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15 Things to Take Care Of While Building Your Career Online

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Do you have an online career brand? Or you depending on job sites such as CareerBuilder or Monster to do your career building for you? Here are 15 things you should take care while building your career online. Discover And Develop Your Career Brand. Your career brand is not just a job application preceded by a cute letter and followed by a resume. Use The Right Career Branding Tools. Establish Your Presence On Social Networks.

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Are Your Online Job Applications Being Dumped Before Any Human Ever Reviews Them?

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Applying for a job online means that your application is entered into a database of applications, sometimes called the automated applicant tracking system, or the online application repository. Think about it—how many online job applications have you submitted without hearing back from the company that you submitted to? Your online job application is sorted and processed by the automated systems. Locate jobs that are matched closely to your skills and abilities.

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