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Skill Up To Step Up Your Career Future

Careers Done Write

The overall trend has been away from a goods-based economy and towards a services-based economy. While working in the medical professions is not for everyone, it can be an excellent career path. If you among the millions who are not in a career that is anticipated to experience growth over the coming years, it may make sense to invest some time, effort, and money to reposition yourself for the future. This blog is a special post prepared for Job Action Day 2011.

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Want To Change Jobs After The Recession? 12 Proactive Tips

Career Realism

Prepare for your transition the best way possible. There is going to be a tsunami of job searching once the economy picks up, and some of the most active job hoppers are likely to be HR personnel who are disgusted with how companies have chosen to treat their staff. If you are considering making a career change once the economy picks up, be proactive. Identify and join the LinkedIn groups and industry associations that will best support you in your career transition.

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