strong agreement on some aspects of resume content.

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5 Reasons Why Your Executive Resume Is Not Working

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They’re hard at work sending out their resumes to anyone and any place that may be able to help them with their career goals. But somehow, their resumes are not doing their job – generating interest and interviews. There could be many reasons why your resume isn’t working for you.

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10 of the Biggest Pet Peeves Recruiters Have About Candidates

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Whether it’s poorly written resumes, or making avoidable mistakes in an interview, recruiters all have their pet peeves when it comes to candidates, and time after time candidates make silly mistakes that cost them an interview or even the role. 10 of the Biggest Pet Peeves Recruiters Have About Candidates. Hiring Recruiting annoyance candidates Interview job seeker pet peeves Recruitment Resume & CV Writing

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How Candidates Should Act During the Hiring Process

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The recruiter/candidate relationship can sometimes be a tricky one. Sometimes a candidate does […]. How Candidates Should Act During the Hiring Process. You both need to be on the same page in order to get to the ultimate goal: a successful hire.

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Three Things That Make Your Resume Skippable Instead of Successful

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The job market and its requirements are constantly shifting, so much so that what would have been fine to include on a resume years back is considered far less passable today. Below we’ve gathered a list of items you should exclude the next time you update your resume.

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RIP the Resume with Torin Ellis

Competitive Resumes

It’s time to get your resume strategy ready for your graduate job search or your next opportunity. Torin Ellis, winner of Top Recruiter ( is back with his new book, Rip the Resume: Job Search & Interview Power Prep ! Interview Resume

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Top 5 Resume Trends In 2017

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Top 5 Resume Trends In 2017. Related: 2016 Resume Trends – The New, The Now & What You Must Know. I hope it provides you with some much needed encouragement and optimism as you take a good look at your resume and start making changes for 2017. Work It Daily.

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13 Interview Questions You Should Be Asking Finance Candidates

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If your interview process is lacking strategic thought, you’re likely to miss out on valuable insight — both positive and negative — on your finance candidates. Here are 13 questions you should be asking your finance job candidates today: 1. Looking for better finance hires?

Adding Testimonials to Your Resume

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Your resume is the one surefire way to market who you are and what you can do. Top resume writing services understand this. As such, your resume will be scrutinized in every way possible during the hiring process. While there are many improvements you can make to your resume, one of the easier ways is to add testimonials. If the selection is between you and another candidate, you will need extra support tipping the scales in your favor.

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What Are the Most Common Resume Mistakes That Candidates Make? #UROpinion

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Resumes are tough to perfect and unfortunately job seekers continue to make the same errors time after time, which can let them down on their hunt for a new job. What Are the Most Common Resume Mistakes That Candidates Make? UROpinion Resume & CV Writing

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STOP Saying “Candidate Control”!

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STOP Saying “Candidate Control”! Employer Hiring Recruitment candidate candidate control control Influence Recruit Resume Tips I’ve recruited for some of the top companies in the third party recruiting industry.

4 Telling Traits Of A Maverick Candidate

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” But what exactly do I mean when talking about a maverick candidate? 4 Telling Traits Of A Maverick Candidate. Tim Windhof is a published and enthusiastic Resume Writer and Career Coach who is fascinated by helping people take their careers to the next level.

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4 Tips For Writing A Powerful Resume

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4 Tips For Writing A Powerful Resume. The first challenge with your resume is getting it in the hands of an actual person. Related: 5 Key Resume Writing Tips For The Over 50 Job Seeker. The ATS is meant to boil down the deluge to an actual candidate pool.

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Will Resumes Become Obsolete?

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Two years ago while applying for jobs, I spent hours worrying about my resume. Thinking about how to improve my resume kept me up at night because I knew that document was my chance to get noticed for an open position. career job jobs Online Resume resume resumebear

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The 6-Second Resume Challenge

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According to a famous study, employers spend an average of six seconds scanning a resume before deciding whether the candidate is worth calling for an interview. Here are a few tips in executive resume writing that will get you that call.

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Candidates are King: How to Maximise Your Most Placeable People

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If you’ve experienced a candidate-driven market, you’ll know that it means great candidates can pick and choose between employers, which can be difficult for a recruiter to manage. Candidates are King: How to Maximise Your Most Placeable People.

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4 Tips To Updating The Old Resume

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Whether you’ve remained employed and happy for many years, but now need to find new employment or you’ve had a change of heart on your career, having to take the resume out and update it is a daunting process. RELATED : Need to write a resume? Check out his Resume Writing Service.

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Resume Nightmares: Part One

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Resume Nightmares: Part One. Related: The Right Resume Format To Get You Noticed. I present this introduction because, over the last two years, I’ve been voluntarily reviewing resumes for many people, with a particular focus on veterans. I just received a resume to review.

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How to Hire the Best of the Long Term Unemployed Candidates

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Here’s some of the feedback I received: If you’ve never sent out over 200+resumes/applications and received only one phone call from a headhunter who asked me to take less than the stated hourly rate, gotten a few cursory acknowledgment emails, and no other real-life contact, then you don’t know what it is to be job-hunting these days. To read more, click here: How to Hire the Best of the Long Term Unemployed Candidates.

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How Do Employers Find Their Ideal Candidate?

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A little while back, someone asked how business owners, recruiters, and HR executives find their best candidates. There are five key steps that employers take in evaluating a candidate: 1. Photo Credit: Shutterstock The post How Do Employers Find Their Ideal Candidate?

Degrees and Certificates to make your resume stand out

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Because job competition is so fierce, candidates need to have the right degree or certification to make their resumes stand out. Every one of the following degrees or certificates will make your resume more attractive and appealing. Job Search Resume Tips

6 Tips To Make Your Resume Better Than The Rest

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6 Tips To Make Your Resume Better Than The Rest. Recruiters look at dozens of resumes a day. If they see something they don’t like, your resume could wind up in the “no” pile in just seconds. Related: 5 Tips To Make Your Resume Stand Out. Make your resume sleek.

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Boring Old Resume Objective Vs. Branding Statement

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Boring Old Resume Objective Vs. Branding Statement. For the amount of time you spend writing and rewriting your resume it can be very disheartening to know the time spent by hiring managers reading your resume is minimal. Work It Daily. If you brand it will they come?

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Education vs. Experience: Where to Place What, Where on Your Resume

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The post Education vs. Experience: Where to Place What, Where on Your Resume appeared first on Ms. Whether you want to start your career after finishing school or you desire to further your career with a new opportunity, you want your resume to earn you a spot on the shortlist of candidates.

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