College Grad Job Search – Preparing for Graduation

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If you are one of the thousands of people who will be graduating from college this Spring, there is a very good chance that you’ve not yet started your job search. We are still in one of the worst job markets we’ve seen for recent college grads.

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Dental Career Overview for Community College Students

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The dental professional has remained strong even through the recent economic downturn and is considered a promising career area for the future. Anyone interested in health care and personal aesthetics might especially want to consider a career in the dental industry. Some of the factors that point to dentistry’s strength as a career include: Anticipated improvements in dental care insurance coverage. Related posts: Different Career Opportunities in the Dental Industry.

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Majoring in Employment – College Job Search

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You are somewhere in your (hopefully) four year college career and, if you’ve not already figured this out, the experience is likely to be different than you envisioned when you began. Whatever your major (and no matter how many times you change your major), your ultimate goal is to have a career in the field of your choice (which is hopefully your dream career). But your four years of college may not be enough to land the job of your choice.

New Job or New Career: Planning Your Next Move in a Tough Economy

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There are a number of options that neatly everyone can take advantage of to improve the quality of their career. If you find that you are dissatisfied with your job, you many wonder whether you should begin the search for a new job or change career paths entirely.

Now Hiring College Students and Recent Grads Vol I

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Whether you’ve just started college or you graduated last year (or anywhere between the two), it’s never too early or too late to create or update your Job Marketing Toolkit. Career planning during college is very important and most colleges and universities have Career Offices to help in planning and in job search. Another very important activity during your college years is internships.

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5 Tips To Help You Decide On Your College Major

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Big decisions shape the course of our lives, and the biggest one you face as a young person in high school is choosing a college major. You’ll also move ahead in your career much faster. Here are some ideas on how to make a good decision when it comes to choosing your college major : 1.

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Earning a College Degree: How to Make the Right Choice

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True career planning starts before you even begin your post-secondary education. Anyone who applies for college without a solid (yet malleable) career plan will find that it is difficult to choose a degree of study without first deciding on a career path.

Can't Decide on a Career or Education Program? Get Career Planning.

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skip to main | skip to sidebar The Career Key Blog Making a lifetime of smart career decisions about career options, college major and education choices, being self-employed, & the right career test. Welcome to our career blog. A new career path?

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Will You Be Shut Out of Popular Education and Career Choices? 3 Tips for Career Planning Success

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When changing careers or choosing a career , you may be considering a career option in which many people are interested. Competition to get into some education programs required forin-demand careers can be stiff. Funding is being cut for community colleges and public universities, makingthe situation worse. Dig deep into choosing a career , college major and training program– as early as possible. 3 Tips for Career Planning Success: 1.

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Tips for Motivating Yourself for Career Planning

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It’s tough to get motivated to evaluate your career path, whether you’re a directionless college student or a well-established professional with family obligations. A big stumbling block to career change is the fact that something about your current situation works for you. You’re a college student who has chosen a major but has no idea what career path you want to take after college. Negatives of your current career situation.

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Want to Land Your Dream Job? Tips for Recent College Grads

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Tips for Recent College Grads appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. You did it, congrats on your college graduation! The bad news, is that having a career is sort of like having a final everyday of your life for the next 40 years. HAVE A PLAN. Career Girl.

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Career planning success whether you are 17 or 50

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Learning about your career options and planning and preparing your career path are proven success strategies, regardless of generation. Top guidance and career counselors are trained to provide this kind of help. A good example of top notch career guidance is Ilene Frommer, who was recently profiled in the New York Times. Visit her high school’s online college and career planning resources to see what top quality advice she provides her students and parents.

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The Atlantic: Do Employers Overestimate the Value of a College Degree?

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Expanding apprenticeships to occupations that were previously reserved for college graduates would put individuals without degrees in entry-level positions that lead to more advanced careers by giving them in-demand work experience.

Fifteen Great People in History Who Never Earned a College Degree

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Are you in a current career rut and wishing you would have gone to or finished college? Earning a college degree can lead to a great career, if approached correctly. Listed below are ten of the greatest people in history who never earned a college degree.

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Looking to boost your CV? Work experience abroad might be better than another qualification

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If you are a graduate looking to widen your career opportunities then work experience is crucial. Related posts: College Grad – Will Work for Food. Job Search – 7 Career Links Hot off the Presses! Career advice Career Planning Careers College Grads Guest Post Job Hunting Job Search Who's Hiring Advice Career Advisor Jobs“ One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. ” – Henry Miller.

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Reader’s Choice – Job Search Resources

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– Some interesting short job-tip videos from Dick Bolles (Dick Bolles is a highly esteemed job-hunting/career-changing expert, best known for his best-selling book, What Color is Your Parachute?). The videos give job-seekers practical tips to help them land careers they love and start the new year off right. Job / Career Articles: 8 Great Pep Talks for Generation Jobless – A very interesting article, the topic of which I’ve seen first hand.

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Young and Out of Work? Check Out These Options!

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Whether you have just graduated from college into the middle of a rotten job market or your previous job has disappeared, it is essential that you get back into the game and that you do it as quickly as possible! Try a new industry : A career change, especially when you’re young, is a good choice if you are worried about being in the wrong field. College Grad – Will Work for Food. 5 Great College Career Sites for Summer Interns.

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Searching for a Career not a Job

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There is a difference between having a job and having a career, and it’s not always the hours you have to put in or the money you get out. A career is something you excel at and find fulfilling in every aspect. Which career is right for me? Written by Arlene Chandler.

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Utilizing Non-Degree Skills for Temporary or Permanent Employment

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Whether a degree is in your future or not, these skills are housed somewhere within you; that’s not to say that experience from college or university won’t strengthen them. In fact, employers who took part in a 2011 job survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers placed communication skills at the top of desired skills among future employees. Britania Starr is a content writer for, and enjoys writing about online education and career planning.

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5 Top Tips for Freelancing Success

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Five Career Tips for College Freshman. Career advice Career Planning Careers Guest Post Advice Career Advisor“ It has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste time.” ” – Henry Ford.

Changing Career Paths as You Age

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It can be challenging to choose a career at a young age and continue the same path all the way to retirement. Here are some examples of people who have changed careers with time. Her first career affected millions of people. Related posts: Five Unusual Vocational Career Paths.

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Interested In A Career In Health Care?

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The post Interested In A Career In Health Care? Career Girl. This week our columnist Kelly Christiansen invites guest writer Dr. Ryan Baker to offer inside insights on careers within the health care industry. . The long term career satisfaction is low. Study and Plan.

Are Gunsmiths a Dying Breed?

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As far as careers go Gunsmithing is a highly specialized field. Typically it is those who appreciate firearms, use them, and take care of them that find a career in gunsmithing rewarding. Related posts: Reinvent Your Career and Job Search – Part 2.

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5 Ways To Get Noticed and Earn a Full-Time Writing Job

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Entering the writing field, whether you aim to be a journalist, a copywriter, or a novelist, has never been easy, but coupled with a slumped economy, it almost seems impossible to secure a lucrative career as a wordsmith. Brittany Behrman began her writing career prior to college graduation reporting for her school’s newspaper and contributing to two sponsored blogs. By: Brittany Behrman.

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4 Tips for Learning about a New Career

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If you’re thinking about starting a new career, you aren’t alone. There are many reasons to make a career change, but the key to a successful transition is finding a career that will ultimately provide job satisfaction, which might mean more than better pay or a shorter commute. Moving to a new employer only to find that the work doesn’t fit with what you want to do can be a disaster, so learning about a new career before making a commitment is a good idea.

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Job Search – 7 Career Links Hot off the Presses!

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Top 10 Cities for Recent Graduates – This is a neat infographic for college grads. Career Search Database – This is site is a career and job search database and guide. If you’ve been thinking about going back to college, take a look at this article.

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Finding Your First Entry-Level Job

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But if you are a recent college graduate with only an inkling of what you want to do with your life, finding work can seem practically impossible. I know this, because for four months – including my final two months of college – my life was consumed by the job search. Related posts: The Best Companies for College Grads and Entry Level Jobs. Dazed and Confused – College Job Search. “ Don’t rule out working with your hands.

12 Things No One Told Me Before I Tossed My Cap

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Don’t make a career plan. Make career principles. Career opportunities can come when you least expect them. Career Girl. Featured Life After College News graduation life after college Sheryl Tullis

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What the Walmart VP Termination Over a Resume Teaches Us

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But why did Walmart’s former Vice President of Communications David Tovar feel the need to demonstrate he graduated from college? You need to graduate from college if you want to make a living wage working for someone else. Finish college.

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Different Career Opportunities in the Dental Industry

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The dental profession offers numerous career opportunities. To become a dental lab technician, a college degree is preferred. But lab technician careers can also begin with on-the-job training in dental offices and labs. Related posts: Job Search – 7 Career Links Hot off the Presses! Reinvent Your Career and Job Search – Part 2. Reinvent Your Career and Job Search – Part 1.

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Reinvent Your Career and Job Search – Part 1

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I ran into an old friend (metaphorically speaking) that I used to work with very early in my career. Reinvent Your Career: Before you reinvent anything, the first question you should ask is “why?” Career Regrets: Maybe your career choice has not turned out as you expected. Or, perhaps your career has not progressed in the way you had planned. As with job loss, this is the perfect time to take a pause and review your career situation.

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Who Cares What a College Degree is Really Worth? It's Career.

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skip to main | skip to sidebar The Career Key Blog Making a lifetime of smart career decisions about career options, college major and education choices, being self-employed, & the right career test. Welcome to our career blog. The Career Keys mission is to help people make the best career, college major, and self-employed choices. Tuesday, February 2, 2010 Who Cares What a College Degree is Really Worth?

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College: Those Final Days of Freedom

JT & Dale Talk Jobs

& Dale: I’m going to be graduating college in a few months. If you don’t yet have a career plan, ask them to set up meetings with their most admirable friends to discuss what sort of work you’d find agreeable. Dear J.T. &

3 Signs It’s Time for a Career Change

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However, it is important to realize that just because your job isn’t your dream career doesn’t mean you have to hate it or even dislike it. Pinpointing whether or not it is time to consider a career change is a difficult process. Feeling morally secure about your career is a very important aspect of remaining happy with yourself and your job. It may be time to look for a position or career that will truly ignite some excitement and inspiration in you.

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Exploring Other Career Development Theories in addition to.

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skip to main | skip to sidebar The Career Key Blog Making a lifetime of smart career decisions about career options, college major and education choices, being self-employed, & the right career test. Welcome to our career blog. Choose a college major o.

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Three Keys to Success in Your Career and Your Life

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Yes, Virginia, you can have it all: a successful career doing something you love and a life outside of that career. We all know that basic academic skills are necessary for school and college success. But there is far more to managing both your career and personal life than just being able to keep up with emerging technology and continual learning. This is why Emotional Readiness skills are essential to success in any career, as well as in your personal life.

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How To Find A Job: When There Are No Jobs.

Resume Bear

Paul Rega, is a veteran recruiter with over twenty-seven years of job hunting and career planning experience. The program guides his readers through the discovery and implementation of their desired career path. career Job Search job search strategy job seekers jobs resumebear

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6 Steps To Maximize Your School’s Career Center As The Path To Job Success

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6 Steps To Maximize Your School’s Career Center As The Path To Job Success. RELATED : What’s Up With College Career Centers? the point to be made is that the Career Center is only as good a resource as you make it.

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You’ve Got The Job! What’s Next?

Ms. Career Girl

Career Girl. Even in today’s world where the massive benefit plans of the past don’t often still exist, most major employers offer a menu of benefits. In your future there’s going to be financial needs you must plan for. These include: Your kids college.

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Take Charge of Your Career as a Freshman


Welcome to college! Believe it or not, your first year of college is the best time to begin your career planning and preparation. Either way, it makes sense to write down some specific career goals for your four years of college.

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Career Key Licensee, College Foundation of North Carolina, Highlighted in ASCA School Counselor Magazine

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In “ Career Exploration North Carolina Style ,” 6th grade Waynesville Middle School counselor Annette Husson, Ed.D., highlights the online career center of an organization that licenses The Career Key, the College Foundation of North Carolina ( CFNC is a nonprofit partnership between Pathways of North Carolina, College Foundation Inc., Husson describes CFNC’s career center as “divided into four areas: Work, Learn, Life and My Portfolio.

8 Career Related Articles You Will Want to Read

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I get regular emails from my readers suggesting career or job search related articles. 43 Things Your Future Boss Wants You to Know – published this article (I wish I had this advice when I graduated college – about 1 million years ago) which provides some great basics. Some of this stuff you would learn the hard way (which can be painful and hurt your career prospects). Reinvent Your Career and Job Search – Part 2.

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Choose a Career Using Your Motivated Skills

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skip to main | skip to sidebar The Career Key Blog Making a lifetime of smart career decisions about career options, college major and education choices, being self-employed, & the right career test. Welcome to our career blog. Choose a college major o.

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